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    I need a simple program to make a list of RGB numbrs in the correct order. Do you have or know where I can find or can you make me a list of RGB numbers that would go from 000 000 000 to 255 255 255 and be in order so that the colors would fade from Black to White and from one color to the next. There would be no distinct color bands, one color would fade into the next. Yes, I know that there are ...

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    In our field of business we need to manage and offer to our potential clients our services. The data about our clients come from 3-4 datasources as CSV files. Those files are different as structure and we need to "uniformize" the datat structure, compare them between the sources and with the previous contacts. What we need: A windows XP software able to process the different list we...

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    NotifyofNew Loppunut left

    Script Use: Web Application/Server App Script Proposed Name: Notify Of New Script Language: ASP, PHP, similar, whatever works best Script Idea: I transfer a number of files into my client directories on a daily basis and don't always have time to write to them individually and tell them they have new files to download. Script Overview: The script should execute at a predetermined interval...

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    Mods for osCommerce Loppunut left

    I'm looking for someone to write a small modification to my osCommerce store. Here's what I want to do: 1)A new search page with 1 set of 9 check boxes, 1 set of 3 radio buttons, each with corresponding fields in the product details in admin, integrated into the existing search functions. 2)A new search page where the customer enters a numerical value & the search returns all product...

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    MS Exchange plugin Loppunut left

    I need a programmer to code an Exchange server plug-in which will catch all incoming mails and compare the content of the emails against our premade COM object. The COM object will return a value based on the mail content and depending on the returned value, the mail should be moved to a specific folder in the receiver’s mailbox. If the folder doesn't exist, the folder has to be created...

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    I need a Java Script made to do some form validation. The form has several fields. The script should occur when the user clicks the submit button. 1. It will check the required fields. 2. It will validate that the email address is a valid email address. 3. Fom has a second confirmation email address to make sure the user did not make a typo, and the script should check that fie...

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    I am looking for 4 different hosting websites All 4 will have the same pages, layout prices etc, but the designs on each will be different, Each website will have the following main page plans page order page contact/support page policies The main page will have a brief outline of what is available, The plans page will list the plans and what comes with each plan and its costs The order page w...

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    1) Need to build a templatable system that is an replica of [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] with ALL features and functionality currently on friendster. Please make sure you clearly understand and can demonstrate a thorough understanding of the intricate details of friendster and the email communications and other details. For the backend adminstration, you should use your common sense, but ...

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    We are looking for a relational ship database that will be populated with multiple (dynamic).txt files. These text file will then in turn be manipulated through web pages, with search features based on fields within the database. Features: - Relationship Database Design - Individual User Based security for read/write - Time/Date stamp of last time file was touched - Admin System...

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    Excel Pivot Tables Loppunut left

    Spreadsheet Required: I require a functional spreadsheet to analyse data taken from an interactive voting system - with 70 keypads and voting responses of 0-9 possible. The data is currently in the form: Q1-4 Demographic questions (possible responses 1-9, eg 1 corresponds to Norwich, 2 to Cambridge etc) Q5-230 Response questions. These are approx 75 questions (in three sub-categories) split into 3...

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    E-commerce Website Loppunut left

    I sell frozen meats from the back of my pickup truck. I would like to set up a simple 4 or 5 page website to sell my meats on the internet. I've had relatively good success selling on E-bay so I know this is a good business idea. I need these pages: Home - description of our products, services, and company info. Contact Us - Email links (with email form, not a 'mailto' link...

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    USF - ID Scanners Loppunut left

    I would like an idea of the cost and time involved to develope a simple program for a Symbol PPT 2800, using a mag stripe reader. I have a database of about 38,000 records which contains a list of 9-digit ID card numbers. I want to use this list of valid numbers to control entry to events. I need a program which will display a prompt to scan the ID. When the card is swiped, it will capture the las...

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    Looking for programmer to write a simple db comparison script. I have 2 dbs. One is mysql and one is a txt file. The mysql db got several feilds and the txt file got only 1 field. The script should use msyqldb username and email feild as the soruce, and compare it with the text. If the script found any recoard which found on mysql db but not found on txt file, it should list in the screen. Look...

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    I want a program that signs on to [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][1] using my sellers user name and password automatically. Then it will automatically search a list of ISBN numbers from their Used book marketplace section, it will compare the current lowest price for that ISBN number and update my listing 10 cents below the current lowest listed price for that ISBN found. After than i...

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    Excell VBA Question Loppunut left

    I have written a random number generator that will generate between one and ten numbers depending on the users input (in a combobox). this part is working fine. I now need to compare those numbers to a list of employees. the employee numbers are not sequential. So far I can take the generated random numbers and compare them to the array of employee numbers(A column on sheet 2) , and if the numbers...

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    Patching Program Loppunut left

    I need a program that will look at a new version of a program or file and compare it to an old version of the same program or file. When the program finds a diffrence between the new version and the old it will write the diffrence to another file. I also need a program that will read the file that the first program made and apply the changes between from the new program or file onto the ol...

