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    Right now we have a domain name search engine script that support many type of domains queries(.cl, .ar, .es). This engine works as follows: once a word is queried in our site, the engine re-query to the correspondent NIC (Domain Name Registrator). In other words, if the user enters in our .ES query the word “SERENA??, the engine query the site NIC

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    ...will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 4) Possibile cost for ongoing support of the database. a time and materials charge. 5) I am looking to have this done within the next 4-6 weeks. ## Platform Windows 2000

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    33 tarjoukset that the advertisers can access. 7. Rates and Policy for employer service fee. We will use either [login to view URL] or paypal. I need a multi-domain support from same script on same server like [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL], Please do not bid unless you already have a product ready or give me a demo url for my review. Thanks

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    ...writes it back to the specifically formatted file. Written to run under and Windows environment. b)A Perl script that will read a specifically formatted text file containing categories, then using CGI, allow a user to add/delete categories via browser then save it to the server. I'd rather not put the structure of the file here, but it has two "tables"

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    ...a database more than once. The data format used for deduplication will be standard comma delimeted ASCII (txt or CSV). I am seeking either a Fill application or an ASP/VBS script to do the job. Most important is accurate results. Here is commercial package which could be cloned for my solution. [login to view URL] Please dont

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    Install an ad tracking script These are the install instructions: Installation of DynAds is very easy. DynAds V2.10 comes with a setup program to configure database and program specific options. For Unix/Linux systems, you must know the exact path to the perl interpreter installed on your server. The default on the scripts is /usr/bin/perl. If your

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    I need a vb script that I can schedule to run at certain times by windows scheduler. The script needs to do these things: download two different zip files from a password protected site(i have the passwords) unzip the files (1 file is text file, other is a folder of pictures) import the text file into an access database (text file has no column headers)

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    Create an installer for a JAVA front end and mySQL back end for windows XP. The JAVA front end has already been done and will be found in the attachments. Please read the README_FIRST file to get an idea of what needs to be done. Basically all the ".java" files are included and a script to create mySQL is also available in a seperate folder. What I would

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    2 tarjoukset .. but to post a note in admin section where I can click and approve of them or disaprove 3) In admin I need it to tell me total number of cars 4) add a date script that generates the date when car was added 5) Deals with 2 - Automatically Email user telling them that moderator will be approving car before posted.. Then when I accept

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    ...Site visitors can view a list of Atlantic Salmon fly patterns (links) and view patterns from the database. 2. Visitors can upload THEIR OWN patterns with PHOTO to our server. The form will also create a link to this new page on the main Fly Pattern page with a graphic indicating that it is a NEW fly entry. This should disappear after a month.

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    We have an MS Windows NT4.0 domain with a strange user naming convention. EG Joe Bloggs logs on using fcs1. This domain has the organisations only file server on it. We have installed a new Win2k domain with a structured user naming convention, ie Joe Bloggs logs on as joe.bloggs. There is a two way trust relationship between the two domains.

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    I need a 2x20 Forced Matrix script written in ASP OR SQL. The database backend is SQL Server 2000. I also have some experience in ASP programming so I will be able to help out with this project. Including with this 2x20 forced matrix script, must be an admin interface so I can move and or remove members from the system with ease and update

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    Need automated script to write Starship generated UPS, FEDEX, Airborne, and USPS tracking information via XML email back into a Yahoo Store. We have a script from UPS Worldship to work from, but it needs to be adapted to Starship. Yahoo Store provides very limited documentation on how the emailed XML shipping updates are used within their proprietary

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    I need an FTP client in Delphi 5 that will actually used by NEWBIE'S to install our script products on web sites - does not have to be a full blown FTP program. It has to be able to (given the ftp password and domain name by the user): >> convert the domain to an IP (if the domain address doesn't work). >> login >> transfer files (from

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    I need an ASP data entry page & script written to enter this data into a MS Access database on our website. For the sake of simplicity lets say the database name is RobDB and there is a table called RobTBL. ? In this table there are 4 fields named: code1, code2, code3, & date. ? The data entry form has the following input fields: event#, start_sequence#

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    ...package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 4) Complete instructions on use/installation. 5) Complete and working to this Bid Request & Messages via RAC. ## Platform Windows 2000 Professional

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    ...the traffic trading cjultra script. The script can be found at Let me know if you can do something similar to this. Pulls fresh new traffic out of thin air. Operates cloaked and undetectable. Works silently in the background 24/7 - 'set it and forget it' Supports cookies. Proxy server database is updated daily

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    13 tarjoukset completely done in PHP & SQL. I need someone who can get this done fast and efficiently so please be able to do that if you bid. *Number One* I have an autoresponder script that is nearly complete and need a programmer to finish the rest of it. *Number Two* I need a Multi-User PHP clone of Ultimate affiliate at [login to view URL] so I can use it

