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    completley revamp

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    ...omaan. Haluan itse pystyä päivittämään sivustoa, olen itse rakentanut nykyisen sivun, mutta kaupan integroimista ulkoasuineen en hallitse. UPDATE: I have a website , I have built it with wordpress 5 and elementor pro. I have basic knowledge about installing and maintaining the website but need help integrating woocommerce and building simple product catalog. For example this website of my competitor has quite simple catalog for used (brokerage) and new boats: Also this one is something I have been looking for: They have also a simple configurator for new boats: Something in these lines :) Or we could make the website from the scratch if it is easier

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    Design me a Product Loppunut left

    Ripsaw ev2

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    Hei, meiltä puuttuu useilta tuotteilta valokuvat ja olemme alkaneet miettimään tulisiko halvemmaksi renderöidä kuvat valokuvaamisen sijasta. Tässä linkki, josta näätte minkälaisia tuotteita meiltä löytyy: Useimmilta tuotteiltamme löytyy step -tiedostot, mutta joitakin tuotteita voi joutua mallintamaan.

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    Java, J2EE, JDBC, SQL, java Threading,GWT,Html,CSS

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    update product Loppunut left

    update recent job

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    Minulla on edelliseen projektiimme liittyvää jatkuvaa työtä 'IoT product enclosure'

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    simple script Loppunut left

    a great job

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    a p[hp script edit Loppunut left

    a p[hp script edit. may need java script

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    Web Programing Loppunut left

    Java Script Base Web Programing

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    Moi, Mulla on nettisivu jossa on kolme välilehti. Kokonaisuudessa 240 sanaa! Haluan sinut korjaamaan oikein kirjoitukset sekä tekemään parannuksia myynti kirjoituksiini. Saat aikalailla vapaat kädet parannuksiin! Kirjoita biddiin "Suomi" varmistaakseni että olet lukenut ja ymmärtänyt budjekti: $24 Tässä on nettisivustoni siittä näkee kuinka vaativasta työstä on kyse

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    Minulla on jatkuvaa työtä, joka liittyy aikaisempaan projektiimme 'Video script copywriting'

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    Create AWS API gateway using CloudFormation script

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    I am looking for someone(s) to help develop outline scripts for a number of different TV and Film ideas I have developed outline pitches, across an array of genres. Looking for the right person(s) to explore, develop, collaborate, dynamic and creative. If you are interested in being part of the project(s) from scratch and have the inclination to be an integral part of the journey and hopefully its success, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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    Pine script simple strategy template 6 päivää left

    Build me a simple strategy template that does that following: Take a trade everytime there is an engulfing candle and the candle closes (market execution). Risk: percentage of equity (user provides how much risk in input) SL: Under/above the engulfing candle TP: RR (user defines how much RR in input) Pyramiding: Max x (user defined) orders in each direction. If we are already in x orders in a specific direction and we get a new signal, dont take a new one. Create logic for this instead of just adding pyramiding=3 to the strategy functon. Keep the code organised and commented. This is a simple strategy so dont bid a ridiculous amount. Deadling 1 day.

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    Tampermonkey script needed for a website. 6 päivää left

    Tls contact is a visa booking website. I need a tampermonkey script for automated appointment. Interested freelancers most welcome..

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    Photoshop Action Script 4 päivää left

    I need 3 action scripts for DTG Printing (Direct To Garment) The First 2 are for DTG printing and they do custom white base layers, this is important for designs, especially with gradients and fades. The difference between the 2 is one will also remove all black RGB code 0,0,0 I have also added some scripts I have but they're not giving exact results The next one for DTF does a similar custom base layer but the big difference is that it will choke the base layer by 1px on everything except for white. Anywhere there is white will not get any choke. In this WeTransfer Link are 3 examples of the scripts I need showing starting png file and then the final TIFF file ready for print. Please have a look over them. Thanks

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    We need an html landing page similar to , Please bid with sample/demo page. We will provide the product images, but you can use dummy content.

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    Design a Product Brochure -- 2 6 päivää left

    Hello, Please read the description fully, if you intend to make a bid. We are a business engaged in the construction industry. We are expanding our operations to the Middle East (GCC / Arab market) and would like to have a product brochure designed, in a very high quality manner. We could be able to provide almost all the required details and relevant material with regard to the products we intend to market. We expect the designer to compile them in a concise manner with suitable wordings and present the brochure attractively. Knowledge of Hindi / Arabic might be advantageous in performing the job. During the process, you might have to use photos and might need to write few wordings (most of the writings, we can provide). If you feel you could be able to perform the job, please co...

