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    Sisällön kirjoittamista copywriter, joka tuntee ohjelmistotuotteiden

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    Sisällön kirjoittamista copywriter, joka tuntee ohjelmistotuotteiden

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    Sisällön kirjoittamista copywriter, joka tuntee ohjelmistotuotteiden markkinointia

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    Job karni he 12000 selari me muchhe bahut arjent he

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    Kirjoita artikkeleita artikkelien kirjoittamista viihdejulkaisuun

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    as agreed Custom help java + mysql Custom help java + mysql Custom help java + mysql Custom help java + mysql

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    Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1Some Help Need jortegon1

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    i need data entry part time job

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    Thanks, great job!

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    QUICK HELP WITH PYTHON SCRIPT -- 2 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a Python developer who can provide quick help with adding new functionality to my script. The desired functionality is at an intermediate complexity level. Expected Outcome Code will return a dictionary with:       -the pet image filename as the key : (ex. filename = '' Pet label = 'boston terrier')       -List that contains only the pet image label as the value for all 40 pet images in the         pet_image folder Print dict length (e.g. dictionary length is 40). The pet image labels the following way: Lower case letters Single space separating each word Correct representation of the filenames (from the 10 key-value pairs) To create the la...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me create a custom font for my save the date. Requirements: - I have an image of a font that I really like and I would like someone to re-create it for me. - I have specific requirements for the font, which I will provide in detail. - The intended tone for the font is [Formal/Casual/Artistic]. Skills and experience: - Proficiency in font design and typography. - Ability to accurately recreate a font based on an image. - Attention to detail and ability to meet specific requirements. If you are a talented font designer and can help me bring my vision to life, please reach out with examples of your previous work.

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    ...and Java (Android) who can help me create a .SO file for use in my Android app. Objective: - To hide certain app functionality inside a .SO so it makes it harder for the functionality to be reversed. - The .SO will be consumed by the Android app So for example, currently there is just a Java Class with Methods and the Android app calls those various Methods as required. In this case sending data to the server and getting a response. Decompiling the APK will reveal some information in that code. However if I have a .SO file instead and use that, it is much harder to reverse and find the information. Functionality: - I have converted a Java Class to C using an online converter. - The Class has multiple Methods that are used by the main Android app. - I need the .SO ...

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    Should be very easy for anyone that is good at DV360. We have YouTube campaigns running and I want to show the client how many people went to their website after seeing their ad.

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    Project Description: Help with solving an error in object detection API (Windows) I am currently encountering an error while updating modules and facing difficulties with compatible versions. I am using Python as the software or programming language for this project. However, I am not sure about the specific version of the object detection API that I am using. Requirements: - Strong knowledge and experience in Python programming - Expertise in solving errors related to module updates and compatibility issues - Familiarity with object detection APIs and their versions - Ability to troubleshoot and debug errors in Windows environment Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming - Experience in working with object detection APIs - Knowledge of module updates and compat...

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    I need help writing a report 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a skilled writer to help me with a report about a construction site. The purpose of the report is to discuss the production management of a construction project from production management aspects specific things need to be covered such as Site layout and management, logistics management, on site production constraints, delivery arrangements, main vehicular routes and many more Requirements: - Strong writing skills and ability to convey technical information clearly - Experience in writing reports or similar documents - Knowledge of construction industry and site management - Ability to work with provided data and information - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines The report should be less than 4 pages (1000 words) in length. I have some specifi...

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    Hi, I will send you invite to this job here, please note what I said in messages, so the time to solve the exercises will be at 6th December between 8:30 and 11:30

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    adope illestrator setup help on my mac 6 päivää left

    Adobe Illustrator Setup Assistance for Mac - I am seeking installation assistance for Adobe Illustrator on my Mac - I would like to set up the latest version of Adobe Illustrator - I am a beginner in terms of familiarity with Adobe Illustrator and would appreciate guidance and support in the setup process.

