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    Social Media Marketing 6 päivää left

    1:To increase FB,Insta,Linkedin and website Traffic 30 post for 30 days and post across platforms with 7 posts approval in advance. 4 short animated/Explaining videos to be posted once weekly. 4. Increase the likes, followers and views on social media platforms. Sector : IELTS, OET training institute

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    Flutter travel application 6 päivää left

    ...completely from scratch, we have a good starting point, a flutter template (equipped with flutter web backend) that already includes the basic functions necessary for the functioning of the app. The template provides: - Animated splash screen - Guest user (Access without sign in) Sign in with Google, Facebook, iOS - Components to view places (carousel, grid etc ..) - Search with bookmark feature - Push notification and a lot more ... please visit to explore all features. What do we need for this first version? - To customize the UI for our needs - Implement geolocation - Add a questionnaire to be filled in by the user and show him the posts according to the preferences chosen - Allow the user to reach the

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    After effects Template 6 päivää left

    We are looking for an expert who can create After effects templates. It is about handwriting animation. He/she has to create individual fonts and trace the individual letters, so that in Easy Type a window opens where the creator can enter his individual text and that is automatically animated as a preset, because everything has already been drawn as handwriting.

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    I need an experienced designer who can design for me 50 different, unique, creative Infographics for my blog. The topics will be provided. The infographics must be eye-catching, attractive. Create an infographic that is not more than 600 pixels, and the length should not exceed 1800 pixels. You need to provide me them in raw format like .PSD/.AI and JPEG/GIF(if there is animation) or PNG. Example: Bid for total 50 Infographics. Lowest bidder will win the project. Your Bid price is FINAL.

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    Remove backgroud 6 päivää left

    Please remove the background from this picture and provide me with a transparent gif with only the white astroids on it. Also give me all the astroids in color gold

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    Mobile App Design Concept 6 päivää left

    ...Collect a “under maintenance” placard and padlock from the maintenance cupboard 2. Flip the power switch to the “off” position 3. Lock the power switch with the padlock 4. Affix the placard to the machine’s control panel Aesthetic Goals : - Our CEO has described the intended aesthetic as the “Instagram of Machine Safety”, I.e. - Content oriented - Minimal “chrome” - Spatial awareness through animated, novel transitions User Experience Hurdles - Minimal taps to complete the user flows - One handed operation where possible - Uncluttered visual representations - Engineering consultants will work in a variety of challenging environments, such as noisy factory floors. - Low cognitive barrier so consultant can focus on cor...

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    Trophy icon Make a Logo 2 päivää left

    Gleeful Event Center is an Event Space Business. Need a motion/animated Logo that can also be used for Prints, Website, e.t.c I haven't seen any automated entries so far. Thats really what Im seeking.

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    Hi, We need you to convert an image of a clothing (must be exact and feel real) into 3D animation walk. It should assume the garment is worn buy someone but without the body(please see sample). Needs to look to identical to actual garment picture I provide once in talk or contract. Will need this for website content. Timeline: 36 hours Please start your proposal with text "I CAN" and mention your budget. Thanks

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    animated shorts 6 päivää left

    confidential content - looking to build several (15-20) animated shorts 30-45 seconds in length. Please send proposal and sample of work. Also need turn times for each short - all content and text will be provided by Client.

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    Animated Shorts -- 2 6 päivää left

    Confidential Content - looking to develop multiple animated shorts (15-20) - 30-45 seconds each. Please provide proposal and samples of your work. Thank you!

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    20 tarjoukset

    I need two designs; one for Android mobile, and another for Android TV. If you can also design a logo (animated and still), it would be helpful. We can discuss the specifics if you're interested. All project details will need to be kept confidential.

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    I need 2d animation 6 päivää left

    I am looking for someone to create a background with animations going on in the background for our website, which will be used to be fixed as a b...fixed as a background for the website. Please look at the reference website to view an example of what I refer to . What we need is a background that will be essentials having a few different areas where the video background will be making movements, like the reference example. But of course we need the background first to begin making the video effect adjustments. Please give me your best offer and work that can prove you can do this job to satisfactory. I've also attached reference photos, we will describe what we need for our background, by the way it will be more so animated, like cartoon style.

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    YOGA MAT AD 6 päivää left

    Basically, I want to sell eco friendly yoga mats, and I have discovered that cork material is the best for that. I want the cork mat embedded in a natural setting, most likely in the jungle. If it could be as realistic as possible, with motions just like gif image. I uploaded an idea of what I want that back ground to look like, just more realistic with the yoga mat in the center, if you could put it in the middle with a shadow that would be great, and it kinda floating.

