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    I am having difficulty integrating PHP Catalogs templates into my site. I am requesting bids to complete this for me. Here is the front end of my site: [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][1] To see what I intend to do, here is the complete site that I want to use PHP Catalog to serve the products for, instead of static html pages like it is

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    I need this developed: A PHP script that creates search engine keyword rich pages and directories. This software will take keywords and create a directory with the following structure: Index > Keyword Directory > Keyword Pages The software allows users to mass create thousands of keyword rich content pages that get indexed in search engines. The

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    9 tarjoukset previous work that is tasteful as well as fresh. We use OSCommerce as the backend shopping cart application. So most of your work is done, you need to customize this script and get it ready for the website. People have done great things with OSCommerce (Look at [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][1]) The design should be original, but look at [[kirjaudu nähdäkses...

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    ...on home page instead of corcorans pictures. Website should be very simliar to the look of a mix between [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Light colors should be used with very clean look. Simple, easy loading light pictures. Featured properties should come from rental / sales database, as chosen or using a fortune cookie script. Wit...

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    Page Script Loppunut left

    Hello, I just need two fairly simple script changes made to a web page of mine ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). I currently have a visitor information submission form set up, that autoforwards the submissions to various email addresses. Currently it's set up to send all of the emails (no matter what the content) to two email addresses. 1) I want to modify

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    Web Photo Server Loppunut left

    ...on an existing web server to receive an email that contains a photo attached. The photo then gets extracted from the email and saved to a directory where it can be displayed in a public web page. The admin of the server can specify which email address can be used and where to save the photos in the file system to allow for many web sites / users on

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    ...this script is to offer 1 membership with unlimited product downloads via the actual web pages. Payment will be with Paypal or [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or click bank with a nice sugnup form where the customer can select payment type with the customers adding there details and if payed and there are no errors during signup customer is directed to a login page. (...

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    ...small HTML or PHP articles script (prever HTML) the script dived in two part the MAIN ARTICLES PAGE and the ARTICLE it self the main article page must look smillar to the link [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] But with content of this link , [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and the ARTILCE page should look like [kirjaudu nähd&...

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    To whom it may concern: I am running an Appache web server on Unix platform. I have Php4 Perl and MySQL I would like a full web interactive Western Astrology script that would allow visitors to my web site to receive a horoscope natal chart and full interpretation on line in real time. The program would need to draw a graphic chart for the visitor in

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    ...for designers and I can only pay after all of job is done. This project involves web designing .php script pages The site in question is It is a search engine. It has a template being used on the homepage. The search engine script is not friendly to web designers, or at least one of my caliber... I need someone to go through and design

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    ...willing to show us site updates at least every 2 days NOTE: We will assist in development by providing substantial content. Most, if not all, of the front end pages have been created (designed in FrontPage). We need a programmer to script the backend, DB, and connections to make these pages work. Below are the front end pages we’ve created (also included

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    Hello, Need to develop a Content Management/Download script - PHP ver/Flash ver: This script serves as standard image gallery system, with captions for each image, pop ups to view the image, 10 per page etc. Plus take care of any misc items, mp3's, text files, video files. The enhancement is the ability to put the item in a download que then at the

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    beatnikcafe Loppunut left

    ...capabilities and make sure everyone has a chance to amke a fair bid. I need a submission form so artists and writers who join my web site have an easy way to add themselves and their content to their pages as well as update their page(s). A mechamism must be inplace to ensure the proper catagorization as well. The data must be put into a database (SQL). I

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    ...Infinology [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Server: Windows 2000 Advanced Getting started on the Right (or Left) foot. I am interested in developing a web site, not in the resale of intellectual material. Consequently, the ownership of any code created for my site shall belong strictly to the author who is granting me a license

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    Website Design Loppunut left

    ...homepage b) 1 about us page c) 1 product page d) 1 support page e) 1 contact us page The contact us page will contain a simple form, the contents of which will be emailed to an address I specify. The script for this form can be done in Perl/PHP or even ASP, whichever is easier. My in-house server supports all. Only capable web designers ne...

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    I want to add functionality to my script. The baility to send a simple email to all clients. The script itself will be very simple. You need to read the follwoing ad carry them as variables: - reads email address from "email_address" table in DB - reads name from "client_name" table in db A php web page should be created that does the follo...

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    ... -able to create script files that are concise, non-repetitive and easy to install, -willing to provide updates (via email or showing work product) at least every other day (THIS IS ESSENTIAL!), -flexible enough to accept changes and suggestions to better the script, -experienced enough to make wise suggestions on how to change the script concepts so they

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    Datingsite OVERHAUL Loppunut left

    First of all, the person will be picked by the best examples they can send, to include: Screenshots of what my site would look like on a certain page, etc. I will try not to pick the lowest bid. If you bid a large amount but show me detailed screenshots of what you can do to my site, then I may pick you. For instance, sometimes people will basically

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    We need a script to build a wedding and personal website, and the template design is not included in this project. Site visitors will be able to creat their wedding or personal (for job or match purpose)website with a browser and post photos to online album of each account. They will choost a subdomain or register their own domain. Multiple templates

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