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    - 2 x 3D rendered photo realistic artist impressions - New design - Brick design - featuring 2 different colour options - featuring different gardens - Letterbox - Pebble driveway

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    ***1st image design needs a 24hour turn around*** - 2 x 3D rendered photo realistic artist impressions - New design - Half rendered/half brick design - f...rendered photo realistic artist impressions - New design - Half rendered/half brick design - featuring 2 different colour options - featuring different gardens - Letterbox - Pebble driveway

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    ***1st image design needs a 24hour turn around*** - 4 x 3D rendered photo realistic artist impressions - New design two story - Half rendered/half brick desig...realistic artist impressions - New design two story - Half rendered/half brick design - featuring 4 different colour options - featuring different gardens - Letterbox - Pebble driveway

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    A very simple job for someone who can handle it really quickly for me. I need a very simple Pebble / Stone shape modeled in CAD. - I will provide a 2D turn-around spec with dimensions - Spec includes photo reference for the shape and all details Please provide: - Allowance for 2-3 rounds of comments, however it is a very simple shape and should

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    - 4 x 3D rendered photo realistic artist impressions - New design - Half rendered/half brick design - featuring 4 different colour options - featuring di...rendered photo realistic artist impressions - New design - Half rendered/half brick design - featuring 4 different colour options - featuring different gardens - Letterbox - Pebble driveway

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    ...the white tiles will be red. The basic concept is this: the user can create his big list of things he has to do on the left side, and each new task appear on a new pebble. the pebble must resize to accomodate his task of course. He can move them up and down to prioritize his tasks. Then he can select the few that he wants to do rightaway to the right

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    Trophy icon i need images of pebbles Ended

    I need 5 images of long pebbles, please see this image as a reference to see what i mean. [login to view URL] Each pebble will use a different shade (all light shades like gray, blueish gray, greenish gray , yellowish gray etc, you get the idea, they should look like rock pebbles, but each one is long and

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    Would like to hire artist experienced in mosaics to create one of a kind backsplash

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    ...have good software for building this products and have backoffice support from the company we are getting this from, but we need someone who can helps us with creating images/mosaics from this software. A (doppler) radarspecialist. If your are that guy who can help us with this, we might have a longterm, durable and profitable relationship. Kind regards

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    To design a Webpage with command features (mosaics)

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    - 4 x 3D rendered photo realistic artist impressions - New design - featuring 4 different colour options - featuring different gardens - Letterbox - Pebble driveway

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    ...for each. For example, pages 1 thru 4 have 1 photo (already placed) and 2 to 5 text boxes flying in from the bottom in sequence; pages 5 thru 8 should be full screen picture mosaics with typical random slideshow movement; etc. Each page and image or video must be maximum 30 seconds duration with each image or video or page in sequence triggering the next

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    ...Classic d. Cerrazzo Royal B. Cement Terrazzo a. Cerrazzo C C. Concrete polish a. Hercules D. Color Concrete & Stenciling E. Hermes / MMA (One Day Flooring) F. Mosaics 2. Services: A. Commercial walls a. Micro cement b. Polished wall c. Decorative Dyes & Stain d. Natural Cement e. Grid Plaster f. Glass Plaster B

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    I need a scalable vector image of the golf course at Pebble Beach in the USA. The outlines of the tee boxes, fairways, rough, bunkers, greens, coast line, ditches, roads, trees should all be included. Each element of the course should be represented in a standard color, for example: Any water features (coast, rivers, ponds, ditches) should be blue

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    I found a program online that makes photo college and creates beautiful mosaics,and I would like to know if there is any possibility to get that program code on Python? Thanks

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    Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/pythonprojects/[login to view URL]", line 20, in <module> ffprofile.add_extension(adblockfile) C:pythonprojectsadblock_plus-3.1-an+[login to view URL] 18 ffprofile = [login to view URL]() 19 adblockfile = '/pythonprojects/adblock_plus-3.1-an+[login to view URL]' 20 ffprofile.add_extension(adblockfile) 21 ffprofile....

