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    Digital signature specification. 5 päivää left

    The project consists of consulting hours to solve a software solution to develop a digital signature component and an effort estimate (time and cost). Software solution: We have a document management software that is a web portal, which must digitally sign the documents using a browser, accessing the repository / certificate store of each client. The solution must be cross-platform. Current sys...

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    Project for Kaloyan P. 7 päivää left

    I'm looking for an application, this also might be a dll file -without gui-, that posts job details to the API for ETS2, a truck simulation game. There is already an open source application, just need to customise it. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I'll increase the cost after we discuss it.

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    Need to install cPanel on a server with the following: Basic Nameserver hostname setup child name servers, Firewall, Virus Scanner, server hardening, cPanel backup Ssh port restrictions root logger Engintron installed to enhance speed or any alternatives with caching to enhance the page speed to make it very fast. I mean really fast! Softacules SSL installation for 2 sites

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    Project - Stand Alone Data Logger Background Grey Space Ltd is a small UK based consultancy working primarily in the Automotive industry. We work with some major OEM brands and design and manufacture test equipment. We have a need to develop a second generation data logging product that will also calculate some data in real time. The logger and computer will travel with the vehicle recording da...

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    A project that uses the Sense HAT to calculate weather values (temperature, humidity, and pressure), then upload the data to a Weather logger and display it simultaneously. The Sense HAT board includes instruments that measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure plus an 8x8 LED display, a joystick, and an accelerometer. This project should update it and enable it to display the curre...

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    GUI Integration Loppunut left

    Integration process coreUI template 3.0 with components and backend ################################################## # B A S I C C O N S I D E R A T I O N S # ################################################## # # # !!! DEADLINE FIRST RELEASE Jun 15 2020 !!! # # # ###########################...

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    Vibration Logging device PCBA form factor, communication protocol, microcontroller, power supply and logging interval setup as the previously designed strain gauge logger 2 axis accelerometer Memory logging of the date-time, maximum shock(both axes), shock RMS(both axes)

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    I have a project where i have a basic Next JS application that would be rendering an image on the web page. For this application, i have a third party logging services implemented such as Splunk and Segment to track any errors occurred in the application and also wants to track what new users signed up. I am sending logs to these two services to track these events for developer purpose. Now, i nee...

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    Hello freelancers, Description of the job : __________________________________ we are looking for someone who masters arduino to develop a mp3 player controlled by GPS. The player will play an audio file at the exact point requested. there is a Shield Ultimate GPS Logger card for Arduino, all you have to do is assemble and explain how it works. We cover all costs. _________________________________...

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    data logger Loppunut left

    data logger energy meter 1 phase with sdcard

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    Investigate the internet and find me a powerfull logger/recorder for Unity3D. Base case is RevDebug, which uses reverse debugging, but does not support Unity, unfortunately. It needs to log/record local and global variable changes. Unity3D's build-in [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and Visual Studio's trace points are not powerfull enough, as you need to micro manage logging state...

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    Need assistance on Imbalance leads to Acceleration and Inelastic collision. For both we need to find the mass of the can that's on the cart.

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    Proof of concept basic version with following features ESP 32 Unit that allows the following measuring cycle: Measure for 2 seconds average resistance A then Generate on same wires 50 Hz Square wave with 90% duty cycle for 5 sec Measure for 2 seconds average resistance B then Generate on same wires 50 Hz Square wave with 10% duty cycle for 5 sec Measure for 2 seconds average resistance C Cal...

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    my work is to login with special Username / Password for multi PC to help in programming cars i need to create a system when i can write text in a very hard encryption way so no key-logger can catch that ... most of pc i work in are infected with a keylogger

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    Create Proxy Logger Loppunut left

    I want you to create a Python script that turns a computer into a Proxy. The requirement is that I need to see every request made through this proxy, and the headers/cookies of this request.

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    Supply. Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Air quality monitoring system,    Data Logger (8 Channel), Temperature & Humidity Sensor,Carbon Dioxide ,Co2,Sensor,Particular Matter PM 2.5 Sensor,  Particular Matter PM 10 Sensor,Noise Pollution Sensor, LED Display(4 X 3 feet.).