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    I am seeking a skilled writer to help me craft an apologetic love letter to my ex-partner. The ideal candidate for this project will have experience in writing heartfelt and sincere letters, with a strong understanding of emotional nuances. Requirements: - Ability to convey genuine remorse and a desire to make amends through the letter - Excellent command of language and grammar - Understanding of the appropriate tone for an apologetic letter - Creativity in presenting the message in a unique and impactful way Skills: - Proficient in writing romantic and emotional content - Strong communication and collaboration skills to ensure the letter accurately reflects my intentions - Sensitivity and empathy towards the recipient's feelings - Ability to write in a long and detailed fo...

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    The project is a diffusion distillation model. I am seeking help to run the code of this project and it can be found on this link: The code output is in the preview document on the same link. All the files to run the code can be found at this link: *Please note a TPU is required which can be found on Google Collab or other TPU cloud services. Requirements: - Familiarity with the code and its requirements is necessary. - The intended use for the output is personal. - No modifications or specific features are needed in the output. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency

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    I am in need of a professional fashion designer based in India or Pakistan to assist me in creating a collection of traditional kurtis for online sale. Style: Traditional - The collection will consist of traditional style kurtis, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of India and Pakistan. Color and Fabric: Open to Suggestions - While I have some ideas in mind, I am open to the designer's expertise and suggestions for specific colors and fabrics that will enhance the overall aesthetic and appeal of the kurtis. Design Quantity: More than 10 - I require more than 10 unique designs for my collection, ensuring a diverse range of options for potential customers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A strong background in fashion design, particularly in traditional I...

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    I am looking for a back end expert in WordPress to help fix a fatal PHP error on my website. The specific error message I am receiving is "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function". Our website is down right now. Skills and Experience Needed: - Strong expertise in PHP and WordPress back end development - Experience troubleshooting and fixing fatal errors in WordPress - Knowledge of backup and restore processes in WordPress - Ability to quickly diagnose and resolve issues to get the website back up and running - Immediate availability and ability to provide timely assistance

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    Need help with custom grafana alerts 6 päivää left

    Project Title: Custom Grafana Email Alerts for High-Frequency Conditions I am in need of a skilled freelancer who can help me set up custom Grafana alerts for high-frequency conditions. I specifically require email alerts to be triggered based on predefined conditions. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in customizing Grafana alerts - Proficiency in configuring email alerting systems within Grafana - Familiarity with setting up conditions and triggers for alerts - Ability to work with high-frequency alerts and ensure timely delivery of notifications Ideal candidate: - Has prior experience in implementing Grafana email alerts - Understands the importance of high-frequency alerting and can optimize the system accordingly - Can suggest best practices for...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can pro...provide assistance with my Python project. The specific area of Python that I need help with is web development. Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of programming concepts in Python - Experience in web development using Python frameworks such as Django or Flask - Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Familiarity with databases and SQL - Ability to create and integrate APIs - Experience in deploying web applications Ideal freelancer should include the following in their application: - Past work examples showcasing their experience in Python web development - Detailed project proposals outlining their approach and timeline for completing the project I have an urgent deadline for this project and need it comple...

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    I have my current website but needed PHP update to show again, Thank you for your help and time as always

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    I have an acrylic painting that I’d like to repaint with certain other colors. I’d like to have a template as a digital photo to help me see how it might look before I actually repaint. I’ve attached some of the lighter colors I’d like to use. Sand color instead of mustard, a combination of blue and blue- green for the greens and a light brown to replace red etc.. if I can see the altered painting I can recreated with acrylics.

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    Project Title: Help me fix "Error: Cannot find module 'axios' on Gitlab pipeline Description: I am looking for a developer with experience in JavaScript and React to help me fix an error that I am encountering on my Gitlab pipeline. Currently, I am getting the error message "Cannot find module 'axios'" despite installing it as part of my pipeline, and I need someone to help me troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in JavaScript - Experience working with React - Familiarity with Gitlab pipelines - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills - Knowledge of npm package manager If you have experience with Gitlab pipelines and are confident in your ability to fix this error, plea...

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    Website Malware Attack - Help Needed 6 päivää left

    I am in need of assistance as one of my sites has recently been attacked by malware and now rendered the other sites on the same hosting package offline. Security Measures: I have not taken any steps to secure my website after the attack, so the ideal candidate should be able to implement necessary security measures to prevent future attacks. The below has come from my hosting company. ********************************************************************************* (A) Disinfecting or deleting the malicious files 1. Open the indicated link in your browser and use the access data for your primary SFTP user for authentication. Alternatively, you may also use an FTP client (such as FileZilla) to open the file in the ./logs/forensic/ directory. 2. The log file will contain additio...

