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    Flash Intro II Loppunut left

    Need Flash MX Intro for: Intro made with mp3 (I will provied) Must be way? better than these intros... (1)? [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (2)[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Check out these sites for inspiration only. (1)[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (2)[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (3)[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ...

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    Binary Search tree Loppunut left

    I'm having difficult writing this program with such little time. This project is due Wednesday. Program Details: I. Write a function that creates a binary search tree from integer input. II. Write a function that prints out the keys in the tree in "preorder" and gives for each key its level (the root is at level 1). III. Run your functions

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    14 tarjoukset so that you will be free to use some technical terms to discuss the project with me via emails.) However, we do not have time to develop the system, so we decide to outsource it. We know that the system may be so complex, therefore, we would like break the whole project into two phases. **In Phase I**, we are going to spend about US$500 to

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    22 tarjoukset

    ...Please **download** this software at: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] You can also let us know what **improvement** you might add after you take over the project. We need 1 more programmers in this group and we are planning to give up to **25%** of our profit to accepted partner .Your commission will be sent each month **after we finish

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    30 tarjoukset

    Please, find the description in the file attached. Note the time constraints specified there. Thank you. ## Deliverables Word file (or scanned images if done by hand), 2 Altera GDF file, 2 Altera WFD file. ## Platform windows

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    €22 - €26
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    analysis Loppunut left

    This project is based on 2 parts. The first part is basically already done. I need help with the second part. **Part I** Analyze the size of the caches on the machine. Then answer a set of given questions in a written report: **Part II** Use the information you gathered in Part I to evaluate the performance of the six possible loop orderings

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    €26 - €87
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    Flash demo movie Loppunut left

    Project: Make a flash movie to show features of and demonstrate the process of using an online donation software for churches. NOTE: This is project must follow the following time line... if you can not meet it, please do not bid: Rough due Wed AM EST 8/27. Final version due Friday AM 8/29 EST. STYLE: The flash movie will be similar to the

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    12 tarjoukset of the actions. Components (or actions) in the workflow are database defined. This project is for the GUI and Storage of the workflow. Not for the execution of workflow. The XML stucture for storage is to be discussed. Don't forget to look at part II (general requirements) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    FrameRelayTraining Loppunut left

    The goal of this project is to deliver documents for training. Also see the attached file. You will take the Chapter on Frame Relay from a Cisco CCNP certification book, use that as a reference, and create summary notes that are easy to understand. ALL the objectives of the Frame Relay topics must be met ! The goal is to create summary notes for teaching

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    I need to produce a 'time-stamp' to work in a number of Microsoft Excel Workbooks. The project requires the following; i) Populate an excel worksheet cell with the time/date the file was first created, not the current time/date i.e. not =now() ii) Populate an excel worksheet cell with the time/date the file was last modified. iii) Populate

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    branding software Loppunut left

    Hi, This is a couple hours project, I need a coder to brand some softwares that i have a full resell rights to with 2 different domain names, change the current web sites addresses into the new urls that will be provided at the end of the bid and upload them into my hosting account within a download website script. list of these softwares;

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    Flash Animated Cartoon Characters II *The Character Should look something like this: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] *Please show me your BEST work similar to this. *Please don't bid if you can't do something 100% like this and better. -The characters should NOT be childish. -Each character should have a special entry to the

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    Graphic Design II Loppunut left

    There was some confusion regarding my last bid. A lot of bidders thought that I only wanted the images contained in the attached document created. I want roughly 600 images created. The images in the attached Word doc is only a sample of the images I want created, not the entire list. Again I want bids on a per image basis for roughly 600 images of the complexity contained in the attached Word doc...

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    ...Here is a basic outline. **PART 1 OF PROJECT (this bid). i** Users upload 'wav' files to an FTP site using the FTP functionality of MSIE 6 They actually have a link to a frame that we will call the UPLOAD FRAME that has a local window on the left, and FTP window on the right and a help window at the top. **ii** Up to 127 separate users (expandable

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    4 tarjoukset

    Quality is non-negotiable so please do not bid if you do not have a portfolio to show or if your b...Profiles and Videos. Will provide logo, some text and graphics. The work must royalty free, and not copyrighted. You must agree to revisions as required by us to make the project 100% to our satisfaction. Full payment upon satisfactory completion.

