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    Create a board game like Business tour or Monopoly which should be turn based dice rolling game using unreal engine. Game must be rady to play multiplayer. No visualization is required just a working project is needed all visualization like UI or animations will be processed by design dept.

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    Unity Developer for our Team -- 2 6 päivää left

    Metasphere is the playable teaser you should be able to create. It's about collecting ressources in multiplayer mode and making 3d Object out of them stored as NFT. We have are very advanced in doing the smart contracts and we have already someone doing our Unity made gamehub called SphereHub and we need someone in the team for the first game Metasphere. Website: Try the gamehub: (you need Metamask to login) Discord for whitepaper and more docs: mykarma#4885

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    Trophy icon Build me a logo for gaming community 4 päivää left

    I need a logo for the gaming community. You have an example in the attachment. Game: San Andreas Multiplayer Name: Elite of San Francisco (Main focus is on San Francisco) Foundation year: 2023 Background image: Golden gate Type: RPG ( not a requirement to include )

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    MOBA game prototype 4 päivää left

    I need a moba game base for PC made in Unity with everything functional for multiplayer mode, it is not necessary much detail on the map or implement many Skills but if the whole system is ready to add the powers, the requirements are: - Ability system (including buffs) - Combat system. - Movement system with mouse, - Mini map. - Field of war. - AI NPCs. Important that multiplayer mode works

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    Hi, Put "RACING GAME " in your bid. Otherwise I will ignore your bid. I want to make a Racing game for mobile. For now I have a car asset. I want you to make it multiplayer and it should work with 20 players on mobile at 60 fps on low end mobile phones. Must be using dedicated server networking like Mirror, Photon Fusion, Net code for gameObjects. Tell me how you want to achieve this. Thanks.

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    - Need to build a VR multiplayer in Unreal Engine 5.1. Minimum of 5 HUD (Quest 2, pro, HTC VIVE PRO etc.) - UI to choose different environnement and music. - Analyse incoming live audio (MIDI and Live audio console mixers) into UE 5.1 to trigger DMX lights in UE 5.1 - Need to output live from HD camera to web trough UE 5.1 Need a quote. Urgent.

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    2D TicTacToe mobile game (not everything should be done in cpp): server multiplayer integration (should be done in C++, maybe with Blueprint integration) 1. Create and join “quick” match 2. Create private match, join via link or friend list 3. “Waiting” for animations (because server process data faster) 4. There is a list of client requests and server responses 5. No graphics, just few animations and stock images RPS integration (both server and offline mode) 1. After player puts mark (X/O) he selects “unit” (rock, paper or scissors) 2. Then he select direction of this unit (left, right, top, bottom), it should be drawn that direction 3. This unit is drawn on top of mark 4. Opponent’s units shouldn’t be visible, options: 1. Show...

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    Need several freelancers to enter Beta test in my multiplayer NFT game. Need around 3 people to play the game at the same time (The first thing we'll do is agree on the schedule). Job requirements - Some NFT/Crypto experience Game Testing experience(if you are new to this, we will help you) Around 5GB free disk space(we can also use your smartphone) Being comfortable with using Discord to communicate with other freelancers and find bugs together.

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    We are looking for an experienced Unreal Engine developer who can quickly integrate imagined and modeled elements (landscapes, settings, characters, objects, accessories) We are building MVP for multiplayer game. Responsibilities: - Create and maintain a C++ code for Core functionalities - Create an Unreal plugin, maintain and document on UE4 - Graphics optimization, multiplayer implementation, network replication Please send me your portfolio if you are interested.

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    Request details Smart contract and website having one pager, road map, profit calculator, swapp and BEP and tron network written in python.

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    Trophy icon Logo for my Gaming Profile 11 tuntia left

    Hello, I am looking for a logo and banner design for my new gaming profile. My profile name will be "ElWeroxTV". I am willing to be a pro gamer, I usually play a lot of online multiplayer games most of them competitive and I need a logo to identify my profile name, so this are the requierements: 1.- The main colors for the logo should be red or navy/royal blue. Preferently red. 2.- The logo It must have or a big W or the full profile name (ElWeroxTV), with another image, I attached some examples below. 3.- (Optional) It can contain something related to a gamer (Ex: A controller, a mouse, etc...) 4.- It can have like game items just as swords, bows, wands, etc... 5.- If you search for the key Gamer Logos/Banners in google pictures, you will see a lot of examples. 6.- It ca...

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    Right now, I am getting estimates for the price. I know all that is needed is to go to the TRON website and mint the TRC-20 token with the contract address. But if you have an easier way? It would be appreciated. Requirements: TRON Stable Coin to six digits. Wallet for that sole Stable Dollar Requests: These do not need to be done with the requirements. Can the wallet be used to pay out interest on say a weekly basis, say Sunday 00:00 TO THE NEXT Sunday 00:00? Can the interest rate be changed every Friday if needed? Given the token was not moved from the wallet during the week. Charles R Newman 1 minute read

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    Cunning ball Loppunut left

    my game is a single player vs cpu, multiplayer online mode 4 players against each other, private mode friend can invite players and play with them, and championship mode all players can play the tournament by coins or gems and win real money. the design of the app is ready i have data source of the app. single player vs cpu is done remaining: online mode, private mode, and championship . unity resource code

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    Language : DAPPS (Tron Link Pro) Step 1 :- If any user will connect their tron wallet though our app or scan code Step 2 : Then user’s wallet will be connect to our admin wallet for transaction Credit and debit both or debit and withdrawal both from user's wallet Through smart contract deploy Admin wallet is : fixed Step3 : Then you need to deploy this code in your live server and provide us link for testing.

