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    We are have fleet managment "black-box" based on GL865 connected to GPS module via serial. What we need now is python script firmware that allow: 1. Send position string and status of connected sencors via GPRS using TCP-IP every xx sec when fleet move and yyy sec when it stay. String like NMEA. 2. Setup parametrs xx yy and GPRS (ip and port)

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    питоне для Telit (Python on Telit GL865). Если интер&...

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    Based on a nice Eagle design (see attachment), using the PIC32MX440F256H 80 Mhz microcontroller, we need an Arduino compatible software suite (prepared with the Pinguino IDE) which will make the design function as a GPS wildlife tracker. It is necessary for our work as wildlife protection NGO. Its intention is to have a continuous sleep and wake

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    ...locator module design for prototype. The winning bidder will deliver schematics, BOM, GERBER Files, Drill files etc in a format that can be viewed with eagle pcb or another free cad software. The product has to be adhere to the design rules at pcbtrain ([login to view URL]). No software is required. The design is based around the Telit GE864-GPS

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    Hello , I am trying to design a pcb layout for Telit HE910 module.. Its a simple layout with a battery connector ( 2 headers) and sim card slot.. i expect a 4 layer board design in altium... do you have experience in designing with the Telit module ...If interested please email me at thank you

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    ...preliminary communication, not a direct request for quote. I'm looking for someone to build and program a very basic mobile phone using the following core components: Telit GE864-GPS chipset Lithium Ion battery being approximately 800mAh Full size SIM card holder (not mini/micro) Waterproof speaker and microphone The device has the following

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    We are looking for someone who can help us develop USB host drivers for Alchemy Au1550 MIPS32 microprocessor running on QNX 6.3.1 with SP1. There are two USB host drivers we need. The first one is for serial communication with a wireless modem and the other is for mass storage on a USB Flash key. The first one is of higher priority. Please note that

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    I need a python code for a telit gm862-gps, the code most send data to a server.

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    This project ...12. Final product/plan/code will be provided in a production-ready format and will be the sole property of our company. Sidenote: Initial development has incorporated Telit GM862-GPS ([login to view URL]). We are not dead set on this device and are open to suggestions for a better platform.

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    We are looking for a programmer that can write us code for our tracking device (uses Telit GM862-GPS module) in Python that will tell the GM862-GPS module to send it's GPS coordinates, date, time, etc to our website (database). Please find attached the Python Code that is used for us to have this module send it's GPS information to [log...

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    ...that can design our PCB Layout. We would like the footprint to be as small as possible. Items that are to be included in the design are: 1. Telit GE865-QUAD GSM/GPRS Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) module (Website: [login to view URL] ) (Data Sheet Included) 2. GPS Chip and Antenna (Still deciding

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    I have GPS/GSM/GPRS terminal for commercial cars. Device based on Telit GE863-GPS. You must add CAN-digger supporting. Imput RS-232. More details PM.

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    It must be a board with Telit GE-865 GSM/GPRS modem module and PIC24 microcontroller (I can discuss about other processors options) and the embedded source code must be in C language. The device must send constantly to a server its position (coordinates) based on GSM cells triangulation and show it in a Google map. The device will not have a GPS

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    I need to send messages to a web sitefrom a remote location by http. I use a GM862-GPS terminal form Telit. I need a sequence of AT commands and python script that will run AT commands. The purpose of the script is to read GPS position and information from module's GPIO pin and issue a GET request to my web site. The query string of the GET requ...

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    I am working with a Telit GE865 GSM modem which is going to be used to send network information via SMS. The project requirements are to build a program in Python that accomplishes the following. 1: Telit wakes up from a shut down at a predetermined time. 2: Reboot the module 3: registers with the network 4: does a network survey via AT commands

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    I need an arduino sketch (lilypad and Arduino Pro Mini compatible) which is able to wake up from deep sleep mode triggered by activation of a reed switch (using an interupt). The deep sleep mode is necessary, because the hardware will be in the field using battery power. For this reason it is under consideration to just use an arduino chip with minimal

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    Need embedded programming of an ATMEL ATMEGA1280 based controller. Device has 2 stages, controller only with logging and controller with GSM/WiFi communications. ATMEL has external 2gb flash memory card which records events. We have 4 digital inputs,? 3 analogue, 5 digital out which are a basic PLC - i.e turn on output to start a motor if an input is

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    I need to send a message to a web site from a remote location. I use a GT863-PY terminal form Telit. I need o call a php script using GPRS. this php script takes 3 parameters. Fo far I was able to connect to the website, but when I call the script nothing happens I have a "NO CARRIER" message after timeout. I think is a very simple job, but ...

