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    I need a web scraper written for the following url: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data is located in the "Pick(s)" column before the comma origin_state --> data is located in the ...

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    Build me a database 5 päivää left

    I need a excel spreadsheet that contains the following: Last name, First name, email address, address: city, state, zip code. cell phone number. Must be able to do email blasts. The target market I am looking for is the following: People who enjoy running marathons and or other competitive distances, belong to local running clubs, consumers of running shoes. The demographic group is both female a...

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    perl script to access website 5 päivää left

    I need a perl or python or php script to access a website enter a domain name from a flat file click the submit button and then record the output from the website into a flat text file, the loop through the entire list of domains and get all the prices. This needs to install without any complexity or complicated modules and run from Linux shell command line. This is a low budget project that nee...

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    Front End Designer Needed 5 päivää left

    We need a Front End Designer who has good knowledge in HTML , CSS & JavaScript code that makes up a user interface which can give " Oh So Beautiful " feeling that will involve textures, color balance, shapes and symmetry and also the logical entity that is border radius Background Image, Floats, Grids & Flex Box. We need Prototyping & Wireframing done for our project : We hav...

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    C# method to work with API 4 päivää left

    Checkeeper API page: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I need a C# method that encapsulates the "Creating a Check" method including the check signature portion. There are examples of the check signature written in PHP and Perl on the page. The code will be called from a .NET Framework 4.6.1 console app running as a webjob and the method needs to be async.

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    Hello everybody, we are searching for a developer that should replace Freeswitch with Kamailio to our core. Our core use Freeswitch and FreeRadius, you should be able to configure Kamailio with the same attributes as FreeSwitch for Radius communication (authentication,authorization and accounting) with the existing database instance. If you are intersted and posses the neccesary knowledge for th...

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    I need to build an app compatible for iOS and Android. Key features include; 1. Sign-up function 2. Posting function 3. Matching and notification when matching happens. 4. Geo-fencing to identify users are within the certain radius 5. Schedule management 6. Payment function 7. Database integration Looking for an experience developer who can build MVP that is ready to go to market with.

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    We are working toward compiling a list that highlights all the location with a set radius from one address using a road distances I.E if i have someone is Sydney at 21 Swinson Road 2148 i would want to know all the suburbs around them within 100Km using road distances and not displacement we would have to do this for multiple people across the country

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    Build map which centers on our location and shows 5, 10 and 15 mile radius along with Major roadways, Marta Red line and points of interest ( to be provided).

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    Hello to all, when I try to backup using the rsync command, the backup eventually hangs and no longer continues. Any suggestions? Can someone help me? Why this very serious problem? Thank you

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    Does anyone here good with Free Radius? I need help to install it.

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    We need someone who is really good at .LUA to help us out making some scripts for GTA:V FiveM Roleplay servers. The person need to be really good in LUA and also familar with esx wich is the system we use on our server. You need to know how to make scripts for FiveM I want to be in the radius of 40-75 dollar.

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    ********* Please read the full project description before you bid ********* I am looking for PHP developer for long term relationship for building website with PHP, MySQL, Laraval, jQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap 4.x, Bootstrap themes from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and some kind of Laraval CMS called [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] which is built on Laraval to make it easy to use ...

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    Hello, We need modifications done on our wordpress website. Simple task such as; Mixed content issue on homepage. Font weight in navigation menu. Remove border radius from buttons. Example border radius: 50px !important must be changed to 0px!important so all buttons on the website are Square or Rectangle instead of oval. Please be qualified to make these changes and have great knowledge of word...

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    Create an app (in both Android and iOS) and a web-based portal (to update/manage the app) for a nail salon. NOTE: I WILL SUPPLY ALL DESIGN ELEMENTS IN REQUIRED FORMATS, I.E. JPEG ETC FRONT-END REQUIREMENTS (THE APPS): • Create both iOS and ANDROID app. • User’s will be able to select their preferred salon (8 salons) to view pictures and pricing. • User’s will be able t...

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    We require Professional Services who can manage our Digital Marketing Campaign specifically in an area the branch is located and in around the radius of 10-15 km only. The Digital marketing Professional must assure the acute and wider visibility at the branch location and in and around radius of maximum 10 kms and must extract the leads with relevant information like Name/Contact details. The prof...

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    Install website script on hosting server and get the script to operate right on database and admin, plus members area. This shouldn't cost much to do.