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    Mark Advent 6 päivää left

    I want to produce a 3 minute marriage proposal animated video

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    Art for Super Necessary Hazy IPA 6 päivää left

    Need art for my new beer "Super Necessary Hazy IPA" I would like to see the mask from the image isolated and animated. I would also like the middle of his eyes turned into hops and written on that hat i would like for it to say "Super Necessary Hazy IPA" and "Happy Street Bru Werks" using a Font similar to one of the 2 i shared. in a similar way to how i showed on the " super " file i shared. also the text will need to be sized differently so that every line reaches from one end of the hat to the other. thank you! look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    Trophy icon Social Media Design (GIf) Creation 2 päivää left

    I am looking for a cooperative person to create a short GIF from videos/images I will provide. Video duration up to 15 seconds. Videos and images to be provided will be no more than 10 combined. The GIF should be ready to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn without any modifications. We will start with one GIF and depending on the outcome we may continue doing so on a regular basis. I am not looking for complicated designs nor for something that can be made by an amateur graphic designer. My support and guidance will always be available. Thank you

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    Cartoon animated including voice with a duration between 1 minute to 1:30. This cartoon animated is for use in social media and website. Needs to be in an easy form to upload

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    Create a simple animated video of moving parts and telling a story. About 60 -90 sec long. there is a fixed piece in the center of the frame and the background is animated and changing. Like changing weather and other human conditions.

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    10 tarjoukset

    I have already written the script and show the visual concept. Word Count is in Powerpoint.

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    Trophy icon 3d kids Rhymes 2-3 minutes 3 päivää left

    animated 3 d video : mom trying to awoke her baby as per below tik tik base of song. Rhymes song: Baby in morning Tik tik tik Subha Subha Mamma boli Baby se Uth jao Uth Jao Tik tik tik Baby bola sone sone do Tik tik tik Mamma boli uth jao uth jao Jana h school Baby bola tik tik tik thodi der aur Mamma boli no no Jana h school Baby bola aaj nahi nahunga Mamma boli ok Muh dho lena Baby bola ok Tik tik tik Baby bola aaj m pehnuga orange vali dress Mamma boli na na pehnni h dress Baby bola na na Mamma boli ha ha Mamma boli pi lo dudh Baby bola na na Mamma boli ha ha Mamaa boli kha lo bread Baby bla ha ha bread with souse Khakr baby chala h school.

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a twitch stream and I'd like an artist to make me an animated graphic for my 'starting soon' screen that I could use as well for intermissions.

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    24 tarjoukset

    I have a twitch stream and I'd like an artist to make me an animated graphic for my 'starting soon' screen that I could use as well for intermissions. This is exactly what I'm looking for. A still scene with animated objects.

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    54 tarjoukset

    Need professional animated explainer video for new college and career success engagement app and platform. Need up to 90 Seconds Running Time Full Color - with text animation Voice Over Recording Illustrated Background Music/Sound Design Colorful whiteboard animation (90 Minutes script provided ), Voice over, Music

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    Open gl project 5 päivää left

    Create a game with the following specifications using OpenGL library: 1. The game starts with a menu that has the title of the game, then two buttons as seen in figure 1. Note that the two strips of squares at the sides of the screen are animated. Left strip moving downward. Right strip moving upwards.

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    Need an animated logo designer 5 päivää left

    Need an animated logo designer

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    Stump Removal 4 päivää left

    I’d like there to ...knees somewhat bent putting some effort into using the machine, I want the guy to look athletic/muscular. On the machine I want the grinding wheel to be bigger than what it is in the actual picture with an even bigger stump that is being grinder, producing an aggressive picture of the stump being ripped apart by the grinder wheel. The whole picture in general I prefer to look more cartoon”ish” or animated. I’m unsure if I want it in all black and white or if it would look better in color. I also don’t hate the idea of lowering the angle of the picture, as of the picture was taken closer to the ground and looking up at the grinder more. I would also like for there to be my business name and number on it somewhere as well as the loca...

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    Make me a 2d sprite 4 päivää left

    I am making a video game in unity, but have no artistic talent. I want a 2d 'diver' sprite, with one hook arm. No need to add much detail, and just make it black and white. I want it to be animated with a death animation, a hurt animation, swimming animation, an idle animation, and an attacking animation (With the hook arm)

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    3D Animated Movie required 4 päivää left

    Looking at a Professional 3D Animated Movie (High Quality) with Voice Over and Background music integrated. Overall 15-20 mins at the most in length. Awarded free lancer has to agree for daily status update and review to avoid any rework. Timeline is short would need the delivery as early as possible.

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    7 tarjoukset

    We've updated our colour scheme & brand and therefore, would like to update the colours used within a gif, we've got an AEP project file, that'll need to be used to do this.

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    Trophy icon Logo Search 27 päivää left

    Looking to create a fun, dynamic, clever, and yet professional logo (and/or gif) for The Waltzing Mule Wine House. Would like to be in two lines if possible: The Waltzing Mule Wine House Looking to use this logo on signage, glasses, as well as paper material, and the website. Would like a mule, wine, and/or a house incorporated somehow if possible. I'm looking for something clever (I like puns and graphics incorporated into words) and classy. I like the idea of a vintage feel or maybe art nouveau. This is located in Germany, so that could also be incorporated if you feel it works. May want moto included, but if it takes away from the design, it's not needed. (Bibe bene, bebe vive) I'm open to a lot of ideas and am hoping for someone to let their creative juices fl...

