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    ...three different colored coins that come down along a predetermined path. The database is a MySQL database, which is pre-coded. Player makes bitcoin transfer us, and the transfer is calculated to 20-digit binary number which determines a coin shop. 0 = right and 1 = left. Binary and bitcoin transfer calculation are encoded completed, but the playing area and mainsite should be encoded bit in the same style as has been done site. This would be good to manage HTML5, Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit, jQuery, Windows animateframe, maybe socket open. Mysql database is complete, 20-digit binary number and the database is ready, but the game on the site is not yet as a PSD file. The coin must looking good when it comes down to. The coin must move a the same way as site a...

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    Fix for my code Loppunut left

    angularjs fix

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    oi need pr,ohvhvhbbgv gviyhvyvhivhiou

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    Need python code 6 päivää left

    I need python code for my trading strategy. I need Total points, average point per day, Max points in a day, max loss in a day, win%, loss%, average points on win days, average points on loss days, max winning streak, max losing streak, average annual points, max dd point.

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    €7 - €17
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    python expert needed to finish code. 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a Python expert to help me debug and optimize advanced code. The specific tasks for this project include: - Debugging existing code to resolve any errors or issues - Adding new features to enhance the functionality of the code - Optimizing the performance of the code to achieve both speed and memory optimization goals Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Python programming language - Experience in debugging complex code and resolving errors - Knowledge of performance optimization techniques for improving speed and memory usage If you are a Python expert with a strong understanding of advanced code and have experience in debugging and optimizing performance, I would love to hear from you. Ple...

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    Requirements * Create a function to pHash the active focused Window/ClientRect in realtime. * The function must produce a 64 bit binary string. * The function must work on multiple displays and DPR/DPI screens. * pHashed windows must produced same Hash string accross different monitors. * The function must work in any programmes window * the function must work on any programme even if its not dpi aware. * The application must be made using Qt 5.15.2 or higher * The build system must be Cmake * The compiler must be MSVC 2019 64bit

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    ...This is Jeremy's take: “Speed focuses the mind. It cuts through the fog of drab everyday living and keeps us on our toes. Speed works. Speed saves lives. Speed is good. And we should have more of it, not less.” Richard Hammond: The chap with a soft spot for cars that fit in your pocket or feel like a cuddly pet. He's the one who thinks driving should be as nimble as a squirrel leaping from tree to tree. His philosophy? Why have a massive engine when you can have a car that zips through traffic like a ninja in ballet shoes? Often referred to as "Hamster," Hammond is known for his enthusiasm for cars that might not have had the sheer power of Clarkson's favourites but possessed their own unique characteristics and stories…and cras...

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    python assignment 6 päivää left

    ...- The assignment requires advanced knowledge of Python programming language. - The freelancer must have experience in working on complex Python projects. - The assignment involves solving complex algorithms and implementing advanced data structures. - The freelancer should be able to write efficient and optimized code. - The freelancer should be able to follow specific instructions and requirements provided by the client. - The client expects a high-quality and well-documented code. - The freelancer should be able to communicate effectively and provide regular updates on the progress of the assignment. It’s an asaignment for my formal languages and automatha. The assigment bassicaly requiers to build a python script that takes automatha properties from a file, then ...

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    Help with Code Functionalities in Java 6 päivää left

    Hi, I have a java project I'm working on for a food ordering system. I am only responsible for the customer part; therefore, I need someone to help with some of the functionalities. The others are working fine. It is a rather simple task that would most probably not take much time. I can send the java classes I have now and explain in details over messages. Would highly appreciate the help.

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    ...to re-implement into java and in clean structured data + classes You will get fully converted java code, which was converted from AI python to java And code is mostly compiling, beside of a few very specific python issues (Frame & Tuple classes) The code is fully prepared to run as springboot runner and a full maven project is wrapped around. So you can directly start java coding! Mandatory!!!! You have to have a own account to use and to test! AND you have a proof that you did similar selenium work in the past Milestones MS1: - take the AI converted java code and check it how far you have to fix it to make it compile-able MS2: - cleanup the code to separate ... - data into model classes ... - bot detection in own class ...- logic implementatio...

