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    write code so I can add credits to managers and agents and that the managers will open players also its a basic system I just need someone that can add roles im not so good at programming and open ports on my VPS server so the games will work

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    Need to write website content for a swim school website. We can provide you reference sites. Need to change language on Operational manual and a couple of more documents to bypass the copyright infringement issues.

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    Need to clean the code of an existing wordpress website and optimizing the speed of the site. The website is based on this template [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Matlab code needed for option pricing, value at risk calculations, etc. More information upon request.

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    HI I had some python scripts to be developed for me. It was done by a great guy however I need some modifications and he has no time any more busy with major projects

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    I need to get a platformer video game done consisting of three levels. I need to get the following done: -Animate the sprite while moving -Move the enemies -Detect collision with enemies and lose life if touch enemies -Kill enemy by jumping on enemy -Be able to stand on platform objects.

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    I have a project where we have interfaced a Biometric machine to backend database system. Seems that in some cases the Biometric data are not captured properly and we miss the record. I can share the SDK so someone can rewrite the code or fix the existing code. I also need another code to be done for another type of device and can discuss details. I will need the first task in max 3-4 days.

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    hi i have error with my x code with my project like -framework and build

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    change c++ code to python in the file given

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    Need QR Code Scanner and generator Component in Mean stack.

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    I have a manual process now which I validate a code on a website. I have created a script to help automate it but the final validation (below) is returning a 500 error from the server. The script does the following 1- visit the site 2- visit product page 3- add product to cart 4- visit the shopping cart 5- apply a code to cart (500 error) Using Fiddler I have been able to manually simulate the ...

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    Overview: Create your Personal Portfolio Website using ExpressJS and implementing the Pug templating engine. Your site must be hosted live on a cloud service such as Heroku, or Digital Ocean. Sample Student Portfolios: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Instructions: This Express site must include the pages from your Personal Portfolio 5 pages – you...

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    I need an earning app source code of android studio with admob ads and no suspension content. ( [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ) download this app source code and change the app license and admob ads

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    I need an earning app source code of android studio with admob ads and no suspension content. ( [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ) download this app source code and change the app license and admob ads

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    1.I have 3 azuracast iframe addition on public [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] have add that with radio player on frontpage of wordpress website as attached image. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to solve ftp sentora connection as failed to connect and transfer. 3. Need to make password protected every folder of websites on sentora file manager . [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] r...

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    Risk modeling for investment banks Risk modeling is a high priority for investment banks, as it helps to regulate financial activities and plays the most important role when pricing financial instruments. Investment banking evaluates the worth of companies to create capital in corporate financing, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, conduct corporate restructuring or reorganizations, and for inve...

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    I need to improve my current code for esp8266 receiver by putting the wifi setting on webpage and use IFTTT to use it for multiple purposes.

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    We need some one to help us with the code to use on powershell to extract office 356 email addresses on a mac computer.

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    I have eclipse code source for app I want some modification I want for example 2 app in one app ....more detail send me message

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    Implement (Code) a new design which is already mocked-up for [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] This would be done in parts (milestones) and I would need a portfolio and examples of modern, sleek designs. Each module has folders. There are also Elements. Not everything would be redesigned. I really need a talented front end coder who can implement modern designs, such as rounded designs, mode...

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    I am attempting to build and LSTM neural networking using keras in python. The code is supposed to take in a array and predict the output based on 5 labeled categories. I keep on running into an error with my fit function. I am using python 3.6 in anaconda. The keras version is 2.4 i believe. I need the code repaired asap. I have already missed a deadline.

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    I have an urgent need to code a simple invite design to HTML (no clickable links)

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    PHP Code Iginator Loppunut left

    PHP CI Expert Small project but need to complete before sunday

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    the task is you need to write HTML code, all the logical script and API was in the script, but I need HTML code, which you should call these objects and show the output. small work, and ASAP (only bid please)

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    Hi, Please help me fix my python code work and call it from php 7.x. P/s: It's need some php and python skill to correct my files. Thank you

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    Hi ! I need an app that run on IOS and Android (and the source code) The main goal of the App is to share images taken from your cellphone (and you capture extra data in a form) There will be two roles : Admin. This role can see all the shared images, and when he shared and image all the Guests can see them. Admin can check with an OK an image shared for a guest. Admin can edit/de...

