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    I require the attached document to be typed and transferred over to a Word document or a Google Docs document. This is required to be done today.

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    Interactive brokers US Options 6 päivää left

    Hi I need to make a strategy to sell weekly options on SPY and QQQ. I will set up the algorithm to check on following things 1. Margin calculation and exposure 2. Rolling options strategy 3. Strike selection with respect to underlying

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    Base64 encoding of text 6 päivää left

    I am wanting to mimic the encoding that a 3rd party application performs on plain text using C#. Attached is a sample of Base64 encoded text that the 3rd party application produces. I have managed to decode this to plain text using C#. Also, I can decode the sample Base64 using the following web page: However, I cannot figure out the C# code to convert the plain text back into the exact Base64 encoded text. Hence, I require the C# code to perform this encoding. If you use the above web page to decode the sample Base64, it returns a zipped file (with name ) that contains the plain text.

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    I am looking for proofreaders, editors and copywriters to collaborate with on e-learning projects: blog articles, online courses, social media updates and ebooks. We focus on 5 topics: personal finance globalization online business and new tech communications, sales, public speaking self education and personal development This is ongoing project. There are a couple of text to work on every week. We normally pay $30.00 - $250 per 1k words depending on whether it is a proofreading, editing or paraphrasing, copywriting. Please, send me your short portfolio if you are interested in collaborating. Warm Regards .

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    I have a lot of PDFs with different structure, I need to transfer the text from them to the searchable database

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    First, go to: Then go to "Books" Scroll down the "Books" page and click the "Read M...1) Is there software that would read all or part of my story aloud? 2) How much would said software cost? 3) Would I pay for it monthly? Annually? One-time payment? 4) How much would you charge to set it up? Some info you might want to know: 1) My site is hosted by GoDaddy; 2) It uses WordPress 3) Ideally, I'd like it to look and function something like this That’s it in a nutshell. P.S. Since writing the text above, I've done a bit of web surfing. A plus would be if you're familiar with AWS, BeyondWords and ResponsiveVoice plugins. . .

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    React JS - add text to RTF file 6 päivää left

    **Max budget is $70 USD. Need to React script to open RTF file. (ex. ) and edit the RTF content by adding a string; then triggering browser download of the new/updated rtf file. I have added a sample rtf file and before and after images of what the updated file should look like. This is should be just a simple react based script via browser .. no design aspect/no mobile aspect. The steps are to 1)parse rtf.. 2) add string to a specific spot.. 3)trigger download in browser No design needed. Just a button to execute script.

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    Hi, I am looking for experienced transcriptionists who have experience in English transcription. I have ongoing work related to video transcription + Adding screenshots of the videos/Timestamps + Proofreading. Only experienced people who have worked on English transcription before. Payout - Rs. 400 per 60 mins of audio transcribed. (10 - 30k monthly) Looking for 4 people to join the team. Interested person will need to do a 5-min sample. Thanks, Nikhil

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    We have a website with dummy text we would like the following to be done: - Redesign menu bar - Fix text display issues (Menu and body) - Change and modify images that are already uploaded These are easy straight forward changes, we already have the menu bar design. We have estimated a total of 5 to 8 hours for this project. Note this is to be done with Divi page builder.

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    Rolling out new Win Serv 2022 and promoting DNS and AD services to it from older Win Serv 2016, both bare metal onsite. Need assistance doing so.

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    text isolation from art 5 päivää left

    hello, i need the text "happy street bru werks" isolated out of my image and turned into a vector file.

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    I need the program writtien on python with OpenCV and Tesseract ORC.

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    Hi there, I am looking for a freelancer who can edit/proofread an English document for me. Thank you for advance.

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    I have a data base of 900 lines and 4 columns. I need the text in these cells split and rearranged in different columns.