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    I am trying to get a brewery started and need the logo designed. The brewery is Level Pebble Brewing Company. We are open to logos with smooth stones, we like the right spin trinity knot (1 right spin spiral at top then one on left and one on right in a triangle layout). Honestly, we are open to any interpretation that strikes you related to beer brewing

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    Good day. I am looking for a designer, 3D artist who will visualize my chessboard and figure design. So the main idea is that chessboard will be on the top of rock (pebble style) and under the chessboard in the same stone will be two drawers (without handle) in which chess figures will be stored. I need also design for chess figures as well. Figures

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    Hi Paul/Pavlo. Let's get started. You can start with the Mosaics and then the Torah article. The last one is the Mitzvah Memorial bio. I will have a couple of sentences to add later. We can adjust the amount later as well. Let me know what I need to do next.

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    Need to install an addition on my deck. 11’x20’ with trex pebble gray board with stairs. The railings and the stairs will be treated lumber

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    .Brand name is "BUILDECOR"  logo to unique font  with a design related to business, (Building material ,stone ,pebble,marble,cement etc

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    For a promotional giveaway we need a landing page with a are required, under community field a drop down with the following communities: Churchill Crossing, Concord Creek, Creekstone Point, Gates at Limestone, Great River, Pebble Creek, Rowan Oak, Weston, Williams Point, Wynbrook Font used is Futura. Can use Century Gothic if easier.

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    Trophy icon Create Packaging Designs Ended

    ...using NFC. The product is a carved pebble with a NFC tag in it. As it is a Pebble, the shape may vary therefore I am looking for a solution that would hold the pebble in the box. On top of this, I am looking for a design that reflects innovation and technology. The size of the box holding the pebble should be 15x10x10 cm. The colors should

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    ...freelancer that can help me creating an original spice sticker with two different mosaics. It is a very funny and different project that is divided into two parts. >> BONUS << Even if you don´t win I might hire you for a big separate project (if you can make nice mosaics), see the end. Part 1 (90% of the contest): Create a sticker for a spice jar

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    Hi, I'm searching for an expert software developer to create Live photo mosaic app the idea is below : Users take pictures through a photobooth > prin...idea is below : Users take pictures through a photobooth > print and then stick it on a wall to create at the end a photo mosaic. here is an example : [login to view URL] Thanks,

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    The products are more than 100 but we will do it gradually...ancient Greece, like bronze and alabaster statues of Greek gods, vases (amphorae), museum copies or prototypes. When we finish it we ll go to other kind of art, like paintings, mosaics etc. We are a company active on e - commerce the last 7 years, and now we are expanding on these products.

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    I need the new [login to view URL] done in the style like #21. Thanks! 1) Name of company is "Mosaicry" 2) Owner makes custom mosaics out of rocks etc. example is shown in brief photo "product" 3) Starting sketch of logo is provided in brief "Logo starting idea" 4) Colors to use are Cobalt Blue and yellow (probably darker yellow) 5) Keep logo simple

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    Hi I am look...opportunities (Focus Term) Catch up with someone special Be an Inspiration Music can be fuel that gives you energy Gut neurotransmitters control our thoughts everyone has a pebble in their shoe Enjoy the journey and don't focus on the destination Spend time in meditation Creativity is maximized when you are living in the moment

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    Two large paintings of religious artwork in the Pre-raphaelite style. These will be used to be made into Mosaics for a Catholic Seminary in United States

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    Hello, I need 10 articles. ...vanities Article 5: small bathroom vanities, double bathroom vanities Article 6: Wall mount bathroom vanities, floating bathroom vanities Article 7: Porcelain Tiles, glass mosaics Article 8: Marble tiles, backsplash tiles, kitchen tiles Article 9: bathroom faucet, bathroom vanities Article 10:bath vanity, bath vanities

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    ...Kickstarter page designed. Here are 2 links to very successful Kickstarter pages - the first one raised over $20 million dollars! [login to view URL] and the second is [login to view URL] We are looking

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    ...same time providing a positive commercial return. The company name is derived from the idea of ‘The Ripple Effect’, which has as its central concept the fact that a small pebble dropped into an ocean will create ripples that might turn into waves that can spread around the world....

