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    We have a newspaper archive on the Web, hosted in Wordpress, composed of about 150 similarly formatted pages (one for each year off publication) with links to PDF files. The archive is about 120 GB in size. We want to create portable archives available on 200 GB USB sticks. The job is to create the format with intro pages for this archive. The Web archive also uses Google Custom Site search, ...

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    Need OCR Reader Loppunut left

    Hello, I need someone who has already coded an OCR reader for websites. OCR Readers detect text from images. I need it to automatically detect email addresses from websites on server side.

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    Will require a software development team to be able to write code for Linux Server that will virtualize router services such as network management, quality of services, SSID configuration, etc. Languages: Python and C++ C Perl Java

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    i have a python script with two functions 1: detect_text(path) = this will send a image to google cloud vision api and gives a response with all ocr extracted text this function works like a charm 2:annotate(_json) = this function i got problems with i found it online on stack overflow it supposed to structurize the google response in a more readable way but it wont connect with detect_text() ...

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    READ ALL THIS *BEFORE* BIDDING I have a real-time datafeed of global pandemic data and future predictions in JSON format. Your job is to build a highly-attractive single-web page to display this data to visitors with maps and charts. Sample data is at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] - it contains:- a) all the current live data (confirmed infections, deaths, and recoveries) for each momen...

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    Java OCR Poject Loppunut left

    need web based stand alone OCR reading invoices and receipts.

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    Task 1.1: Consider the following situation: A set of image files (GIF, PNG, and JPG) have been accidentally renamed wrongly: The file endings have been removed. For instance, a file whose original name was [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is now called test. The files may be mixed with files whose file endings are intact and with files that are not of type GIF, PNG, or JPG, and they may be sp...

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    Experience with OCR capabilities in Onbase. In particular, OCR template building in Onbase 18 for scanning paper community college transcripts and extracting key data.

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    Experience with OCR capabilities in Onbase. In particular, OCR template building in Onbase 18 for scanning paper community college transcripts and extracting key data.

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    I need web based stand alone OCR reading invoices and receipts. Please do not bid if you don't have experience in OCR

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    Complete Blood Count OCR TASK DESCRIPTION As part of a current project to build the next generation of anesthesia software, we need to extract 2 pieces of data (Hemoglobin concentration and Mean Corpuscular Volume) from pictures of reports of biological exams (Complete Blood Count). This function will then be deployed on GCloud as a Cloud Function, so it must be written in Node.js or in Python. ...

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    I have a Perl script that gets input parameters, calls two APIs (one for login and the other for data) and prints the response - separated by commas. I would like to convert this script to Python and create Amazon lex - Lambda function, which runs the script with the input parameters.

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    I have 21 jpg scans of spreadsheets. I need to turn them into Excel. You can do it manualy or use some OCR sollution. Values must be numeric values in excel cells, and dates must be dates. Not text! Some of the scans have last line with total sum of the collumn. It should help to check if the values you have in the collumn are correct. I realease money after 24h to have a time to check if your wor...

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    Hello. I'm looking for someone to build an accounting app using METEOR framework. There are 5 basic flow is : 0 - define caterogy and subcategory structure (this is preset mostly done by admin) 1 - a - integrating the API here [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to retrieve all transactions (purchases and revenues) from bank account - see [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 1 - b -...

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    [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 8 euro is maximum budget Convert this special document to editable word , the output should be the same 100% !! Please be sure you can do it . I will award if you give me the last 3 pages test in word

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    Dear Freelancers, This is an advanced project as the name of the project suggested as i know it's a pain in the ass for requesting increase api rate limit on twitter. Requirement of the project 1) FAMILIAR on TWITTER and DISCORD API 2) Can be coded in any advanced language as long the monitor is FAST (I need it to be the fastest in the market) I can provide the timeline of other monitors f...

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    Hi, the following is the description of the work I am requesting for your service. 1. Use the camera 2. User takes a picture of a document with some texts (let's say it has a word "anchor") 3. Use the Apple vision kit to dewarp the image (should be done automatically with no user input, [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) 4. Save the image to...

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    Looking for someone who has great expierence with Tesseract OCR with python. Needing some help with getting some text images resolved. We are also using Puppeteer for web scrape.

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    Looking for custom software to process bill from customers identify all fields and send them to our own accounting software or third party accounting systems like Quick books. Must have experience with OCR software like amazon textract, experience in developing applications with OCR reader. Experience in AI and machine learning is must

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    i need you make some api with perl (centos server) with php so you need to have below requiment: perl and python language - php - cpanel control panel - litespeed webserver

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    Business Card OCR Loppunut left

    1. Take a business card image via camera, OCR and break into key text fields and convert to QRcode. 2. QRcode scanner to import to information.

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    17 books each book is in one folder, in the folder there is JPEG files saying to page number Total of 500 pages Job is to: 1. Crop jpeg:s correct 2. Merge them into a PDF 3. PDF should be OCR readable (German text format) 4. Pages muster be in correct order (files is already sorted)

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    As described in title, I need a simple script to go through a HTML page saved locally and perform find and replace on the textual parts, i.e. without breaking the HTML tags (and code). At best using a parser such as HTML::Parser (or similar). The key part is to perform a substitution only in the "non-code" part of the HTML file, ie. excluding tags and so on, working only on the textual ...

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    A sample document is provided. I need a single text file (plain text is fine, use of Word is not required nor desired). The text file should contain the names under each photo, one name per line of text. Names only. I do not need any other information (in this case home towns). There are other books to be processed this way if the cost can be kept reasonable. OCR works reasonably well on thes...

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    We need a (pure) Perl script (using any of the PDF namespaces on cpan, and - if needed - XpdfReader command line tools) to find words (regex) in the text, highlight them and add an annotation. We have already several sub-functions implemented, but need a complete solution. Please, only bids from Perl experts.