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    ...looking for someone with expertise in Google Tag Manager to help me track clicks on a specific button on my Wordpress website. I am unsure if Google Tag Manager is already installed on my site, so I need assistance with that as well. Requirements: - Proficiency in Google Tag Manager - Experience with Wordpress websites Tasks: - Install and set up Google Tag Manager on my Wordpress site - Configure Google Tag Manager to track clicks on the specific button Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Google Tag Manager and its functionalities - Familiarity with Wordpress and its structure - Ability to troubleshoot and solve issues related to Google Tag Manager and Wordpress integration **I plan to hire within a day or two. You need to join me via Anydesk. You hav...

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    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me create bespoke joinery drawings for my custom furniture project. Although I don't have any reference images or sketches, I have a general idea in mind that I would like to discuss with the freelancer. Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating detailed joinery drawings for custom furniture - Proficiency in CAD software or similar tools for creating technical drawings - Strong understanding of joinery techniques and materials - Ability to interpret and translate design concepts into accurate drawings - Excellent communication skills to collaborate and discuss ideas Timeline: The expected timeline for this project is 2-4 weeks, allowing for thorough discussions, revisions, and the creation of prec...

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    Project Title: Sales Generation for T-Shirt and Hoodies Store Target Audience: - Both men and women Age Group: - All ages Overview: We are seeking assistance in boosting sales for our online t-shirt and hoodies store. We are willing to pay per sale generated or profit shared. Skills and Experience: - Prof...Monitor and analyze sales data to identify opportunities for improvement - Collaborate with our team to create compelling marketing campaigns - Meet or exceed sales targets on a consistent basis If you are a results-driven marketer with a proven track record in generating sales, we would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of past successful campaigns and outline your proposed approach to help us achieve our sales goals. Note : we will only pay per sale or prof...

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    I want help with a PPT 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with a PowerPoint presentation for my sales and marketing needs. I anticipate the presentation to have less than 10 slides. I already have specific content that I would like to include in the presentation. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in PowerPoint and graphic design - Strong understanding of sales and marketing principles - Ability to create visually appealing and engaging presentations - Attention to detail and ability to effectively organize information on slides This is an urgent project, so I will be hiring in the next 30 to 60 minutes.

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    I am looking for a skilled writer who can help me with a chapter for my master's thesis on the topic of "Research of intercultural communication on the basis of functioning and interaction of national cultural centres of Fergana region". The chapter should be more than 3000 words in length. I do not have any specific research or resources to be incorporated in the chapter, but I can help find them if needed. The deadline for this project is 1-2 weeks. Skills and experience required: - Strong research and writing skills - Knowledge of intercultural communication and cultural centres - Ability to work within tight deadlines

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    Project Title: SEO Expert Needed to Increase Domain Rating I am looking for an SEO expert who can help me in increasing my domain rating, which is currently less than 20. SEO Strategies Used So Far: - Backlinking: I have applied backlinking strategies to improve my domain rating. Main Goal for Improving Domain Rating: - Both: My main goal is to increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in increasing domain rating and improving search engine rankings. - Expertise in backlinking strategies and implementation. - Knowledge of keyword optimization to further enhance SEO efforts. - Familiarity with various SEO tools and techniques to analyze and monitor website performance. - Strong understanding of search engine...

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    I'm tracker, I help to founders to find business model and develop that and prepare startup to investment. It doesn't matter if you haven't IT start-up anyway we can find way to earn money for you I help more than 100 startups in Central Asia to start earn money or stopped them startups because his business model is not perspective, sometimes it needs to understand in early stage. My price is less than usually, because I want to practice English while work. If I like project and founders I can work free. We'll be glad to help to you

