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    I am wriring a book, surprise surprise - I don't have the time to understand how every things works - would like someone to download my word document into the scrivener file.

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    I want to explain my project face to face initially; access complete privacy aggreement and then have them work with and for me until the book is completed. the person really has to be UK based and able to meet with me in London. it is a book of separate stories and characters. I need someone who is experienced in editing, writing and publishing.

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    Hi Deborah K., I noticed your profile and would like a quote from you. This is my first fictional novel. It's a little long at 128,000 words. I have run the transcript through a program called ProWritingAid, so it should be fairly clean (grammar wise). Because I'm in Portugal maybe it is best to correspond through e-mail. The budget number is meaningless at this time. I want to hear your quote first. Thanks!

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    I am looking for a Scrivener expert who can have 1-3 Zoom call tutorials to help me get set up on Scrivener. My aim is to ensure I get up to speed as quickly as possible and minimize my learning curve etc. Can you help? Work may be done in 1-3hours only

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    Just purchased Scrivener for Mac Book Pro and trying to sync files from IPhone so I can open on my Mac Book Pro.

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    scrivener help Loppunut left

    I need help setting up backup files/locations for scrivener on two different devices

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    I need help backing up scrivener on two different computers.

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    Editor using scrivener to outline and organize materials

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    to assist with formatting my cook book

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    ...checked with automated replacements for suggestions with high confidence (have a couple of tools in mind but need suggestions, keeping in mind the medical nature of queries). Use of medical public dictionaries, if applicable. Options - But we have to see if they are cost effective. Prowritingaid seems to be fine, if it works. Suggestions would be appreciated. 2)Grammar correction - ex using The above goal is structured and defined. But going ahead we need someone who has problem solving and coding chops to execute problems such as the following - We have a library of keywords, medical terms, search terms which we want to

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    I need someone to edit my document on scrivener

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    Hi Franklin O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Scrivener tutor Loppunut left

    I need a private tutor to teach me how to use Scrivener for academic and literary writing.

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    Re: Scrivener Formatting Software- Tutorials and/or other solution for formatting software suitable for E-Books and Paperback Amazon. I am commenced writing a book and have prepared an outline of chapters, title, cover, and so forth. Recently I purchased Scrivener software and am looking for assistance to set up my draft in Scrivener so that I may easily compose, use composition mode without spending an enormous amount of time learning/studying the Scrivener tutorials. For example, I could email you instructions on names and number of chapters, introduction, prologue, cover, draft chapters completed for upload (not edited yet) e.t.c with the view to your setting it up for me on Scrivener. I am prepared to purchase another License from Scrivener...

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    Hi Janelle. I've the MS ready for you. Quick question: can I send in Pages format rather than MS Word? Scrivener exports in Word, then I convert to Pages for editing. Some of the formatting goes all screwy when I convert back to Word. Let me know. If you need Word, then I can regenerate a copy for you. Total word count is 82,139. Hopefully I've priced accordingly. Talk soon! Barry

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    90 Day Journal Loppunut left

    I am designing a journal that will have a 3 month rotating design (90 days) and publish in packs of 4 to cover a year. I have the outline and most of the quotes identified. I need someone to add backgrounds, lined pages and creative boxes. A cover and back cover. The background should be cover a year. I have the outline and most of the quotes identified. I need someone to add backgrounds, lined pages and creative boxes. A cover and back cover. The background should be subtle and the color scheme jewel tones. The backgrounds should change weekly and correlate monthly. The first quarter is attached; beginning July 1, 2021 The outline is set up in scrivener but the ending product can be Scrivener, Canva, Adobe (preferred) or another software. I will have a p...

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    Must be fluent in Scrivener. I am writing a novel, need to create a collapsible outline, cannot figure out how to do it. Frustrating. The outline must be able to go down 6-8 levels.

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    Write an ebook Loppunut left

    ...demo content provided) Why 104 ideas? because they cover 2 years, once a week. Importance of scheduling and automate processes Then, the 104 ideas (note: provided by us, but to be elaborated a bit) - How to evaluate the effectiveness of your newsletter (1,500 words, demo content provided) Metrics and performance The e-book shall be delivered to us in a rich text format (RFT) or .scriv (for Scrivener), so that we can proceed with further editing and we can add more material. Deadline: not yet defined, ideally ASAP :) We can share all the materials we have immediately or on a chapter-by-chapter basis and we are open to review the general topic together. We are marketing experts, therefore we have a deep knowledge of the subject, we just don't have time to write everythin...