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    Web site Monitoring Loppunut left

    I need a script that will monitor a set of pages on a website. I currently have a script written in Unisyn Automate (<[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]>) to do this, but I need the script to be more stable. Unisyn Automate uses VBA so an experienced VB programmer could pick it up pretty easily and improve on the script. HOWEVER, a programmer may choose to start from scratch in any langua...

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    I have a plain osCommerce store front that I need customising. I need custom graphics and styling. The theme of the store will be Linux and "The Matrix" Ideally I would want Tux the Linux penguin to make an appearance, maybe dressed in Matrix styling!, probably around the logo. You will need to know osCommerce and how it works with graphics etc... as this is one area where I have no...

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    This is my college senior project. I need a software in C++ that can get text from a digital camera picture of a car license plate and then compare it to a database of license plates. Upon comparison, then the result should be displayed as either true or false. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done...

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    This should be pretty easy. I need an app that looks at a folder full of my different .eml (Outlook email) files and compares them, looking for matching word-strings. Here's how it works: First, each .eml file is parsed in such a way that all that's left is the subject line and what's written by the sender. That means all the header info above the subject line is ignored, as is all ...

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    I need a template designed and custom graphics designed for my website. It is a career website so I am going for a look that can compare with the likes of [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], etc. The website has already been designed but the look and feel of the site need some work. Please provide examples of work you have done. If you need more infor...

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    Hi, I'm looking for a good JSP/Tomcat programmer to built me a compare shopping site. Basically I want the admin side to be JSP but public front end has to be static page generated by a dynamic process. For example in the admin if I want to create a new page I'll simply add product name, category, pictures etc and once I hit submit button a dynamic process creates a static page based on ...

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    Form Testing Loppunut left

    I require a Perl script to test a form on a particular page by submitting test data to the form, parsing the returned results page, and saving the results to a variable that can be tested against the expected results. I need to able to submit data to the following page: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] For example, I would like it to submit: height=5'10 weight=160 sex=m age=22 The result...

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    UPDATED 9 July 2003 =================== EXTRA attention will be paid to coders who could include the ability to do the following: - log into a web site (using a URL, account name and password) - download a specified database (old DB-B) - compare and update with database (DB-A) - create the new databse (new DB-B) - upload the new database to the web site. I need a simple program to be be written in...

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    ISAPI Filter Loppunut left

    I need a ISAPI filter written in C++ for IIS. I currently have the filter written in C# for .NET, but for the project, I need it converted to C++. The filter needs to intercept a request, compare it to xml configuration file. Then based on the settings in the configuration file it will then retrieve information from a database and write it to a file. Then redirect the user to that file. It should ...

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    I need a form at the bottom of my comparsion pages ( example:[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ). The form needs to let the user send the link to the compare page, book information but not the pricing list, name of person sending the email and a brief message. It will also need to have some kind of spam prevention. It should work something like [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] . It will a...

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    I need a program created that will connect to the eBay server and download all of my eBay sellers fees which include listing fees, final auction value fees and all fee credits I received. The coder I choose will need to know how to connect to the eBay servers to extract this info. The program will need to ask the user for their user ID and password connect. The reason for this is to help me better...

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    Details deleted due to the preference not to disclose for permenant record on the web. An prelimary agreement was reached with the coder whom I accepted the bid. A log file or a console monitor may be required for the progress of these program. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation...

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    BT878 Driver Loppunut left

    A BT878 driver is required to work with a BT878 Capture Card that has 4 Analogue Video Input ports. What will be provided is the card, an application a comparative BT878 Driver, source code for a sample test program to test the BT878 Driver. The GPIO ports must also be accesable via the driver What is required is the full source code for the BT878 driver including a sample program, with its source...

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    I have a PerlMagick/ImageMagick script that needs fixed. It is supposed to compare two images and perform some other operations. I am getting an error on read. Here is the error: perl: constitute.c:2015: ReadImage: Assertion `image_info->signature == 0xabacadab' failed. Aborted (core dumped) The assertion is coming from an imagemagick c file, but many people successfully use perlmagic...

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    Project is a Item database to be used by a landscaping company. The database maintains a list of items, such as plants, trees, etc. and the cost factors assocated with the work of the landscaping company, such as materials, labor, etc. The system will then compute retail prices for the items to achive a specified profit margin. Technical aspects of the system: Client to be written in C#, with Micr...

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    296303 Site Update Loppunut left

    Sorry I had to repost it so people could bid again. I picked a programmer last night thinking he could start then but he did not accept in the next couple of hours before I had to leave. I didnt see a way to open bidding again so I just reposted. Any way below is the information please let me know if you have any questions at all. Hi I have the site I am needing Gossamer ...

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    We are looking for a program that can compare the domain name zone files on a weekly basis. The program must allow for the loading of large zone files and then very quickly be able to compare two files and compare them for any names that have been deleted from the file. All the results should be saved to a .txt file. If you have worked on this type of project before feel free to bid.

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    We want a B2B trading/comparison portal with following functions: *Registration tools for companies (categories: sellers and buyers - maybe somhow later resellers too) - (after payment they get the login) *A comparision tool (Registered companies can put in their prices in the database that other companies can compare them) *A content program for uploading news, to change text and graphics and th...