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    Some demonstration Python scripts to send Text messages and Email messages when receiving a message from the RS232 interface on Telit GSM/GPRS modems. ## Deliverables I am looking for a few simple demo Python scripts to send messages using a Telit GSM/GPRS module. The Telit module will receive data periodically in the form n"n/nn/nn" w...

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    I need to write a Python script for Telit GC864Quad - PY module. Here is the module that i have [login to view URL];rnd=7280821&rrc=N&affl=&cip= It has build in Python interpreter engine that

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    15 tarjoukset maps so I can track in real time, which will be hosted by me. The script has to be written in python language for my gm-862 prototype. Also, will have to support OTA updates on the form for batch updates to multiple devices. Add geofencing code via python script.? ? I will need? the whole site? interface developed in flash cs4 with a web? form? for

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    This is a Windows Loader Application for? programming Hardware, the hardware is, Telit module based GE863 GPS Unit, the coder will require? understanding of these units and of Python. This loader application is to? allow the user? to program all functions of these units for AVL (Automotive Vehicle Location) including monitoring of the onboard GPIO ports

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    We need a Telit python application, which is capable of recording GPS and Cell ID data, store these on the module (=logging) and send these, when a certain amount of data (e.g. 100 location data) is reached, to a server by means of GPRS. The logging is necessary, because the telit module will move around in an environment where not at all times there

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    1 tarjoukset I need a system created that involves a cmos camera that automatically records the video to mmc or sd card. The recording will be triggered by gpio and the video files may be accessable by a serial line if possible. This is to compliment an existing project base on the GE863 gps module by telit.? I do not want to use the module camera function

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    TELIT GM862-GPS is a GSM modem with a built in GPS receiver and a python interpreter. I´m? looking for Python scripts to pull GPS data and I/O information from? GM862-GPS unit? and send to a server, email and/or SMS. I would like to be able to communicate to this modem from the server as well and? change the configuration.

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    ...general advice if possible (if the bidder can only help with the code part I will take just the code without the advice). ## Deliverables Code 1. An optimised / efficient Python function to validate lat / longs as per the GPSRMC format i.e. 0000.0000N and 00000.0000E. Primarily it will check for the correct number of digits, and decimal place, along

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    ...microchip PIC and GSM terminals befor you bid for this project 1. The main goal of this project is to create an easy interface for gsm terminals, like Siemens tc35, mc35, mc45,telit 863, telit 864 ect. using a simple serial protocol for controlling the terminal feature. 2. Hardware of this project includes: 1 microchip, few power components and rs232 voltage

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    TELIT GM862-GPS is a GSM modem with a built in GPS receiver and a python interpreter. So the users can write their own python code (to run on this modem) and do a lot of things (from dialing a phone # to obtaining GPS data and sending to another phone or a server via SMS). We are looking for Python script/scripts to pull GPS data from **GM-862

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    One of the newest Telit modems has a very smal built in GPS receiver. It has also a python interpreter which makes it possible to program the modem with user defined python code. For this modem we need python code for getting the NMEA data from the GPS receiver and sending these to a remote server. Together with the NMEA data also the IMEI and Cell

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    Customer will send request for ringtone or ...format. 1. Nokia base - All Nokia handset model 2. EMS base - Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, Siemens, Motorola, Panasonic, Sendo, Dbtel, Alcatel, Dragon, Bird, Tcl, Telit, Haier, LG, Philips ets. More information or Diagram can provide in PM There will more work coming up next, So happy bidding.

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    want to activate 10 - 20 emergency flashing beacons using a Telit GM862 cell module in each beacon. need a program written in python lang that can be downloaded onto each unit so it can be texted using standard SMS and have it activate a GPIO. want the option to activate/deactivate just one unit or send a command to have unit act and send the act command

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    ...charging - Wireless data and software update Hardware components used: - SBC: Compulab CM-X270W - Color LCD touchscreen 320x240 - GSM/GPS module: Telit Trizium GPS - Wifi module - Bluetooth module - USB port - Microphone, speaker (digital to/from the controller) - Camera/video recorder - Rechargeable battery - 7 buttons (select,

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