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    I'm looking for an expert who can seamlessly integrate UHF RFID reader with excel. Here are my project specifics: -Necessary Skills: Proficiency in RFID technology, particularly UHF readers, and Excel integration. - Experience: Prior experience in similar projects is a must. Project Tasks: - Integration: The primary task will be integrating a UHF RFID reader with Excel. Chafon Integrated Reader. - Data Capturing: The system should be designed to capture the unique identifier and timestamp from each RFID tag scanned. - Spreadsheet Update: When a new RFID tag is scanned, the system should create a new row in an Excel sheet. This row should contain the unique identifier from the RFID tag and the timestamp from the PC. I hope to find a pro...

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    ...automated reporting, RFID scanning, barcode scanning, order management, warehouse optimization, automated data collection, including the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems. Inventory Management: Real-time inventory tracking SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) management Batch and lot tracking Serialized inventory tracking Reorder point and automatic replenishment alerts Order Management: Order processing and fulfillment Order picking and packing Order status tracking Multi-channel order integration (e.g., eCommerce platforms) Warehouse Operations: Receiving and put-away processes Location management (bin/rack management) Stock transfer between locations Cycle counting and physical inventory management RFID Integration: RFID tag encoding and prin...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional with vast knowledge of both Arduino and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Key Duties: - Creating an advanced code for my Arduino Uno to function effectively. - Ensuring accurate collection of data from the RFID sensors. - Navigating communication with other devices smoothly. - Programing the RFID antenna for reading multiple tags with each performing specific functions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino Uno. - Solid understanding of how RFID systems work. - Proven ability to develop complex Arduino codes. - Background in sensor data collection and device communication. Please, apply if you possess these skills and are ready for an exciting challenge!

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    I am looking for an experienced artist to design a large, colorful, and minimalistic piece of artwork that will be printed and placed on an RFID reader in my vehicle garage. Key requirements: - Experience in creating minimalistic designs - Proficiency in color mixing to create a vibrant result - Ability to design artwork of larger dimensions (greater than 10 inches) The final piece should be striking yet simple and should be able to transform my ordinary garage RFID reader into something aesthetically pleasing. Your creativity in bringing this project to life will be much appreciated.

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    FarmActivity Tracker App 9 tuntia left

    ...the app must allow the entry of specific information including the activity's location, quantity, and equipment Id (if possible with the use of RFID tablet reader). - **Data Integration:** The app must efficiently update this inputted information to the FarmOs database via API, ensuring data consistency and accuracy even since in not network available. - **Authentication:** Access to the app will be secured with an API key authentication method to ensure user data safety and restrict unauthorized access. - ** Open source ** ** in summary ** It will be a data entry form, where the following will be entered: 1) Equipment ID (option to use rfid, as barcode and if not entered manually by user) 2) type of activity: Combo list that will have the types of possible acti...

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    Necesito una APP en Android para la lectura de Objetos desde un lector de mano RFID BLUETHOOT HF-920, Tienen toda información técnica y SDK Se trata que la aplicación permita inscribir un nombre a cada etiqueta leida Luego que el lector HF-920 lee la etiqueta RFID, la aplicacion conectada al lector via BLUETHOOT muestra el texto de la etiqueta, este texto debe ser un texto grande en color blanco sobre fondo negro, grande

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    I'm seeking an adept professional capable of implementing RFID or UHF technology for wireless power transmission and reception over long distances. The prime utilization of this technology will be for a micro lighting application, specifically decorative lighting purposes. Key features desired: - Possibility of selecting individual LEDs/tags that are on/off - Range/Distance must be a minimum of 1 meter - prefer 2 meters + - System must be safe; pass electromagnetic testing requirements for various markets/regions including North America (US, Canada, etc), Europe and others - Lights MUST be able to remain lit and not only blink (blinking can be an offered feature however they must be able to remain on when receiving the power signal) - I have included a few photos of examples...

