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    These are 2 Simple Applet Programs. Included is a zip file of the pictures and what they should look like. Here is the descriptions of the programs. 1) Write an applet to emulate a paint utility. The program should enable the user to choose options, and to draw shapes or get characters from the keyboard based on the selected options(see [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). Enable the applet to ...

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    These are 4 Simple Applet Programs. Included is a zip file of the pictures and what they should look like. Here is the descriptions of the programs. 1) Write an applet to emulate a paint utility. The program should enable the user to choose options, and to draw shapes or get characters from the keyboard based on the selected options(see [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). Enable the applet to ...

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    Data Capture Loppunut left

    An application capable of connecting to, capturing, and storing data, from a remote data source. It works by connecting to 1 datasource in 3 seperate instances via Telnet. This allows it to retrieve 3 distinct types of data simultaneously. Each connection requires a seperate user and pass to gain access. Specific commands would then need to be sent to facilitate setting up the capture of each of t...

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    CMS Portal Question Loppunut left

    I need a CMS Portal Engine built. I'm close to posting this project for bids. I would like to have to engine built using Php/Mysql. The easiest way to try and describe it would be the following sites. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Working a lot like these CMS. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu n&...

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    I need an application that will be downloadable and installed on users computer at their request. Must not include any spyware in the application. Application must work in conjunction with a script that you must also build which will be installed on the admin website. If you are interested in biding on this project please read the info in the message board before placing your bid. Please only...

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    Flash Movie Loppunut left

    30 second Flash Movie. Conceptually we know what we are looking for. However, you must provide the graphic design. Movie will show various words set in framed boxes moving along side by side, until they reach a certain point. Once 5 frames are showing, the first frame will spin off and change into a logo design at the top of the screen. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working p...

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    I have a client who needs an ad slick that is created with PSD and delivered with all fonts and in non-flattened layers. This ad will be published in a magazine with national distribution. Numerous revisions will be required. The time frame for the project is approximately 1 week. I have some graphics for you to work with, other will need to be created by you. I also have a fax from my client...

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    77415 Banner & Logo Loppunut left

    I am looking for a graphic designer to design 3 or 4 banners and at least 2 logo's for my website. Take a look at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and look through the site to get an idea. Two of the banners will use our searchbox so this will need to be taken into account. I will work with you closely, so this should not be a difficult job. Please let me know your time frame as well as ...

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    remote media viewer Loppunut left

    For multimedia presentations that will be displayed on a multi-screen system it is required to develop a remote media viewer. The system consists of six networked PCs (LAN) each connected to a digital projector. The proposed program should consist of one server and six clients running on each PC. Clients: The client running on each PC is the real media viewer. § It should support common anima...

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    My client, a chain of internet cafes, would like to increase their revenue by inserting advertising into the web pages viewed by their customers. They would also like to divert customers to particular web-pages when their time is up. The internet cafes currently use hardware NAT. We know that we will need to move to a linux-based router which can be customised. This project is for the invisible HT...

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    id like an active x control based on this nero sdk. see attachment. Needs to Be An Active X Control In Visual C++ 6 and also i would like some gui active x control that look like these Standard XP Style like this one [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] here is some source code which may help you [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The XP Command control should supports allowing you to specify ...

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    Im looking for a makeover design for [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Im looking for something that incorporates a small amount of flash, in the header, that looks totally professional, eye catching, good rollover design for buttons. clean cut and plesent on the eye The design must also be a quick download, less than 20 for the complete page to show. It must also incorporate a page that work...

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    Hi All, My project is; I have a website for racing nascar on the internet. I have an annual membership which is complete. I am using MS SQL Server for my datasbases. I need some additional forms created to intergrade with my membership. The addition forms needed are when a driver wants to pay an entry fee to a race that week I will be able to collect that payment through PayPal or money order righ...

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    Design and Implement Data Transfer System This system involves development of a GUI based structure to transfer data from one List to another. Data will be first stored in the “Available?? List · User can transfer data from this list to the “Selected?? List by using the buttons o > o < o >> o << · The user has the option of three buttons o Clear: Clears ...

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    Hi, all of you. I have a pretty interesting job here: Need a piece of code that will be able to: 1. Connect to ANY video source in the system 2. Act as a video source itself (it has to allow multiple connection to it) 3. Copy the video source (from the video source capture point) and to be able to spread copies to the requesters (like splitting the original video source). 4. Have a control panel t...

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    we required 5 templates for our college website. currently the website is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The templates must use frames ( may be only right, right and top, or top and bottom frame) so we can attach our exsisting pages easily. Only professional and high quality graphics is required in the template. You can download the logo of the college from the attached file. You can use th...

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    Both of these programs are very easy, I have no time to make them right now. Both need to be able to run inside the program I use(JBuilder). Attached is what they should look like. Here is the description of each program Program 1) -Create a text field, a text area, and a combo box in a panel using FlowLayout. -Create a button labeled Store and place it in a panel using FlowLayout. -Place the prec...

