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    This project consist of porting a simplex curve-fit algorithm described in the May 1984 issue of Byte Magazine to Delphi Pascal. The original code is old CPM Pascal/Z so most of the port should be trivial. The coder will be supplied a stub form with the input and output fields already defined. The equation shall be processed by an equation evaluation

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    Project involves using PERL to FTP into a host. Retrieve, parse and populate data into an existing mySQL database via DBI calls. No GUI necessary. A non-interactive command line interface is needed since the script will be invoked using cron. DDL, sample data and documentation included.

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    ...DisplayMember = DisMem [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] = ValMem Catch ex As Exception MsgBox([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) End Try End Function So far so good, everything seems to work. All the combos populate with the CompanyName field from the correct tables. When I try to write to another table, the ValueMember isn't writing out correctly. The wrong number is being...

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    User Rights Maintenance The attached simple C# project needs to be finished. Since it'll be used for max number of 10-15 users, the entries should be stored in an encrypted ASCII file. Read it once, decrypt it, fill a record per user in a container, work with it, append/delete and later encrypt and write back. It's only one key field: and it shouldn't

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    ...DETAIL IS NOW AVAILBEL ====================== The aim of this assignment is to familiarize you with JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) in client-server environment. In this project, you have to develop an interface for students to request an appointment with their instructor. This interface will allow the user to select an appointment consisting of a

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    I am working on a project to have the properties in Microsoft Word autimatically populate. Each document that I want this to happen has specific paragraghs. One is a Subject line. The other is a summary line. I want the Subject line in the document to populate, both the Title and the Subject Line in the Microsoft properties window. The summary

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    ...again to that disclaimer page and then returned to the page they were trying to get in once they click YES 3. the following pages (I will supply text and some pictures to populate them with): Home, Faq, Contact, Forums (Members only), About us, Products/services (2 indivdual pages for describing the products), How To, Downloads page, members only page

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    The application was built using a standard exe project and now has been converted to an unfinished ActiveX project. Things need to be completed are: One - a progressbar to take the place of the form that monitored the status. Two - The list view on the main ActiveX document to populate correctly from applications chosen from another document (global

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    ...possible to download the file to our server. 4. "Your" software will then use the same information provided in the Query string sent to you by the Proprietary software to populate a MS Access Database (provided by us) with the information. This solution must be able to process up to 100+ requests at any given moment. There will be a minor ammount of

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    As part of my members site I wish to add an ezine announcement form populate service for publishers wishing to promote their ezines. The first step to promoting an ezine is to submit the details to the many ezine directories. (There are at least 200 of these) For example:- [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    1 tarjoukset from a share or mapped drive without being installed on the client. Operation -On Startup the program will enumerate folders and subfolders in its current directory and populate the Treeview. -When the user selects a folder the program will enumerate all .txt files in that folder and display them in the Listview. Standard .txt icon Columns - Name

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    ...complex procedures. The Whole project should be just a few dozen lines. I've included the type of code in the project attached. I know this is pretty easy, I just need to essentially see how to populate a datagrid with a recordset. The project should have a datagrid and a textbox. That is all for the sake of this project (I don't need any bells &...

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    4 tarjoukset be considered complete. See Project deliverables for indepth description of requirements. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done fully commented and documented Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Outline of Project: Page 1: Welcome Login; (enter

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    i need a form for a new user to fill out and populate a MySQL database table. i will provide a table structure dump that you can use to set up the original table. i will also need to have a user interface where the user can fill out a form and have it populate the table. i will also need a way/form for the user to go back and change their password,

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    ...NOT HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW ANY BIDS ON THIS PROJECT. IF THERE ARE ANY QUALIFIED CODERS WHO BELIEVE HE/SHE CAN FULFILL MY REQUIREMENTS PLEASE LET ME KNOW. THANKS. This is a more formal request for bids on a application upgrade of sorts. The queries and a blank table of which you can populate with any erroneous data(the header/titles are already

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    ...Windows 2000 Server and populate a Microsoft data grid. Must have by or before Tuesday August 27th else it is useless to me. This should be pretty easy and quick as I can do this myself, however I have other commitments to tend to. I don't need a full blown app; just the sub routine. I am open to ideas but I imagine this project either using ADO 2.0 to

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    Sucessful participants bids would include, i) Project cost ii) Time line of project/ Man hours required iii) Design outline of the planned system - technical details ---------------------------------------------- Custom design and construct online automated system that populates custom made swfs with text, links, and graphics uploaded by Client’s customers

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    27 tarjoukset all folders (designated/setup) that contain email messages and I want to suck these into a simple MS-Access database file. On the first occurrence I want it to initially populate the data table and then when the user runs this program in the future I want the program to merely APPEND new email messages to the data table. In this data table we would

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    Two part project for 1) Add image upload (via ASPupload) and thumbnail image creation (via ASPImage) to two asp pages (forms) that populate two tables. The base pages already exist and simply need to be modified. This has already been done for one page... so you will probably simply have to follow the same format as I origionally used

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    ...treeview that has a parent and two child nodes. The nodes will be folders on the desktop. When someone clicks on the node it will show the files displayed in that folder and will populate the listview with the filepaths. So when you select a child node the list would look something like this: c:WindowsDesktopNode1[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] c:WindowsDesktopNode1JRobinso...

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