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    Required: Only show the things required for the current game mode on the map and hide and deactivate the needed characters. Ensure it works for all game modes online for multiplayer and single-player. To do this job you will need the FPS MultiplayerTemplate 4.0 from the epic marketplace. More Details: I have had modifications made to FPS MultiplayerTemplate 4.0, throwing an error. Our level selector loads the game mode and map info from the enum table and uses the same map for all game modes which throws errors when the game begins. I have attached the used BP in the team deathmatch BP and the error output but this error may not be the full scope of the issue to be corrected.

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    Unity programmer Loppunut left to check a gameplay video), This game is a multiplayer first person horror game built in Unity. You can check the following link for the steam page: Currently, I am working on improving almost every aspect of the game, from UI to AI behaviour, world interaction, movement algorithms, and adding new features and mechanics to the game, altogether with a new level. Having said so, the game will keep being updated, as a couple of new levels are going to be released after the one we are currently working on. We are currently searching for programmers with experience in C# and Unity to help improve most of the game mechanics. This project uses the Photon Fusion library for multiplayer and network management, so knowledge and experience

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    Simple Card Game called Palace but with varied rules.

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    I need a ludo game web based multiplayer with online player Search And Play functionality

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    I'm attempting to make a mobile game, I will be working on all the art, and I need help with coding because of a lack of knowledge. the game is a multiplayer "slasher". A guaranteed unique game unseen yet on any app store, Im not here to make a quick cash grab, but a good cash grab.

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    Looking for Android developLooking for an experienced backend developer for multiplayer game project: A backend system built using Nakama Heroiclabs. You will be writing code on top of the Nakama framework, which already facilitates the low-level functionality and lets you focus on developing features. It supports Postgres and CockroachDB, and interfaces with them as a generic document-based database solution. It supports writing code in Golang, TypeScript, and Lua - but we chose GoLang because our dev team is most familiar with it. You will be working together with our dev team especially in Nakama server. Required Experience - Experience in developing back-end systems. - Proficiency in Nakama framework. - Experience in database design. - Experience in making backend a...

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    I am looking for create a word game app similar to Words With Friends. The app must be multiplayer capable across iOS and Android. Let me know if you are interested and want to speak more to discuss the project. Make sure to write the word FRIENDS in the subject if you response so I know you have read these instructions.

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    90 tarjoukset

    I am looking for a developer skilled in Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints and familiar with FPS Multiplayer Template to add some features to the template. The Feature: Load a map using the CreateMatchMenu by allowing the player to select the map name and a game mode. The feature would need to use the enum tables to isolate the game mode avaiable for the currently selected map when the player is pressing the game mode selections. The combination of map name and game mode options will load the correct map for that game mode. Delivery: Blueprints for UE5.

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    Create a single player, multiplayer and a tournament game with 20 different characters. Staking and withdraw of crypto currency.

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    I want to connect wallet and create ownership permission.. you must have working on java script or java

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    Develop a multiplayer poker texas holdem game with nice visual effects

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    Video description: a. 0-1 sec: show splash screen (splash screen in ) b. 1-2 sec: show char login (second 7-8) in ) c. 2-9 sec: (second 08-13 from ) d. 9-15 sec: (second 2-7 from 9_pet ) show these animated texts: - in b. (at the bottom side): "PLAY DIFFERENT CLASSES" - in c.: "REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER" and then, when the loot drops "GET GREAT LOOT" - in d.: "COLLECT AND CRAFT" specifications of the video: - for advertisement (tiktok) - 9:16 ratio - 1215x2160 resolution - .mp4 file type - small file size - length 14-15 seconds The videos which need to be used are here: EDIT: Nice sound is a big plus!

    €37 (Avg Bid)
    23 työtä

    Project Wonderfall is planned out to be a adventure multiplayer/open world grinding game. The main focus of the game is fighting with magic, and weapons. I will need scripts for the interface, leveling system, bounty system (when you kill someone you get bounty), magic, shops, npcs and pvp.

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    I have a game i made in Unreal but i am switching to Unity i have the base gameplay done in Unity and basic features. I need someone to help me bring the game to completion by implementing multiplayer as well as adding other features necessary. I have a list of features and is potentionally an ongoing job

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    Hi Evgeniy, are you available to help with Unreal Engine multiplayer? Only blueprints needed. Thanks in advance

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    1 tarjoukset

    Looking for a UE4 developer to build blueprints for a small multiplayer tank game prototype Project includes: - 3 hulls - 3 turrets - changing skins - creating and joining rooms - lobby - settings please, dm me for more details

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    Create 3D VR game show in Unity for standalone Quest 2. Up to 3 players compete in a 3D gameshow with multiple choice questions about safety topics. No art required just network code and game logic.