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    We need a html code example to realise text format like the attached image (there are fixed distance between text. )

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    Self portrait 4 päivää left

    I need a painting preferably 24”x36” of a runaway tire rolling down a hill. No one inside tire, no blingy rims, just a nice hilly landscape with a tire appearing to be barreling towards something at the bottom of a hill, we can discuss ideas on what that something is later.

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    The objective here is to list some free options for turning written text files into audio files that can later be used with Camtasia for a variety of sales campaigns. I do not want to pay someone for this effort because the effort helps us all. Use the link to the contact form in the upper right-hand corner of the spreadsheet if you think you can help identify the right solution for this or send me a message here "after" you have listed a few options in the spreadsheet. Please make a short name that matches your name here on the tab containing your choices.

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    There is a picture that I want to convert to text by typing it out in MS Word

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    i have 2 short chinese cooking recepie videos and i need the text to be translated into english so i can extract the recepie both videos have no more than a 100 words so this project should be very easy and short

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    I have a translated Word document in French. I need someone to proofread all the content, correct grammatical mistakes, and make the content easier to read and more understandable to my French audience. If your French skills are good and this project sounds interesting to you, please let me know.

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    Hey Alice. Please accept the project, I will be sending you the material here and I will be creating the milestones here. The price we agreed on is 11$ / 3,000 words

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    Hello, I require Python program that simply performs OCR (using EasyOCR/OpenCV) from either website or program in real time and outputs the results. There will be two fields that OCR will check. The fields are just numbers. I will describe in more detail. Thank you.

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    Please check attachment scan image. need to make the text more sharp around the edges. looking like pixelated. Need to complete ASAP Also I need guide how it fix this (15min training is enough via anydesk/TV as I am also a designer)

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    Parsing a text file and scanning the text by indexes to find pattern. Pattern is to find boundaries seperating polygons. There's an incomplete code doing this but fails to get 2D array. Please find the attached script and input text. Expected output is to get 2D array where each item is the boundaries of the each polygon. Deadline: 15th May 2022 11PM GMT

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    Hi, I have a stock logo (attached) and I would like to have re-designed in vector format (illustrator). Fastest delivery will win the project. I will need the .AI file. I would like to change the text below from: "The Artsy Soul pottery and art studio" To: "Photo to painting oil paintings from photos"

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    We are looking to have a local device based app that allows someone to input inventory items and prices of stock and then push the sale through to a payment app we have an API for. We'd then like the individual to be able to send receipts via text and/or email

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    labeled dataset will be provided ipynb is to be developed high accuracy and perfomace matrix is expected. ROC curve and computational time

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    Hi! I have a Word document (25) pages. There are some parts in text non editable and i want to be editable. I want this document clean and editable. Basicaly you need to transcribe or retype word document, scanned documents pages into a clean text.

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    ...share a custom image and text with a click on a button, important NOT USING the OG of the webpage. So with javascript or similar you need to create the option to share a custom image and text with a click. The image and text will be pre-defined by the admin, can be embeded in a widget space or block space, with a shortcode or code. Remember, Facebook doesn't approve the custom image share, so you need to fix this not using the OG parameter, you need to do it using javascript or similar to pass to Facebook the custom image and text, as well for twitter and linkedin. So if we add the shortcode or code in a widget or block in WP, the buttons of FB, LK, and TW will appear and if I click in FB then a new window opens to share to my FB feed the custom imag...

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    I have a tech start up in the health and wellness industry. Software already rolling out in select Crunch Fitness Locations. It is an easy sell since it’s free to the gym and free to the users. I just need VOLUME. Your job will be to connect our company with as many fitness clubs and supplement stores as possible. Allow our company to leave in QR codes (which tracks your downloads) The goal is to become the standard software recommended during the onboarding process in fitness clubs and supplement stores. ( If you were to land a high up such as Planet Fitness, 24hr Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Herbalife or Forever Living… you’d be set for life) I cannot fully disclose without an NDA but I can tell you that our software is designed to be a free marketing tool for...

