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    Move listings from etsy shop to Amazon Handmade, by adopting the existing CSV file to Amazon standarts and uploading it to Amazon

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    Extract email List Loppunut left

    Need to scrape my Facebook and get a spreadsheet of names, addresses, and emails. The page I manage has 6500 members.

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    - PHP Web Developer - Knows the mylisting theme - knowledgeable in working in a staging site - Proficient in customizing WP theme - Proficient in using a child theme Task: 1. You will be customizing the listing feed widget of mylisting theme into a list view design. As currently it is on grid style (2 columns). See [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 2. For an example of list view design we&rs...

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    The job is to clean up an email contact list in Excel spreadsheet format. There are 719 contacts in the spreadsheet. The following must be accomplished: - Ensure all first/last names display in separate columns (currently, most of them have the first/last name in the same column) - Ensure that the first/last names appear in the CORRECT columns. (currently, many of them have the last names in the ...

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    I want to generate the most trending offer of List and lead generation

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    This is a very small project that requires you to implement Queue using Linked List (templated). Files and the complete prompt will be given over chat. As a developer myself, this entire project shouldn't take you more than 1 hour. Only Bid if you can finish in next 18 hours!

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    Hi there I need portugal costumer database field : Name , email , phone

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    AMP live list error Loppunut left

    AMP Live List I am an event blogger member from Jansatta. Which is a group of The India Express. However, the live blog on Jansatta's website is working properly which has been created by us. But we are not able to develop this website due to being busy in event blogging on Jansatta website. Only a little work remains. It will be very kind if you do it. Jansatta official website :- [kirja...

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    We have a list of roughly 1000 companies with some duplicates, we are looking for some who will go through the list and flag and homogenize the duplicate names.

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    -Matching Names of people to a store list by license ID Column Super simple job.

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    I need someone to fill me out a list of twitch streamers with 1. Stream Name 2. Twitch Stream URL 3. Email Contact I have a google spreadsheet started to show you how I need it done. All the information can be found in their twitch info on their profile page.

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    Hindsight: Development Specs Hindsight will be a simple tool that scans all the social media posts of a person's public account (the Client), looking for a list of Alert Keywords. Experience integrating APIs from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is required. AWS experience is also required, since we rely heavily on it. Hindsight will help a hiring manager (the User) search the social media ...

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    I'm interested in leasing dedicated servers in underground data centers that can withstand electromagnetic pulses (EMPs, which can be caused by solar storms or nuclear events). My problem is that most data centers don't offer dedicated servers, but only co-location, often with a 1-rack minimum. A data center will typically have numerous customers who are hosting companies, who in turn ...

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    Hello! My Name is Alex. I’m looking for someone to help me Prospect/Data Mine Qualified Leads so I can call those Qualified Leads for my business! We’re a Rehab Center B2B agency looking to work with highly qualified freelancers by project After accepting my Invitation we have a simple onboarding process to ensure that we are in the best position to benefit you and you can help us in t...

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    I need an email list of nutritionist in the United States. I need as many leads as I can get. By google standards they are about 60,000 nutritionist.

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    My project I already have an app I need source code for it the app basically has list of election candidates I need to print that in thermal printer it’s an offline app no need to be uploaded in google play store and can be created within 3 hours if ur an basic designer

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    Hi! I would like to have a php script that include a list of discord channels from a mysql table. The user should be able to add a "discord invite link" to an input field and some tags (that describe the channel and are seperated in the input field by typing a whitespace) to another input field and finally press "add". After that the channel id (that is used for the discord a...

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    What we mean is that when a mobile user comes to our live cricket score post, a new page is generated by Google which is meant for the mobile subscribers. That is to say, Google generates a new AMP on its behalf to load the page quickly. Our problem is that everything is working fine on the AMP version but the "You have Update" button is not coming on the Google generated AMP version. ...