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    ...languages by yourself" within the first two paragraphs. It must not be decontextualized. It must flow with the rest of the paragraph. - 4 headings to structure content + final heading with short summary, conclusions and invite to the reader to leave a comment, share experiences or ask questions - No grammar and vocabulary mistakes. If you have doubts, use a grammar checker like Grammarly or ProWritingAid. - No plagiarism. Check for plagiarism after writing the article and correct critical sentences. You can use free tools like: (One free check has a 1000-word limit so you have to break up the article in 2 or 3 pieces) - VERY IMPORTANT: this article should be GENUINELY HELPFUL. It should be well-written but it should primarily help the reader. While writing, try

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    Hello, I’m looking for someone to build a website for users to write their novels and manuscripts. Please use Scrivener as an example. All the same functionality as Scrivener; only except the users logs in to use the platform, pays a monthly subscription, and is able to save their documents to the cloud.

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    Scrivener expert Loppunut left

    I'm a writer who has published three books. For two of the books, I used Scrivener to design and publish. For this book as well, I can provide the content and I need someone to use Scrivener to prepare a copy for publication.

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    I want a tutor of scrivener to work with me online, on zoom, looking at my screen and helping me with my books layout using scrivener. I have the latest version. MUST be near native English speaker and very experienced at using scrivener . I am a beginner in scrivener. I don't have that much free time- so probably an hour daily will work best.

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    ABOUT ME: I'm a newbie author. I'm 85 and have spent my adult life first as an Executive Secretary then in middle management. After I retired, I formed a home-based secretarial service online and ran it for 20 years. I closed down the business in 2017 and changed to writing mystery/suspense stories. I have a blog site. THE JOB: I'm store their contraband. The protagonist is the Chief of a Phoenix, AZ substation who searches for the children. The story will need developmental editing i.e. does the story flow well? Does the story need more twists, more detail or less and other developmental opinions. I'm particularly looking for someone who is familiar with and enjoys mystery/suspense stories. I use Grammarly and ProWritingAid myself to edit spellin...

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    PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING. Thank you for reviewing my project. I am highly committed...mystery novel, I think someone with a “mystery type of mind” might work well here. • Though I hope to complete all the writing myself, I am not opposed to a small amount of ghostwriting and/or significant edits of my work if need be. Again, the goal is to produce a great book. I live in Connecticut and would ultimately like to find someone local, but I am open to remote resources as well. I use Scrivener for most of my work, but I am open to using other collaboration tools. I am open to hourly rates, landmarks, and/or a flat rate for completion. I do not have a specific completion deadline in mind. Writing is not my full-time job so the project may last for several months. ...

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    ...writing myself, I am not opposed to a small amount of ghost writing and/or significant edits of my work if need be. The goal is to produce a great book. I live in Connecticut and would ultimately like to find someone local as I have found challenges working with folks remotely. However, I am also open to using someone remotely as the goal is to produce quality work with a great partner. I use Scrivener for most of my work, but I am open to using online collaboration tools. I am open to hourly rates, landmarks, and/or a flat rate for completion. Thank you, John...

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    Editor/Beta Reader Loppunut left

    ... 2.) Someone who has editing experience. Ideally, someone who has a degree in English/grammar/ publishing. Give me past clients info (email is fine). If you have no clients, send me a few paragraphs about yourself (where you went to school, your major, why this post appealed to you, or any other detail. Point is promote yourself). 3.) I need someone who is proficient in Word, Google docs, Scrivener, and how to use Dropbox. 4.) I need someone honest, self-motivated, intelligent, and meets deadlines. 5.) Bonus points if you're familiar with Ilocan culture and myth and legends. This story is based on my Filipino past. I need someone to portray Philippines in a fair way. Send me a VIDEO response. If this trial period (March-June) works out, I plan to use services...

