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    Java, J2EE, JDBC, SQL, java Threading,GWT,Html,CSS

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    simple script Loppunut left

    a great job

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    a p[hp script edit Loppunut left

    a p[hp script edit. may need java script

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    Moi, Mulla on nettisivu jossa on kolme välilehti. Kokonaisuudessa 240 sanaa! Haluan sinut korjaamaan oikein kirjoitukset sekä tekemään parannuksia myynti kirjoituksiini. Saat aikalailla vapaat kädet parannuksiin! Kirjoita biddiin "Suomi" varmistaakseni että olet lukenut ja ymmärtänyt budjekti: $24 Tässä on nettisivustoni siittä näkee kuinka vaativasta työstä on kyse

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    Minulla on jatkuvaa työtä, joka liittyy aikaisempaan projektiimme 'Video script copywriting'

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    Pine script -- 2 6 päivää left

    Just need working instructions on how to view hidden pinescript source code of indicator scripts on tradingview charts.

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    Pine Script 6 päivää left

    Lookin for comversion of AFL language to Pine script language

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    i have a script that another freelancer made for me , i can't find him anymore. I am not able to use it anymore it has some errors that need fixing. it was working before. i need someone to fix it and make it fully work. only real bids no generic bids****

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    Restaurant online ordering script 6 päivää left

    I will need a typical online ordering script. Has to have very good UI. Will only accept people who already have a premade script. No need for payment integration.

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    Hi, I am looking for a desktop app to automate an existing android app. I will share more details through chat.

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    Script writer needed 6 päivää left

    Hi there, Need a professional scriptwriter who is very experienced in scriptwriting. Please bid if you expert in script writing. Thanks!

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    This is specific job and I urge only one who have idea about this project to apply. This project is regarding script writer, where you will be needed to write an script around 2500-3500 words which would describe given movie in brief. Please have a look at sample video to get an idea how they write script - We will be providing you name of movie you will need to download it and write interesting script for same. If you have had experience of doing this before its a big plus

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    We have an old php script that uses google/apiclient lybrary to read a business inbox with G Suite. Due to Google new policy () the script is no longer working, so we need a new script. This script runs on a server with crontab that's why we need a script and no a web server. What this script will do is read the daily inbox and gather the email subject, email from and indicate if it has attachments (total number of attachment). Every email read have to be saved in a csv as a new line; this csv will have to columns: email_from, email_subject, email_num_attachments.

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    The script could be integrated within a bat file which can be ran at the beginning of app usage and it should provide output data regarding CPU and RAM consumption while running said app.

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    I need to reverse a JS script 6 päivää left

    I need to reverse some JS, I need to be able to read.

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    OpenCV and occlusion order reasoning python project

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    Good day, i please need help to fix a script that runs a database query on Wordpress. The target site is: This script worked without issues until some weeks ago. Now the requests do not work. If you type: - August L [..] - 2914 You should receive a positive result site. However, the script is pending. Also the requests are not stored anymore in database (see screenshot). The script was working without any issues until some weeks ago. The problem may be connected with changing PHP from 7.4 to 8.1. In the attachment you will find the active wordpress plugin. These are the rules for our cooperation - Read my task carefully - Check files careful - Make your final bid (no initial bid or hourly rate) - There will be no re-negotiation, the final bid coun...

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    Convert Pine Script [Trading View] to ASCIL [Sierra Chart]

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    OS: Windows 11 IDE: Pycharm Python Version: 3.7 Proxy Type: Native Windows Proxy Proxy IP/Port: When running the script in Pycharm I'm getting the below error. --------------------------- : [SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:1076) During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: : HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /something/ (Caused by ProxyError('Your proxy appears to only use HTTP and not HTTPS, try changing your proxy URL to be HTTP. See: ', SSLError(SSLError(1, '[SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:1076)')))) --

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    Woocommerce - Pyathon Script 6 päivää left

    Write python or snippets ode for below requirements 1. Parents products for Variables 1.1 Parent Product - Manage Stock - No 1.2 Parent Product - SKU (if blank) - MSG-<RANDOM-VALUES> if not blank then skip 2 . Variation & Simple Products 2.1 Manage Stock = YES 2.2 Stock Qty = SKIP (Leave as it is) 2.3 Allow Backorder = No/Yes/Allow (this option to be adjust as per need) 2.4 weight = 1 if blank (skip if value exists) - adjust if need 2.5 SKU (if blank) - MSG-<RANDOM-VALUES> if not blank than skip Provision to select range of products by brands

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    VBA to App Script or Office Scripts 6 päivää left

    Hello, I'm looking to take some EXEL macros (VBA) to the cloud. I'm looking into G-Sheets (App Scripts) or Office 365 (Typescript) in order to do so. This on cloud new scripts will later be automated and load to a dashboard. If you feel quite confident in VBA and either have experience in these type of conversions or up to the challenge to learn about please I encourage you to reach out.

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    GIS to AI script 9 päivää left

    Hi Dmitriy G., I would like to go ahead and hire you to write the script. Here are the scripts instruction: 1. Select all objects/groups in the document and ungroup 3 times 2. Create these new layers (in this order): Points Bunkers Rough Arrows Green Arrows Fairway Green Contours Shading 3. Select the raster image and copy in place to the 'Shading' layer 4. Select the raster image and change its blending mode to ‘Multiply’ 5. Select the paths with stroke colour #F78B0B, paste in place to the Contours layer, change the colour to #808080 and stroke width to 0.3pt 6. Select the objects with fill colour #86C768, paste in place to the Green Arrows layer, change the colour to #D1D3D4 7. Select the objects with fill colour #6D9B56, paste in place to the Green Arr...