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    Installing ODBC on Windows for a beginner Skills and experience needed: - Proficient in installing programs on Windows - Knowledge of ODBC installation process - Familiarity with troubleshooting installation issues Project details: - The client is seeking assistance with installing ODBC on their Windows operating system. - The client has a beginner level of experience with installing programs. - They already have the necessary installation files and documentation. - The freelancer will be responsible for guiding the client through the installation process and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up and integrate Facebook and Snapchat pixel with Zoho CRM for conversion optimization. I currently have all of these systems connected and my main goal with this project is to increase conversion rates. Skills and experience needed: - Strong knowledge and experience in setting up and integrating Facebook and Snapchat pixel with Zoho CRM - Proficiency in troubleshooting and debugging to ensure smooth integration - Expertise in optimization and tracking to maximize conversion rates - Familiarity with customer targeting and tracking customer behavior to optimize conversions

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    I am looking for a programmer to create a program that will automate the process of creating various documents such as invoices, credit notes, statements, packing lists, and quotations using Microsoft Word. Requirements: - The program should be able to generate these documents based on user input. - The program should be able to create a template for these documents. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in microsoft words programming. - Experience in working with Microsoft Word and creating templates. - Knowledge of accounting software, specifically Xero, would be beneficial for integrating the program with the accounting system.

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    I am looking for a developer with experience in React, JavaScript, Zod, and Shad UI to help me with a project. Requirements: - The project involves adding parenthesis and dashes to phone number input. - The preferred format for phone numbers is (123) 456-7890. - There are no additional features needed for the phone number input. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in React and JavaScript. - Familiarity with Zod and Shad UI. Please provide examples of previous work and any relevant experience in your proposal. Attached to this post is the current code.

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    Project Title: Help Increase Telegram Users Description: I am looking for someone who can help me increase the number of users in my Telegram group. The current size of the group is less than 100, and I am aiming to increase it by more than 1000 new users. Targeting Specific Demographics: There are specific demographics that I am targeting with this project. It would be ideal if the freelancer has experience in reaching and engaging with these demographics. Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should have the following skills and experience: - Experience in growing Telegram groups or channels - Knowledge of effective strategies for increasing user engagement and retention - Familiarity with marketing and promotion techniques specific to Telegram - S...

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    I am in need of a LaTeX Tikz expert who can provide immediate help with creating diagrams. The diagrams I need help with are of intermediate complexity. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in LaTeX and Tikz - Experience creating diagrams using Tikz If you are a Latex Tikz expert, Kindly bid on this project.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a dynamic financial spreadsheet that will help me generate monthly projections for balance sheet, income, and cash flow statements. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating complex spreadsheets with automated calculations and formulas, as well as the ability to input and analyze multiple scenarios. Specific requirements for the project include: - Automated calculations and formulas to generate accurate financial projections - Graphs and charts for visual representation of the data - Compatibility with Microsoft Excel for easy use and sharing As for the financial models or templates to be used, I would like the spreadsheet to be based on industry standards to ensure accuracy and reliability. If you have experience in crea...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me update sales orders in Zoho Inventory using the Zoho Inventory API and Zappier. Specific Information to Update: - TAX METHOD Trigger for Update: - Yes, there is a specific trigger that will initiate the update to the sales order. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working with Zoho Inventory and its API - Experience with Zappier and integrating it with Zoho Inventory - Familiarity with Zoho CRM, Finance software, and Email marketing platform If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to discuss further details of the project.

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    Hi, I need to hire someone to help me put 300 inventories on my webite every month. I have a website that sell digital planners and I need help with listing the planners to my Shopify store. Job is extremely easy and you can work anywhere. I made a video showing you how to do the job and when the job is finish, I pay you right away. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Attention to detail to ensure accurate product listing information - Ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines - Must have a computer - Must understand some basic English - Must have skype to communicate with me PAY: $30 to list 300 projects (the more you work, the more you can make) If you are intested, please watch the video below. It will give you an intro on what th...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a Togo menu for my Asian cuisine restaurant. SIZE IS 11X17 TRI-FOLD Design Preferences: - I am open to suggestions and am looking for a creative and unique theme for the menu. - I would like the design to be simple and clean, but still visually appealing. Menu Details: - The menu will consist of more than 20 items, so the designer should be able to efficiently organize and display the menu items. - It is important that the menu is easy to read and navigate for our customers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing menus for restaurants, particularly for Asian cuisine. - Strong graphic design skills and attention to detail. - Ability to create a visually appealing and user-friendly menu layout. I am looking for a designer wh...

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