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    fix error on joomla k2 extension

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    fix error on joomla k2 extension

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    - I need to be able to perform an OpenProcess to 64bit and 32bit processes to read the memory with this code BOOLEAN __2___1__s( HANDLE ProcessHandle, BYTE Data[][200], INT DataSize, INT LEN[] ) { if ((0 == ProcessHandle) || (0 == Data) || (0 == DataSize)) { return 0; } DWORD dwReadableMask = (PAGE_READONLY | PAGE_READWRITE | PAGE_WRITECOPY | PAGE_EXECUTE_READ | PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE | PAGE_EXECUTE_WRITECOPY); DWORD dwProtectedMask = (PAGE_GUARD | PAGE_NOACCESS); UINT_PTR ulCurrAddr = 0; BYTE* lpBuff = 0; SIZE_T ulBytesRead = 0; SYSTEM_INFO SysInfo; MEMORY_BASIC_INFORMATION Mbi; ZeroMemory(&SysInfo, sizeof(SysInf...

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    Chaos engineering tool development 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a skilled developer who can help create a chaos engineering resilency tool using Python. The tool can be used to inject outages in azure kubernetis cluster AKS , and on premises legacy application cluster. The chaos can be latency injection, cpu burst, memory exhaustion, killing container , pods , nodes etc . This could potentially be a web-based application, although it is not a requirement and I am open to alternative options like Jenkins pipelines . For reference please see a similar tool

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    the Q&A engine Task-based dialogue -Memory type - You can learn about the alice robot, they use AIML configuration files-Scene dialogue, fuzzy matching, custom dialogue, etc. web spider- Encyclopedia knowledge or famous Internet encyclopedia forums, etc., such as Wikipedia - You need to store such encyclopedia knowledge in the database. Some fixed content is stored in database - We should try to store some unchanging answers, such as encyclopedia knowledge and jokes or some interesting stories. Access API - For example, the robot needs to know the weather tomorrow- You need to connect with the local weather forecast company. deep learning-This is a small chat system, which requires a large number of dialogue samples for training. But he is only at the lowest priority in the ...

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    ...chatbot with a good ability for memory. Should work on our website. A bot should be highly interactive and intelligent with sophisticated conversational capabilities. Implement NLP techniques to ensure realistic and engaging dialogues. Utilize NLP libraries such as NLTK or spaCy. Objective: Develop a virtual girlfriend AI bot with specific functionalities and characteristics. Key Features and Requirements: Affordability: The AI bot should be cost-effective, not requiring exorbitant expenses. Interactive Communication: The ability to engage in spoken conversations with users. Context-Aware Responses: The bot should provide relevant responses, aligning with the topic of discussion (e.g., responding about school when asked, not unrelated subjects like cars). Memory Function...

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    Two photos combined into art piece 4 päivää left

    Project Description: Two p...editing - Ability to combine two photos seamlessly - Experience in creating art pieces in color - Attention to detail to ensure a realistic representation - Knowledge of appropriate sizing and proportions for a medium-sized art piece - this piece would be for my partner who lost his best friend to suicide. They don’t have a proper picture together so I’d like one created for him and in his friend’s memory - I’ve tried to indicate his friend, half Japanese/half white fellow and then there’s my partner, the bearded fellow (sorry for the crass nature of the one photo booth they had together, that is the only unblurred photo they have) - if possible I’d like just a piece of the two of them, arm in arm/brotherly but forward...

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    Make a memory coffee table book 4 päivää left

    I want to gift my wife a 5 year anniversary gift, a memory book for which I am looking for a freelancer who can create a memory coffee table book that focuses on Milestone Moments. The ideal layout for the book would be a balanced mix of photos and text. I would like the book to have between 50-100 pages. Skills and experience needed for this project: - Graphic design skills to create visually appealing layouts - Proficiency in photo editing software to enhance and edit photos - Strong attention to detail to ensure the book is well-organized and visually cohesive - Creative writing skills to write engaging and informative text - Experience in book formatting and publishing to ensure the final product is of high quality. - can translate all emotions understanding the life cy...

