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    image touchup 5 päivää left

    Hi there! I have 81 images that need a little tuchup: clean the background and keep reflections smooth skin I can pay 0.25 USD. I have 81 images. The total is 20.25 USD. Also I must add that the winner will get jobs like that all the time. In attachment you will find before and after for one image.

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    I have three photos in which I want some light touchup work. 1528-2: There is what looks like a hair off my right ear which needs to be removed. There is razor burn on my neck which needs to be removed (red bumps). There is a power line in the top portion of the photos which runs left to right needs to be removed. It would be nice to LIGHTLY

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    I would like 5 different versions, all with slightly different touchups, color corrections etc, then choose from 1 that we finalize.

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    23 tarjoukset

    I have a health food Store online, [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I took multiple pictures of each product and need a coder to possibly touchup some of the photos if needed and create an Amazon store. I took multiple sides of each product and have all the pics in a dropbox folder.

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    Change my Logo Loppunut left

    Would like to touchup my Logo that I have already..Change around the colors and font.

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    Retouching Loppunut left

    With a range of photo touchup tools to transform you portraits and photos, Fotor’s Beauty Feature can bring out the radiant ‘you’ and give your photos makeup and a makeover - regardless of picture quality. With everything you need for portrait editing, you’ll never take a bad shot again!

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    Headshot Touchups Loppunut left

    ...looking for someone to touch up these photos to make the background and the subjects look better. Please try to refrain from over touchup. I would also like my client's logo included the bottom right-hand corner of every photo just for branding purposes. I am attaching the examples of photos below and I'm looking forward to your quotes. Please note if

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    Food photography Loppunut left

    Hi I have 20 restaurants in Providence Rhode Island that need pictures of their food. I am wondering how much it w...shoot. I have attached pictures of some work that we had done. These are the kinds of pictures we would be looking to get shot. I don't need shadows removed or any heavy touchup work. Just simple brightness, contrast adjustments.

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    14 tarjoukset

    Need a person to redo PDF files instructions to replace information, logo and touchup. The files need to be totally redone and make sure we can have them to redo them in the future.

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    graphic design Loppunut left

    Need some graphic design work including: Folder Menu template Poster Existing logo touchup

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    Design project Loppunut left

    I need some graphic design. I have Instructions card already made but need to touchup on a few things to make it looks more aesthetically pleasing, fix font size and font type. Very Simple

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    Web development Loppunut left

    ...people who are experience in joomla using templates from shape5 to develop business website. Information provided consists mainly raw graphics who it has to be redesign and touchup to make it nicer. Price given must be complete as no variations are allowed. Articles will be fill by the owners. Communication preferred whatsapp. If you cant use whatsapp

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    I'm very meticulous about things that I release and I need someone to review and redesign all the custom graphics for my landing page, stay consistent with my brand and color scheme. Good English and copy skill, experience in Call To Action (CTA), experienced with Leadpages, Clickfunnels, and sales funnel would be highly beneficial as well. Seeking long-term business relationship to work to...

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    ...1- Backend fixing and customisation My friend Mohamed fixed some backend issue but We still have a lot issues in the backend that need to be fixed and customised + UI touchup to make it responsive .. everything will include in the document 2- Roraa gold features We have a membership that allow the user to upgrade from normal account

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    I am a salon owner and frequently take pictures of work performed for posting on web & social media. I needed a graphic designer to touchup the pictures for a clean and professional look such as remove blemishes, some wrinkles, blood shots, shadow or lighting etc.

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    22 tarjoukset

    need my business sign logo updated? to a modern look. needs touchup look more updated

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    49 tarjoukset
    Project for Sajad A. Loppunut left

    Hi Sajad I have 64 photos to be touchup, do you still take on the project? Thanks Nancy P.s You did the touchup for me previously.

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    7 tarjoukset

    Go to I would like a bit more tan on my neck (Large pic of me on main page) and if possible I would like more of the distortion taken out of the pic (make it more clear). Please have expert graphic and wordpress experience if this request is possible. If not possible please say [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] you.