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    ...integrating USB RFID readers into android applications. The primary goal is to enable reading and writing of unique identifiers on RFID tags using an Android ARM Controller device. Ideally, the freelancer will have experience in working with USB peripherals and possess a strong understanding of RFID technology. **Core Requirements:** - Develop an Android application that can connect to a USB RFID reader. - Implement functionality to read and write unique identifiers to RFID tags. - Ensure the application is user-friendly and robust, capable of handling errors effectively. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Android Studio and Java or Kotlin. - Experience with USB device communication in Android. - Familiarity with RFID technology...

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    ...efficiently handle their information and attendance. Key Features Required: Employee Database: A secure and extensive database to store employee profiles, encompassing personal details, job information, and other pertinent data. Attendance Management: An intuitive system for monitoring employee attendance, facilitating both manual entry and integration with automated systems such as biometrics or RFID (if feasible). Ideal Skills and Experience: Proficiency in developing secure and scalable web applications. Previous experience in crafting HR or attendance management systems. Knowledge of database management and adherence to data privacy practices. Capability to work with existing APIs or develop new ones for potential integration with other systems. Effective communication skil...

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    ...well-versed in Odoo v16 for a specific integration project. I need to combine the use of a Printronix TSC T800 RFID printer and a C72 Chainway RFID reader with the Odoo v16 platform. You'll handle tasks related to RFID coding, as well as data fetching and posting within the system. Key Responsibilities: - Integrate and sync the Printronix TSC T800 RFID printer with Odoo v16 to encode RFID chip codes - Combine the C72 Chainway RFID reader with Odoo v16 to fetch product information - Ensure all fetched data is accurately posted in Odoo Ideal Skills: - Experience with Odoo v16 - Knowledge working with Printronix TSC T800 RFID printer and C72 Chainway RFID reader - Proficiency in RFID system integration Your ...

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    ...access control system utilizing RFID technology. This system is central to an upcoming project and requires specific functionalities and integrations tailored to our unique operational needs. Here's a concise outline of what we're looking for: **Core Requirements:** - Development of a Python-based software to support an RFID-based access control mechanism. - Integration with a SQL database (either MySQL or PostgreSQL) for robust data management. **Key Features:** - **User Authentication:** The system must authenticate users efficiently to grant or deny access based on RFID tags. - **Database Integration:** Seamless integration with a SQL database is crucial. This will involve storing and retrieving access logs, user information, and access credentials. -...

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    I'm in need of a sophisticated asset tracking system that integrates data from both fingerprint scanners and RFID scanners to monitor assets effectively and efficiently in real-time. This system will be crucial for maintaining secure and traceable asset management within my organization. **Key Features:** - **Real-time Asset Tracking:** Capability to track assets instantly with updates. - **Data Merging:** Seamlessly integrate data from fingerprint and RFID scanners for comprehensive tracking. - **User-friendly Interface:** Ensure the system is accessible and easy to use for all users, regardless of their tech proficiency. **Platform Compatibility:** - The program should be fully functional and optimized for Windows environments, providing a stable and reliable user ex...

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    ...compatibility with major desktop browsers. **Key Requirements:** - Experience in web application development. - Proficiency in NFC technology and protocols. - Strong understanding of browser compatibility and optimization. - Ability to implement secure data transfer methods. **Desirable Skills:** - Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back-end technologies. - Previous projects involving NFC or RFID technologies. - Knowledge in creating responsive designs for web applications. - Familiarity with data encryption and security best practices. **Objective:** To create a platform where users can easily share information by tapping an NFC tag with their device. This web application must be secure, efficient, and user-friendly, focusing on desktop environments but with potential...

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    I am looking for a seasoned professional to design and implement a Unifi-based door access control system during a commercial remodel project located in Lockport, IL. My facility requires a comprehensive solution for managing access to 6-10 doors. The system must leverage the Unifi Access platform. **Key Requirements:** - Integration of RFID technology for access via key cards or fobs. - Incorporation of keypad entry, allowing access through a password or PIN for added security. - The system should support restricted access with time constraints to control when access is permitted. - Implementation of advanced user-based access levels to define different permissions for various users. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record in installing and configuring Unifi Acc...

