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    I need you to write a report on reducing internal costs for an MNC

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    costs analysis Loppunut left

    I need a thorough costs analysis of an IT contract by a qualified accountant/business consultant.

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    need software plus website, getting amazon seller information like sales, costs,shipping etc, and having customers login and getting this information in a easy to use fashion , see imaged attached of similar site. lot of amazon api.

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    AHT Loppunut left default) o Library (checked by default) o System Manager o Directory (checked by default) Providers Provider NPI Number Full Name Email Facility (this should be a dropdown menu that shows all facilities available, and an add facility button if the user can’t find the facility wanted) Facility An on boarding document is attached to the related documents

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    ... Mail must be send to mailadress I choose wherein is stated what the backend and frontend url and the id are of the page, post, product and what the number of words and costs are. Also in this mail is the text that needs to be translated, the website and the price per word is. 2. Make seo suggestion button in home dashboard and plugin dashboard

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    Application strategy game of war between the two teams first mobile wolves and the other vampires and each has a special Army team develops and de...strategy game of war between the two teams first mobile wolves and the other vampires and each has a special Army team develops and develops buildings created .. how much it costs and duration of the work

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    I would like to talk about an app design and costs with anyone who is interested.

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    ...the website as having only a few pages which must be mobile/tablet responsive. Home Page with search/filter facility Add Event form Blog Can you provide price for initial design/development and supplement for hosting/monthly assistance The idea is to have a contact form/add event form so organisers can add their own tournament details. obviously the

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    ...make it a proper restaurant. This includes but not limited to: Creating a whole new menu of vegan/vegetarian food with unique and attractive options for our students. Design the menu look. Create an internal menu of how to prepare each dish step by step, costs, ingredients and final picture for decoration. We currently have 3 people running the

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    ...simple website. For the initial build, website will be max four pages. Ongoing work may be on offer. Page 1 Home Page ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) Website name, font selection and sizing, menu bar for all pages on website, 2-3 background pictures will scroll through Page 2 ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) This page will contain a gallery of model pictures. The gal...

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    ...many people would be required to make it (we guess a programmer, animator, and an design artist to begin with) Again, you must be willing to sign an NDA. Also, this is only a one-time project for consulting, but if you are experienced in programming, game design or something related to game development we may have work for you in the future, if

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    Looking for someone to contact popular websites that are related to YouTube videos. Your job will be to contact sites directly and get key advertising information, negotiate a low price (by charming the website owner) - then put that data in an excel spreadsheet. 1. Contact these sites via ALL mediums email/facebook/twitter/instagram (email often goes ignored) 2. Ask for advertising prices ...

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    ...plugin/woocommerce extension that allows us to add a couple field to manage product costs. We’re wanting to track our profit margins and help us analyze our sales. Most of our products are purchased from auctions as pallets of miscellaneous items so it is very hard to track costs and profits per item currently. In the product inventory section we need

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    ...designed that i need built. Its for people to make their own custom text only post cards... I need it built in word press. Here's the details. The site its self is a very simple design- solid black background with white text one font only- there are no pics in this site simple text only...8 pages- 1. Main page you will be able to type your name into a

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    ...around a message thread users will also have the option to navigate to their profile and update it on their own (user profiles will be verified by admin) 2. There is no costs/payments/fees involved with this app 3. There will be a map option (details below) Breakdown of the app: 1. There will be 3 different user profiles: Users, Nurses and

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    SmartScrap is the trader focused on by-product selling for metallurgy. Our web site is We are interested in to f...material for us (slag or iron by-product after electric arc furnace, blast oxygen furnaces, blast furnaces, foundries) We would like to find freelancer who can calculate costs for delivery and provide the delivery.

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    Working In a Group Project My Part is the TASK: According to the Price Strategy & Cost of Advertising , You should make a Budget/Breakeven Calculation ( For APPLE) Attachment 1: Group Work So far Attachment 2: Last Years Example of What the final Product should look like.

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    Write a program that implements the weighted single-source shortest-path algorithm with positive edge costs( Dijkstra's Algorithm), vertices designated by integers 1 to N, and integer weights. its not a hard problem,.I accept $15, hope you can finish in 5 hours. Thank You

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    We need to develop an API to integrate into our website, which can automatically perform the following: • Obtain all information (printing size, volume, material to be used, etc.) from a 3D printable file (.stl, .obj and others) to feed a database. • Render the 3D printable file in different materials and colors for a realistic preview. • Check 3D printability and optimize file f...

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    ...alone or in collaboration with a team: Need 1 ) modify an existing wordpress page ( branch 1 ) to our needs. We want the main menu structure to be without change, but we need a fresh and new design. There are 5 main menu points with about 25 pages in total. (per installation) Need 2) Please submit a cost-estimate to us and list the estimated prices

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    Write a simple C++ program that implements the weighted single-source shortest-path algorithm with positive edge costs( Dijkstra's Algorithm) , vertices designated by integers 1 to N, and integer weights.

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    Upgrade and automate current spreadsheet to do calculations. And add a few more pages for tracking deliveries and costs and summation

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    I need some changes to an existing website. How much does it costs to set up a payment system for a website? I want customer to be able to use their card and pay directly into the the account.

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    Hello, we need a VQMOD extension that shows, in header mini-cart, also the shipping costs - as products are placed in cart. We use the standard weight based shipping method. Our website is based on Opencart 1.5.64. We do not need someone to TEST, we need someone who can provide the solution. Only Opencart experts. Thanks!