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    12 tarjoukset
    Edit 45 Images Loppunut left

    Edit 45 Images need to touchup and background removal.

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    Logo Touchup Loppunut left

    A simple small business logo needs some flavor while staying clean and practical. SECTION I) Logo Design A. The logo must stay reasonably simple (the logo does get engraved/plotted on cloth, metal plates, and a few other surfaces) B. The new logo should maintain its general look. I.e. it should stay recognizable and blend with original (check attached) logo SECTION II) Submission Require...

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    39 tarjoukset

    We want you to complete a website which is almost 90% completed.

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    12 tarjoukset made that I would like to have post production touch ups made. The photo looks ok as is but I want it to have a wow factor to present to a client. Ideally someone very knowledgeable in lighting, shadows and overall good taste for high quality photo editing. I can send to photo in any format needed depending on the software used. I would assume Photoshop

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    40 tarjoukset made that I would like to have post production touch ups made. The photo looks ok as is but I want it to have a wow factor to present to a client. Ideally someone very knowledgeable in lighting, shadows and overall good taste for high quality photo editing. I can send to photo in any format needed depending on the software used. I would assume Photoshop

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    67 tarjoukset

    I am the owner of an Online Jewelry company and need a touchup to our packaging logos going on boxes and paper material. The "SD" in our logo needs a uniform look with straight edges and converted to vector format. Four files are needed. Two in vector .eps and two in .pdf so I can work with in Photoshop. I have the files in .pdf and .psd format

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    31 tarjoukset

    I have a pic of me and my gf against a car. She feels like she doesnt look her best, so i need someone to photoshop the pic and make her arms toned and tummy flat. Just hide the imperfections. I have a high res jpg. Should be super quick for the right person. Need done ASAP

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    3d model touchup.. Loppunut left

    i have a 3d model trophy.. i need someone to draw a curve on top of it

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    28 tarjoukset

    I need all images to be touched up. What is needed: - Crop and Straighten - Fix Colours, Saturation, Lighting etc - Glamourise models - remove blemish/ fix hair etc - Make images look great. I have attached an examples of what we expect the images to look like.

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    46 tarjoukset
    Build A Website Loppunut left

    To touchup my real estate website using weebly

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    48 tarjoukset
    Trophy icon Photoshop Touchup Loppunut left

    Don't spend too much time on this. It is pretty good as is. I would like the black marks on the cheeks and chin cleaned up. I would also like the gold eye shadow and yellow contacts brought up a little bit, not crazy but a bit.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
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    13 työtä
    Photoshop Touchup Loppunut left

    Need to touch up the neck on Little Red Riding Hood

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    31 tarjoukset

    I have pictures of shoes that need editing to be put on our website. Easiest way to say it is make them look good. There's a file with about 100 designs. You are...of the pictures. Most likely about 500 pictures will be edited. What you will be doing: 1. Picking 5 angles per design 2. Crop them 3. Any Colour correction 4. Any touchup

    €311 (Avg Bid)
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    55 tarjoukset
    Retouch Headshot Loppunut left

    I need someone experienced in graphics for professional headshots to take a raw image I have of someone on a greenscreen background to touchup the photo and make it look professional. You MUST have a portfolio with this type of work for me to see. I need this done quickly.