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    Hello, I am looking for a developer to work with us on regular bases, someone who is a master in wordpress and can basically do anything (if your skill is to install a theme and change it a little please pass this job it is not for you)

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide me with sample code using UART in 9 bit multiprocessor mode in STM32 CubeIDE on a STM32F103RB6. This project is for personal use and I need it completed within 1 day. Specifically, I need the sample code to include the following features and functionalities: - Data transmission and reception using UART in Interrupt mode - Receive / Transmit buffer 256 bytes I'm looking for someone that has already worked with Multiprocessor Mode and 9 data bits in UART. You should be able to bang this out pretty fast. A simple master, a simple slave that listens for its address (Multiprocessor Mode). This is also known as a few others, Multi-drop serial, Multi Processor Communication Mode (MPCM) used in vending machines, a wide rang...

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    ...reflecting a contemporary feel. Examples attached from our many previous regattas. Date of regatta is August 31 to September 1, 2024. Name of our regatta is Bronte Rocks Regatta Elements and Themes: - The logo should incorporate maritime/sailing themes, capturing the essence of the regatta. Sizes and Formats: - The logo should be provided in specific sizes for shirts and brochures, ensuring optimal visibility and print quality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing expertise in modern and sleek logo design. - Proficiency in creating designs with maritime/sailing themes. - Experience in designing logos for different sizes and formats. If you have the skills and experience to create a visually appealing logo that captures the spirit of our sailing rega...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to fix and make some changes to an existing IOS app. The app is a few years old and needs some updates in terms of design and functionality. Specific requirements for the project include: - Fixing any issues or bugs in the app - Making minor changes to the design based on my recommendations - Updating the app ( it support multiple language ) (English and Arabic) - Fix and do some changes in the dashboard domain website into the app - Submit the apps to Apple store and Google play store - Integrate payment gateway for a local payment company in my country (This will be added to all website - IOS app - Android app) Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in IOS app development and design - Experience with fixing bugs and implemen...

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    Trophy icon Logo for new company 6 päivää left

    Logo for a new Property Rental and Housing Management Company called "Bayhop Homes", logo with an additional floral/plant/tree type of icon with it. Skills and Experience Required: - Graphic design expertise - Strong understanding of brand identity and logo design - Ability to create a simple and elegant logo - Proficiency in using simple and bold colours - Experience in creating logos with transparent backgrounds Project Requirements: - Design a logo for a new property rental and housing management company - The logo should be simple and elegant, representing the professionalism and reliability of the company -An additional floral/plant/tree type of icon with it. - Usage of simple and bold colours is preferred - The logo should have a completely transparent back...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop machine learning code for a battery management system in electric vehicles. The project involves working with 3.7v Li on battery cells and estimating state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH). The ML code is expected to be trained with the data of nasa (open source data from web) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language for developing the machine learning code. - Experience in using various machine learning algorithms for battery management systems. - Ability to suggest and implement appropriate machine learning algorithms based on the project requirements. - Familiarity with battery technology and understanding of SoC and SoH estimation. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to det...

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    Hi, I'm looking for an expert who can share ideas to develop green projects, Sustainability at work place. I need an expert who can suggest for a solution : one of the tree root got into underground pipeline system - how to get rid of this? Welcome solutions from professional / Experienced experts. Thanks

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    Fix the code of my Chrome Extension 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to fix the code of my Chrome Extension. The code works when I run it on the Chrome console (right mouse button -> Inspect -> console), but not when I run it on the extension in the website page. It also works when I run it both on the console and on the extension, but in a different website (i.e. Google). The code is simple, I want to access an object that is in the page by its class name and print its innerText: var documento = ("FichaCompleta"); (documento[0].innerText); It is important to log in to the website in this context, because the code is working in other websites. I want someone to figure out why the code is not working in this particular website and fix it. WEBSITE:

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    I am seeking an experienced professional to assist with Topological Data Analysis (TDA) on datasets representing three groups—Healthy, Post Treatment, and Prior Treatment. The data is presented as Binary adjacency matrices, with each group consisting of 30 subjects. Project Tasks: 1) Functional Connectivity Analysis: Identify and quantify differences in functional connectivity among the three groups. 2) Structural Connectivity Analysis: Determine and document the variance in structural connectivity within the dataset. 3) Properties Analysis: Investigate and compare the following properties across groups: Global-Small World Global-Efficiency Global-Rich-Club Global-Assortativity Global-Synchronization Global-Hierarchy Nodal-Clustering Coefficient Nodal-Shortest Path Length ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to fix the code of my Chrome Extension. The code is working outside of the extension (i.e. in the console), but when I put it together and create the extension (with the ) it doesn't work. I am new to Chrome extensions, so I need someone to tell me what's happening and fix the issue. It's probably one line of code that will have to be fixed, as the .js is working fine in the console. I have both the source code and relevant documentation for the Chrome Extension. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of JavaScript and Chrome Extension development - Experience in debugging and troubleshooting - Familiarity with the Chrome Extension API - Attention to detail and ability to work ...

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    I need someone to write complete code (with and without parameter) for a webform in C#5 .NET code. The code should use Newtonsoft library for sending Whatsapp approved templates from the Whatsapp Cloud API. I would also need assistance with running the code via Team Viewer in my present application. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C# and .NET framework - Experience with using Newtonsoft library for sending Whatsapp templates - Familiarity with the Whatsapp Cloud API - Ability to troubleshoot and assist with integrating the code into an existing application. The API is as follows curl -i -X POST ` ` -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOEKN -H 'Content-Type: application/json' ` -d '{ "messaging_product": &quo...

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    Search Analyst -- 3 6 päivää left

    Hey there! As a Search Analyst, your main job is to make searching online better for people. You'll look at what people search for and what they find to make sure it's helpful. This is an entry-level position that does not necessitate prior experience, as comprehensive training will be provided.

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    Greetings! I am in search of an experienced Python developer familiar with the Pygame library to modify and optimize an existing "Snake Game". The game is currently copied from the internet, and my goal is to significantly alter it so that the code does not appear to be generated by ChatGPT or directly copied from the web. It is important that the code remains simple enough for even a beginner in programming to explain. Key Project Requirements: Dynamic Obstacles: Add obstacles that appear randomly on the playing field, increasing the game's difficulty as the snake grows longer. Multiple Levels: Design different levels with increasing complexity, such as varying speeds, more obstacles, or different arena shapes. Power-Ups and Special Items: I...

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    website speed optimization 6 päivää left

    ...optimization - Proficiency in analyzing and identifying bottlenecks in website performance - Experience in implementing various speed optimization techniques - Familiarity with best practices for code optimization - Ability to work with plugins and optimize their configuration - Knowledge of caching mechanisms and CDN implementation Tasks to be completed: - Analyze the current performance of the website and identify areas for improvement - Optimize website code to reduce load times and improve overall performance - Implement caching mechanisms to enhance website speed - Evaluate and configure plugins for optimal performance - Collaborate with the development team to ensure the website is optimized for speed without compromising functionality or design If you have ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a face detection script with high accuracy. The script can be written in either JavaScript or Python, whichever language will provide the highest level of accuracy. Requirements: - The script should be able to accurately detect faces in images or videos. - Specific attributes such as age, gender, and emotion identification are not r...face detection process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in either JavaScript or Python, depending on the chosen language. - Experience in developing face detection algorithms or scripts. - Knowledge of computer vision and image processing techniques. - Familiarity with libraries or frameworks such as OpenCV or Dlib. - Attention to detail and ability to fine-tune the script for optimal...