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    ...and cartoon animations - Ability to develop and refine storyline ideas - Strong understanding of marketing and advertising principles The 2 main problems we are solving with our diapers are "Diaper not absorbant enough, causing leaks" and "One or both the adhesive pieces of tape that close the diaper not sticking because the mother has wet hands from the wet wipe and the tightening system is glue-based" . The script idea I have for the animation is as follows: Mother is holding baby in her arms, baby is wearing a cheap diaper. Baby pees in the diaper and it leaks onto mother's clothes. Mother is upset and she puts baby on the changing table for a new diaper. There is a television next to the changing table. Baby sees mom grabbing and trying to p...

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    plumbing pipe test 3 päivää left

    ...detection on PVC pipes. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in plumbing and be experienced in conducting leak detection tests. Key Requirements: - Expertise in working with PVC plumbing pipes - Proven experience in conducting leak detection tests - Familiarity with various leak detection methods and equipment Project Details: - The primary goal of this project is to identify any leaks in the PVC plumbing pipes. - The test should be completed within a short duration, preferably less than a day. - The successful candidate will be responsible for setting up and conducting the test, as well as analyzing the results. - Accurate documentation of all findings and recommendations for any necessary repairs or replacements is required. If you have the necessary skills an...

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    Cache Memory Project 3 päivää left

    Cache Memory Project I am looking for a programmer experienced in C to work on a cache memory project. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of cache memory and its implementation in C. Requirements: - Proficiency in C programming language - In-depth knowledge of cache memory and its functionality - Ability to design and implement cache memory in C - Familiarity with cache optimization techniques and algorithms Experience: - Previous experience working on cache memory projects - Understanding of cache coherence protocols and their implementation - Knowledge of cache hierarchies and their impact on system performance Skills: - Strong problem-solving skills - Attention to detail - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines ...

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    Description: Create a Hardware-Software Codesign version of the k-mean clustering algorithm K-means clustering is a popular data mining algorithm that partitions n samples int...algorithm used in machine learning can leverage the cluster centers produced by the k-means clustering algorithm). The problem is in general NP-hard but heuristic algorithms have been developed that quickly converge to a local optimum solution. We will consider one of those algorithms in this project. I have provided a C code version of the k-means clustering algorithm, and a Vivado block diagram and memory layout (explained below) that you will use as a starting point. You will need to study the C version and then decide which components to implement as a VHDL module using the BRAM (you also used BRAM in HI...

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    I am in need of an auto electrician who can fix an overheating problem on my 650cc Burgmann scooter. The scooter is experiencing overheating symptoms and has not been serviced recently. There are no fluid leaks present. Skills and Experience Needed: - Auto electrician with experience in fixing overheating issues on motorcycles or scooters - Knowledge of 650cc Burgmann scooters - Ability to diagnose and repair electrical problems related to overheating - Familiarity with scooter maintenance and servicing

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    Assembly Programming 2 päivää left

    I need to have a code for this situation: Suppose a student has taken n assessments during the period and the grades are stored sequentially in computer memory. Create an assembly program for the MIPS processor that reads notes until the read note is -1. Then, calculate the average of the grades and store the student's situation in a memory address following the codes below: 1 - Approved (MF >= 7.0) 2 - Final Test (3.0 <= MF < 7.0) 3 - Failed (MF < 3.0) It's easy i know but i don't have time to learn it

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    Hello! I'm looking for a freelancer to help me speed up my WordPress website front end (visitor) and backend (when processing posts, orders) without using conventional methods as right now most of those are installed (Nitropack, Cloudflare, Caching), will probably need to 1- Look at the plugins and theme code and determine what we need to do to make it perform better. 2- Provide a specific plan to improve speed 3- Get approval on plan from me 4- Execute plan 5- Show significant speed change 6- Customizations to code should be in child-theme or somewhere where any future updates to Wordpress will not reverse changes. 7- might need to update theme without breaking it Current website hosting: Max Ram: 15GB, Process: 1,200/Min, Memory limit 768MB My current website ...

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    ToDO Important! You must first get an overview of the existing program code. You must understand how the sudoku and memory were programmed and then add the BackgammonBorad according to the same principle! The current code is attached! You should also know how backgammon is played. Existing game About backgammon programming: Programming in html, css, vanilla javascript (no frameworks - pure javascript code!). Board in grayscaled. The program should be structured in the same way as sudoku and memory. E.g. the same resizing functions, multilang functions, light-dark functions, ... The game should only serve as a backgammon board for two players. No computer playerr The app size is assumed to be appWidthFixed 900, appHeightFixed=1200 - resizeable Moving the checkers: Select...