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    I need a freelancer to check if references are consistent with APA 6th requirements, and amend the incorrect references. You could use google scholar to check the references, also you could use google to get the requirements if they were not mentioned in google scholar. As well as you need to the DOI. You could find the DOI by using [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdä...

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    Need List of email Loppunut left

    Im Looking a List of marijuana stores. I need existing list I dont need you to create

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    Need to get contact info for a list of companies that I have researched. This will transition to a lot more work, but I want to start with 50 companies to see how it goes. Our company offers services in IT so the list would be compiled of leaders in IT, Engineering, etc. If you have a proven method of validating the email addresses/contact info and the work is positive, there are many other types ...

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    I want you to think about why we do not use Linked Lists with sorting algorithms. Basically, answer following two questions in your answer below: 1) Why is a linked list not a good data structure for sorting algorithms we covered? 2) Is it possible to implement quick sort with a linked list? If so, what are the complications and advantages?

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    I need someone to build a spreadsheet/database of contacts at specific companies who also used to work at/are alumni of a global professional services firm (name of firm to be shared later). I have a spreadsheet with the information of approx. 2,100 companies that will need to be searched. An ideal deliverable is a spreadsheet of the contacts first and last name, title, email (if available), compa...

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    I have a bulk of emails that I need on a spreadsheet. when I try to copy and paste the emails from email sent message and then paste it in excel, a group of emails appears in 1 row. I need each email to have its a row. I would link a second list of the same contacts with the name a of the contact in 2 separate columns. 1 column for the first name and 1 column for the last name please send a sma...

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    I need someone to copy information from some websites.

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    I want to populate data(I have in excel) based on Dynamic dropdown list in wordpress. The user will select state, district & branch and the data related to the branch will get populated on the screen. here are reference links [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Hi I need someone to go through our many excel sheets of leads lists. and Sanitize them, clean them up and fill in the names column. Will pay 50-100 USD for the entire job done. Thanks

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    I need assistance to build a deep learning algorithm to extract keywords. I have extracted some text from several target website pages and cleaned it. Starting from this text, I have to extract relevant keywords consistent with a list of 5000 keyword I have created ad hoc. Basically, I need to create an algorithm, train it on my 5000 keywords and use it to extract new keywords. I am a devel...

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    I need assistance to build a deep learning algorithm to extract keywords. I have extracted some text from several target website pages and cleaned it. Starting from this text, I have to extract relevant keywords consistent with a list of 5000 keyword I have created ad hoc. Basically, I need to create an algorithm, train it on my 5000 keywords and use it to extract new keywords. I am a devel...

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    I want the supplier's list of the following US/EU hypermarkets: 1. 7-Eleven 2. SPAR 3. Walmart 4. Aldi 5 Carrefour 6. Lidl 7. Tesco The suppliers should meet the following criteria: 1. Based in India and China 2. Exporting non-perishable goods 3. Annual export value is >$2mil/year and <$50mil/year 4. Company name, website, phone, email, and Title - Finance controller or CFO/Finance Man...

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    Use Microsoft PowerApps to add multiple Items or records to a SharePoint List, like you can do in InfoPath

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    I have a project that involves searching the websites of 1000 companies. I have a list with the names of the companies and I need their website searched.

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    Hello, I need to list the dependencies for Linux executables (.so files) that can be found on disk. There exists an open source platform called GHidra that can do this: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Please create a Java project that can use GHidra and scan a binary to extract the dependency information. Thanks. Requirements: + Java 7 or 8 (code should work on Windows, Linux, etc) + Netb...

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    I have 880 seq m villa and would like to have modern contemporary interior design. All materials and furniture should have a material take off list. Furniture and material to be purchased from Turkey

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business.

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    Hello We want to list articles created under a category on our home page. For example if we create a category "XYZ" then all its articles should be listed on HOME page ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) and not under ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). The Article URL will remain what we have in blog post. Let me know how will you do it. We also require same implementation o...