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    ...With a particular focus on precision and cutting-edge technology, I am proposing a novel system that not only tracks employee attendance but also pinpoints their location within the business premises through automatic identifiers (IDs). This report is essential for laying the groundwork and convincing stakeholders of its viability and effectiveness. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in RFID technology or similar identification systems - Background in developing or reviewing attendance and location tracking systems - Ability to translate complex technical information for a non-technical audience - Strong analytical skills with a knack for identifying trends and making recommendations - Experience with IoT (Internet of Things) for creating interconnected workplace envir...

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    "Axis" Erp Chile Loppunut left

    ...configurar descuentos dinámicos, ofertas promocionales, y precios específicos para grupos de clientes seleccionados. 5-Gestión de Inventarios y Almacén: Se proporciona una gestión avanzada de inventario con seguimiento en tiempo real de los niveles de stock, alertas de reabastecimiento, y optimización de la ubicación del almacén. Los usuarios pueden utilizar tecnologías de escaneo de códigos de barras y RFID para agilizar las operaciones de recepción, almacenamiento y picking. 6-Gestión de Pedidos y Cumplimiento: Se facilita la gestión eficiente de pedidos con herramientas de procesamiento de pedidos automatizadas, incluyendo la consolidación de pedidos, la asignación de inv...

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    This project is centered around the e-seal products, one is the cap E-seal and the other is on a shrink band e-seal TE

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    As a passionate developer endeavoring in RFID technology, I'm seeking an expert who can craft Arduino code for the MFRC522 module. Here's what I need: - Read UID from RFID tags using MFRC522 with predefined SPI pins (SS_PIN 11, RST_PIN 21, MISO_PIN 12, MOSI_PIN 13, SCK_PIN 14). - After reading UID, display a message with the tag's details on a connected computer screen. The ideal freelancer should possess: - Proficiency in Arduino platform and coding. - Experience with RFID technology, specifically the MFRC522 module. - Ability to implement serial communication for data display on a computer. - Understanding of SPI communication protocol. - A knack for clean, well-commented code that is easy to debug and maintain. Thank you for considering this proj...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a comprehensive HR Management System tailored for my company's needs, which employs over 100 individuals. The platform must seamlessly integrate the following key features: - **Employee Attendance Tracking**: Must be flexible to work with potential future integrations, considering biometric, RFID, or mobile GPS tracking systems, as we are still in the decision phase. - **Payroll Management**: An automated, error-free system that simplifies the payroll process, accommodating various job roles and contract types. **Ideal Candidate Should Possess:** - Proven experience in developing HR Management Systems. - Strong knowledge of payroll processes and legal compliance. - Expertise in integrating attendance tracking systems. - Abil...

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    ...simplification) UHF RFID Reader: A UHF RFID reader module that is compatible with Arduino. Examples include the R2000 based modules for higher performance or simpler readers based on the PR9200 chip. Ensure the module can handle the frequency and protocol of your UHF RFID tags (commonly 860 to 960 MHz). The range required is 0-1m but needs to be capable to read multiple tags laying on each other) that are in a bag. Bluetooth Module: A Bluetooth module such as the HC-05 or HC-06, ensuring compatibility with the Arduino board for wireless communication to a computer or smartphone. Power Supply: UHF RFID readers often require more power. A robust power source is necessary, such as a higher-capacity LiPo battery or a dedicated power adapter. Antenna for UHF RF...

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    Need a programmer to develop a program to read rfid tags and to turn on and off motors at a set time

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    I need assistance with conducting a replay attack using my HackRF Software Defined Radio. My main focus is on carrying out operations on the 433 MHz frequency. Requirements include: - Prior experience with HackRF Software Defined Radio. - Knowledgeable in conducting replay attacks. - Skilled in operations on the 433 MHz frequency. Prospective freelancers should hold advanced awareness of potential risks and solutions to mitigate them in this task. A background in cybersecurity and radio operations would be highly advantageous. The ideal freelancer for this project is an adept problem-solver with keen attention to detail.

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer who can promptly create a responsive web-based app and companion website, which will support both online and offline payment transactions using RFID technology. Key Responsibilities: - Developing an intuitive, user-friendly platform - Enabling secure, streamlined payment processing - Building a flexible solution that functions both online and offline - Exploiting the capabilities of RFID technology The ideal candidate has: - Proven track record in web app and website development - Considerable experience with payment processing features - Knowledge of RFID functionality - Ability to deliver quality work urgently Please note your experience with similar projects, your estimated completion time and any recommendations for...

