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    Hi, The task is very simple, I'm looking for someone with experience with SAP, Javascript and Ajax, I have to print the result of an SQL Query in an input field, this has to be done in the SSCE of SAP MII it can't be done on a normal web page. If you are familiar with this platform please contact me.

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    ...however it has a very buggy and badly written handling of Javascript for handling the content that is displayed on that page. Please open the attached HTML file and have a look. There is a Message item that can be previewed with the content entered into the form fields, and there is Javascript to add additional Message items and edit and preview these

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    We need a very simple booking prototype using localStorage. You will use canvas to draw the Squares representing the seats. No databases, nothing, only using localstorage. You will create a page with a booking system for a flight with 18 available places, the six first being dedicated to business class and other economy classes. All data in the reservation

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    PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: POWERBI CUSTOM VISUALS, TYPESCRIPT, JAVASCRIPT(D3.JS), jQuery, Angular, and others.. I have a table that is generated in PowerBi. This table has columns which contain information needed to be printed on shipping labels. Each row in the table has the information needed to print one label. There will be one shipping label per row in

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    Web application Loppunut left

    This is a simple application meant to print checks on a check printer. The application just sends the information to the existent driver to print. All the printing details are handled by the driver. The application just needs to send the data to the driver. The application will be installed on the intranet web server and should be programed on Javascript

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    ...user gives under form of answers to the questions related to the specific contract (e.g. "name", "age" etc.). As a result, the user can see the contract but not download it or print it out. The final step in the process will include a list of notary names with whom the user can fix a meeting to sign the contract. The platform will send a request to the

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    I have worked on statistical analysis of clinical trials and some on creating websites. This website will allow a health professional to use a few simple criteria to select a few clinical trials out of the 52 that are available here now that might be appropriate for a patient. At the beginning there will be a few pages that open the website and

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    It"s a simple project and can be done by just following instruction from the braintree [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is an example in .js [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] -Develop the integration for a mobile platform (Android or iOS) -display saved payment methods -customise the UI - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    I have an iOS app that uses a javascript code and embedded web server to allow photos to be transferred from a users phone using a localhost address to my app. The problem is it sends the photos full size. What I need is to crop the images square to 1200x1200 pixels. When you test the attached files you will see a "print your image" button. This button

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    Product Color Theme Configurator HTML, JavaScript, CSS Budget $300.00 ETA - 1 Week Project Description We need a simple product color theme configurator webpage. Read each of the following 3 requirement for more details. (We plan to grow the project internally, so the initial work and code will need to be clean and well commented. A color palette,

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    Web Browser Loppunut left

    ...web server. Your text-only browser will not be able to display images, multimedia, special fonts, JavaScript, etc. It will support hyperlinks. We're concerned with the networking aspect, not the presentation aspect. I will provide you with simple web pages (with text and one image) that your program can retrieve that do not have this content in

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    HTML5 Game Design Loppunut left

    make a simple JavaScript game that will break the canvas up into 64X64 pixel squares. You will use a 2D array to dynamically draw a simple maze consisting of bricks and trees. The player will push 1 of four buttons moving their character in that direction one square (You may also use press key call backs if you wish). If the player runs into a

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    ...executar um comando javascript na URL ser possível salvar o print do WebView na galeria do mobile. Version English -- The APP would be pretty simple just the webview to open our URL set. It should have the following functions:   . Push for communication with users   . And the possibility of executing a javascript command in the URL is

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    ...address bar - no right click or view code The browser must have - 100% html 5 compatibility - 100% javascript compatibility - java script alert custom (Customizing JavaScript Dialogs) VERY IMPORTANT - PRINT SETTING PERSONALIZED (Customizing print margin) example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] = true; [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] = new...

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    I need two small snippets of javascript writing. First snippet: Sits on a web page and print out three times and dates: 1. the time and date at the top of the next hour between 0700 and 1900 (if it's outside these times, it won't print anything at all on this line). 2. the time and date at 8pm tomorrow. 3. the time and date at 8pm the day

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    Project Scope for Car wash Business: using Adobe BC Platform (JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, RESTful, SOAP and html) avoids using any programming language because the whole project will be hosted on Adobe BC. - App UI Layout as a POS system Build a simple Custom Web App and Admin App for car wash as POS: 1. Identification The cashier using windows tablet

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    ...Project Specification Original project specification, with addition of discussed features. The site will be designed similar to the one already live – keeping it clean and simple, and only providing the user with the required input boxes – further input boxes will become available when the user selects certain options i.e. sole or joint applicant etc