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    Using lattice tools -synthesize the m16 model given below using symplifyLite -simulate the functional compiled model -simulate the syn timing model(timing simulation) compare the 2 models, they should look the same The m16 model is shown below; module m16 (value, clock, Fifteen, altFifteen); output [3:0] value; output Fifteen, altFifteen; input clock; dEdgeFF a(value [0], clock, ~value[0]), b(valu...

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    price compare site Loppunut left

    I need a dynamic website that generates static pages. I need an admin section that basically let me enter a product information and multiple merchants and their buynow affiliation link just like in [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I'll enter all the merchant information manually but I want to grab price and availability from merchant website itself as, sometimes it's hard to keep tr...

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    Using PerlMagick and ImageMagick, need to take images within a directory, sort by date & image number (provided as filename e.g. "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]" is "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]") and compare them with each other on a nightly basis, removing those that are similar within a specified percentage. The rest of the images need to be made into a m...

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    The software is a database system providing price guide information on collectible pottery. The pottery comes in different ranges, shapes and sizes and the system needs to hold these details. Pricing information is in 2 parts: 1-Original retail prices (differetn prices by year as the retail price can change from year to year. 2-secondary market (2nd hand prices) - need to hold a list of all sales ...

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    Desired: PHP/MySQL solution providing web users with the ability to compare 182 law schools based on their numeric ranking on 32 separate factors, a calculated average ranking and an overall ranking. A sample data file is attached. A secured administrative page is required to manage the data. ## Deliverables USER PAGES (HTML/PHP/MySQL): 1. Form for selecting up to three schools for side-by-side...

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    Implementation Loppunut left

    Processes & Threads This project is designed to compare the efficiency of using processes and threads to implement a simple client-server interaction. You will time the execution of the two versions of the program using a large enough number of iterations to observe the difference between the two versions. The programs use the producer-consumer interaction between two components running as eit...

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    The workpaper require a purchase of something on the Internet. At a minimum: 1. Select a product for purchase 2. Compare and contrast three Internet sources. 3. Select one source for further evaluation. Take this transaction as far as you are willing to go 4. Compare this process to a traditional shopping experience. 5. Submit a 5-7 page (5-7 pages of double spaced content in addition to front and...

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    (1) Web server Program AZ for online item evaluation based on original code using php with mysql. (2)A user registers, logs-in & begins to enter his/her answers to 250 specific statements, one at a time.(3)There are 13 categories that comprise the 5 stages of AZ lifecycle.(4)Each category has been assigned a relative weight, ex. category A1=50 pts. Each of its 14 statements equals (50/14)=3.5 ...

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    I have a VB6 Project that uses an application to scroll through HTML pages. I need to be able to grab the selected choices from the HTML document inside of the VB6 App and then add them to a string so I can compare them. I have included a project that I need another coder that is familiar with using: “The Microsoft HTML Object Library “ Dim hDoc As HTMLDocument Dim part As HTMLInputEle...

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    To create a management panel for item price information subject to the intersection of account, currency and certain date range. Also to create a function (definition provided below) to return the price of a given item when the various parameters are passed to it. See function definition for these parameters.

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    Sorry reposted due to an error I made in last copy of this. Please repost The program needs to be able to: 1) Take in a case from the user such as an animal and its charcterstics 2) Compare that case to it's case base(ideally stored in a text file) 3) Return the best matching case or cases, adapting if possible. 4) add and delete cases from your case base 5) Make it possible to add with new a...

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    CMS Comparison Loppunut left

    The scope of work is to compare the various webite software being sold to manage and present data: 1. HTML Template Systems 2. Content Management Systems (CMS) 3. Database Driven Systems 4. English Language Data Entry (without any coding) Please identify the top competitors by both product name, as well as, name of the company selling the product. How are these products sold? Lease or purchase? Pr...

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    Th Scope of work requires an ability to express complicated ideas in writing. You will be asked to compare the following programming languages: ASP ASP.NET C # C++/C CARBON (MAC OS) COCOA /Obj-C COLD FUSION Delphi JAVA PERL PHP XML/XSL Visual Basic Visual [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] After describing these different languages, please compare these languages in the following respects: 1. W...

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    C++ file algorithm Loppunut left

    Hi I am working on a program in c++ that compares algorithms and their efficiency on working with files I will supply you with a class representing a domain name object having overloaded all the operations and the functions to create the files I have applied some of the algorithms but I need more. All you have to do is to take these files and apply some algorithms on them including Heap sort, bina...

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    Our company needs a file repository that lets outside users access a set of files through a http interface. The files are located on a file server and should be accessed through another linux or windows web server that will load the pages (we already have this connection in place). We initially were going to use an ftp server to do this, but because of some extra functionality we needed, we decide...

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    **Part 1:** I would like to have a Delphi 7 or VB6 application using an Access database that works similar to my website catalog and price quote script located at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Application must be entirely user configurable ??" categories, subcats, print locations (sleeve, front, back, etc.), max number of colors at each print location, program directories, etc. The ...

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