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    ...communicates in real-time between the Chainway C72 RFID Reader and an Oracle APEX application. The primary features of my project include: The SDK for the Chainway C72 RFID Reader can be provided. - Real-time Data Transmission: The application should enable instantaneous transmission of data as soon as the RFID tags are scanned. - Oracle APEX Integration: The ability to smoothly integrate with Oracle APEX is paramount. The application must be capable of sending scanned RFID data directly to this platform. - Specific Device Compatibility: This application needs to be completely operable on mobile phones, ensuring easy accessibility and functionality. The ideal candidate for this project would have a solid background in app development, particularly with ...

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    Datos del proyecto €30,00 – 250,00 EUR Necesito una APP en Android para el cronometraje de eventos deportivos con un lector de mano RFID , Tienen toda información técnica y SDK () Se trata de leer etiquetas RFID y registrar el tiempo y el número de la etiqueta en un TXT, este TXT tiene que ser guardado continuamente en el dispositivo con la opción de envío a un servidor FTP

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    ...choice’. These safeties are divided into following: - Safe O, detects only in opening movement, e.g. torque feedback - Safe C, detects only in closing movement, e.g. the photocells and torque feedback - Safe O-C, detects in opening and closing movement, e.g. the safety edges Commands: The program within the controller coordinates with access control systems, such as induction loops, keypads, RFID readers, or other authentication methods, to permit or restrict entry. All of these methods are connected to one of the ‘Commands’. These commands are divided into following: - O : only starts the opening movement - C : only starts the closing movement - O – S – C : is a toggle function between opening, stopping and closing Position detecti...

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    I need someone with a great experience in POS (point of sale) machines, RFID technology, RFID reader in android/iphone phones.

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    hello we need an inventory management system can work with RFID PDA

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    I require an expert in NFC/RFID circuit design. The project involves creating a circuit capable of reading data from NFC tags. This data is created through a custom application, which means your design must be able to contain a wide array of data types. The expected range for the NFC is short, up to 10 cm. Proven experience in the following areas is essential: - NFC/RFID design - Design for short-range (up to 10 cm) circuits - Experience with custom application data reading.

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    Need to design and analyze the performance of dual-frequency AMC with ring shape. The AMC structure should achieve high bandwidth for 0.92 and 2.4 GHz frequency. Then write report for this project

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    2. System Overview The system shall consist of the following key components: * Multi-antenna RFID reader(s) capable of simultaneous tag reading. * RFID tags compatible with the reader's frequency and protocol. * Antenna configurations optimized for the application. * Reader software for tag data processing and management. * Integration with existing systems, if applicable. 3. Functional Requirements 3.1 Tag Reading * The system shall be capable of reading a minimum of 8 RFID tags simultaneously within a specified coverage area. * RFID tags shall be read without significant interference or collision. * The system shall support tag reading at a rate of at least 50 tags per second. * The system shall provide accurate and real-time data ...

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    I'm in need of developing a high-quality online live poker software not automated but connected to a real RFID poker table. -This poker software needs to collect data (cards) from the RFID poker table & to provide it to my online poker website. This needs to be a smooth-running, user-friendly platform.

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    RFID and NFC Reader for Add-On Application - I am in need of a reader that can support both RFID and NFC technologies. - The intended use of the reader is for an add-on application. - I require only one reader for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing RFID and NFC readers. - Knowledge of inventory tracking, access control, and payment systems. - Ability to integrate the reader into an existing system. - Strong understanding of RFID and NFC technologies. - Familiarity with industry standards and protocols. - Proficiency in programming languages used for reader development. - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a workshop management software with the following features: Equipment Tracking: Ability to track and manage heavy-duty equipment, including details such as maintenance history, usage patterns, and current location. Barcode or RFID integration for easy identification and tracking. Preventive Maintenance: Scheduling and tracking of preventive maintenance tasks to ensure equipment is serviced regularly and operates efficiently. Automated reminders for upcoming maintenance to minimize downtime. Work Order Management: Creation and tracking of work orders for repairs, inspections, and routine maintenance. Prioritization of work orders based on urgency and criticality. Inventory Management: Tracking of spare parts and materials for maintenance ...