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    We would like to know how high are the costs for the following project: We need a native Android App which operate over the Soap API from Magento 2. The Design for this (CLEAN and SIMPLE) Shopping app is already created in Sketch. Main features are: Home View: - with an image Slider - Content from a individual created Magento 2 Plugin)

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    SmartScrap is the trader focused on by-product selling for metallurgy. Our web site is We are interested in to find agents in Europe for; 1. Quality control 2. Logistic agents 3. Agents who knows and has relations purchasing department of steel mills. 4. Agents who know when to find interested material for us (slag or iron by-product after electric arc furnace, blast oxygen ...

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    We need to find out the best soltions of delivery scrap from Oulu to Rohstoff, Dortmund, Lutge Heidestrasse 115 (DDP) to Qasim port Pakistan (CIF); we buy material on EXW basis. You can see material in the attached. sizes from 100 to 1000 mm, max weight 800 kg. HS code 7204

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    Hello there. I'm having expensive costs from amazon web services, and I don't have a lot of disk used. Need to optimize.

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    Hello I currently use SimilarWebs chrome plugin to tell me manually how many visitors websites get each month. I need to scale and automate this process. I could use the similarweb API but they're expensive so I am looking at other options. I need a tool or script to be able to enter 100s/1000s websites at a time and for it to fetch/find SimilarWebs data on them: 1- Estimated Visits...

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    Looking for a simple and clean design, lighter color and mostly graphic based. The website is going to be built based on Wordpress with Woocommerce as base so that we can easily change banners, ads, text and so on. When it comes to functions i must have the following: - Most be mobile friendly. - Multilingual option. The website detects where the

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    Need Database of Medical Procedure Costs (A set of procedures) for different countries (Around 25 countries). Data shouldn't be sourced from a single website.

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    I need someone to manually enter shipping costs from an Excel file to an OpenCart Shipping Module. It's is a straight forward job, should not take long. Would prefer it if you have TeamViewer so that I an quickly show you what is where, and what is required, AFTER you have been hired!

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    Looking to learn basic costs for installing the following systems in their basic form for an RV: heat/ac bathroom electricity water

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    summarize this article David Wipmann, “The Costs of International Justice” and finish it in 2-3 hours i will pay 10 euros 1full page

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    ...table of costs from 2012 showing the costs at each age of the child up to age 24 depending on income bracket of the family. The result that we are looking for is that by identifying the children and their current age the result will show the lump sum amount that the parents would need to invest today in order to be able to meet the ongoing costs of their

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    Hello, Our company planing to open branch or open company in India. Which will give IT service. We would like to know about monthly fees, opening fee, monthly insurance fees. and any other fees applicable to run company.

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    Need a website built that allows users to sign up, vote on a competition between two options with each vote costing one dollar - ie 20 votes would cost 20 dollars. The user will also be able to create 'contests'. More information will be given to the selected freelancer.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to research courier companies in the US and provide me with a spreadsheet of comparable costs by weight along with review ratings. Options to include domestic US shipping and US to Canada. Couriers: Fedex DHL UPS TNT Central Couriers Weight Ranges 0 - 500 grams 501gms - 1kg 1kg-2kg 2kg-5kg 5kg+ Work

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    ...serviced apartments. On a monthly basis we need to get all of the monthly sales together from different sources (various websites and merchant accounts), record it, add in any costs, which includes cleaning, creating maintenance invoices from our maintenance company and our commissions, then create invoices for our clients. At the moment its a time consuming

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    ...out-of-pocket each year for health. This includes payments for deductibles, premiums, co-pays, and anything else that comes out of their pocket as it pertains to healthcare costs. Then I want you to figure out what conditions this money was spent on (i.e. Primary care, diabetic medication, surgery, premiums, pharmaceuticals, etc.). While doing this,

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    ASG is equipped to lower your costs and increase your ROI by providing a BPO program with full redundancy and ability to fulfill your call over flow for minimum dollars and maximum results.

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    Answer the questions based on determination of project costs for a Community Festival scenario (provided)

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    ...shipping costs for a WordPress e-commerce website: - The site uses WooCommerce. - The products will be imported with their weight (kg) and its dimensions (cm) i.e. length, width and height. The system needs to do the following: - The system will need to calculate the total weight of the clients order upon checkout - The shipping costs depends

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    Hi, i have a concept of using unity to design a restaurant menu with animations. the designed unity programm will conect to my backend to pull menu information and schedule to display. i need few things from the freelancer 1. to design the menu 2. to animate the menu with transitions to new menu and other effects. this is a concept

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    a simple and easy way to get your first Dollars online !! by taking some survies 50 pts per survey and 50 dollars when you reach 5000 pts lets discuss in private

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    Web development Loppunut left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Online K&B design Hi guys, I am setting up an online kitchen and bathroom design company. Worldwide Kitchen & Bathroom Design k&[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (If available) It will be an online service where people can purchase design works. I want thi...

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    I need SEO for my website + detailed counselling + detailed estimate of costs I will send you the link of the website and you will make an detailed estimate of costs for : -the basic SEO -the running SEO to push the site on the first site (I will send you the keywords that should be on the first page for 2 areas) - how many month it will take to

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    Looking for a serious full stack developer company with good costs for ride-sharing app mods and constant upgrades. we had freelancers leave work abandoned. Looking for serious commited team of programmers that can take over the project and be our head programming department for ride sharing company similar tu uber. ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN COMMUNICATE

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    A log I have put on website seo monthly some pictures and FAQs and a testimonial page put up and some ideas

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    I am looking for someone who can add a field to call detail reports in fusion pbx with the call costs, this must also allow us to import rates per domain.

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