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    Auto bidding script 5 päivää left

    Im a self employed contractor and hoping to grow my clientele. I require code/a script to automatically bid for work/jobs from a particular website. I require something that will auto refresh a web page to keep the session active; Auto fill a form and auto submit the form.

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    here's the chargebee drop-in scripts examples: you will be given access to a single elementor page with one button. just hook up the button with the drop-in scripts. this task shouldn't take more than 30 mins if you know elementor.

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    From a doc ou pdf file, enter a purchase order lines into the ERP using send key and others functionalities from Power Automate Desktop ?

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    YOUTUBE SCRIPT WRITER 5 päivää left

    I need scriptwriters for this urgent job

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    Presentation Script Revising 5 päivää left

    I have a script for a corporate presentation that is roughly 7-10 pages in different formats. However, it currently reads across approximately 20 to 25 minutes and I need to condense it to 10 minutes or less. Somewhat limited budget and timeframe, no more than 3 days.

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    1. Expert level in Microsoft Azure 2. Expert level in Azure Kubernetes services 3. Expert level in any DevOps pipeline tools. 4. Good knowledge of Scripting tools (Bash/Json/PowerShell) 5. Experience in Configuration management tools 6. Good knowledge in Linux/Windows administration

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    I need someone to be on camera and narrate my script for my landing page I promote on Google Ads- I am asking my YT viewers to opt-in on my landing page for my AWeber email list. Duration about 1 minute. Please provide samples of this kind of work-Need output in mp4 for my YT channel! Thank you!

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    I am seeking to develop an app or software that streamlines the process of accepting ride offers for drivers working for a rideshare company. The tool will allow drivers to set filters for the types of offers they wish to receive and accept, and then automatically accept those that meet the specified criteria. ." the website hasn't API, so the developer will use login by driver username and password Please the developer has the qualification and ability to do this job only contact with us

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    Hi i want use this script in a server side, i dont want use my browser

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    5 tarjoukset

    I have raw footage, I would like someone who can stabilize videos, colour grade, and apply smooth and seamless transitions between them for this commercial. I will not accept sloppy work, but I am also generous based on the work and time taken I will raise the price as we go.

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    I need python script about website

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    21 tarjoukset

    We have a bash (v5) script that takes a csv file as input, reads it line by line, extracts some data from each line and then generates a basic json file from it. Since bash is very slow, I need this converted to python. I will provide the bash script itself, input and output file, the output file created with the python script should be identical to the original output file. Bash script is around 100 lines so nothing too difficult.

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    Abdul script 8 päivää left

    Hi Abdul I'm trying to talk to you in chat. There have been some errors while extracting data: Leagues are showing up that I didn't put to extract. Some seasons of certain leagues are not extracted Some leagues come with games from other leagues. Is there anything that can be done to improve? Could that delay parameter you changed the other day, to make it faster, interfere? Please help. Thanks

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    I want to make Cocos creator project with existing luac codes and design files.

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    I want someone to edit something in my php script site

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    We have a short R script that reads and writes to MS SQL Server. We need to trigger it every day in a Windows server. This micro-project is more about server configuration and less about development. If you have experience on how to schedule and run an R script in Windows automatically, we want to talk to you. We are happy to share details once we consider that you have the right experience to accomplish this.

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    Script Writer 5 päivää left

    Script Writer I am looking for a script writer with a fair amount of experience. I am starting a travel blog and need someone to create a script for my videos. Some helpful experience along side script writing would be if you are a traveler yourself and know some information about my traveling topics. Some details I look for. Knowing how to keep people engaged Knowing how to stay away from copyright I also like when there are questions in the script to ask the audience instead of it sounding like I’m reading a book. I need someone to create a script on the topic “Top 10 Places to visit in Europe”. I will require this script writer to also gather most of their own information based on the topics that I am giving to them...

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    Script for 3 reels required. The word count for each reel is 250. The total word count would be 750 for 3 reels.

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    I am a Product Management Professional Coach. I want to create a new course on Product management. I have all the scattered content and notes. I am looking for a scriptwriter who can formulate a script for the videos. I have attached PPT . I will add data in PPT and your role is to write scripts in PPT note Section.

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    shell script -- 2 5 päivää left

    I generate a gitlab job to initialize the cluster

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    Purchased Script From Codecanyon ERPGO Saas but there are too may bugs and 500 server error, i want a freelancer who will fix these errors and bugs.

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    Read the document, and all the things are set intrested can reach me to my number to connect over google meet to discuss and let you have a idea of my process requiremnt and start work

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    Type Script React 5 päivää left

    Need to read the value of input control from child component to parent componet

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    20 tarjoukset

    I need 2 small coded jobs. 1. When user visit the website, the image where it shows the x2 before/after - I need this to automatically move slightly to left and right on scroll or animate somehow. (see screenshot) 2. I need the tabs to rotate after 3 seconds (see 2nd screenshot) here is the website:

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    Python Script -- 2 5 päivää left

    I need a Python Script which open 2 chrome with different IP I have N0rd VPM premium Preferably to use their API with US I..P

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    Assalamu Alaykum, My name is Abdul from the One Islam Productions channel. We need a scriptwriter for our new channel, ‘One Islam News,’ where we will produce videos around hot topics related to an Islamic reminder. You must be a Sunni Muslim and very well educated in Islamic hadiths and the Quran and also have very good English Watch the below videos we produced to see what type of scripts we want to be done. If you can also find daily hot topics related to Islam we can pay for this too. This job is full time and if we are happy with you we can give you work for our other channels too. Price per scripts can be discussed. Thank you Abdul

    €20 - €163
    Kiireellinen Sinetöity
    €20 - €163
    13 tarjoukset
    Python script -- 2 5 päivää left

    I need a python script that will connect to a website's live feed through proxies. It must be able to create 200 proxy connections to the same live page.

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