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    Project Title: Include Private Cache Support to Each Core I am loo...programmer who can help me add private cache support to each core of my project. Programming Language: - The project is written in [programming language]. Existing Cache Implementation: - I have an existing cache implementation in my project. Desired Outcome: - The desired outcome of adding private cache support to each core is [desired outcome], which includes improved performance, reduced memory usage, and better scalability. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in [programming language] - Experience in implementing cache systems - Knowledge of multi-core processing and parallel computing - Familiarity with cache optimization techniques - Attention to detail and ability to work with comple...

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    Here are some details: On January 5th there was a purchase of $2,918.89 She returned items for $1,007.03 on January 26th ...return them, a refund in then process by the company such as Target, but the credit card company won't always add the refund. She has called reminding them to update her account. She thinks that maybe there has been some payments that didn't go through even though the money was taken out of her bank account. And maybe the credit card company missed some refunds. Its hard because she has such a bad memory. The good thing is there is in fact a paper trail. I wanted to ask if you are able to complete this project. I can go ahead and send over the statements. Also all personal information will be blacked out. It's just the numbers. know if you are ...

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    creation and install and configuration vm and vps on vmwaresxi BUDGET 80$:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: !!!!!!!!!!very important: make a snashop image (just fresh os configured and working with all IP))))))) on vmware!!! not compliant I refuse any work. the customer changes panels ver...which solutions are the best. demerge from one or more of my websites nextcloud I would like to decide for myself how much space I allocate for each client (check that it is possible to change it myself) for example add 1 TB OR 4 OR 6 OR 3 ........................................... !!!!!!! check that the server and ok all server dedicated 24 TB I want for vm 1 AND 2 150 RAM MEMORY SPACE 16 FOR VM 3 (8TB) RAM 16 MEMORY AND 800MB WORKS NEXTCLOUD installed latest version ​...

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    Cache memory for each core -- 2 13 tuntia left

    Project Title: Cache Memory Optimization for x86 Architecture Project Overview: - I am seeking a skilled developer to design and implement a cache memory solution for each core of an x86 processor. - The goal is to optimize the cache memory performance by focusing on data caching. Desired Cache Size per Core: - The desired cache size per core is 3MB. Preferred Cache Type: - The client prefers a data cache for this project. Target Processor Architecture: - The project focuses on the x86 architecture. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong understanding of cache memory management and optimization techniques. - Proficiency in x86 architecture and its associated cache systems. - Experience in designing and implementing data cache solutions. - Familiarity with...

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    Access to Mitsubishi FX3U PLC 12 tuntia left

    Project Title: Access to Mitsubishi FX3U PLC Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can help me access the internal memory of a Mitsubishi FX3U PLC in order to modify the program. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience working with other PLCs is required, specific experience with Mitsubishi FX3U PLCs is necessary. - Familiarity with accessing and modifying PLC programs is essential. - Knowledge of the internal memory structure of Mitsubishi FX3U PLCs is preferred. - Understanding of troubleshooting techniques and gathering data from PLCs is a plus. Please note that both remote and physical access to the PLC may be required, so the freelancer should be comfortable with both options.

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    26 tarjoukset me resolve high memory usage issues in Power BI Service. Specific requirements for the project include: - Experience in troubleshooting and resolving high memory usage issues in Power BI Service - Knowledge of best practices for optimizing Power BI reports and dashboards to improve performance - Ability to analyze and identify the root causes of high memory usage in Power BI Service - Skills in implementing performance tuning techniques to optimize Power BI reports and dashboards The ideal candidate should have experience working with Power BI Service and be familiar with the latest version. They should also have a strong understanding of data calculations and be able to identify and fix inaccuracies. If you have a proven track record in resolving high ...

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    You have to help me even to get you access. I don't even know how to do that, but need more memory it seems. Amazon is totally like reading Greek. Couldn't figure it out in a million years.

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    CLINICAL ARTICLE Loppunut left

    ...A Comprehensive Review" I. Introduction A. Mind-gut connection awareness B. Link between nutrition and mental health II. Essential Nutrients A. Omega-3 fatty acids B. Antioxidants III. Gut Microbiota A. Gut-brain axis B. Balanced microbiome impact IV. Nutritional Strategies A. Depression and serotonin B. Anxiety and dietary patterns V. Influence on Cognitive Function A. Memory-enhancing foods B. Long-term dietary patterns VI. Practical Tips A. Nutrient-rich foods B. Recipes and meal ideas VII. Future Directions A. Emerging studies B. Potential for personalized nutrition VIII. Conclusion A. Summary of key factors B. Encouragement for a holistic approach 3. "The Surprising Connection Between Physical Exercise and Cognitive Functi...