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    I am looking for a designer to make 2 small revisions on my logo. - I will provide you the logo on best resolution after award project. - You will deliver me 2 different logo revisions, both going to be used Revisions: 1. I need you to alter my logo for christmas. Add snow, some christmas lights and probably a tree. 2. I need you to alter my logo that is going to used on site's footer of premium users who created sites with our web builder. So, somehow add the "Premium" tag to it. Make it elegant. Deadline: - The revisions should be completed within 48 hours. Skills and Experience: - Graphic design skills - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator - Attention to detail - Ability to work quickly and meet deadlines

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    ...social media strategy to enhance brand visibility. Create and curate high-quality, engaging content for daily posts on various social media channels. Manage and schedule weekly email campaigns targeting our client base. Craft compelling and personalized email content that aligns with our brand voice. Monitor and analyze the performance of social media and email campaigns, adjusting strategies for optimal results. Collaborate with the marketing team to ensure consistency across all communication channels. Requirements: Proven experience as a Social Media Marketing Specialist and Email Marketer. Strong understanding of social media platforms, trends, and best practices. Proficiency in creating visually appealing content. Experience with email marketing platforms (e.g., Mailchimp,...

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    We are seeking a skilled developer to create a no/low code web and mobile application using FlutterFlow. Our main goal is to develop a Wedding/Event management SaaS application. Key requirements and features for the project include: - Guest-list Management - Vendor Management - RSVP/Logistics Management - Hotelling RSVP - Samagri List - Few other small things The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in FlutterFlow or similar no/low code development platforms - Strong understanding of mobile and web application development - Ability to work efficiently and deliver high-quality results within a tight timeline The project must be completed within 1 month. We are open to suggestions and welcome your expertise in enhancing the function...

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    Correct Python code 6 päivää left

    Project Title: Correct Python code Project Description: I am seeking a Python developer to help me correct a syntax error in my code. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in Python programming - Proficiency in identifying and fixing syntax errors - Intermediate level understanding of Python code complexity Requirements: - Ability to analyze and debug code to identify the specific syntax error - Experience in effectively correcting syntax errors in Python code - Familiarity with intermediate level Python code complexity - Attention to detail and ability to ensure the corrected code runs smoothly Additional Information: - The corrected code should include both comments and documentation to e...

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    DevOps Engineer required for a day 6 päivää left

    ...review and optimize our current server setup, including Nginx configurations, PHP-FPM settings, and database architecture, to enhance the scalability and performance of our application. Tasks: - Conduct a comprehensive review of our existing server infrastructure. - Analyze and optimize Nginx configuration for improved performance and reliability. - Review and fine-tune PHP-FPM settings to ensure optimal resource utilization and response times. - Assess our current database setup (MySQL/PostgreSQL/etc.) for scalability and performance bottlenecks. - Provide recommendations for scaling our application infrastructure to handle increased load. - Implement best practices for server management, deployment processes, and automated monitoring. - Document changes and configurations for ...

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    Short description: Webflow website, with CMS collection with 6700 items. Need to add a search to the page. The search results should only show CMS collection items I am looking for a freelancer to add a CMS collection search feature to my Webflow site. I am open to suggestions and would like to discuss further before deciding on a specific design or layout for the search feature. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience working with Webflow and CMS collections - Knowledge of search functionality and integration - Ability to provide design suggestions and collaborate on the final layout of the search feature

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    We are in immed...completion is today by 7 PM GMT. Tasks: Code Review and Optimization: Conduct a detailed review of our existing Flutter app. Identify and fix any bugs or inefficiencies. Your goal will be to enhance the app's performance and streamline its functionality. Notification Handling: We require sophisticated handling of Firebase notifications. You’ll be setting up notifications targeted at specific users identified by their email addresses. These notifications will be triggered by changes made in Firestore through a web admin dashboard that we manage. Your task is to ensure these notifications are delivered accurately and managed effectively within the app. Bug Fixing: Proactively identify and resolve any lingering issues to ensure the app's stability ...