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    I will be creating the content and need to hire a Freelancer person to create professional-looking: 1) Collateral (including business card design, flyer, etc. I will provide logo) 2) Outgoing email 3) Website 4) Venture Capital email list 5) Email outgoing email to Venture Capital email list and potential students 6) Help me post to job boards, university job lists, meetup groups, linkedin groups,...

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    I need assistance to build a deep learning algorithm to extract keywords. I have extracted some text from several target website pages and cleaned it. Starting from this text, I have to extract relevant keywords consistent with a list of 5000 keyword I have created ad hoc. Basically, I need to create an algorithm, train it on my 5000 keywords and use it to extract new keywords. I am a devel...

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    I need some one to remote login into my PC and create a mail list on outlook - the list must not show the email addresses to people on the list to people that receive it - i need you to do this project now so please only bid if you can start work now - you will need to have team viewer and start work and finish it now

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    I want to convert the attached file to Excel - 4 columns - Date. Description, Location, Amount - Date column formatted in dd/mm/yyyy (yyyy is 2018 except December transaction at start which are 2017 and January transactions at end which are 2019) - all lines need a date - any line without a date takes the date above it - currency column formatted in Euros and any transaction marked as CR to be co...

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    We have 16 search terms we would like to search on google places . Please see attached file for list of search terms and links. The results are approximately 2900 entries We would like 1. Business Name 2. Street address 3. City 4. State 5. Zip code 6. Telephone number 7. # of google reviews 8. Star rating 9. website address (if available) 10. email address (if available) A. We need this in an exc...

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    Dear all, I need a list of largest companies in Manchester the UK to offer a product. Doesn't matter the sector, but it is important that have revenue greater than 5 billion pounds and must have a headquarters in Manchester and be a national company. In this list must have one company that I am trying to discover that have the letters "O c the i". It means, that start with lett...

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    I would like to obtain a list of software provider for Industry 4.0 across Europe. Following are the criteria. 1 - Delivery is in Excel format consisted of 3 separated columns (Company Name, Website, Generic Email Address) 2 - European countries only minimum 4 unique countries excluding UK 3 - Local companies only/startups, not MNC ( e.g..Oracle in UK) 4 - B2B 5 - Website language can be Engl...

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    Email list building Loppunut left

    I am looking for an organized and efficient person to help me build my email list. I am a health coach and am looking to build my email list so I can eventually sell my coaching program.

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    I have two questions that I have done and need to get a correct answer to validate: Coins of various values are placed on the cells of an n × m chess board. Let the upper left corner cell be (1,1) and the lower right cell be (n,m); cell (i, j) has coins valued at cij . A robot starts at cell (1, 1) and can move only to the right or down on the board. 1. Give a dynamic programming algorith...

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    Background on the client/project: The client is NewSpace Global. They have a proprietary means for tracking and ranking companies that are involved in the space industry, similar to stocks. The client uses the plugin "mycurator" to curate all their stories but all the keywords need to inputted as topics in the plugin to do that. They have about 800 different companies that need to be in...

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    Implement listsort(l), which is given the node l at the head of a singly-linked list, and sorts the nodes in the list into ascending order according to the values in the .value field of each node. You are provided with a basic ListNode class. Your implementation should do an in-place update of the list. It is ok to use a simple O(n2) algorithm -- think about which one will be easiest to impleme...

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    Good day, I would like to have the dropdown list for taxonomy (listing-region) terms be responsive, as currently it's difficult to select an option from the list (approx. 80 items). A little context: The WordPress website is a real estate listing (uListing plugin - Homepress Theme), and when choosing a region for a property search or listing, it becomes complicated on mobile as the list get...

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    Note: you must have a comprehensive English word list to do this project. We have a list of ~108K of 4 and 5 letter words that may or may not be an English word. You must have an comprehensive database of English words to check against. (we do NOT have a database). We want the words in our list flagged in an Excel sheet. At the end of the project we want (1) our list flagged and (2) the DB of Eng...

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