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    Configure NPS/Radius for Wireless auth in multi-domain environment - Configure NPS proxy to authenticate users from another domain. - 2 domains already have trust-relationship - Using 1 wireless SSID, authenticates user from 2 domains. - this is lab environment -Already verified that user can authenticate to just 1 domain

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    Hello, I have a problem somebody with a coding background maybe able to solve. I am currently double entering data. This takes me longer than I would like and quite often I make mistakes. I use an app that exports a .txt File I then use another app and re enter the data manually. the second app reads from an .xml file. I am waiting somebody to extract parts of the text file and create an .xml ...

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    basic and advanced training on CANoe, CAN analyser , CAPL and perl.

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    See [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] for look at the basic function although . Mine will differ slightly in layout as seen here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] but function is the same. In my Wordpress site I want users to enter their zip code and a radius distance which will pull from a simple database we administer. It will populate the left column of the map section. When user clic...

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    Create an automated website testing script in Python or Perl. The script will be ran under Linux (Ubuntu) and will perform the following tests on our website. The website's address is The script must run without any interaction required from the user. The script shall perform the following tests on our website (jv16powertools dot com): Test 1) Website front pag...

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    We want you to configure Mikrotik CHR to serve clients over PPTP and PPPoE with built-in radius (user manager) OR (DMA) with different profiles up/down, monthly, weekly expiry. Another setup of Mikrotik in same Network is working over PPPoE at VLANs 100-115, in these VLANs clients will be served over PPTP (because can not use another PPPoE server at same VLANs) VLANs from 500-510 will work with P...

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    The project is a collage work - deep learning project. This project identifies and paints circles given in RGB images. Specifically, each input image contains a rectangle, a triangle and a circle. The image is fed into a neural network, whose outputs are the center and radius of the circle within the image. The domain considered is "[0,1]x[0,1] "box". PyTorch is the platform used....

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    Looking for an experienced developer who has written TURNKEY code in Javascript for selecting an area to geofence. The code will involve using Google Maps to select an area (as specified below) and developer must know PHP to allow the area selected to show up on the Google Map. There are no milestones on this project as we are looking for a turnkey already built code that: 1. allows user to ...

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    I would like to have a web app based on google map (Javascript API) to add multiple locations on a map. With the search for the store near to the user based on zip code Plus, the option to change the radius of search (Please review the attached photos) for better understanding. Also, all the data should be load to the app via json (or) GeoJson. It should be ultimately (HTML/CSS/JS) app no server-...

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    Need a perl developer to develop pages on a per screen basis. Please confirm the price per screen of the following screen mockups [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    We use custom Perl scripts to send and receive files to and from SFTP. This Perl script internally references [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (3rd party sftp client). Need help to install this new dll and create new exe for the Perl scripts we have. On Windows Env

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    Note: I am not looking for a network enginner that know or have done in other type of hardware.. that I know too. I NEED MIKROTIK EXPERT THAT CAN LOGIN AND DO THE CONFIGURATION. I need someone to configure / show me how to configure a mikrotik rb to be used as a hotstop with remote radius/landing pages server (this is fully done and live, in use with openwrt routers). I just need the mikroti...

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    Looking for a freelancer to create a map plugin for our website. It is a Wordpress based site that is hosted by SiteGround. When you go to the site you can choose to "Find Your Doctor" and it redirects you to a new page with a zip code/city map locator plugin. Unfortunately, this plugin is not serving our desired needs. We sell trade areas to Doctors where they ...

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    A responsive/progressive web site similar to a social network that allows users to track/follow specific premium profiles (artists) and/or venues. This is a brand new website Complimentary examples include… Songkick [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The major driver for this website is the direct connection premium profiles will have with their audience. The base concept user flow wou...

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    I have a D-Link DWR-921 router running OpenWRT 19.07.1 with Coova-Chilli. In LuCi, the System shows perfect synchronization with NTP servers and displays the correct time for my timezone. Same when running (date) command from the command line. Yet, the accounting logs sent by the router to the RADIUS server (found in radacct table) show different time. And each time I reboot the router, the accoun...

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    Write Power Query code to retrieve and run existing web API calls already located in an Excel table. I want to substitute the hard-coded web API call example below, with one that I dynamically create using CONCAT() in Excel. Your task, is to read the Excel table, and run the calls contained successfully. Current hard-coded example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]([kirjaudu nähdä...