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    Hi I want to have a track, logger or checker for w-app. is that would be able to downloadable in play store. It can be extended script or website. But it should be works with in Android app. It can be integrated system web to app( webview). Scenario is : - customer is enters a number which is last seen status is " hidden " - waiting for being " online " dates and times. - pro...

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    more details will be given in the chat, you must show me a sample of what you have done o PASPberry PI

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    Successful bidder should deliver a Raspberry Pi Data Logger that communicate with field devices using Modbus (TCP and RS485) protocol and store it in DBs (MySQL or Postgre SQL or Mongo DB). The raspberry pi should allow adding some control logics and to control them from the web interface (such as write to this device if this condition is valid). The controller logics will be added later. The da...

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    Android CAN Logger Loppunut left

    Consulting / Prototyping for Android App We want to build a CAN bus application for Android. The development of the application should be inhouse but we only have little experience so we need support from an expert. Especially help for choosing the right approach (Android SDK, Android NDK or Linux App on a rooted device), create the “framework” for the app and write some code samples/s...

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    Im getting following error, please help fix it. /1) UnexpectedValueException The stream or file "/var/www/html/laravel/storage/logs/[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]" could not be opened: failed to open stream: Permission denied in [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] line 108 at StreamHandler->write(array('message' => 'Unable to create configured logger. Usin...

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    Android application developement ● Data Logger is used to log the multiple sensor data with multiple sensor configuration like odr,bandwidth,sampling freq and etc via BLE .user and meta data set for each logging with respective multiple sensors logging. ● app mainly focused an algorithm integration about significant journey with respective JNI calls. app detect and significant journey and intimate...

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    please contact me for more information

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    3 tarjoukset

    contact me for more details please

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    contact for more information on this project.

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    8 tarjoukset

    The project is in the prototyping phase. Currently a Mechanical Engineer has been piecing a system together but an individual with more experience and knowledge in designing, manufacturing, and implementing a wireless system is needed. Project requirements that Individual will need to complete: - PCB design - Outsource/Oversee quality PCB manufacture and assembly of components - Write basic da...

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    I need a writer Loppunut left

    Surfing experience necessary. We are looking for a blogger and content writer, all around surfing. Preferably with surfing experience and/or strong understanding of surf industry and its progression. A logger is a plus.

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    17 tarjoukset

    My Android phone has been hacked; the hackers open and close windows, manipulate text messages and have a key logger in place. I need an Android security expert to harden & secure my phone.

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    8 tarjoukset

    [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is migrating to the new wordpress design. The platform is already created. Need to transfer the old pages to new design format. The design is attached (the code and CSS will be made available). The list of pages to re-design are below: Category A. Sample "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]" 1. IP Phones/ SIP PHones [kirjaudu nähdäkses...

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    A KiCad designer is needed to develop schematics and PCB Layout for a prototype data logger device. The device will be based on NXP LPC1820, 144 LQFP MCU, SDRAM, Power supply, CAN Bus interface, SD Card interface, SPI Flash, USB connector, JTAG connector, headers to take out MCU GPIOs. Deliverables: - schematics - PCB layout - Gerber and drill files

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    Framework needs to be build using Python and it it should have CI/CD enabled with team city tool. 2 GUI based application, and 1 DB and couple of API interaction 1. Built using Python 2. Perform health check-ups on environment 3. GUI Interaction with selenium lib 4. Data Driven framework with Object Repository in single file. 5. API Interaction using request lib. 6. Logger and snapshot utility. ...

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    We are a research university. We have developed a novel and patented new technology for measuring nitrogen in wastewater. We have successfully tested version 1.0 and are looking to develop a version 2.0 with fuller features and functionality. The system operates a series of small pumps to mix reagents and then measures gas and calculates parameter values, which are our output. We need to devel...