    €46 (Avg Bid)
    €46 Keskim\u00e4\u00e4r. tarjous
    32 tarjoukset

    We have 5 portrait images of Staff members that we need the background removed from. I have a google drive folder with all of the required images and an example of how they will be used. Thank you

    €39 (Avg Bid)
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    47 tarjoukset
    Photo touchup Loppunut left

    Simple touch up on old photo (around 60-80 photos perday) - despeckle - edit missing part - sizing - cropping - skewing

    €224 (Avg Bid)
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    56 tarjoukset

    iI have the base logo i want done for my business. however i need it to be recoloured and defined and set in a high resolution format

    €34 (Avg Bid)
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    13 tarjoukset

    I have 20 images of a shirt, and i need to get some touchup done to the images . Very Basic work , should take more than 10 mins per image on photoshop

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    38 tarjoukset
    Logo touchup Loppunut left

    We have a mockup for a logo. We just need the designer to take the mockup and make some adjustments, giving us a finished logo that is ready for the client to use. I will email the logo mockup to the designer. The designer simply must make the changes to the already designed logo and be ready for possibly an alteration or two. In the end we need a packet containing the original logo creation f...

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    74 tarjoukset

    I have a model headshot that needs a lot of airbrushing/touchup work to really make it pop.

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    Product marketing Loppunut left

    We Incnut digital want to hire makeup artist for our models The makeup artist have to be there for basic makeup and touchup We need it urgently for tomorrow 26th july 2017

    €20 - €164
    €20 - €164
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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    Website to be designed for both pc and smartphone platforms Page One: Home Page Navigation Bar to Include : Home, Service Menu, Exclusive Products, About Us, Contact Us, Price List, Testimonials, Location, Opening Hours, Associated Charities. Logo should cover top of page 1. Font might be in silver or white or gold on black Address: Phone Number:

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    177 tarjoukset

    I have several images in .NEF (Nikon RAW format) which can be provided in DNG format as well. They were taken on a very sunny day with extremely harsh lighting and were taken at very small apertures. I would the portrait touched up, the background blurred and soft and/or dramatic lighting added. This video shows the type of background blur and type of lighting I am talking about: [kirjaudu nä...

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    Resume Touchup Loppunut left

    Please format to look nice. Check spelling and grammar. 3 attachments 1: Job Listing I'm trying to get hired at 2 my resume. Also suggest additions, removals , and smd For the last attachment suok

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    14 tarjoukset

    I need few pages of a word document redone. Just need a professional touchup.

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    20 tarjoukset

    We need to touchup this design and design the inner pages with new development coding of framework- codeigniter. We need 2 tiers security and with invitation for investment and wealth management. To focus more on the members and boutique page. Member Page - Need signup and online forms - Dashboard with wallet and transaction or / & activities activities

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    12 tarjoukset
    Trophy icon logo touchup Loppunut left

    I had a logo designed by creativeedge21 and she made me a nice logo i was happy with for £100 after i awarded her i wanted a different dog she said she would change it for £200 lol what a joke i payed 100 for the whole logo but your charging me 200 for a change? anyhow i need the logo remaking, i have the AI file JPEG file and CDR if that helps i can send over.. all i want is the dog c...

    €60 (Avg Bid)
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    20 työtä

    New site needs professional uplift in design. Only HIGhLY SKILLED designers... Not web developers.... Real skilled Web designers.

    €116 (Avg Bid)
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    66 tarjoukset

    We have 4 images of a product, a metal enclosure. These images need to be touched up, straightened, background removed to white and looking the best they can for a website. They then need to be put into an animated gif in a sequence where the doors are closed, then opened, and then closed again (7 Frames total). The first frame should last 2 seconds, each frame after should be .5 seconds. I wi...

    €17 (Avg Bid)
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    14 työtä

    I am looking for a high paying job in America. Price for this project can be negotiated , but i need some real professional work done . I need some small touch ups to video and pictures Now what i need, is very very very simple basic but professional effective website , to introduce me , with my video that i have on youtube already , and my resume ... I also need my youtube video the be edit...

    €21 (Avg Bid)
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    7 tarjoukset

    Have current powerpoint with template. Need you to go in and clean up the format. Edit current photos and make the powerpoint look much better than it is. Attached are all the edits I need. Its less than 8 pages. Powerpoint is ready for editing with no down time. Ideally like finished in a few hours. Not much work at all. - Thank you!

    €44 (Avg Bid)
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    22 tarjoukset