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    Project for Sara D. Loppunut left

    Hi Sara, I have a HUGE novel project I have been working on for years (300 000 words!). I have just moved the project from Ywriter, to Scrivener after technical difficulties with Ywriter could not be resolved. Are you very strong in Scrivener? I would like to talk to a Scrivener specialist (which could be you) to: Take a look at the setup of the novel Create a workflow for me. Not too much to it, there may be ongoing work in terms of formatting, Ebook output for test readers etc. Thanks Sara,

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    Looking for chrome extension developers to create me a spell check extension similar to Grammarly and Pro writing aid. All the extension has to do is analyse my writing for spelling errors - that's all Reference links;

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    I've started using Scrivener, but in the very early stages. I am telling a story about my experiences over the past three years. I need someone who will help me turn my story into a manuscript. I've never been what you'd call an accomplished writer, so I need your expertise to help write my story. The content covers highly confidential information and a privacy agreement will be required in order to begin working together.

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    Looking for chrome extension developers to create me a spell check extension similar to Grammarly and Pro writing aid. All the extension has to do is analyse my writing for spelling errors - that's all Reference links;

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    I am chef, writer and sometime radio broadcaster. I need to get the book in shape for launch with the new website that will have a shopping page for my spice mixes, olive oil, flavored salts, custom aprons etc. Unfortunately, the computer I was using conked out, and all I have is the back up files and no time to learn Scrivener with all the other projects in flux. The book will still occupy a lot of my time with my reshooting a lot of the photos. and there are a few pages left to write. If you want to look at the kind of thing I do,

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    I'm a 31 years old amateur Mexican writer, looking to self-publish my debut novel through Amazon, so english is not my first language. I have a 90k words manuscript, which has already gone through online tools like grammarly and prowritingaid. (The first harry potter book is a 77k words novel) But thanks to a native english speaker beta reader, I now have realized that my first chapter has a lot of errors, that those web tools can't detect, like english comprehension. ++So, the job looks for: * Proofreading, through a google docs with comments enabled, highlighting hard to read or incomprehensible sentences, so I can change them according to your suggestions. * Help me hide the fact I'm not a native english speaker, so I can offer a good product for english readers. ...

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    1 tarjoukset to create story arcs that capture the readers interest throughout the book and into subsequent books. - Understands they will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and intellectual property agreement (IPA). - Will submit work product via google docs (or MS Word) for easy editing and ease of communication. Upon completion all work material must be turned over in MS Word or Scrivener. About Us: -We are a young publishing company with multiple successful titles published and continuous development in process. -We aim to provide clear guidance to facilitate a smooth work flow. We will offer advice and input as much or as little as you require for you to produce your best work product. -We offer regular, ongoing-work. -Prompt payment -Prompt communication Yo...

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    I have a detailed outline for an ebook about my last business trip, which was a mix of business and vacation. Target is an ebook in English in Scrivener format (or .docx alternatively) with about 15.000 words. The outline already exists in Scrivener format. Deadline should be within 21 days or earlier. Proofreading included.

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    I need to implement this feature into an existing application. Kindly review the API here. GIT for PHP codes: ProWritingAid API page: I am looking for the "summary function" to be implemented. Also need to implement Social media login API for login page.

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    My name is Jared Alexander. My story called, "The Spectrum of Greatness," is about a youth football team in Chicago that has a running back with Autism. I also struggle with Autism. I tried editing the story with Grammarly and ProWritingAid. The reason I want to hire a proofreader to make the story ready either for self-publication as an individual short story or as part of an anthology of related stories. The only way I can pay for any proofreader is in monthly installments. That's because I'm on an extremely low fixed SSI & SSDI income totaling $773 a month. What proofreader would be willing in taking my story?

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    I need a freelancer who has used and understands scrivener and NaNoWrimo to create ongoing blog pages for me throughout the month of November. This posting is for one 250-500 word blog. I will also provide words for SEO that I would like to see within the blog. The freelancer must be familiar with the topic in order to write about it successfully. Please reply to this posting with your background in either Scrivener or NaNoWriMo. Don't reply, "I've read through your topic and it's interesting." Thanks!