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    Our firm has three midsize software packages and five small packages that were created over twelve years ago using Quest development tools. The graphics look old and outdated and the programs have some trouble running on newer operating systems because they are DOS based. We are inclined to NOT have the update done utilizing Quest and would be more comfortable with Authorware. However, we are open...

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    Seeking talented web developers to improve the appearance, operation, logical design, imagery, and information content of the current US Army Brigade Combat Team (BCT) web site ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ). This effort will involve the design and development of a complete web site, with the intent being to replace all, or portions, of the existing web site (the “PORTAL?? section ...

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    2 Web Pages Loppunut left

    I need 2 web pages designed. 1 web page will be the home page for On the main page I want to have a top banner and on the right side going down banners for 5 sponsors....The drop down shoud zoom into a country page which looks similar but displays the country. In the middle frame somewhere to show news on the home page. Give me some nice imgages to represent cargo... another...

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    Network Algorithms Loppunut left

    For the graph below, apply the Dijkstra and Distance Vector algorithms. Use the digits of your ID number which is 01024977 , to give you the weight of the different arcs. Example, for someone with the number 12345678, W1 will be 1, W2 will be 2 and so on. A zero should count as 10 and any alpha character (e.g. "D") should count as 5. Note that 2 arcs are already weighted for you. For bot...

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    Hello, I need a C++ class to write an animated GIF file. It must work with Nokia's Symbian Series 60 SDK (available at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). I only need it to work in the emulator that comes with the SDK (you don't have to test it on a real phone). The Series 60 SDK works with Visual C++, and there's a sample application project which shows you how to use bitmaps c...

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    test Loppunut left

    The intent is to improve the appearance, operation, logical design, imagery, and information content of the current BCT web site ( [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ). This effort will involve the design and development of a complete web site, with the intent being to replace all, or portions, of the existing web site. Please read the attached Ms Word document for the specifics on this work. I...

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    I require a site (PHP/MySQL)which resembles [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] it must allow people to log on view when the rooms have been booked be able to view who booked them and also be able to book a date. I would like the site to have a VERY EASY to use layout like that site. The admin section will need to be added which will allow the administrator to view who booked the rooms and print...

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    I have an open source image rating script that I need modified. I need the following features added. We want to have a "Voting bar" on the same page as the image like on Currently, you have to click on the "Rate" link to select the image rating. A small (Maybe something free from sourceforge, there is no point wrining one from scratch) news script that posts new...

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    ASP Index Query Loppunut left

    Search tool ( using Indexing Services running on Microsoft IIS 5.0 web server to speed searching when practical. Search tool should be capable of using Indexing Services but should not be reliant on them to function. Experience with Microsoft Visio 2002 very helpful. There may be a few dozen or several hundred or even a thousand total documents to be searched. All search and results pages ...

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    PHP Spider Loppunut left

    Hello, I need a Web Spider written in PHP 4.0. The Spider must read from a MySQL DB a list of Pending Sites to be Spidered. The spider must be able to access HTML pages (htm and html extensions), CGI, Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP, and each frame in Framesets. If a webpage uses a drop down list for links (common JavaScript feature), the Spider must be able to grab the links. Spider must recognize an...

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    We have two web pages that show the satus of our oracle servers. 1st page show job status from the job queue. 2nd page shows the status of the databse file. Developer to supply a third web page to display the status of the archieve logs. Currently this is emailed by a sql script. Developer will then put all three pages in one frame. The original web pages will be supplied to the developer. ASP and...

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    hi i need a little code that i can put on my top frame that will taget the bottom frame (target=main) the script should hold 3 urls and a time delay for each url should work something like this taget url 1 after 10 sec target url 2 after 40 sec target url 3 after 120 sec

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    Our website sells various craft supplies and equipment. One item, the needlework frame, is highly customizable and comes in a variety of sizes and configurations at prices from about $20 to $300 or more. I would like a web routine to go on our site that would guide the customer through a series of questions, then recommend one or more configurations of frame to use, with links to the buying, of co...

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    This is a repost of a bid. I have the program written in C but it constantly has problems with graphics cards, etc... I need this progrma written in FLASH. I need the project ASAP so please let me know your time frame in your bid. Below is the original post. I have included the original program. Here's a little background. In the practice of opthalmology we use a device called an Optokinetic ...

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    Database Maintenance Program must be written in Visual Basic 6. The program will provide a password protected, editable form that will allow database administrator to set preferred maintenance time and duration (one week would be the default). The system will then need to perform maintenance according to set times. It will also need to verify that there are no users currently logged on. If there i...

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    Data Transfer Loppunut left

    Database transfer and creation (MS Access 2000) Create a program using Visual Basic 6 that will gather and manipulate data from a pre-existing MSAccess 2000 database then transfer data to a new MSAccess 2000 database (Using ADO). This program will be used to update existing customer databases to the new version. Program would need to check the registry for the location of the database, make sure n...

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    CLONE adult website Loppunut left

    see attached document I need this A dult site cloned. I need a longterm arrangement with the developer(s) I need someone to replicate its action to make it look like paypal and make the website more user friendly. The Users content that is contributed make up what the website is all about. This website is based on user assisted content - The user contribute content to the website which make it wor...