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    I have a coder that is creating calculators for me - I need you to verify that the calculators are exactly like the original calculators and also that the code has good commenting and documentation You need to know got to develop WordPress plugins and be good in match and calculators Please reply with "I am a calculators QA genius!" for me to consider your QA job

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    I want a python script or javascript that allows me to access a website and input data. It should provide some confirmation that it was successful.

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    I need an existing website rebuilt. I need you to design and build my online store.

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    I want you to complete these two tasks for me. Basically using c language and assembly language.

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    I need a PHP expert to solve a quick bug in my Laravel code. It says "Whoops, looks like something went wrong. ErrorException in [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] line 229:" Software was working perfectly fine, till this error suddenly started popping up,

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    I have a PHP code which displays the name/title - I need it replaced with description, I have the code available, if you can make it work, I can pay 5-10 USD, type title-to-description on top of your bid

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    We have a multi-vendor system (MVS) built on the Laravel PHP Framework, and custom Electronic Wallet system, which is also built on the Laravel PHP Framework. Our intent is to make the Wallet a service that provides loyalty and Credits (as a method of payment) for multiple websites. We want to build a Laravel package that will enable sites to: • Allow users to sign in to their Wallet account...

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    i want any android code with admin panel for just Rs 500 INR direct pay ... i need codes without plagiarism.. if ur interested let me know.. i am just bid away and message ok

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    Hey I'm looking to have a very specific project completed on Shopify. Will give more info as soon as we start chatting. It's regarding quantity selectors in the collection page. The quantity selector should update the ajax cart in real time. PS: we are an agency and have plenty of work.

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    Don't reply me unless you have spent some time reading this link [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] If you know you can fix this code to run like it used to do before the Artbreeder update we have a deal.

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    Convert all ready built python code that has appended bunch of lists into excel sheet with columns. Run the code (you need [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] in the same folder as [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]), you will will see at the bottom of the code there are 34 features appended into featureStr. Take these 34 features put into excel sheet and give each one a column name like ...

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    I have laravel rest api code and react js code that is developed to communicate together, I need a developer to configure my machine so the two code get installed and running locally on my windows machine.

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    I need to changethe icon picture of an APK and also the APK name without a source code

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    For my project to develop a segway with an 3 dof robotic arm . Which is to detect for an bottle to pick and place it. For segway using one ardunio, 3DOF robotic arm using one ardunio and for detecting the bottle and calculate the distance using raspberry pi 3B+ . When detect the bottle the segway start moving and will stop distance between bottle and segway is 25cm after the robotic arm will star...

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    Write a code (with comments) for a reverse-polish calculator that adds, subtracts, multiply, divide two 2-digit decimal numbers and displays in decimal. Use a 12-key keypad to input the data and display to the serial LCD. * Use an ousb board [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] * 4x3 keypad as an input * Parallax Serial LCD to display the output C Code and Assembly language

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    same like a uber app sorce code for android studio I need normal facilities no problem I need only for android Admin panal Customer app Driver app

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    I will provide full game source code. Need to add infinite level with race system

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    Hello, i need a CSS edit at a customer website. The Icons (image attached) are coming in too slow... need it very fast or static directly viewable.

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    We have an iOS x-code project for which we need to add 2 auto renewable subscription packages so that app users can have access to the app.

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    I need an OTP dialer with source code based on line phone . I have open source code and I need it modify

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    Code a GMOD addon Loppunut left

    We want a Leaderboard addon built for our starwars RP server. We want it to show the players name | credits | kills | deaths | donator . Example: Jeff | 9948 | 45 | 127 | YES/NO (< In Green if Yes Or Red If NO)

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    Ensure all code correct on page. Fix any code errors. Modify slideshow script (no jquery) slideshow is auto play continuous loop - upon page load would like script to cycle thru images once and then stop on slide one image. Would like play and pause function via images provided. Play & pause function - images should swap dependent on status (If slides playing, pause image displayed. If slides ...

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