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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    Develop website using html, css, jquery, python

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    CREATE A GUI 6 päivää left

    Create a GUI that will run a python code(Machine learning) and show the results of images on the gui for series of images that will be analysed layer after layer. Please don't pick up this project if you cannot do it as i don't want to waste my time and your time. Also, i have an example of code but you will need to make some adjustment i will explain and you will teach me how to run it effectively. I will end the project if i sense you are after getting paid and you are not bothered about getting the work done. I am currently using JUPYTER on anaconda to run the code.

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    Hi, I have a website build on Django (python) frame work, that has large data base, I use mysql for the data base. I read that it is so risky to install phpmyadmin on the remote server because it will expose the data to hacking. I want to read and write the data easily and remotely from my pc. I can connect to the server from my P.C. However, using terminal and commands to read or write is not convenient to me. Thus, is it possible to fix phpmyadmin on my P.C ?and use it to connect to my database remotely in very secure connection? also, is there any other tools that it is easy to use and very safe?

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    ..."Limitation of Liability" when reviewing a document and based upon what the ML has been taught about certain clauses, it will be able to find it based upon the clustering of text-strings and classification. I would be happy for the delivered solution to be a python script whereby the clauses of interest are highlighted on already OCR's Pdfs. Once processing has occured, the annotated/highlighted PDFs will appear in a new folder titled "Analysed PDFs" If you have a more eloquent solution or UI i would be interested. Please write the python code which identifiies the clauses that I have nominated in each document. Then highlight the each complete clause in a different colour. I would like to be able to select as many clauses as I like. Usua...

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    Covert C code to Python 6 päivää left

    Convert 10 lines c code to python code. No online sources to be used.

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    I am trying to build a progress bar on my home page () using async function. async function awaits for fetch from flask function @progress, and based on the fetched data, it updates the progress bar. In flask, I have multithreaded API calls, which are initiated within @home function after the submit button is pressed from the page. Submit button is part of a wtf form. After succesful completion of threads, there is redirect to @output where the result is displayed in output.html. This works perfectly in chrome browser in PC environment. However, in azure hosted environment, the async javascript function stops while the threadpoolexecutor is running in the backend. I cannot see the async function running in the log stream. The progress bar also stops updating since async

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    scraping a website with python; read records from a plain text file and save the result information. Use selenium, avoid using OCR as much as possible; no cost readers.

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    1 Requirement:- we want to calculate the total count of all the available inside the office with percentage For example : There are total 50 employee in the office out of which 20 are inside the office and 30 are out side the office for tea break so the total count should show like Total count:- 20 Percentage:- people available/ total people * 100 This should be on real time so count will be increasing or decreasing 2 requirement :- we want to calculate individual total working hour as well as their availability in percentage For example:- in our dashboard if you select any name you should be able to see his / her total hours and that in percentage Formula:- Actual time / total time *100 This should be on real time as well Total working hours is of 8 hours so if a person's availabil...

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    Python function bug fix 6 päivää left

    Python function bug fix, its using jupyter.

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    Need python web scraping expert 6 päivää left

    I need web scraping expert to scrape data. All the data are visible. I will share the site to the selected person.

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    We are launching a new web development firm in Australia and are looking for smaller companies to have deal with our company. We will outsource the work and needs the jobs to be completed in time. We are looking for a team with websites build with HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Python, PHP. As we are in the launch phase we will need to discuss the possibilities of a tie-up.

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    ... Qualification) Image analysis, image processing development experience, and those who are suitable for microscopes 3+ years of relevant work experience Expertise in object-oriented design, database design, and XML Schema Experience with Agile or Scrum software development methodologies Ability to multitask, organize and prioritize Experience with React, Vue.js, Docker, GCP, TensorFlow, U-net, Python, Laravel, PHP, imageJ Over 15 years of experience Sinor Web Application Developer Over 10 years experience product manager Ability to speak and communicate in Japanese and English Requirement: Experience in developing formats for microscopic multidimensional structures work) Sinor Web Application Developer product manager Ability to speak and communicate in Japanese biotechnology e...

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    i need source codes to login g mail in latest firefox version ( atm V109), using these 3 credentials in a given txt file : username, password, recovery email then return result OK/FAIL in to the same file same line

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    We have 10 numbers. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. If 4 numbers is picked from these 10 numbers on the left side, we have the rest of 6 numbers on the right side a remainder. For example 4078 it is picked, so we have 123569 is a reminder. Now the logic or your program, python will come to work. So your program will ask 1. type a set of four numbers, so your program will subtract 4078, so the remainder is 123569. It may be as many as needed to insert a set of four numbers. Now your program will compile the remainders from left side, and right side, and either uses a force of four numbers or predicts 4 numbers from 6 numbers. The trick is that the remainders that we are going to work with. Also, no repeat of 4 numbers on the left side. Your job is do not repeat 4 numbers fro...

