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    Data transfer - A# one table - to XLS

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    I need some programming to be done an ESP32 (fiPY version from Pycom) and Android Application to run it. The ESP32 device must be able to do the following tasks. Obtain time for internal clock from Network clock at Boot Connect to previous Bluetooth, if not found: Expose name of device for pairing for Bluetooth Classic - default device name is “smrtGRiPS_ECU” Connect or create Wi...

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    We have a project for recruiting employees (laravel) 1. Add Candidate Dashboard 2. Uploading a Resume parse the information and fill the possible fields in the database. 3. Companies Dashboard 4. Video Chatting via Zoom or Hangout for Interviews. 5. Automatic show match able candidates for the job to the employers.

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    Looking for a freelancer to write a java class to act as a repository to read and write files from android app to windows 10 shared folder. bottom line - we need the ability to write a file from android app to be opend from windows 10 pc and the other way around. class should be created with the use of JCIFS ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]), but we are open minded to any creative solutio...

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    Order management back office Branding 5 päivää left

    Dearest, As part of our development, we are looking to set up an order management platform for our company's customers. 1 °) Possibility to enter a product link (the image and the title of the product should appear as well as its price offered by the site) 2 °) Possibility of integrating order listings (XLS, Csv and API connection for woocommerce, prestashop, Magento, shopify etc.)...

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    HD VIDEO AUDIO, VIDEO CONFERENCE, COLLABORATION, IM & WEBINARS Only Experienced Developer can Bid this project  with SCALABILITY for further integrations  WebRTC product with Powerful Encryption & Security  Last SIP generation codecs for HD Audio Opus & Video quality VP9  Computer Speech Recognition/Voice Recognition/Real time transcription captioning  Integrated Content Library...

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    Complete my Android & iOS word game. 4 päivää left

    I have a new word game that is not yet fully developed and I need a new developer to finish the development so that I can publish it. The game is developed both for iOS & Android and the project uses Unity for the front end. It mainly requires development of the multi player module of my current unity game. The single player works pretty fine but the multiplayer needs to be rewritten from scr...

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    Overview: I need an Excel macro that will parse data from separate Excel files and build a dictionary of unique words and phrases and a count of each word used. Additionally, I need the separate ability to: 1) specify a particular phrase (e.g, 'your moma') to be searched for in the data, create a list of users who have used that phrase, as well as the total number of uses of the phra...

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    Web scraping 1000 excel files 4 päivää left

    I am looking for someone who would get me 1000 excel download links. Requirements for those files: 1. over 80% need to be english 2. over 50% need to have more than one sheet 3. over 20% need to have charts 4. files need to be from diferent sources and have diferent type of content Allowed Extensions: xlsm or xls Results should be delievered in csv file.

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    Web Scraping 4 päivää left

    Looking for someone that is familiar with parse hub to build 3 templates to extract data. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n](S(1wx3gph3lb2ifdmcxtqz4ij3))/jailtracker/index/Ottawa_County_OH and [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] This is one I need to have the name, charge/description on this one. Each site is slightly different I also need the photo extracted with the data based off of a book...

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    Splunk Search Query 4 päivää left

    Need help writing a splunk query that can parse through pluginText field.

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    Our company gets SMSs offering work like this: MHU - HCIS *397648 T ; Hi JOHN SMITH-JONES are you free on ; Date: 21/05/20 12:00 to time 14:00 ; Language: ESPERANTO We need to reply from the same phone to the same caller with the "*", job number (from the incoming message) and "yes" exactly like this: *397648yes to accept the job. Currently, manually we miss more than half...

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    i need a mobile app 2 päivää left

    I am looking for a developer that will develop an Android application for disease surveillance. The app will send a quick alert SMS to a central phone number in real-time. Then compiled a comprehensive report into a database where all data and details will be displayed on a dashboard, including geographical information on the location of the reported diseases. All data collected can be downloaded ...

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    Hi, I am in need of someone to develope a python script that will pull random logins from a list for web scraping and parsing out specific details on that page then looping again and again until EOF. I have the ability to develope myself but not the time. For example, there would be a general login form that I would have registered a couple hundred names and need to check tab functions and parse ...

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    Would require to automatically fill the different required shifts on weekdays (9+) and weekends (5+) for max 25 employees. Ability to rate importance of each shift. Ability to rate each employee for every type of particular shift (from 5 to 0 - 5 being best and 0 not covering these type of shifts) Ability to set Holidays. Ability to set pre-defined days off. Additional Rules : Late Shifts can&#...