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    I have done business selling Royale High halos on Ebay and GameFlip. ive made a bit of money since i am a disabled teenager and cant work, so this helps me gain money. Anyways, the guy who provided me the script for halos has ghosted me. im hiring somebody to write a script or exploit for me thatll help me get halos for me to sell :,). my budget is $100 but i would prefer to pay around $70!

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    Buying my product 6 päivää left

    You need to buy my digital product on the internet with your own card (of course I pay you this, it cost 20 eur), and a day later do a few minutes job with it. I pay you 5 eur plus the product fee so 25 eur

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    Her Marka/Model Farede Çalışan Legit Macro/Script Yazılımı .lua ve .mgn2 uzantılı Macro/Script dosyalarını ortak çalıştıran Özel bir yazılım istiyorum detaylar aşağıda; Bloody, Logitech yazılımları gibi güvenli olacak. Arka planda Belli olmayacak! Anti-Virüse Yakalanmayan Temiz bir yazılım olacak. Bloody, Logitech scriptleri ve makro uzantılarına destek verecek ve çalıştıracak. Örnek: (.lua ve .mgn2 ) Her mouseda marka model ayırt etmeden stabil çalışacak. --> Yazılıma Girişler: günlük, aylık, haftalık , yıllık key ile olacak.*** --> Key sadece 1 Bilgisayar/1 Kullanıcı için geçerli olacak *** Uygulama içinde Harici Bir Macro Editörü olacak. Kullanımı, ara yüzü kolay ve...

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    Setup Rest API to send product data 6 päivää left

    Hello. I have a request that is not complex. I need someone to configure the woocommerce REST API of an existing website so that an external software can read the following product data: SKU, Title, Description, Main Image As I understand it, this would have to be prepared via webhook, but I'm not very knowledgeable.

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    Hello, We run a YouTube channel called "Exist XP". We post about travel top 10 videos and we’re looking for someone who can help make videos for our channel. We would provide you with the video title and you would create a video around it. This would consist of - Writing an original script - Doing a voice over - Finding clips to use - Editing the video The videos need to be at least 8 minutes long each. We’re looking for someone to work with long term on this so if you’re interested let me know and I’ll send you some samples of the types of videos we’re looking for and you can let me know if you can do it. Also, if you’ve ever worked on any YouTube videos, please attach samples of your work. I look forward to hopefully working with you! ...

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    I want bash script, that will use curl to check the status code of a site. If the status code is 200 or 302 it will do nothing If the status code is something else it will write in a file Check Failed The script will run every 5 mins using crontab -e If there is more then 12 lines of Check Failed it will run comman service apache2 stop service nginx stop and then start for both Clear the log file and enter the words service restarted and then it all repeats

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    I need a professional document made explaining the product, safety, installation manual - with illustrations -, fault finding and limitations

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    Python API script 6 päivää left

    Develop a python script to access API's, analyse and save data.

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    I want to create a selenium python script to do automation transactions to websites using a selenium headless browser

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    Se busca un individuo para apoyo y atención al propietario de propiedades vía remota, debe poseer un equipo con las siguientes características: - Laptop o PC requisitos mínimos: Procesador i3 segunda generación, 4GB RAM, Windows 10 (SI NO POSEES ESTO POR FAVOR NO APLIQUES). (NO MAC) (Se valora SSD, es un plus, pero no necesario). - Audífonos o cascos con micrófono. - Conexión a internet con velocidad mínima de 10Mbps de bajada (con cable LAN) - Deberá tener un lugar especial para hablar sin distracciones ni sonidos de hogar (sartenes, cocina, ruido de TV, etc) debe dar la impresión que se encuentra en una oficina. Según el horario de su país debe ser capaz de desenvolverse naturalmente y hablar ...

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    I have 360 degree video shoot for product ( potty seat ). Basically there are two videos from which only 1 video of 44 seconds needs to be made. there are 9 features of the product which needs to illustrated while the product is rotating.

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    Looking for an experienced writer to rewrite articles for channel focused in a health and wellness niche.