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    ...2) rankings (right side) 3) orientation (landscape) 4) golf course description details (rank, name, location, website) 5) example of info on right side: (1) PEBBLE BEACH G. LINKS / Pebble Beach, CA / [login to view URL] (2) PACIFIC DUNES / Bandon, OR / [login to view URL] / Date Played: ___________ Rankings source for top 100 in the USA: https://www

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    Trophy icon InterAlia logo Ended

    ...would like the logo to be the rupplies that are formed when a pebble is dropped into water. The pebble should be in the colours of the rainbow flag, like the ones in the full stop (period) at the end of the attached words "interalia". There shouldl be 6 ripples moving out from the pebble(as attached) in colours of white, then darker and darker shards

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    Trophy icon Design project Ended

    I need a...a logo designed. I am looking for a logo for a new Islamic organisation. A key shape is a cylinder for the planned building. Key design influences = classic Islamic mosaics and carvings. Should be a single logo for working in the top left of the website, social media and all marketing. (Key inspirations attached in photo below)

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    ...suggested colors. I have attached two photos - one explaining what I mean with machines and enclosures, and the other one to serve as a template. The color of the floor is pebble gray (but I see there are different shades by the same name) and the color of the beams and pillars is RAL 5010 (newly painted and not in pictures because of poor daylight

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Ended

    ...(water, wind, forest and fire) I would like to integrate 8 other elements around the sphere in symmetry: A skull-headed head devil's fork An hourglass Angel aureola A pebble Lightning (lightning) Humanoidal form The idea here is to make a textured logo (not flat design as in the image). We would like to highlight the 12 elements, which

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    The name is Pebble. I want a logo design with the name, the colour must be black, blue or purple

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    I would like you to create a movie from mosaics such as this: [login to view URL] It has to generate a video similar to one in this link: [login to view URL] You will have access to all images in the mosaic. The software has to be written in PHP.

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    Trophy icon Design project Ended

    I need a logo designed. Need simple logo design, company name: My Pebble Art, would like a picture of stacked pebbles to the left of "my pebble art" writing, all in a frame resembling frame of a painting . Blue- turquoise theme. I would prefer the writing on the logo to be all lower case and not too modern, since it is for handmade, artistic items

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    ...conceptualize our backyard and some potential ideas. Layout is drawn out in image below. We removed our deck and are wanting to replace it with a majority concrete patio. Then pebble rocks surrounding the fire pit in the shape of a large circle. On the left and right side or on the corner of the fire pit we would like benches like the ones in the picture

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    First up I am fed up of coders autobidding and claiming to have read the brief when they cannot have done. So please reply with the word "PEBBLE" as the first word of your reply or I will delete your response, assuming you have not read this proposal. A friend of mine got this site built by another web designer and the handover has been terrible

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    ...Marina Gate and walls House of the Sailor Mensa Ponderaria Forum Granary Honorary Arches House of Sirico Sanctuary of Venus House of Championnet House of the Geometric Mosaics House of the red walls Samnite Palaestra Quadriporticus of the theatres or Gladiators Barracks Temple of Jupiter Meilichios or Temple of Aesculapius House of the Cornelii

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    I am looking for a freel...Graphic Design and Logo Design. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $30 - $100 SGD. My Company name call Davinci Building Products Pte Ltd, I'm dealing with tiles, mosaics & stones. Logo can be create as Davinci Ceramics. Also name card design. Name card need to put in versace logo as I'm selling versace tiles.

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    ...Relationships / Friends, Enhanced Profile Sheets, View / Skill Recommendation, -Network Members Directory (Global, My Network, Nearby, by Project, by Focus, by Workgroup) / Mosaics of members / map (color code - icon), internal messaging, external messaging, chat (code present, free, absent, at work on leave) -Statistics + -Geolocation of the members

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    We need a logo designed for iTile Tiling Services. We are a new company specialising in Wall and Floor Tiling, Mosaics, Swimming Pool Tiling and much more. We need a logo designed and have a very good idea of how we would like it to look. Please see the attached for a rough copy. We are looking for a quick turnaround with this so the freelancer

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    ...additional information like length of the gaps and its location. The application must run under Windows 8 or 10 and can be a GUI or Console Application. The input data are mosaics or images in the formats TIFF and JPG and both are georeferenced. The output data shall be report files and georeferenced images. The main task of the application is to identify

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