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    We need a custom built application, what we call our “Contractor Skills Database??. We need someone who is willing to work closely with us to finish this project ASAP. Long story short: Each “Director?? (business owner) will have their own contractors. Other Directors can search through the “Contractor Skills Database?? for other people’s contractors

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    Printer Driver Mod Loppunut left

    Printer Driver Modification Project description We have currently invested in a Rimage Everest II, CD thermo printer (US $6000) This printer is the #1 printer in the world for printing high quality images on a CD or DVD disc. But as soon as we got it, we started to rebuild it for printing small plastic signs instead of discs. This is where we encountered

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    Hello everyone, My name is Jonathan Regan. I'd like to thank you for reading this project description. I am just about to begin a wide-scale "pay per click" marketing campaign, and I would like to plenty of keywords for my search engine listings ... ====== PART 1. ====== I already have a script that extracts keywords out of the meta-tag field of

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    1 tarjoukset of several formats. I expect any programmer to use VXL or a similar library (like Aphelion) for the image loading, saving, and handling. However, anyone taking on this project should have image analysis experience. ## Deliverables What I am Providing: A sample image, many more available. Description of the Images: On a black background is a ?petri

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    Fix and repair to application contained in zip file. Select one or all of the projects and you choose the programming language and database structure/type. We've included in the zip file a spreadsheet on which you can list the programs you are interested in doing. Just fill this out indicating one, all or a combination of projects along with your bid and estimate max time to completion. Thank...

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    ...finishing up Visual Basic I and the final project and the last few chapters in this course are giving me nightmares. I do presently have a 92% in the class but if I don't get this project done correctly I'm afraid my grade point average will decrease substantially. My next required class is Visual Basic II and I am also not very confident that I can

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    Simple Flash II Loppunut left

    This is a repost bid. The default page will display the following info:1)Sample link> [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n])Sample info incorporated> [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I need:1)Pls. ensure that I can change colors. Kindly explain what you can do. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of al...

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    4 tarjoukset

    ...administrator panel, operator panel, also need great graphic for the images, please PMB me to read the term for this project note: i also want see the live demo if u have complete the project before for u customer please bid if u realy can make this project 100% and have a good skill and fresh idea also i need this [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] need

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    store information collected from an online form and a simple admin back end. check attach.

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    Wheel Of Fortune Loppunut left

    this project is for my final project in my C++ class. I have been in this class for 1 year and I know absolutely NOTHING. I need someone to write some simple code for this project it does not have to be fancy, but I have to use this class that my teacher made up called the GuiClass(Lawrenceville Press March 1998). Ummm, I don't really have a lot of

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    27 tarjoukset

    I need help with a school project, since I don't plan on being a programmer I feel this is way beyone me, but a requirement of my degree. It is a 4 part project. I need to submit each part weekly BEFORE the whole finished project has to be submitted. Begin to build the Contact Management System PART I: Create a Microsoft Access database with the following

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    web design Loppunut left

    The following is a breakdown of the work that is required for this project. Please review and give a cost estimate and timeline for completion. I have pdf files that clearly show the navigation and look of the project. See zip file PROJECT DESCRIPTION this is part 1 of a 2 part PRODUCT/CATALOGUE site both sites will have a similar layout and navigation

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    This project will be completed in phases with one coder. Phase I: Detailed plan to drawn up by coder concerning the specifics for the database, website design, and hosting options. We will provide input but will rely heavily on the coder's knowledge in these areas. Upon completion this will become a contract for our terms of our second and third phase

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    Java Homework #2 Loppunut left

    I am taking a Java II class online. I am 48 years old and very hard working but am at my wits end. I think I have a road block in my mind on how to separate a program into classes instead of just putting everything in one class. This was my first assignment: Project 1 Use the implemenation of collection conepts to design a queue to simulate the market

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    16 tarjoukset

    Project 1: Building Rome in a Day Objective Make sure that you understand the basics of C/C++ such as function calls, parameter passing, conditionals, iteration, cin/cout streams, the preprocessor, and the Microsoft Visual C++ IDE. Task Write a program in Microsoft Visual C++ that prompts the user for a non-negative integer over and over, each time

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    63 tarjoukset

    ...recipient can send back their updated contact information. The information would be received by the software and would be automatically entered into the intended address book. The project can be divided in 3 sections. The mailer: This sends email to people from an address book (Outlook, OutlookExpress, Act, text file) the form that allows for them to send their

    €160 (Avg Bid)
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    12 tarjoukset

    I am working on a project, which is written in VB6. Part of this project requires a 'Graphical Editing Interface' which is basically a 3D Wireframe Graph with a cursor and crosshairs, and which can be rotated in all 3 directions. The Graph is plotted using data from an array. I have written all of the project, except for the 'Graphical Editing Interface'

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    LIBRARY PROGRAM Loppunut left

    This project involves the making of a basic library system in Visual basic 6. Here are the details: A LIBRARY AUTOMATION SYSTEM A particular library requires a completely integrated system that can handle the purchasing of new books, cataloguing of existing stock of books as well as the issuing (and recall) of books. The catalogue should be accessible

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    PerlDesk 7 helpdesk script with issues. Need help getting e-mail piping working properly and the email notification for new projects created by staff working right.