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    I need to be able to access SmartCard readers and usbtoken, to Digitally Signing XML with cades-bes .p7m (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures). Contact me only if you already have done this before. C# or VB.NET

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    14 tarjoukset

    We need to develop a software to make Raspberry PI as a 'Presence Logger' to collect all the MAC addresses of nearby WiFi NICs.

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    7 tarjoukset

    Hi, I have made a data logger for solar plant whose data is logged in google sheets. I want an expert person in google sheets who can write formula/scripts in google sheets to pick data from one sheet to another automatically according to particular time stamp and make trends out of it and can create a UI in google sheets whereby a user can select a month and bar graphs of daily energy, weekly en...

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    Hi everzbody, I have custom module for magento 2. This module parsing xml file, it works fine, but I need update this and parsing other data (Stock -> attribute quantity). My xml is: <product id="28965" vat="23.0"> <price gross="29.90" net="24.31"/> <srp gross="0.00" net="0"/> <sizes> <size id="...

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    Experimentation work requires a data acquisition system to be set up. Specifically using a data logger (Labjack T7) for a load cell and rotary encoder. The Data Acquisition system needs to be developed in python language

    €18 - €148
    €18 - €148
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    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a WIndow application : - a login form connected to my sql database for check if the account have the acces to le license software - a hardware id security only one computer per account First license fonctionality : - the soft ware must can : - grabb the ip of user in a PS4 ( playstations 4) voice channel (very easy because it's pear2pear - have a connect...

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    I’m looking for a very simple system that allows me to operate almost any number of Components from one simple list, I.e Line4 = (if “line1” “columnB” is “True”) turn on! Then log Time, Date and state. Next cycle if Line4 = (if “line1” “columnB” is “false”) turn off! Then log Time, Date and state. With Line1, Colum...

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    5 tarjoukset

    Arcsight ESM ve Logger Siem projesi Yaklasık 200 log kaynagi, 6-7 farklı log tipi için log toplama ve kural yazma isi yapılacaktır. Tam zamanlı ortalama 4-5 günde tamamlanabilir bir iştir.

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    Hi, I am an artist and want to develop a keystroke logger on my computer that is synced in real time and updated to a google doc to be embedded on a website that is viewable by the public.

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    data logger Loppunut left

    Temperature monitoring is especially important for food industries, cold rooms, warehouses, data centers, clean rooms, server rooms, health care industries, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, etc. The environmental parameters of these places need to be strictly controlled to maintain the overall required standard as per international and local law.

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    Looking for a software developer to design a weather data visual software. Background: We are manufacturers of Automatic Weather Stations which measure Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Wind Direction and Speed, Humidity, Soil Moisture, Radiation, Rainfall, and other Environmental measurements. The data is transmitted via a logger with a modem, currently set at 15 min intervals, though this is va...

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    Project for Yu J. Loppunut left

    Hi Yu J., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Essentially, LoRa interface to the 'AudioMoth' acoustic logger device. If this is of interest lets chat. There is alot of info on the AudioMoth website including layout fw parts etc, and lora 915Mhz modules are available in China.

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    Hello, Please give me a quote and timing for the following work. Our website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] We are using PORTO theme: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Theme has had code customised and when we upgraded Magento version it breaks the front end theme and there are many issues where installed apps do not work. We restored to previous version. The known issues / impr...

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    Hi. I need to develop key logger. And used SetWindowsHookEx api for hooking. (Hooked WM_CHAR and WM_IME_COMPOSITION message) Using this, english/numeric key stroke can be hooked. But Japanese/Chinese/Korean language cannot hooked. Mean, evenif enter Japanese or Korean to Office or WordPad or IExplore, I cannot get this language. Would you help me ? *** develop tool *** MSVC 2017.

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    Im Currently working on a project where i have data sent to me from swimming pools. This data contains information such as temperature , ph level , chlorine readings etc. My end goal is to have a user be able to log in to there own personal swimming pool account and be able to view data from there swimming pool in the form of a series of graphs. I currently receive this data as tcp data just in ...

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    PDF is mostly complete, it just needs finishing touches that are beyond my Javascript abilities. The pdf is a flight logger that is mostly for my own private use (and may also be used by a small group of fellow pilots).

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