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    ...the 200kb size is respected and the photo looks reasonable! The functioning of the buttons on top needs to change. Currently when we add a user to the room the javascript finds the associated id tag and updates the html. This needs to be changes so that we have a harcoded dictionary of coordinates which map to the ids so when the fill function

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    ...inserted into aspect ratio. It’s a proof print page where the customer will then check all spelling etc prior to the job going to print. My current developer who has done wonderful jobs for me so far is unable to fix this script created by another freelancer as he has mentioned it needs more complex javascript which is beyond his programming knowledge

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    I need a simple Python script that scrapes a list of websites in a csv file (e.g. top 500,000 Alexa sites attached), and checks if the website uses Canvas in the HTML (by checking for "<Canvas>") or in JavaScript (by checking for "createElement("canvas")" or "createElement('canvas')"). The code should output the number and perc...

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    You are required to in nodeJS connect to a external [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] website and listen to a couple of events and simply print those to console simple one would think, i already have the nodeJS code complete for you to use... For I have been trying to connect to external website's [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] server. I have made connection using th...

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    Hi! Im looking for someone with good javascript knowledge. I wish to accomplish the following things based on "Natural Language form". 1. Create a form with numbers and procent input values (6 fields of numbers). 2. Make simple calculation based on values and print on website in real time (no submit button). 3. Style the form to make it

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    32 tarjoukset happen: 1. We have an analyst do an analysis and fill out a simple form on our website with about 50 yes/no and about 15 simple text inputs. 2. This data is saved in the mysql database on our server. 3. A dynamic report URL is created on our site based off of one of the simple text inputs, such as client's business name or URL. 4. We can then

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    The problem: We need build an simple and customizable module with python to organize Multi Level Marketing websites. Some MLM are Binary, some ternary, and so on... What module need do: We need setup on database how much people per line it will be... 2, 3, 4, 5 or more... And system will need be able to permit I add new people down to any position

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    I need make a simple html template for mobile version, with a small javascript Javascript: show only a textbox and a submit button, this textbox value has to be print in the screen making a link that's all. I can pay 10 usd

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    I am working WITHIN an electronic medical record (oscar (freeware)) I am trying to write a simple appointment letter which takes the Oscar generated appointment start time and date and then brings t in t a letter to the patient It work it collects the correct data and writes a letter. HOWEVER at present it returns the date like this 2017-07-31

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    ...spreadsheet into a 2D Array. Then, I have to print out a list of "Red Flags" based on conditionals with the first column and second column, and print out any of those Red Flags onto the sidebar. It is a pretty simple task, but I am not experienced in JavaScript or Google Apps Script (Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript. Please message me for mo...

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    ...very very simple webpage in javascript for the "support guy". The site should create new "chat windows" when a new userclient has sent a message with name as id. Each chat window should only list messages from the specific client and when sending a message back the message should be sent with the clients name. used: signalR,, javascript, html,

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    ... Each new category has very simple defined inputs. It shall be possible to add elements of both categories as well as display them with some processing. Print option is required. Some inputs use keywords associated to images, it shall be possible to add new keywords to the plugin. Some demo code as HTML/Javascript/JSON is available as reference

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    ***NOTE*** This should not be a difficult project, so don't get lost on the details. We need something simple and fast. WE NEED THIS IN 7 DAYS AT MOST! Please don't bid if you feel you can't do it. Also you can check the print screen attached to have an idea on how it should look. ___________________________________________________________

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    Write a simple IOS Apple using react-native (note this is a hard requirement, write code only in Javascript React Native from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). Application on the initial screen will have a "Choose Image" or "Browse" button, which will open Camera Roll file picker (or image picker). A user will be able to chose an image

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    ...which is inside zone 1 delivery print free delivery, if Client write adres which is inside zone 2 delivery add 3$ to delivery cost, if Client write adres which is inside zone 3 add 5$ to delivery cost, if client write adres which is inside zone 4 add 7$ to delivery cost, if client are not inside any delivery zones print We don't delivery here Admin

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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    ...Need Help With It. Down Are The Details.. Project: You are required to develop a web application named "WebQuiz Generator". In this web site you need to generate a simple quiz for the following quiz types:  Multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Which of the following …. o a) ….. o b) ….. o c) …..  True or False. o True o False Your