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    Flash Banner Loppunut left

    Hello! We need a banner similar to the banner that is at the top of the page of this site: Please include your time frame to complete the project with your bid. Thanks. Happy Bidding. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the ...

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    Simple Java Program Loppunut left

    I have 2 really easy programs, but have no time to write them. Here is the criteria, and below i have 2 pictures of what they should look like: 1st Program: 1)Create a frame and set its content pane's layout to BorderLayout. 2)Create two panels and a text field and add them to the frame. You will need to specify locations (e.g., NORTH). 3)Set the first panel's background to yellow and th...

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    I'm looking for a basic ebay type of auction script, already made, with none of the bells and whistles... In addition to what your admin panel may contain I need to have the following features: -> the admin panel set up in a 3 frame frameset (top, left, main). -> ability to edit header, footer and index files... -> minium payment gateways: PayPal IPN and [kirjaudu nähdäkse...

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    I want to display random urls in a frame. I will have a page on my site something like [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] There will be a file that I can add/delete urls (doesn't have to be anything fancy...could just be text file that I edit and upload by ftp.) I basically want the frame to be like the one here... [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Except with three links with the ...

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    I have a software program in VB that is partially done and I need to get it finished. It has 4 stages to it: it looks for expired domains, it filters the domains, it finds the link popularity, it processes and filters the remaining results. I have a .txt list of domain names (1 per line) which I would like to find out their link popularity on. As I might have thousands of domains in this list, I n...

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    This is a modified 'search' engine for the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] archive There needs to be an administrative interface to define catagories. Each catagory will have key-words. Any story that contains these key words should be added to the catagory and givin a ranking. So for catagory: Athletics Keywords would include: Baseketball, Baseball, Coach, 'locker room',...

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    DirectShow Applet Loppunut left

    We're after object oriented DirectShow code hosted in an MFC dialog app. We aim to take the DShow code out later and use it in our project currently being developed. The interface needs to be functional - i.e. no fancy controls necessary. It will acheive the following: ~ Allows user to insert/modify/delete (24 or 32bit)still images, audio and/or video clips (e.g. BMP, WAV, AVI) ~ at the press...

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    Need the following: Currently have an appointment book and employee schedule with time in and time out . But the Appointment screen and emp schedule are not related to each other. Emp schedule currently figures total hours worked and has a schedule begin and end date. It also has time in and time out with combo box used to enter time. It's a time clock, and user can enter hours manually as we...

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    Using Flash MX or similar Software, i would like to design a number of simulation for an e-learning website. Basically the simulation involve nodes (Servers and workstations) communicating in a LAN via a switch. The Simulation must show how for instance a frame (with an ID)are sent from one node, get to the switch, and the switch looks up its MAC table to determine with port it has to switch the f...

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    Help with homework Loppunut left

    I need help with some howework that I will email you the problem. And I just need the problem completed in Jbuilder. The problem will feature two different JBuilder GUI programming assignments. It will involve certain types of forms in XYLayout, and we will need to change to GridBagLayout after [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] will need to be very adept at creating a new application which con...

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    Hello I need a software for job site which is already done some parts. You can see the attached file which are done. Besides, I also need the html pages like inside employer section, carrer tool sections. You can use templates if you like to reduce the page amount. But I need some graphics or frame. You can see the attached html files then you will understand what I actually mentioned.. If you hav...

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    DbPhotoGallery Loppunut left

    This project request is for a single Page. I will be incorporating it in my overall web site. Basically, this must do the following: 1. Must have a Database to store Photos, etc. 2. Page Interface: a. should look like a 3 part frame Part 1. will list all the client Names Part 2. will display in the 2d frame, all the pictures / photos for that client. (thumbnail size photos) Part 3. will display th...

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    You are to write a multimedia application in QuickTime for Java to open a movie and produce an index file of thumbnails from the movie that you can index through the movie. A number of movies for use in this assignment are on the Multimedia Laboratory server grue in the folder Multimedia Studies Docs. PDF tutorial files on the laboratory tools are also found in this folder. You are to write a prog...

    €27 - €63
    €27 - €63
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    Time Tracking System Brief Description: This system is being built to provide a entry/reporting system that will allow for reporting of processes that go over and under specified time frames for individual cases. Requirements Technician ??" Person doing the actual work Needs to login and manage accounts ??" can have multiple accounts under one firm (Levels of security?) Needs the ability...

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    Flash Animation Loppunut left

    3/22/03 UPDATE: I think I may have confused some bidders - the blank, white space is not the frame - that are contains the website name and I cropped it out to post on RAC. The frame is the lighter, rectangular 3D border around the image inside. Please review the attached image - the flash must be sized to fit exactly within the frame where the existing image is located. I'm looking for ...

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    i need help with 3 scripts. i need to be able to make and limit the size of a pop up window, such as pop up ads from the net, put a print button on a form on my site that will print the frame the button is on, and a close button i can place on the pop up window. and i want to be able to do this from frontpage. and help me insert one so i can learn. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-function...

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