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    ...Macs. Everything I do is on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. You must be completely native to Mac. I would expect that you would have both a mac computer and an iphone. Ipads are cute, but not useful for the work I would need you to do. -you need to be technology friendly and a fast learner -you need to be familiar with Word, Pages, Numbers. And preferably Indesign, Account Edge, EndNote, NVivo, Scrivener, Evernote, Freeway Pro, WeChat, Filemaker. If you dont know these programs, then you are going to need to learn to be comfortable with various of them. Ones you dont have, I can give you a copy of, so I dont expect you to buy any software. 2. Design: -you need to have some reasonable layout and design skills. Trick question - do you use double carriage returns? At the least, ab...

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    What I need from you: 1. I need everything done pertaining to putting it online...ebook for now...Kindle, mobi, epub, goodreads, all of them..etc. 2. Please check all chapters and subheading formatting is okay and looking good in final state to all the main selling platforms. I know I just need to click a button, lol, but I am not sure how it all exactly works. And I want to be sure th...just format? 6.I do not know if you have it, but I am writing another Non-fiction book in which I would like to have a template. how do these templates work? 7. Budget: As little as possible. :slightly_smiling_face: But what else can you do for me? Thanks. I do not even remember how I got this far with this I started this a few years back and this is the first book I wrote in Scri...

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    I’m looking for someone to publish my self help book written using Scrivener for me and to help with marketing

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    I need you to write a research article. I need help with finding three sources from Bartleby including “The Scrivener” then I need a annotated bibliography for all, MUST BE IN MLA style..and from all reading I need the abstract vs annotations meaning Telling them apart. thank you!

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    I have written an eBook and I want someone to format it so that it looks professional. You will need to create a table of contents that links to all the seperate sections of the ebook. It's a pretty small eBook, only 30 or so pages. Have a look at the attached eBook. I want mine to look pretty much like that. At the moment I've got the raw information in a scrivener file.

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    Bonjour, Je recherche une personne capable de mettre en place un ebook au format d'un livre (avec les entête et pied de page qui consvient au chapitre). Mon ebook est sous le format de Scrivener car ce logiciel me permet d'éditer l'ebook en version postable sur Amazon ou au format pdf. Dites-moi votre tarif ainsi que le temps nécessaire pour faire cela. PS : l'ebook en question contient 150 pages au format A5. Cordialement, Séverine

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    A book detailing the journey of a 35 year old male who suffered a hemorrhage due to a 'Large left parietal arteriovenous malformation.' Have all documentation from the doctors and hospital and entered some details in Scrivener. Person is now 44.

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    I'm looking for someone to help format a Scrivener file so it will be properly formatted when uploaded to Amazon Kindle.

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    I need a editor partner who I can trust with my work. I have several projects. I need an editor with an editor program. For example ProWritingAid or ScholarAdvisor.

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    I am not looking for editing. I'm looking for someone to do a close reading of the next-to-last draft of my (approximately) 400 page manuscript. If you love to read and can spot little mistakes, inconsistencies and missing information, this will be an easy gig. The deadline, SEPTEMBER 18, is rock solid, no wiggle room! I will send you the document in Scrivener on 9/4. I will be unreachable from 9/6-9/18. You must work in Scrivener (free and easy to use.) I am open to feedback on character & plot development, etc. However, what I need most is someone who remembers small details! And can MEET A DEADLINE. It will go to the copy editor on 10/1 and be published on 10/31/16.

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    Hello, I have a Scrivenor file and need to change the contents page because it's all blue and hyperlinked (you can't change this on scrivener). I have Sigil but I can't figure out how to do it! Its a quickie I know, but just dont have the time to figure this bit out!

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    I need software that is a cross between CaseMap by Lexis Nexis and Scrivener Writing Software. I am a legal nurse consultant that reviews medical records, enters the relevant information and creates customized timelines, chronologies and reports by filtering out information. The CaseMap software is used by attorneys and contains too much stuff geared toward attorneys. Scrivener is a writing software geared more toward writers but does not have the capacity to create the chronologies or customized reports I need. The CaseMap software is primarily marketed to attorneys, so it is too expensive for nurses. It needs to be user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. I would also like a way to put it on a central server, so nurse consultants can just pay a monthly fee to use it.

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