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    Hello Artist, We're looking for a 3D/2D modele...extraordinary looking. We will show you exactly what kind of low-poly but high quality that we're looking for. Such as a character, objects..etc, we will need you to develop the animations for some of the models. For example a character will have these animations: Character(4 characters) 1. Walking 2. Dying 3. Running 4. Eating 5. Jumps Sideways( lateral),upwards, double jump 6. Dancing 7. Falling 8. Rolling 9. Success(Character is smiling and dancing or something after excitement) 10. Failure( Character is sad, and is looking down and unhappy) 11. Flying 12. Drowning 13. Pick Up something 14. Throw Item 15. Swimming 16. Clapping 17. Dashing 18. Shaking something Please let me know if you're interested so I can discuss...

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    This is an assignment due this wednesday. It has to be done only with the functions we did in class (which are not complex). I can send you my lessons to use them. My budget is 100€ max.

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    We need to change the color of the banner and change the email inside the document.

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    I have a folder .doc with more than 500 hyperlinks I want someone explain for me how to convert this hyperlink to footnotes or make for me a macro for do it. I have some folder else to convert so I would like the macro work in any document open office.

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    Fix text for audio files on Pashto. 2 päivää left

    It is necessary to correct the text for audio files according to the rules set out in the attached file.

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    Hi there, I am looking for a candidate who can proofread an English document for me. Thank you for advance.

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    Text Data processing 1 päivä left

    I have a little task regarding text data processing, where the task is to answer some questions by code in python. And the libraries should be wordcloud and NLTK. Please message me for more information.

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    Proofreading danish text 1 päivä left

    Looking for a candidate who can proofread 50-60 pages danish written text.

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    Voice over text -- 2 1 päivä left

    Looking for professionals to have voice on my 3 pages text. There are two characters in the text, one 8 years old girl's voice and the other one is her Dad's voice as a teacher. So you need to provide both character voices altogether. Again, the female artist needs to play kid's voice. I am looking for American or Canadian accent and fluent English as native speaker. Send me sample of both characters, 8 yrs old girl & male voices. Thanks

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    Text fixing -- 2 1 päivä left

    Looking for a professional , a native American or Canadian with excellent English command, to proofread and edit the 3 pages text.

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    Hello, I translate a WordPress blog now, and I would like to translate also the 713 article-comments from German to English automatically by DeepL. Who can program me a simple text-output of the German comments with PHP? Your MySQL text-output I would like to translate with DeepL, and then I would like to update the translated text in the English MySQL table by PhpMyAdmin. My Idea for your PHP code: mySQL connect $mysqldump = SELECT * FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_content` != ""; $comment_id = $mysqldump[comment_ID]; $comment_text = $mysqldump[comment_content]; while{ echo "UPDATE `wp_comments` SET `comment_content` = ".$comment_text". WHERE `wp_comments`.`comment_ID` = ".$comment_id."<br />"; } I can gi...

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    hello i have a list of products in ios tableview iphone app and I want with a click on a button in the tableview cell that there comes "yes" or "no" in a field in database table. And button color on the app is changing depending of the text is "yes" or "no" in database. See example of list of products in attachment, this comes also from database. Can someone make this?

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    English text proofreading

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    add custom text to easy appointments WordPress plugin 69+1 = ? if you don't answer this you will be ignored

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    74 tarjoukset

    Hello, we are looking for an english copywriter to paraphrase a 210 words text.

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    98 tarjoukset

    I would like to extract text from different type of image with machine learning and deep learning

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    21 tarjoukset

    hello i have a list of products in ios tableview and I want with a click on a button in the tableview cell that there comes "yes" or "no" in database and a sign/color in the cell. Based on that i can allow the product coming on the app or not. See example of list of products in attachment. Can someone make this?

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    I have a html editor in my application in which i need to use Rich Text editor instead to work on such input. I need to add rich text editor view on my html editor.

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