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    Desenvolvedor 6 päivää left

    Sou programador em python, HTML, Java e SQL, sou designer gráfico e estou aprendendo no momento tráfego pago, aumentar seus clientes no seu negócio.

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    Affiliate program for python students 6 päivää left

    Hey, im a python & java teacher, im looking for a marketer to do an affiliate program with me, I want him to recommend and redirect clients to me, and I give him a percentage of the gains for each client

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    Hi, I noticed your profile and would like to discuss my project. I would like a script that will call: 1) A folder of GIFs 2) A folder of MP3s 3) A "rarity" text file, where each MP3 is named following a score The script will match every GIF with a random MP3 according to the text file. For example, if there are 5 songs, all weighted 20, MP3s have an equal 20% chance of being matched to the GIF. The output should be an MP4, and the GIF should loop to the length of the MP3. Price estimate?

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    hello , i want to make tiktok app to send views to videos for example 60k views for 5 mints with proxy list totally like this app you can use python or c# no problem for me budget: $50

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    I have the output of a BTLE CO2 sensor in a simple plaintext format in the form of a python library and wish to import the plaintext output into the corresponding HomeKit/HomeBridge categories. The python library is functioning with sample program, what remains is the HomeBridge plugin to import those values into their corresponding HomeKit categories. HomeBridge documentation is:

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    Hi Guys, I need your help to show me how to pull data from Amazon Business Central API using Python and following the instructions mentioned in the below video: To be a good fit for this project you need to have preious working experience with pulling data from Amazon Seller Central API using Python.

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    Mobile Robot 6 päivää left

    Write c++, python and matlab code. Details are included in the file attached. You will also need to explain each block of code and how it works.

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    required : -New Idea for classification in deep learning technique that have (new layers, adding ML methods, enhanced techniques) -use kaggle dataset and apply it by python -get better result than existing methods -make all figures, performance measurements, plots and architecture layers -write report, flow chart and pseudocode

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    Vision Test Web App 6 päivää left

    The purpose of this application is to test how far and how small objects can the user see. It is a web application and is used by two devices at once: PC and phone. PC will display the letters that you have to recognize from afar and the phone is used to submit your answers (because you stand away from PC screen for 3-4 m...automatically show the "Result" - The result is just a number: the smalles font size at which the user correctly read the letter on the screen. - Alongside the result, it will show a button to "Discard this Result" or "Jump to Records Chart". Technical requirements: 1. Use any javascript framework for frontend, preferably Svelte if you have experience with it. 2. The backend should be in Flask (Python). 3. Simplis...

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    python automation testing 6 päivää left

    This is kind of a job support. I am looking for python automation testing which has docker and Linux as VM.

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    Languages: - Python - JavaScript - css - html - sql Framework: - Django - postgresql - VueJS - Postgis (geospatial Postgres database) - internationalization i18n (nice to have) - tailwindcss (nice to have)

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    I am looking for someone who can be able to compile and transform a Python GitHub project to a simple windows exe file, that it can run with a command line. And it will be a standalone program, it can run without api or internet, and without depending to any other programs.

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    SmartRecognition 6 päivää left

    ...en la web). 7. En la web se debe disponibilizar una demo, que solo permita que se tome una selfie y que la compare con el documento de identidad. 8. La foto que el sistema eligió debe hacer match con la imagen del documento y se debe almacenar para después firmar o recuperar contraseña u otra operación. 9. ¿Dónde hacer match? 10. Rekognition de Amazon. U otro que propongas. 11. Desarrollado en Python en AWS. U otro que propongas. 12. El sitio debe quedar montado y funcionando sobre Amazon. 13. El dominio es ** 14. El sitio montado en Amazon, debe disponer de un demo que permita que el cliente pueda realizar el proceso con smile y mostrar resultados. 15. Luego entregar/ almacenar la información (% de match, imagen, rut (id en Chile)...