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    I am looking for a Python script that can read UHF RFID tags and publish the data to MQTT. I have a basic understanding of the MQTT protocol and UHF RFID technology. I have specific hardware and software in mind for this project.

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    I'm seeking an adept professional capable of implementing RFID or UHF technology for wireless power transmission and reception over long distances. The prime utilization of this technology will be for a micro lighting application, specifically decorative lighting purposes. Key features desired: - Possibility of selecting individual LEDs/tags that are on/off - Range/Distance must be a minimum of 1 meter - prefer 2 meters + - System must be safe; pass electromagnetic testing requirements for various markets/regions including North America (US, Canada, etc), Europe and others - Lights MUST be able to remain lit and not only blink (blinking can be an offered feature however they must be able to remain on when receiving the power signal) - I have included a few photos of examples...

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    I am looking for a developer who can integrate ESP32 and MFRC522 RFID for an inventory management project. Skills and experience needed: - Strong knowledge of Arduino C programming language - Experience with ESP32 and MFRC522 RFID - Ability to fetch card IDs and store them in a database for inventory tracking - Familiarity with inventory management systems and protocols The project requires the integration of the ESP32 and MFRC522 RFID to create a system that can accurately track and manage inventory. The developer should be able to write code in Arduino C to fetch card IDs from the RFID reader and store them in a database for further analysis and management. The system should be able to handle a large volume of inventory items and provide real-time updates o...

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    data sheet Loppunut left

    ...and test VPNs for secure communication. • Penetration Testing Lab: Vulnerability Assessment Lab, Exploitation Techniques, Security Scanning techniques. • Forensic Lab: Disc imaging analysis, Memory forensic, incident response Offering tools and platforms for in-depth source code examination. • Wireless Security Lab: Simulate Wi-fi networks with security vulnerabilities, Bluetooth Security, and RFID Security. • Cryptography Lab: Encryption and Decryption Lab, Digital Signature Lab, Key Management etc. Training Center The physical Training Center within the CoE comprises dedicated labs and facilities: Features: • Expert-Led Training Sessions: Subject matter experts with experience levels ranging from 3 to 5 years, 5 to 7 years, 7 to 10 years...

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    IoT based Project Loppunut left

    For my latest IoT-based venture, I'm in urgent need of a highly skilled Embedded Engineer. The chosen freelancer will tackle the following important tasks: - ESP 32 microcontroller programming - Internet of Thinks (IOT) - Blynk server - Current sensor, RFId tag & reader, relay The project revolves around key components such as sensors, microcontrollers, and a Blynk server, making expertise in these areas a must. Proficiency in using Wi-Fi as a communication protocol is also necessary to ensure the successful execution of this project. As an ideal candidate, you'll have a proven track record in embedded engineering for IoT applications. Your portfolio should showcase your ability to successfully handle similar tasks. Let's connect and bring this IoT concept to f...

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    ...currently working with Software A for handling my billing needs. To simplify and fasten the process, I am looking to incorporate RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) into specific segments of my existing software. Key components I want to integrate with RFID include: - Item cart: Enabling customers to add items to their cart using an RFID card will not only make it convenient for them but also automate my billing process. Furthermore, the setup should track specific information about each item in the cart: - Item's name - Pricing details - Quantity of the item purchased In essence, this project requires an adept freelancer with substantial experience in: 1. RFID technology 2. Integrating auxiliary systems into existing software platforms 3. Working...

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    We need a new product design which is socket type portable EV Charger with changable 3 plugs suitable for 1phase 16A Schuko 3.5kw, 1phase 32A CEE Blue 7kw, 3phase 16-32A CEE Red 11-22kw. The product should be controlled by an app via WiFi or Bluetooth and RFID card. One device can work under 1phase and 3phase and provide 3.5kw, 7kw, 11kw and 22kw with suitable plugs. It can be work as wallbox or portable for long journeys. We need all technical design and component requirements with necessary RFQ documents which shows all component specifications.