    €182 (Avg Bid)
    Mainostettu Taattu Sinetöity
    378 työtä

    Need to have new website design implemented from figma (I have figma editable file) in accordance to new website design. Background is supposed to be animated and clouds should also be animated with lightning strikes or something similar. To understand the function and animations of different sections for site, please check old website. Can provide project files for old site Task: - develop website with animations - secure website - upload site files to host - integrate SSL - implement loading screen design to match website theme and design - optimize for all platforms (mobile, desktop, 2560x1020 res, etc) - add updated design changes Old website design: New website design:

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    19 tarjoukset

    This animated is for a Facebook advertising. The idea is that we “CARMONA” that is my business name, we are offering service of Real Estate, Real estate inspection and all kind of Insurance. The idea is that we offer everything under the same roof. That is why the “CARMONA” SIGN NEDDS TO APPEAR IN EVERYTING. I have the idea how I want do it.

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    Logo design 4 päivää left

    I need animated logo for my parsnal use.

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    Trophy icon Phil’s Stump Removal LLC 2 päivää left

    ...knees somewhat bent putting some effort into using the machine, I want the guy to look athletic/muscular. On the machine I want the grinding wheel to be bigger than what it is in the actual picture with an even bigger stump that is being grinder, producing an aggressive picture of the stump being ripped apart by the grinder wheel. The whole picture in general I prefer to look more cartoon”ish” or animated. I’m unsure if I want it in all black and white or if it would look better in color. I also don’t hate the idea of lowering the angle of the picture, as of the picture was taken closer to the ground and looking up at the grinder more. I would also like for there to be my business name and number on it somewhere as well as the location Phil’s Stum...

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    THREE JS WEB SITE Loppunut left

    We need to create a very tempting site that affects users emotionally. We have to talk about a 3d project dedicated to cycling, this project is very similar to a video game and wants to create a sort of metaverse for the bicycle. It is very important to create an animated isometric graphic like this example: The site must have these sections: 1. Home 2. About us 3. The BikeLand Project 4. Community 5. Shop 6. Contact us

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    Looking for someone who knows a bit of VBA to add preview image links by hovering the mouse cursor over image URLs in excel or google sheets. Here is an example on this link and on the attached GIF:

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    I am an owner of a travel tourism company and I am looking a graphic designer for banner images ( jpg, jpg, gif,png) creation to update my WP website.

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    We have a message we want to quickly convey to our visitors who check our website for our services. Therefore we would expect the length to be about 2-3 minutes and will be in fully animated format. Further specification and requirements will be confirmed upon contact

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    I'm creating a testimonial collection web app. The web app gives its users a form which they can share with their clients to collect testimonials (simple text-based testimonials). I need help in creating - 1. Embeddable widget code that users can display on their website. 2. The widget with fetch the data from my web app specific to the user and display the testimonial on their website. 3. Users can choose an animated carousal or static widget to display the testimonials. 4. I can create the backend API hand the data requests; but need help with the front-end part - creating embeddable widget code and the JS + CSS required to display the testimonial on user's website.

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    Trophy icon Youtube Vid logo Intro 3 päivää left

    Looking for a intro to a YouTube channel I'm starting up. I have the logo already that I would like animated to appear. My idea that I'm thinking is as the logo is a phoenix that I would like it to "fly" from the side of the screen then set itself on top of the wording of the logo etc. I have other elements I need designed as well but this will be the first of many. Wording can appear is some creative way, would like to keep it simple and not too fancy. *Update: I can provide an higher resolution logo for better quality if needed*

    €48 (Avg Bid)
    26 työtä

    Hi, Everyone. I am senior webGL expert. I need designer and modeler in several future projects. 1. Designer Figma, XD and etc.. gif maker and logo design .. photoshop .. 2. 3D modeler I prefer 3ds max. But it is not important, if you can make cool result. 3d animation and material expert. I hope to see your past works. and If you are designer, please write ''designer' and you are modeler, please write '3d modeler' on top of screen. Thanks for your attention.

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Video animation 3 päivää left

    i want about 30-35 animated reels from scribe video software or any related software. the audio will be provided from my side the average duration of the video will be 45 - 50 seconds. looking forward to teamwork

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    Business Animated PPT or Video 3 päivää left

    Guru’s Business Strategy Jaggery Slabs Auction Centre: The town where Guru was a merchant is still an important auction center in South India for Jaggery Slabs, a product obtained from the sugarcane crop. As of today, it is still the site where farmers bring their produce as sellers, the wholesalers or traders come as buyers, and the one’s mediating between sellers and buyers as the auctioneers. My Guru was an auctioneer. The auction is usually held during the early hours before dawn traditionally. However, unlike other local auctioneers, my Guru was always happy to help sellers and buyers. Guru used to allow the farmers to unload their produce in Guru’s yard without any charges; pay off the transporter’s dues and used to advance small sums to the farmers for their ...

    €299 (Avg Bid)
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    21 tarjoukset

    I am developing a product and am in need of an animated video (approximately 30 seconds) to showcase how it is used

    €542 (Avg Bid)
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    29 tarjoukset

    You can do 60% animation and 40% stock images video. Further details will be provided in the inbox.

    €143 (Avg Bid)
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    45 tarjoukset