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    Overview: Need chrome extension that can pass the text of a webpage into a python script (this python script is already built and just needs to be plugged in) and then display the results to the user from the python script after processing web page text. ______________________________________________________ Details: There are two main components that

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    Continuously... Read a data file input Detect what parameter to retrieve then retrieve using specified class (OPENCPN/nmea0183 on github Execute (in sys) python script via cmd line type int, i.e., sys of form "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 8888" Wait 1 sec. Start over

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    ...protocol written in Python that uses the Twisted library. We need help building a python flask web app that takes the data from a form, sends it to the twisted server which will send it to the twisted client. The twisted client will use the data to run python's selenium library and send the data to another web form. The client receives da...

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    I need a script which reads in some values from a form, and places a buy order and sell order on Cryptopia. This project will make use of the publicly available CCXT cryptocurrency framework available here. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] This framework has all the coding required to interface with all the cryptocurrency exchanges. All you need to do

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    ...basically ignore them), an EL formula, and an auto-generated English sentence that corresponds to the formula. My simplification script got lost, but here are a few Python snippets you can use to easily access the data you want. import re line = [a line from Lore KB] KB_LINE_MATCH = "(:s (d+) ([^()]+) ((.+)) "(.+)"" m = [kirjaudu n&a...

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    Download the genome in FASTA format. Open this file in Python and read it in construction a single DNA string of length 580076 characters long. Be sure and remove the header information in the file. An easy way to do this is just read in every line, removing the white space, and concatenating the resulting strings together. Print out the strand and

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    ...any of them)! My Project are involving Server Monitoring, We had Python script which post data to a pretuclar URL and that URL capture POST data, analyze it and store in database. Once data collected we display later in Server Monitoring Detail page with easy to read chart form with server information. Projects Detail: 1. Multi User Man...

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    I have a Python script running on a Raspaberry B2 on Raspbian (kernel 4.4.6) to record sounds form a sound card (cirrus logic). I need to add some functionnalities to this system (watchdog, read data from an arduino, check gsm board status)... Contact me for further informations. A NDA will be asked. Please don't answer if you haven't a large experienc...

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    ...use python and Kompozer. All updates must be done to the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] file provided. Elaborate the pizza order web site from the file provided. There are two levels of elaboration: 1) Rather than hard-coding in [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] the prices for the basic pizza and for a topping in the different sizes, store the prices in a file and generate...

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    ...Description of Project: A. A Python script to create images for display on sites. 1. Typical batch size would be anywhere from 1 done at the command line to 200 done in a batch. 2. Skills Needed: a. Python 2.7 (latest version) (Please advise if you feel Python [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is absolutely needed). b. Image manipulation in Python...

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    ... I want an easy to use python wrapper for the GNU C library available by following the link below. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The header files are *very* well documented and there is an example in the src/python directory that demonstrates how to write a python wrapper to read the binary ".trr" format

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    ...Reporting module written in Python that send a mail in plain text with alarms collected for this cars. That script run every day as crontab finding new alarms-records saved in Mysql DB. 2. Receiver module open a Socket TCP/IP server an insert positions and alarms to MySQL DB. 3. Front-end web client written in CodeIgniter that read MySQL DB that allow our

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    Perl To Python Loppunut left

    Converting a perl script to python so it can run on Google Cloud. The perl script is 770 lines long and handles the uploading of low res images from a a user's browser to a website, and the inserting of related info to a MySql database. Here is a script summary: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    ...the Starting URL.) 2. Read a variable from a user modifable but cached location (eg. text file, script header, URL, etc...) 3. Treat the read variable as a Twitter account and query twitter for the last 4 tweets from the account. 4. Prepare and format the tweets in a predefined format to post to the managed system. 4. Read a configuration setting

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    ...exciting new browser game whose primary technologies are Javascript client-side, and python server-side with MySQL. This game is a browser based sci-fi society game, where rank and wealth goes hand-in-hand with privilege and power. The day-to-day of the game involves a free-form interaction with an online society and job-list (small mini-games). One chooses

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    ...the keyword and halfway readable. The good news: I've a concept which will probably work. The bad news: It's not easy to develop and requires handling large ammounts of data. ============== Goal: A text production maschine, where I can enter a keyword and it generates a lot of texts for it. Those texts pass copyscape and look halfway legit on

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    Hello, We are a company with about 25 user accounts and about 36 GB of mail data (including cyrus squatter indexes). Our mail is currently served by a Centos4 mail server with postfix as MTA and cyrus as backend. Our users access their mail via secured IMAP (TLS) or via squirrelmail (https). Our users and their passwords are stored in an openldap

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    ...Spreadsheets created from a Form.? I want to take data from these two forms and update a third spreadsheet. Data will be added daily to one of the first two spreadsheets and the data needs to be updated appropriately in the third spreadsheet. I thought we could write it in Python ? google spreadsheet api and the text_db methods to read the firs...

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    ...The generated pages present the units of an interactive course of study to an end-user. Each unit contains a script of Questions, Responses and Actions (JS expressions). Each of these three are **nodes** in a dialogue tree that makes up the script for a Unit of study. Each node is a JS object. JS variables keep track of a student's progress through a Unit

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    Description: Automated program/script that can visit a series of sites, read certain information from the homepage of each site, and collect data into a CSV file. The program/script must be capable of processing a high volume of requests but should also include functionality to ‘rate limit’ the amount of requests per minute so that visited sites aren’t

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