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    I am seeking a freelancer to assist in setting up Sllurp with the Zebra FX9600 reader to capture tag events. The objective is to transmit data to a specified URL each time a new tag is identified, including the reader's IP, antenna ID, tag details, and timestamp. The completion timeframe is 2-3 days, identified, including the reader's IP, antenna ID, tag details, and timestamp. The completion timeframe is 2-3 days, and remote access to the reader will be provided. Key Requirements: Integration of the configuration into my preferred platform. Anticipated tag volume is below 1000. Desired Skills and Experience: Proficiency in configuring Sllurp with the Zebra FX9600 reader. Knowledge of RFID technology and expertise in tag event reading. Familiarity with various in...

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    RFID Reader Design a RFID Reader circuit for the PN532. Support I2C @ 3.3V. The antenna size should be 12 x 12 cm. I am in need of an experienced Electronic engineer who can develop an RFID reader that utilises the PN532 chip. Experience with the PN532 is preferred. Experience with designing RFID antennas is required. Please also explain your design, particularly how the proper capacitance is achieved. - Purpose: The primary function of this RFID reader is to identify object presence. The objects in this case are "custom devices". Sensitivity and accuracy are therefore paramount. - Design Requirements: The reader must integrate a 12 x 12 cm antenna to fit within the confined space of the unit. The core of this project is the implementation o...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me configure sllurp with the zebra fx9600 reader to read tag events. I want the data to be passed to a url whenever a new tag is detected with readerip,anteenaid, tag and timestamp I...detected with readerip,anteenaid, tag and timestamp I need the same within 2-3 days and can give remote access to reader Specific Requirements: - The configuration should be integrated into my preferred platform. - The expected volume of tags that need to be read is less than 1000. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in configuring sllurp with the zebra fx9600 reader. - Knowledge of RFID technology and tag event reading. - Familiarity with different platforms for integration. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your...

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    I am looking for a programmer with experience in RFID devices to help me with a project. The main goal of the project is to program an RF device (specifically RFID) to receive a phone number and then send a text message using that phone number. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in programming RFID devices - Knowledge of how to integrate RF devices with text messaging functionality - Familiarity with different platforms and software options for this process, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi - Ability to suggest and recommend the best platform or software for the project based on requirements and goals.

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    ...for Water Kiosk Machine Project Overview: - I am looking for a Python developer to update the code for my water kiosk machine. The touch screen is a full PC that uses Arch linux. - The project requires adding new features to the existing code. Updating the code to newer Python as this code is 10+ years old but still working. Update payment systems. There's also PHP and SQL involved to store kiosk RFID cards, admin access - The deadline for this project is 2-3 weeks but there's no rush - I have a rough idea of the specific features I want to add. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language. - Experience in developing and updating code for kiosk machines. - Knowledge of hardware integration and communication protocols. - Strong problem-solv...

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    In this project, student need to design and analyze the performance of dual-frequency AMC with ring shape. The AMC structure should achieve high bandwidth for 0.92 and 2.4 GHz frequency. Expected Outcomes To analyze the performance of ring shape AMC. To design the ring shape AMC with acceptable bandwidth for UHF and HF GHz frequency To evaluate the performance of simple RFID tag with AMC on different metal properties.

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    I need to develop a recognition service that will work inside a smart fridge with healthy food items inside. I need someone that has deep knowledge on computer vision and preferably unsupervised learning, We currently are doing the recognition via rfid tags, I want to use cameras instead. Contact me if you are have the skills to develop such system.

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    ...following image for a Raspberry pi 4b 5" lcd touch display () Need to add a NFC reader to it (guide , the reader/ writer is PN5180 NFC RFID ISO15693) I need this working on an android OS on the Raspberry This should be a relatively simple process for someone with the right competences, so dont bid on this unless you did a simulare task before. Point is we make it work on one device, then we make an image containing the things for easy install on future devices. Its quite important that you assist me with connecting everything also

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    I am looking for Embedded developer to rewrite ESP-12E programme for RFID card reader and relay trigger.

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