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    I wish to implement a Custom Combobox, such that as the user types in text in the Custom Combobox, the Custom Combobox will search through the internal items and display the custom search results in a dropdown menu. This control should work by itself, and should also be able to work in a datagridview. It should look, act, and work exactly like a regular combobox and like a regular datagridview, except that the search function is replaced by the code in the attached document. Attached is the full requirements. VB.NET, Windows Form project, using .NET 7.0 framework

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    I am looking for an AI developer who is proficient in Java to build identity recognition code. The primary function of the code will be email and face recognition. The desired level of accuracy for the code is high, above 95%. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Java programming language - Experience in AI development and machine learning algorithms - Familiarity with facial recognition and email recognition technologies - Ability to achieve high accuracy in identity recognition code (above 95%)

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    Java Refactor Code 6 päivää left

    Project developed in Jswing and Ms-Access. Want to refactor code

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    C++ spatial indexing project 6 päivää left

    Title: C++ Spatial Indexing Project ... - The project involves working with polygon spatial data. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in C++ programming language. - Strong understanding of spatial indexing concepts and techniques. - Experience working with polygon data in C++. - Familiarity with basic spatial indexing algorithms such as R-tree, Quadtree, or K-d tree. Deliverables: - Develop a basic spatial indexing system in C++. - Implement the chosen spatial indexing algorithm (R-tree, Quadtree, or K-d tree). - Efficiently index and query polygon spatial data. Note: Since the client skipped the question about the specific spatial indexing algorithm, the freelancer will have the freedom to choose the most suitable algorithm based on their expertis...

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    I am looking for a web-based application that will help me with data management of individuals. The application should also have a user management module and an AI search option by picture. Additionally, I would like the application to have a report and analytics module. Key features required in the data management module are: - Individual record management: The application should allow me to store and manage detailed information about each individual. - Bulk data import/export: I should be able to import and export data in bulk to save time and effort. - Data analysis and reports: The application should provide me with tools to analyze the data and generate reports. I need this project completed within a month. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Web developme...

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    Search 500 Contacts 6 päivää left

    Please submit a realistic bid under 40 dollars for the following task to be completed in 1-2 days. Research and Send 500 messages to my contact list using my yours Linkedin Sales Navigator Step 1. Find the person/ company on the contact list to be given to you using Linkedin Sales Navigator Step 2. Send this message to all the contacts on the contact list via Linkedin ( see attached sample)

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    I am looking for a freelancer to write an article on job search during the Christmas period. The target audience for this article is job seekers. The desired tone of the article is informal. As for the specific points or tips to be included, I am open to the freelancer's creativity and expertise. However, the article should provide valuable insights and advice to job seekers on how to navigate the job market during the holiday season. Ideal skills for this project include excellent writing and research abilities, as well as a good understanding of the job search process.

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    Trophy icon SAAS Social Schedule No Code 4 päivää left

    ... 1 Functionalarty 2 Speed 3 Design Customization Level: - Basic customization requirements for the website. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Bubble platform. - Experience in website development and customization. - Understanding of SAAS and No Code principles. - Strong knowledge of web design and user experience. - Ability to implement basic customization features. Project Details: - The project involves developing a SAAS No Code website using the Bubble platform. - The website requires basic customization to meet the client's specific needs. - The ideal freelancer should have experience in website development and customization, particularly with the Bubble platform. - The freelancer should possess strong knowledge of web design

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    A design of a database for a website for managing tree-cutting for a contractor David Smith. A client will need to register with the website with the following information: first name, last name, address, credit card information, phone number, and email. A unique client ID will be generated for the client when they register themselves. Part I need to get done is Implementing the following functionality using Java and SQL with necessary GUI interfaces. Emphasize both the web interfaces and their integration with backend database operations The root user needs to implement various functionalities in a project, with a focus on easy navigation and clear layout for each page. Specific queries related to the activities of David Smith, a tree cutter, need to be executed on a databa...