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    I currently have a website and a training platform (Chamilo). These are already a bit dated and give problems with mobile devices. I have thought about remaking everything so that the sale of courses, student enrollment, diploma issuance is done automatically. The sales operation must be as follows: - The user can buy the course through the store. - The User can buy a coupon, in Groupon, Peixe (or...

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    We need to modify this web application as following : (Please read carefully before send proposal) Base script : CI (PHP) -Fix some Bux and minor custom -Add monitoring adn API for Team Volunteers & Voter Location management - Scan Indonesian ID Card to Voter database (OCR) [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] - Add News / Blog - Add Chat function M...

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    I need a small aplication that receive as parameter a PDF file non searchable and as output it creates PDF Searchable file - preferabbly with tessaract but also are options are good.

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    Need a script to log into a lottery website and hit "quick pick" button on the website. Then, if 3 of the same numbers appears on each of the 3 lines, then "add to cart" and start again. If 3 numbers are not on each of the 3 lines, jsut click "quick pick" again and repeat... I want the script to hit "quick pick" only once every 10 seconds. PM me for t...

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    Criar aplicação utililizando Open Source OCR. 1. Especificação Ler uma foto e podere especificar em qual lugar da foto poderá capturar os textos. 2. Tirar foto e realizar identificação facial. 3. monitorar camera e identificar

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    Hi, RE: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] We need to run LedgerSMB (1.7.9) on a Hosted environment on our VPS hosting account. We are also looking at getting the offline option on our business computers, you would need to research the best possible way for us to achieve this easily. Unfortunately if the internet goes down or we lose power we would like to be able to continue in an offline c...

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    We want to generate a list of coffee shops that are listed three popular listing marketplaces as well as take a screenshot of the listing's page and store all of the data each day with the goal of providing trends for each city we use this software in. The work will include: 1. Searching three websites for a pre-specified business type for a US city (Google Maps, Yelp and one other webs...

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    se necesita una aplicación en android que sea OCR para cédulas (venezolanas y colombianas) y cualquier tipo de pasaporte, ademas que pueda leer NFC para pasaporte y leer su info del chip. se requiere su librería para integrarlo a otra aplicación que ya es funcional

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    OCR using vb Loppunut left

    i need interactive application using OCR which should give the following 1. XY coordinates of specified TEXT from the screen 2. Should detect the color from the screen 3. Should detect the values from the screen Pls note that i dont want the above three from an image. And also note that i wont award until i see a sample debugged program

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    I have the need to reformat data in the attached XML file in two Tags. <INCOND> and <OUTCOND> are used to link jobs in workflows. These names in the tags need to be updated to include more unique data to map the condition correctly when jobs exist in multiple folders. Current naming format is [G-]{jobname}-{toJob{jobname}} Require the format updated to [G-]{parent_folder}_{jobname}-...

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    JavaScript expert, basic knowledge of perl, HTML5 expert and solid background in adding Google Pay System to web page and Google Pay is already added to game game menu just make sure it works 100%. Add what every pages to my website for the Google Pay system and send some parts to my server backend. All API calls for this in complete and ready. ---------------------------------=-------------------...

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    I currently have a "Contact us" page that requests visitors to submit contact information to gain access to a software download. IOW, the user provides their name and email address and that data is sent to us by email (our web server has an email server on it). Once we receive the incoming email, we then send out a custom email providing the details on where they can download the softwar...

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    Looking for a function that reads an image using OCR and returns an array of all its texts with their coordinate position.

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    I have personal Android project APP to lookup information using car's plate. The project is intended to develop a android App (in Java) and there are mainly 5 screens (already designed in Adobe XD), and they are very simple in terms of elements. It's also needed to: - store the requests in a local "history" database (sqlite?); - be able to make requests to a remote https API i...

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    Looking for someone to work on perl scripting programme

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    A task: Simulator User Action - Input + a Link web, + a TextStringA + (may be Hexa Number color of text) Simulate user action, step by step: 1. Open a website 2. Capture screen to an image 3. Recognize TextStringA in image, and get postion in pixel, then Mouse click to that position (OCR opensource...) Send me step by step to do

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    Wanted- Perl Developer for long term full time project! You must be able to : Design, develop, and maintain applications using Perl modules /code that meets requirements, is high quality, and performs efficiently and effectively to provide a great customer experience. • Experience in application development using Perl. • Working knowledge of Linux OS environment and basic shell scrip...

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    Looking to create an application that will crawl through a specified network location for PDF files, take the PDF's and upscale to a high enough DPI for OCR to run properly, embed the text back into the PDF with location information. Future plan would then be to index and create a database of thousands of PDF's for future uses

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    This is a sample. We have 1500 pages similar to those pages exactly. What is needed is entering those entries in an Excel sheet, with English in one column and Arabic on another. Data entry must be very accurate and error free. If you can not provide a spell checked product, then the whole project would be useless. This is very very important. We have keywords followed by sub categories. The sub ...

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    Necesito una APP que lea tickets de compra y obtenga los datos como Nombre de la tienda, Fecha, Importe total, etc.

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    . Export PDF to Word Convert PDF To Word & Other Formats Word, PowerPoint and Excel, RTF, HTML, text, and image formats. Export the whole document ,l Export PDF to Word Create PDF from Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Visio Create PDF with integrated, fully functional Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Visio add-ins. ConnectedPDF Edit PDF Organize Collaborate and Share Create PDF Convert ...

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    Looking for someone to work on perl scripting programme

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    7 tarjoukset

    I need a mobile app which could Read hand written as well as Normal Text from Pictures and forms using Tesseract and Machine Learning for Training. We can discuss in detail. This project is at very basic level.

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