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    33 tarjoukset shot at every 5 degrees (a total of 72 times till a full circle is reached). The model poses at every 30-degree interval 5 to 6 times (with different hand/ body gestures). The mannequin images are edited to leave out everything except the apparel. The ask – is at least 250 per AT. We are working with partners who are doing the same for us at INR 600 3. We are also looking for sets of catalog images where the original image (shot raw on camera) and post-produced image (post photoshop - wrinkle/crease removal, liquify touch up, etc) is available. The ask – is 50,000 sets. 4. Since you had mentioned that you have your own post-production team, we would also like to explore the possibility of outsourcing some of our editing work. Typically this would involve ...

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    AWS Python loop script 9 päivää left

    Hi Mohamed, hope you are doing great. I’m in need of a Python script that I will use as a starting template for many of my housekeeping actions in AWS. I have tried a couple of ways to do this that I’m going to ask of you but not succeeded. The script should just loop trough all stored AWS profiles and AWS Region and then I’ll write my own functions after that. I think this will only take a hour for a seasoned developer as yourself, but please let me know if this is not the case.

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    i am looking for a laravel expert to add the multilanguage functionality. the task is very easy, we have already implemented the possiblity to add as many languages as possible on the website by using the admin-panel. the problem is: how to switch from a language to another one.... by the way the translation of the used strings in the website are stored under /resources/lang/ as json-files thank you The Max Budget for this task is $50

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    I need it done in 3 hours. I have a website where I need to scrape specific data from. Will need the script. The site has html and javascript elements which needs to be render to return the full code.

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    **** If anyone has already a pre-ready script willing to purchase it. must have live demo *** ZOOM Meeting Management script including : -> Manage Events/webnier/ -> Notification before meeting -> Live zoom meeting will be held in the website. -> also any user (logged-in) can join any live webnier. -> Reporting. Web UI will be :

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    Product designer -- 2 6 päivää left

    Product design for brand like pouch etc

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    Product designer 6 päivää left

    Product design for brand like pouch etc

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    Hi My name is Faustino I bought a PHP script and I need help customizing it. The main activities are: 1. Additional payment gateway; 2. Integrate SendGrid API for sending emails 2. Make small UI customizations I would like to know if I can count on your support

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    Portfolio design 6 päivää left

    The design sample of the camera catalog, which I am responsible not to broadcast due to the copyright, thank you

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    I need smm panel script with Gcash payment gateway/ automatic gateway

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    Need content writer with native English skills to write script about video explainer. Delivery within 10 hours.

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    Trophy icon product packaging 13 tuntia left

    i want to create a packaging box with native/ aztec elements in it.

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    46 työtä
    Write Python script 6 päivää left

    Require python script to run from pycharm (preferably single file) on local, with basic comments in script. Script will interface with API on a trading platform. The script shall have inputs as follows: Buy: Buy ON (toggle on or off), currency, amount, beat_top_of_orderbook_by_amount, place_if_lower_than_another exchange's highest buy price by x amount (true or false), refresh_frequency (e.g. every 0.5 seconds it checks and re-places order if required) Sell: Sell ON (toggle on or off), currency, amount, beat_top_of_orderbook_by_amount, place_if_higher_than_another exchange's highest sell price by x amount (true or false), refresh_frequency Buy can be on by itself, or Sell can be on by itself, or Both can be on at the same time. In case amount is n...

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    42 tarjoukset

    I want to create buy sell alerts based on some condition. I already have a script would need help to modify it with some requirements.

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    3 tarjoukset
    urlshortener script php 6 päivää left

    would like this tested and simplified for optional password

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    Flashloan script 6 päivää left

    Require to build a flashloan script using this link using aave V3. Trade logic will need to be built in a .js file and connected to the flashloan. The trade logic is attached. Soultion to be tested on polygon mainnet (I will send 20WMATIC) for testing. Solution to be installed on my server via anydesk. Once the flashloan borrows and returns WMATIC and executes trade logic successfully, milestone + 5% tip will be released. Happy bidding!

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    Project for Victoria B. 9 päivää left

    Hi Victoria B., Hope you are well! We need the Scripted testimonial video recording in Spanish. There are one short script. I've fixed price $3 USD. After completing this project I'll give more script. everyday I need one script to be recorded. Phone video recording will be ok but sound quality should be clear. You can record the video at home and casual clothes

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