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    Project 2 You need to write a program that computes the minimum cost path that goes through n cities. The path has to go through every city once and only once. The path can start with any city and end on any city. The cost to travel between a pair of cities is described in a matrix. The cost to go from city j to city k is in row j, column k of the matrix

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    oracle project Loppunut left

    In this term project you will be developing a web database application for generating wireless network access accounting report. In this application there should be a login page. In the login page there should be a "username" field and a "password" field for user authentication. In addition, there should also be a field "Start date" and a field "End

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    ...printed forms in PDF. Application will need to function in a current framed ASP web site and should have a wizard type interface. Currently utilizing ASP, MS SQL 2000. Phase II of project will include near real-time tracking via existing web site. Modified 5/4/2003 See RTF zip file ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    VB Project Loppunut left

    ...local customers are charged £1 - national customers are charged 75p - overseas customers are charged 50p - the extra charge is doubled if the amount withdrawn is more than £50 (ii) For customers of account type P: - the basic charge is £2.50 for customers who withdraw more than £100, otherwise it is £2. - the extra charge depends on the customer account

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    ...should use them to understand the meaning and context of the data. Each of your three files will be designated as one of: i) Selection File (specifying a Selection Variable) ii) Axis File (specifying an Axis Variable) iii) Plot File (specifying 2 Plot Variables) You are required to set up objects to store ALL the data in each file in a structured fashion

    €26 - €44
    €26 - €44
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    Strategy War Game Loppunut left

    ...programer or team of programers for this project. We are on a limited budget and the lowest bid at the greatest value will be choosen for this project. We'd prefer this project to be completed within six months time but this is more flexable then our budget. Below I will give a short description of the project and will give a more detailed description

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    ...certainly adaptable. Or if things are going well, would be happy to negotiate bonus during the completion of the entire project. Phase I. Database and program core, focus on database, data entry and generation of templates and reports Phase II. Interactive functions such as Winfax, Spell check if it needs to be separate, additional "modules" Phase III. Network

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    Banking Project Loppunut left

    ...local customers are charged £1 - national customers are charged 75p - overseas customers are charged 50p - the extra charge is doubled if the amount withdrawn is more than £50 (ii) For customers of account type P: - the basic charge is £2.50 for customers who withdraw more than £100, otherwise it is £2. - the extra charge depends on the customer account

    €26 - €87
    €26 - €87
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    Minicalculator Loppunut left

    ...class, the application could convert the infix expression to a postfix expression first and then evaluate it. Please note that this is not how you are going to implement the project. A better idea is to evaluate the infix expression directly. In this assignment, you will implement the program that evaluates the infix notation directly (meaning without

    €10 (Avg Bid)
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    READING PROGRAM Loppunut left

    ...programmer. Facilitate teachers to access word tables to add, delete and modify sentence structures, activities and tasks. Without exposing them to the hard core coding of the project. So maybe a separate interface. Initially teach simple (two, three, four and even five) letter words, together with common words, including those that are frequently used.

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    7 tarjoukset

    write a program called examps that has a man page shown in [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] examps as follows: you can modify the original program in the attachment. 1-Write a first version of examps that parses the command [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] the -s option given,examps sends a SIGSTOP to the process,prints a message to standard output ,and then sends a [kirjaudu nähd&a...

    €27 (Avg Bid)
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    This is a simple project for someone who knows what they are doing. I would like an automated website site-map generator. The best example of one of these I could find is at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], however this is WAY more comprehensive and customizable than what I require. I'd prefer a very easy-to-use wizard interface, where the user is

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    Animal Games II Loppunut left

    ...this. 6) Ready to install executable. 7) The animal names are in text files... I need one of the animal names removed (Parents are upset with me!) A question for after the project is done... 1) How difficult is it to add more animals, sounds, pictures, questions.... I think that is everything you need. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...passed to the installed component ) 3. The Installed component will have two functionality i) download the image file . ii) Set the image file as desktop wallpaper . Project Type : ActiveX Control Programming Language : VC++ /VB , PHP , Scripts. Database :MySQL . ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    Appraisal Site II Loppunut left

    Project Proposal: A web site that projects professionalism and class is required. It is for an appraiser's company. The company appraises real estate and other companies. The style of the following two sites should be used as a starting point: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Flash or motion OK but not required

    €26 - €87
    €26 - €87
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    ...htm Ideally, I would like some one who can: I) Show me how to setup a JAVA project with the IDE, import the relevant Packages, compile it, insert relevant JavaDoc, put the entire project in a JavaJar. II) Exam and critique my project (several small programs, plus a project) III) Be able to provide feedback through online chat at least once a week The

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