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    I need a Wordpress site, so that it is easy for me to manage content and I can get something built quickly. My site to have: 1. Content management for main site - Website 2. Cart functionality for someone to add item (Items also called as Plan will be created by Admin from backend) to cart. As mine is a service so nothing to ship to customer physically. I don't need shipping option. My produ...

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    We are looking to parse a few websites, and this is a one-time project. We need someone who has at least three years of experience parsing websites, who is proficient in the MEAN stack, and who can communicate in English in writing (I will ask you some technical questions in the chat). We already have someone working on this project, who is fluent in Serbian and with whom we would like you to c...

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    [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 1) Create a folder with the name of the author 1a) create a folder for each article name under author 2) create a word document of the contents each article link below the author 3) download all the pdf,docs,xls in each link into respective folder (use the chrome extension called "simple mass downloader") If you can automate in python even bette...

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    Hello, I am building a web application based on NodeJs and Parse Framework, and MongoDB, our servers are in AWS ec2. I have a frontend developer and server developer. we had a backend developer but now he wants to go for personal reasons. so we are looking for a backend developer to continue the job and work parallel with our developers using slack and Trello. the project should be completed wi...

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    THIS PROJECT REQUIRES GETTING DATA FROM A THIRD PART WEBSITE Step 1: Adding a Item We are building a website to purchase parts and need to simplify the woocommerce way of adding items and have it tailored to our needs. These pages listed below are the basic flow of how the system should operate. We prefer some ajax on the first page to streamline the process a bit. Bidder will be responsible for ...

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    Powershell script to execute sql scripts found in a database table and output results to a tab in a XSL spreadsheet 1. first script must set variables to configure connection to sql server 2. run sql script to populate array variables for server scripts and tab target these are all found in a sql table. 3. each row in the variable array will be used to do the following I. populate the server ...

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    Due to google login issues I would like my website to be able to receive forwarded emails from users where my parser can run the content of said emails. The system would need to: Supply email to user(s) to forward to and then, on request by user, parse the emails recieved (for each individual user). Price is negotiable

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    Telegram Automation With Forex 2 päivää left

    I need an automation script that will read messages from a Telegram channel using their MTProto. Then parse the message to grab critical trade signal information to execute a trade on the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] platform using the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] API. Example messages are attached. Data to collect from message: - Currency pair - Buy or Sell - Profit target (us...

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    This project is time sensitive. I will award this project to the developer who can start on this immediately. I will be available for the length of this project, with an expected delivery in less than 12 hours. I need a google app script that: 1. Fetches user submitted form data from my gmail account, filtered by from, subject and age. 2. Parses data and adds it to google sheet. Additional I...

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    I need 2 apps, (1) is Server which have an IP (entered when app open with Port number) and user will press Connect button, It will start listening on that IP + Port. And will received connections from client (multiple) and will receive data from client in bytes[] and parse it and show data on screen and can also send message back to specific client when required. (2) is Client app when started,...

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    I have GPS devices of make Teltonika, these devices (after configuration) can send data in hex format to a TCP/IP port on a server. I need a python application which should continuously listen to data from these devices and it should also decode (parse) the data (as per the protocol, see FILES attached) at the same time. The parsed data should be available to be used in [kirjaudu nähdäks...

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    Hi, We have requirement, we were need to achieve the following. 1. Get emails from the mailbox 2. These emails have attachments. 3. Attachments are EML files (outlook msg) 4. Parse the email headers & get the metadata like timestamp, from, to, IP, messageID, etc. you can find an example here. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 5. Write the data in structured format, csv or json. Automate...

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    We got a few different format of CSV or XLS products list from supplier. It need to be converted to compactable format for shopify. We might need 1) a csv convertor to convert the input file to shopify's format [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] OR 2) a shopify customised app to import the specified csv format from our suppliers to our store ( I will pay higher for this option) a) - Sup...

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    I have a question bank for my students stored in an excel sheet. To correct spelling and grammar I export them to a word file using a form (question [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) and the mail merge feature.(QUESTION [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) The form structure has no vertical fields. This merging feature converts all the excel entries to word pages using a mapping process. Fi...

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    We are seeking an individual(s) to modify some plug in's for us in WP. We have a restaurant WP site running a food ordering plug in. When someone orders food that order goes directly to the kitchen and only shows inside the WP admin area. We want to write a new plug in to take that information and display it in a new webpage, not the WP admin area. The idea is so that members of the restauran...

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    We are seeking an individual(s) to create a front end UI webpage and back end db with scripting to pull information from existing Wordpress plug ins on two different sites for our restaurant locations. The plug in's show order and sales information. We want to take the information from each location's ordering plug in and have it coped to a new DB and have the ordering and sales informat...