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    SAAS No Code 6 päivää left

    SAAS No Code Website Development Project Primary Goal: - Creating a website using the Bubble platform. Customization Level: - Basic customization requirements for the website. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Bubble platform. - Experience in website development and customization. - Understanding of SAAS and No Code principles. - Strong knowledge of web design and user experience. - Ability to implement basic customization features. Project Details: - The project involves developing a SAAS No Code website using the Bubble platform. - The website requires basic customization to meet the client's specific needs. - The ideal freelancer should have experience in website development and customization, particularly with the Bubble platform. - The freelancer sh...

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    Oil painting 6 päivää left

    I am looking for an experienced oil painter who specializes in realism. The pro...particularly in the realism style - Ability to accurately depict still life subjects with attention to detail - Experience working with medium-sized canvases - Strong understanding of color theory and composition - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines I would like to have a one of a kind painting of a mother sloth relaxing as her 3 children sloths play around a chineese cherry blossom tree the oldest child should be a pre teen playing with a kylo ren light saber the middle child around 8 be cuddling a stuffed animal and the youngest be crawling on the mother sloth. If you have a portfolio showcasing your realism oil paintings, particularly in still life subjects, please include it in your...

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    23 tarjoukset

    ...E-commerce Website: - I would like the website to have an online payment system, allowing customers to make purchases securely and conveniently. - It should also include a product search and filtering feature, enabling users to easily find the items they are looking for. - Additionally, I would like the website to have a customer reviews and ratings section, providing valuable feedback to potential buyers. Web Scraping Program: - My preferred platform for the web scraping program is social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. - The program should be able to scrape data from these platforms, including search engines like Google and Bing. - I am specifically looking for a functionality that allows both data extraction and analysis. This will help me gathe...

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    I want to build a a model where user can convert their images into something else I have a GitHub project which does this but in that the image quality is not good I want someone to build more good model out of it. After running the project I want to integrate in a very very very very simple website or web app where the only feature is the user give image as a input and click on the conv...I want someone to build more good model out of it. After running the project I want to integrate in a very very very very simple website or web app where the only feature is the user give image as a input and click on the convert button and the result he will get Or I want a telegram bot Here is the GitHub link for that project

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    Python ML code to Jupyter Notebook -- 2 5 päivää left

    I have an NBA Prediction code in python. Task: 1.) Copy all the python codes to a Jupyter notebook and debug/run it successfully 2.) Output the predictions in a dataframe Notes: 1.) The code already runs but it's easier for me to run it via Jupyter 2.) Important inputs are the dates 2a) Historical data date 2b) Current predictions date. Deadline: 12 hrs Budget: $20

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - Urban Garden Care 2 päivää left

    We're currently developing a horticultural branch of our company and would like to design a logo for this. We require the branding to be in line with our current company Urban Forest Care, where the logo represents an ariel view looking down on a tree. So, we'd like the logo for Urban Garden Care to be an ariel view looking down on a garden, or something of this nature. I also need the final design to be provided in both JPEG or PNG and vector (EPS or AI) formats. Skills and experience needed: - Graphic design - Logo design - Understanding of modern and minimalistic design principles - Proficiency in creating designs in both raster and vector formats

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    Project Title: Setup VS code with Github Description: I am looking for a freelancer to help me set up my VS code with Github on my Windows operating system. Requirements: - Experience with setting up VS code with Github on Windows - Knowledge of Git and version control - Familiarity with Github repositories and connecting them to VS code Skills: - Proficiency in Windows operating system - Strong understanding of VS code and its features - Git and version control expertise - Familiarity with Github and its repository management Deliverables: - Successfully connect my existing Github repository with VS code on my Windows system - Provide clear instructions on how to use Git and VS code for version control and collaboration purposes Note:...

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