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    needing an excel sheet that allows me to plugin xyz coordinates of multiple targets. create a sphere for each target that has a radius of 16 in all directions. then give me a xyz coordinates of points of intersection between targets. wanting the ability to create spheres for up to a max of 6 targets at once and recieve coordinates of intersection between target that are inputed

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    Trophy icon Design a Banner Loppunut left

    Hey guys, we are looking for some creative designs for a carnival type game. We are looking for a banner design similar to the image below. The banner should include a goalie wearing a soccer jersey, a soccer goal, and five holes scattered around the banner. Try to make the design colorful and appealing. The banner will be 12 feet long and 6 feet tall. The 5 holes we want vary from easy to diffi...

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    Project for Oleg B. Loppunut left

    Hi Oleg B! I saw that you have a list of zip codes in 100 mile radius of each other across the US. Hoping I could buy that from you.

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    LOOKING FOR LEAD PHYSICIAN IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN ****DO NOT BID WITHOUT 5 SAMPLE LEADS**** OVERVIEW (BELOW MUST HAVES TO BE CONSIDERED) • Board Certification as an MD or DO with a current restricted MI License to practice medicine is required • Active DEA • Physicians with a background in Geriatrics, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, or Behavioral Health are preferred. • Boar...

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    I need someone to configure / show me how to configure a mikrotik rb to be used as a hotstop with remote radius/landing pages server (this is fully done and live, in use with openwrt routers). I just need the mikrotik configuration cloning the settings I do at a opewrt router, for tests using the mikrotik wifi/lan ports. Once I test it, I will also need it to accept/control the hotspot connectio...

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    We are looking for a full stack engineer who is sepcialized in React and Python, postgres. You should have 2+ years of experience in React and Python. - What you need to do Adding new features to the existing web platform. Implementing new design using React (Designs will be provided as Figma) Keep maintaining and improving the platform. - Skills & Qualifications: 2+ years software experienc...

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    website scrapper Loppunut left

    We are looking for a PHP/Python/Perl Developer who can scrap one website for us.

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    We are an air conditioning provider based in South Africa. We currently cater for customers around 50 km from our radius. We offer sir conditioning units supply only and supplied and installed. I am looking for someone to create an online store for us where it is very easy for customers to either purchase our products alone or our products and services combined. We are looking for someone who can ...

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    I need to customise emails templates for my client's Wordpress website. He wants to receive an email when a user creates an account in the website so that he can easily approve this account (or deny). He wants the email to have the user's email and 3 buttons: "approve" "deny" and "more info". I am trying to do this using the UltimateMember plugin. I was able...

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    Build me a web app Loppunut left

    I'd like to create a mobile app that connects clients to freelance makeup artists within a 15 mile radius from the client. The app would also pair the client with makeup artists that matches the client's style. The pairing would be established by both the client and the Makeup artist having profiles. The company categorizes the artist's work first and based on what pictures clients ...

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    I am looking for Linux/Centos/Cpanel Server expert security consultant via anydesk per hour to fix 1. ssl certificate problem 2. Excessive resource usage: (again and again) 3. Suspicious process running under user : Executable: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/528 /bin/perl 4. etc.. no ssh password will be given. only work via anydesk. On going project's consultant with many servers..

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 tarjoukset

    I need an Android app and ios app . I would like it designed and built. its a map based app with different pointers users can add a gps location bij pressing a button and press an icon and additional text. when another user drive near a GPS location the app show a popup (did you see the speed cam?) Day and Night map view push notifications (Users can set a radius example show speedscams with a ra...

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    Build a website Loppunut left

    Hey There, Thanks for being interested in our idea. The idea is simple, we need a website that connect local grocery shops (vendors) with the users. There will be three parties involved on this project. The users, the vendors and a delivery company. • The Vendors: Each vendor will have their own page on the website (created by the admin). Where they can manage their products, promotions, pr...

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    Google map citations which will optimize your go0gle place/business page. - Google map citations help to increase ranking in your local area 150 Map Citations + 2 Driving Directions + 10 Back-Links on Google Map + 20 Miles Radius Cover

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    We are working on a market back analytics project. Taking car park data, cars and matching these to tires fitted on a vehicle. We map this to dealers who service an area and from that we can predict and calculate what the stock profile should be for that dealer for a certain radius around the dealer. We work on amazon framework and use tableau as the visualisation tool.

    €25 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I will be needing a "play audio" circular button to implement in a chat. Very similar to the one from Snapchat, where you have a "play" icon at the middle, and a circular countdown around when you tap on play. When tapping again on the button before the countdown is done, the "play" icon should turn into a "pause" icon, but most importantly: the circular co...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I have a bug with PERL script i would like to know if you have skillz to debug it. It's a PERL scrapper and source are broken. Thanks

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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