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    Hi Mario, was wondering if you could help us develop a solution for a client we have. We have a dev development team, but a bit short on hands at the moment, so wanted to see if you could help out on a project and then pass code onto core team at the end as a hand over. Project is about creating a safety awareness game , based on a quizz ...wondering if you could help us develop a solution for a client we have. We have a dev development team, but a bit short on hands at the moment, so wanted to see if you could help out on a project and then pass code onto core team at the end as a hand over. Project is about creating a safety awareness game , based on a quizz game show idea. It needs to run on standalone Quest 2 and needs to be multiplayer (3 people). Let me know if you can ass...

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    Hello, I need a game like Auralux It has to be multiplayer using these technologies: - Unity - Nodejs (not necessarily) - Any Multiplayer software (Mirron,Photon etc) - Firebase for accounts

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    LUDO game with good graphics and real-time multiplayer support

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    Looking for developers to build the Unity client. This game will be available for Android and iOS, and have a 2D interactive world for building and battling. This game will be very similar to the first Age of Empires but there will be no end condition. The game will go on and on as long as there are players. The database and web server API is necessary for sharing game data between clients, but will not be included in the scope of this work. I am only looking for someone to build the Unity client app.

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    Environment is Ready. Characters are ready. ✔ Document is ready.✔ Need a Multiplayer photon expert to get the work done. Huge amount of work for rest of the life. Just need reasonable quotes. Please note - Unrealistic and High quotations will be rejected immediately.X

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    Environment is Ready. ✔️ Characters are ready. ✔️ Document is ready. ✔️ Need a Multiplayer photon expert to get the work done. Huge amount of work for rest of the life. Just need reasonable quotes. ✅ Please note - Unrealistic and High quotations will be rejected immediately.❌

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    7 tarjoukset walk, jump, say hi and view the race from the grandstand. 3. Multiplayer and Metaverse – Players can enter the metaverse and select any of the horses in the race arena. Responsibilities: ● Work with the development team to design and implement a metaverse component for the Horse Race Game ● Implement networking, matchmaking systems and sessions ● Write clean, maintainable code and follow best practices for game development ● Test and debug to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for players ● Participate in code reviews and contribute to the development of best practices for the team Multiplayer Requirements: ● Implement a client-server architecture for the game, using Unity's built-in networking tools or a multiplayer framework like Photon or ...

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    Need to edit 3 game features and fix few bugs for 2D game, after previous developer. Edits: 1. Multiplayer score display (display user score, win text, items collected) after game ends. 2. Change item unlock. 3. Friend challenge. Bugs: Log in bug. After updating Unity version to 2021.3 I’m having some “authentication” bugs for Facebook apple google log in, also cocoapods for Xcode build. OctaMan game is already published on Google play. Need to fix pod and Xcode build for iOS. Requirement: Work with Unity plastic scm. Connect with andydesk to check project before start working.

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    60 tarjoukset

    Hi I'm learning Godot 4 (beta 10) with GDExtension and I need help learning the new multiplayer nodes. I am trying to make a simple project where I move a sprite between two windows (server and client) but with some basic code, I'm segmentation fault. I need a Godot expert who has knowledge with GDExtension to help me with this issue. More work will be available once I need further help with other aspects of Godot GDExtension. Thanks

    €6 - €19
    €6 - €19
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    Metaverse code -- 3 Loppunut left

    Make my metaverse online multiplayer and able to upload buildings. Metaverse: 1: Add my met averse to my server 2: Add the buildings api to my piñata account 3: Make a front page. Only these two tasks need to be built. Must do it in Socket and only

    €28 - €230
    €28 - €230
    28 tarjoukset

    Looking to build a decentralized ROI base smart contract on TRON BLOCK CHAIN

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    16 tarjoukset
    Multiplayer karting Loppunut left

    Multiplayer karting work by fusion

    €555 (Avg Bid)
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    1 tarjoukset

    Getting error in converting MMO game with two players in Unity. Need to be done within an hour.

    €64 (Avg Bid)
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    9 tarjoukset

    Setup a private third-party server multiplayer Minecraft using a map built in Worl Painter

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    9 tarjoukset

    I need someone who knows and have done Pixel streaming and multiplayer before along with deployment. Not looking for anyone who thinks they can get away with over pricing I just need someone to work along side me to get these services setup.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can create a multiplayer game in unity which could be played over the same server. It can be any type of game first person shooter, board game or racing game. Animation should be professional.

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    8 tarjoukset

    Hello Team, We have a project where I want to implement the Tron Scan API. Can anyone help in this. Current Project in PHP Codeigniter Technology. Thanks

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    19 tarjoukset
    Skyrim Multiplayer Loppunut left

    Multiplayer platform for TES Skyrim. All we need is someone that can spend 15 min in a voice channel and fix an issue with have in node.js

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    €42 Keskimäär. tarjous
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