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    ...will provide freelancers with the site url once they contact me so they can inspect the site to make sure what I require is possible. The site needs to have cookies and javascript enabled for the scraper to add products to cart. The scraper will need to add a product to cart then resend the post request but change the product id number, this way I

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    I have a simple one-page invoice script. I want a Javascript, Jquery and Ajax expert to fix 3 simple problems. 1. I have textboxes for ID, Product Name and Price. I want to load Product Name and Price from database when I will select ID. 2. I want to replace delete button with Red Cross Icon and will only appear on mouse hover. 3. There will be

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    H...have implemented a logic where i used [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to print the PDF file in a HTML document. It is working fine in Laptops and Desktops. but causing issue in the iPhone. iPhone is taking only 1st page instead of all pages of PDF... this is very simple task for the one who is experienced with the Javascript, Please bid only if you can do it. Tha...

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    So let me define rock star for you, if you have worked with WordPress a little in the past or had a WordPress blog, or even did some simple graphics for a WordPress site, or possibly even installed a WordPress theme, that is not what we need. If you can dig into the code, work in CSS, pull off some insane designs in WordPress and love working with

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    ethereum contract Loppunut left

    Dear disciple Solidity programming "JavaScript-like"  I want to print the contract with Solidity programming. A very simple dice game:                            The scenario is simple: Similar contract Http...

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    Please read below. I would need the source code Requirement : Need a web based point of sale 1) Providing simple sales, return and exchanges and provide a way to print the receipts(preferably wireless) . 2) Provide the tenders with credit card payments(which should support wireless card reader) and cash 3) Need to provide reports interface

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    ...a freelancer to help us with a project. The skills required are HTML, CSS built on Bootstrap. jQuery may help, but is probably not a requirement. The task is designing a print view CSS for a dynamic website. The website is based on Bootstrap, using the following Bootstrap-based template: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    ...mockups that I will send to the person who gets this job. Here are the important parts to this: Create clean code html (unencrypted) - with CSS acceptable, prefer no javascript unless necessary for dates. Job is *RUSH* - meaning 24 hours for delivery if at all possible please! I will be supplying 22-25 pages of mock ups (example attached)

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    €26 - €220
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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    ...concepts, If you know Zend is Plus, but not a requirement. You also should have some basic HTML5 knowledge, but it&#x27;s a simple page and it&#x27;s already done. You will be in charge of create validation using jquery/javascript. You will have to create an account in bitbucket in order to access the front end code. Once you are the chosen, you first

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    A simple 2 page form need to be written in php, And in the use of javascript (can be jquery / ajax /...) Users can draw their own signature, The signature need to be saved as and image (gif/png) And print (Example:"[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]") with the saved name in the next page

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    We are a small/medium printing company lookin...extract data from those databases into our ERPNext system to create print and fulfillment tasks. Also need programming within the system to automate simple tasks like barcode scanning and other basic methods of speeding up data entry. Our ERP is written in frappe and scripting uses Javascript and Python.

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    ...implement each transaction using high-level language of your choice and embedded SQL. 3. Run your transactions on your database and print the results. SIMPLE BANKING APPLICATION The DBMS manages incoming data, organizes it, and provides ways for the data to be modified or extracted by users or

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    Hi looking for a Java/Javascript that lives in Japan. If you are Japanese living in Japan even better. If you are not living in Japan this project is not for you. The project is to Create a stand alone demo in Java/Java script, very basic, simple, effective, accurate, precise and user friendly application that runs in Mac and PC computers. It must

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    Need a script for updating site index files. JavaScript Mario and Luigi’s Ristorante at Peaches Castle would like a simple program to compute totals for restaurant bills. Customers may charge their meal to their room and pay for it when they checkout. There will two components a beverage total and food total. The program will then add the GST and

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    ...are a software company located in Israel and USA . We developed a commercial photo book software for print shops since 2005 using .net and win application only. looking for someone to develop a HTML5 and javascript based online photo book & print product designer. The application should have similar functionality as iBooks or Mixbook, and include:

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    i have a php page and need to print a line of text on local client-side printer on a specific printer I need some one to help me to do the following: create function like: print_text(my_text_to_print) { // here is the code to do the job } the job is to do the following: 1- Select a specific printer on the client side (say "CutePDF

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    ...provides simple Android App that demonstrate printing with different font-sizes and languages. The challenge is that the printer is designed for native Android app, but I need my PhoneGap (hybrid app) app to utilize the printer. Please see the attached API documentation. The deliverable will be a simple Hello World PhoneGap app with a "print(content

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