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    Python project -- 3 6 päivää left

    Building parser from ChocoPy to AST for a compiler The goal of project is to write a parser for the ChocoPy Language, in order to obtain its Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). To this end, you will work on two basic passes of the compiler frontend, that are given as classes:

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    €85 - €107
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    Create a Google Ads Automation 6 päivää left

    Create a python Script to automate Google Ads Campaign creation using Incogniton () as Browser Look, it's not Incognito by Chrome it's Incogniton The script needs to: 1- Create new Incogniton profile for each client 2- Ask for the email and the phone number 3- Create campaign on google ads with determined keyworlds and site URL 4- Auto verify with the SMS key which need to be provided by the client 5- Create a loop to keep verifying campaign status of each profile on Incogniton and show the status of the campaign

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    I need a script running in a Python language. This script is allowing to send twitter DMs in huge quantity. (Through an API) This script should contain : - A system to send messages via an twitter account (with a modifiable quantity of messages to send) - A system of automatic change of account after the sending of a certain number of message via an twitter account. - A system of rotating proxy each time there is a change of twitter account. - A script preferably running on Linux. Please apply to this offer only if you are sure to have the required skills. We will discuss privately if you have more questions...

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    I need a python developer to make a model that calculate point on an image .

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    Simple project which takes less than an hour

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    Hi, I need a sample flask & python based chat module? are you interested in the details?

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    Project for Niraj M. 9 päivää left

    Hi, I need a sample flask & python based chat module? are you interested in the details?

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    Build me a Website. 6 päivää left

    I would like someone to build me a website with machine learning in it. You can contact me for more details. Also if we like the work we also interested in adding you for a permanent position. We are looking for someone have more expertise in Python as well as WordPress.

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    I have a python code that retrieves data using an API. It's working nicely. I need to convert it into vba.

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    ...phases but not in this phase Deliverables: Provide a fully functional application that takes input and provides output as described above: Develop a basic UI that can be used to upload the Input described above Develop python code that Creates the output as described above Leverages NLP models such as BERT, GPT-3,RoBERTa T5 or XLNet to summarize information Uses OpenAI API or the Hugging Face's Transformers library Note - My plan is to - at a later stage, not in this stage - preprocess and prepare dataset for fine-tuning the model Develop API using frameworks such as Flask or FastAPI and deploy API using AWS Lambda or Google ...

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    Python script issue 6 päivää left

    Need to solve the python script issue

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    A certain portion of a Tradingview Pinescript (NEVER TOTALLY TRANSLATED YOU WILL DO IT) has been translated into Python. The script I shared as a doc file has been translated and the results from the translated parts so far are incorrect. 1) Errors in the parts translated from Pinescript to Python will be fixed so far ( Zigzag Indexes, Values, OB indexes, OB values) 2) After the bugs are fixed, the rest of the Pinescript should be translated into python If you want to get the job just message me first I will provide you the code. Once we are sure you can do it, we will start to work. Pinescript code is attached as Doc file.

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    V tuto chvíli jsme na světe nenašli podobný projekt a tak se potřebujeme posouvat dopředu rychleji. Věříme v sílu freelancers a virtuálních týmů. Aktuálně na projektu pracuje 7 lidí, z toho 4 programátoři (javascript, python). Hledáme kolegu nebo kolegyni, který/á by dokázal vývojový tým dlouhodobě zastřešit. Kromě znalosti programování, zkušenosti s řízením týmu a koordinací vývoje SW, je nutnou podmínku kvalitní angličtina.

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    You will need to make a number of small changes and adapt the project. I will tell you all the details in my personal messages. I think it will be a quick and easy job for a professional. While I set the minimum payment. But this is debatable. With respect. The topic concerns chess. I use a translator because I don't speak English.

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    Need a python with django website

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    Please contact me ONLY if you have the skills to do the following for this project : -vegetation dynamics over 20 years using EO images using deep learning algorithms - incorporate climate variables - using GEE , Python, QGIS, ArcGIS…etc Again, please contact me if you have experience in working with deep learning algorithms that can be implemented to study vegetation dynamics using remote sensing data such as RNNs, CNNs...etc The project will involve several steps starting from Pre processing remote sensing data to the last step of evaluating the performance of the deep learning algorithms , I will discuss the steps in details with the successful freelancer. Thank you, Lep

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    Need python developer 6 päivää left

    Hi everyone, We need freelancer python/AI/ML individual developer. Who can work with us long term. Please companies stay away..

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    I need a script running in a Python language. This script is allowing to send instagram DMs in huge quantity. (Through an API) This script should contain : - A system to send messages via an instagram account (with a modifiable quantity of messages to send) - A system of automatic change of account after the sending of a certain number of message via an instagram account. - A system of rotating proxy each time there is a change of instagram account. - A system to solve the problem of requesting a 6 digit verification code when connecting to an instagram account. (With recovery of the code on a Gmail address). - A script preferably running on Linux. Please apply to this offer only if you are sure to have the required skills. We will discuss privately if you have more questio...

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