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    .mat to xls convert using mscript in matlab

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    Music Lables List 18 tuntia left

    Hi, I need a list with details from the attached link. Info Needed: Label Name: Genres: Founded: Location: Website Adress: Mail 1: Mail 2: Facebook Page: All details are inside the links already (3,613), Only copy/paste I need it in .csv available for importing to gmail and in .xls Link: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    We recently had our website and server optimized. However, as soon as we used elementor the website went buggy. I was turning on and off some themes/plugins and suddenly the website went buggy. I need someone to fix the bug and optimize my website, so that the server load (CPU) usage is not high. If you visit [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] there is an error: Warning: Declaration of tie...

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    Standup / Migrate existing Woocommerce Catalog to subdomain. - Need to consider whether a new template is needed - Match current Look and Feel of new product graphics and logo - Create Product Categories, Attributes, pricing by copying from reference site and/or pull from .xls spreadsheet content - Improve Shopper Experience and Navigation Checkout is not to actually pay for the products but to ...

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    Hello to all, I am looking for a talented LARAVEL framework developer. I need a single independent person, who wants to work on a very interesting project. This will be the first of a long list of interesting projects. Your skills: - Be smart and able to find solutions in independent way - PHP and Laravel Framework - Laravel NOVA - VueJS / Angular - Work with XLS / CSV / PDF export - Good Engl...

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    Unealta Web pentru editarea documentelor 6 päivää left

    Toate operatiile trebuie sa se desfasoare prin intermediul unor WebService-uri Anumite operatii pot implica trimiterea de comenzi din viewer-ul de PDF Serviciu standalone de conversie (bazat pe ImageMagick, LibreOffice si Tesseract) o Input: accepta unul sau mai multe fisiere PDF, PDF/A, PNG, JPG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TIFF o Options: parametri transmisi catre ImageMagick (validare paramet...

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    I want to parse Product name and price from html by using only python regular expression but not beautiful soup nor other libraries. If you can do it, please send your proposal quickly.

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    Project for Thang N. 2 päivää left

    Hello, do you work with AutoHokey and Python? How much for a simple packet sniffer that shows data from an MMO? I want to parse chat logs/ combat logs. tshark integration in python/autohotkey

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    I would like to add to our program a banner space on the right side of the screen (should also be resizable like the other controls). It should be a 300×600 banner, which should load a gif image from my website. I will send you a sample image so that you can see the dimensions. The gif should be shown animated. The gif should be downloaded by the program from a url automatically. If the fil...

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    Hi , I am looking for developer who can develop a wordpress plugin which does below : 1) parse the list of websites specified 2) format the data 3) option to specify proxy ip 4) store the parse data into aws s3 5) other plugin which read this xml and stores the data into destination site Has to be efficient and should not use much memory The task is to crawl and fetch data from others websites...

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    11 tarjoukset

    Need a web service connection to an existing REST based Web service Interface. In simple terms, connect to web service (documentation is online for this service) using JS, after user enters KEY in a simple web form, take the response from webservice which comes in XML, and store this to be used for the session. The values should be used as a variable to access rest of the site, primarily the KEY, ...

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    Hi. Please check the xls form i sent to you couple hours ago for another logo that i'll need. Looking forward to your feedback.

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    Hi, I have a XML and I need to have it parsed in PHP so that I have a clean array as result that I can work with. Here is a sample XML: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The task is to parse all (in this case TWO): lStk:stock - items and pull out these values: stk:code stk:name stk:nameComplement stk:unit stk:count The resulting array should look like: [0] - code, [0] - name, [0] - nameCo...

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    integrate mailchimp Loppunut left

    Need to parse emails into mailchimp, clean code from new template

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    7 tarjoukset

    Hi Vincent V., I would like to parse website to CSV based on link and sheet shared and discussed with you.

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    1 tarjoukset

    Need help with python code to parse a file

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    Hi , I am looking for developer who can develop a wordpress plugin which does below : 1) parse the list of websites specified 2) format the data 3) option to specify proxy ip 4) store the data into wordpress tables as per format Has to be efficient and should not use much memory The task is to crawl and fetch data from others websites and store in our wordpress website with some formatting Tha...

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    This project is to create an interface for reading the scanned barcodes in an Opticon OPN-2001 scanner. The SDK is provided in C. We need the ability to read the scanner, download the contents, and parse the contents of each barcode and date/time of the scan in a Delphi application. Opticon provides the C SDK at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The developer must have an OPN-2001 for testin...

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    3 tarjoukset

    using python to parse a config file

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