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    ...smallish contest script written. My minimum requirements are that the script be able to allow users to sign up for the contest by supplying thier name, address, email, etc. They would then select a password, or the script would select one for them. To play the contest, they'd register, by entering their password into a form. The script would keep track

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    I want a asp "ebook" membership script similar to [login to view URL], AspmemberEeeZPro script. Basically what I want is to create a PayPal payment system that will allow users to pay for online viewable "ebooks"(.pdf or html files not necessarily ebook format.) Users will create an account in which they can log

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    I am new to Active Directory and need a way to modify AD key fields (i.e./ DN) programmatically via ADSI or VB Script. Here is the exact scenario: I am attempting to synchronize the population in a new Active Directory deployment to the active individuals identified within our various database systems of record. To accomplish that, I generate the following

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    ...code. Some of the people that enter information do not have Javascript, so I want server-side VB Script validation/formating in "2. Add Data" improved to equal the current Javascript validation in this Input form. 2. Add Data ASP - This ASP currenly does some basic server-side validation that needs to be improved (see #1). After data validation, another

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    ...but it needs some help, Number one the page doesn’t look good on smaller monitors, and the Frame bars cut the java buttons in half when on 15 inch monitors. Secondly I want a script or two that would allow me to place banners on pages. I expect to start an ad campaign, and would like every time a user clicks on to a different page, a new banner would appear

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    VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE WINDOWS CODER NEEDED! Our website uses an ASP script to allow our clients to login and download files. The files reside in a directory w/ the same name as the username. Currently, our script must be in the root directory where all user folders are located. The script searches the user directory and displays all files available for

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    I have a FFA Script, that I want someone that is really good at perl to have a look at. Check my code, rewrite the parts you think could be done better / more effective, make the code smaller, faster and make sure it runs stable. Actually, it is running okay now and I have a demo here, I just want a pro to check the code, and fix anything if needed:

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    I have a very professional script but I've never seen it in action. I believe this script is in C++/CGI and it is distributed freely (not stolen). I think this script needs root access to install it on a server. But I don't have a unix server to play around with. I want someone to install it on their server (installation instruction...

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    I need someone who knows how to install smartsearch ppc script on a windows 2000 server, If you haven't done this please don't bid. Just to be clear you must know how to get the script to work on a windows 2000 server.

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    ...there total. When they run out of credits there is NO WAY too send any sms messages without buying more credits. So basically they musn't be able too send a string too the cgi script and send messages. Must use socket connections for sending to "sms-wap" servers. Need aministration interface, for me too see the users profile, and edit or delete and edit

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    need a complete live support script like the one which at This is a remote service where it is installed on one server and webmasters can sign up to use it. In otherwords, they do not buy it and install on their server - they subscribe through my main server and install the script on their web site and have the ability to add oper...

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    ...would be sent to the users using this program, and the information will be simulcast on our website. This program should be user friendly. We need a program that will run in windows that will allow us to give real time news to our customers. It must be able to access our Internet website to get the .htaccess passwords. Once users are logged in, they will

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    This is a very small utility install app. It basically has to do 2 things. 1. register an exe file using -regsvr (i already have the .exe built, its a plugin that adds an additional right-click menu option to the windows32 context menu. 2. After the .exe is registered the install app will have to edit 2 different registry key values. --------------

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    ...programs run in windows. Admin program should allow an admin to post string of plain text that will be relayed to client program to receive text alerts *The program should be able to authorize users either by .htaccess or some other form of verification *Admin program should have paths to change where the .htaccess files are located on the server *Client program

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    ...would be sent to the users using this program, and the information will be simulcast on our website. This program should be user friendly. We need a program that will run in windows that will allow us to give real time news to our customers. It must be able to access our Internet website to get the .htaccess passwords. Once users are logged in, they will

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    ...would like an Install Script and Config script added to it so that someone that knows nothing about PHP or MySQl can easily install and configure the application. 2. Make sure it runs on both Unix/Linux or a Windows server. 3. Modify it so during the install the user can choose to use MySQL, MS Access or MS SQL as the database backend. Script<...

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    THis Project Is On Hold For Aprox 1 Week, I have notified all coders and will re contact, Thank you Parrott CGI Script(s) Install I would like to get form & Guestbook scripts Installed. Would prefer scripts that could be used by multiple domains. Listed In Personal so The fee can be decised upon number of scripts Installed Also a Slide show, Image Protection

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    I need someone to install a Geocities clone script onto my server system. My server is runninG Windows XP, and i can install any server you want. If you have the script i would be willing to pay for someone to walk me through setting up the script, please just let me know what your bid is for. I just need this site so that i can set up...

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    I am needing to setup a Red Hat Linux 7.1 Server with the graphical KDE installed that will do all of the following. (1) Radius Server: I must be able to authenticate my dial in users using freeRadius, or some kind of Radius server for Linux. Must be able to work with my Intel Shiva Lanrover Access Switches, which should not be a problem. it must be

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