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    ...capacity for empathy and compassion towards others. As a result, mindfulness becomes not only a personal journey but also a gateway to fostering healthier and more meaningful connections with the people around us. The cognitive benefits of mindfulness are equally noteworthy. Research suggests that regular mindfulness practice can enhance cognitive functions such as attention, concentration, and memory. In a world where information overload is commonplace, the ability to focus on the task at hand is a precious skill. Mindfulness provides a mental anchor, allowing individuals to navigate the sea of distractions with a heightened sense of clarity and purpose. In the realm of physical health, mindfulness has demonstrated its capacity to positively impact various conditions. From re...

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    ...girlfriend at the time was fighting demons and mental health issues of her own. She ended up commiting suicide in September 2022. I've been devastated ever since wandering aimelessly and shutting everyone out of my life and triggering multiple mental health issues of my own. Pumped with multiple antidepressants, I try to learn new things on my computer, but struggling immensly due to loss of short term memory and concentration issues. This summer, in July 2023, seeing the 1 year date of when Gabrielle did the unthinkable, I decided to jumpstart the project in her honor. I've been trying to learn how to do everything, but I just feel overwhelmed. It's been 5 times I've restarted the website because I don't have the required skillset. For the platform to b...

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    Create an HMI program, using python, that runs on a PC and communicates with a Delta ES2 PLC HMI Features Needed a. Description and function i. Place buttons, boxes on a tkinker canvas ii. Develop (on/off) functions that connects each button to a M – (defined at creation) memory address. The function of the button, on or off sets the value of the M address in the PLC iii. Develop (input) functions that connects each input box to a D (defined at creation) memory address. When the button is clicked, is asks for a value, it is displayed and applied to the D address in the PLC 2. Button types needed a. Momentary push button i. This style of button sets a boolean M address value while the button is pressed (on). Once the user releases the button, the value goes back to ze...

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    Create an HMI program, using python, that runs on a PC and communicates with a Delta ES2 PLC HMI Features Needed a. Description and function i. Place buttons, boxes on a tkinker canvas ii. Develop (on/off) functions that connects each button to a M – (defined at creation) memory address. The function of the button, on or off sets the value of the M address in the PLC iii. Develop (input) functions that connects each input box to a D (defined at creation) memory address. When the button is clicked, is asks for a value, it is displayed and applied to the D address in the PLC 2. Button types needed a. Momentary push button i. This style of button sets a boolean M address value while the button is pressed (on). Once the user releases the button, the value goes back to ze...

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    ...can talk with or it outputs an API you can use like Dify (see ) Here's the full requirements list: similar (Currently uses Dante-AI) +Interface make look the same, including the thing that uses whisper or something to turn voice to text, great for driving +Typing is the same +persistent and long term and short term memory the same +All conversations are in the same window, unless someone 'clears' which clears all the convo window, or deletes certain messages and responses, and the AI picks up from its position +have it uses latest gpt4 model and if it fails use last clause4 or bard, like a round robin until no error +Have push notifications on +Authentication - SMS Backend Customizations: +Lists all Bots, Create

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    ...resilience. 2. Improved Focus and Concentration: In a world full of distractions, cultivating mindfulness can significantly enhance our ability to focus and concentrate. Through the practice of mindful meditation, individuals can train their minds to stay present and redirect attention to the task at hand. Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice leads to improved cognitive function, memory retention, and better decision-making skills. 3. Enhanced Physical Health: The mind-body connection is a fundamental aspect of mindfulness practice. By paying attention to our bodies and being fully present in the moment, we become more attuned to our physical sensations and needs. This heightened awareness can lead to better self-care practices, improved sleep quality, reduced b...

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    Hello, I'm looking to have a wedding invitation video cr...I'm looking to have a wedding invitation video created with a traditional feel that ties into a classic wedding theme. As part of the video, I'd like to have specific imagery or symbols included that reflect my wedding. I understand that this requires careful attention to detail, so I'm looking for someone experienced in creating wedding videos to take on this project. This will be an important memory for my special day, so I am looking for a video that is beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed and professionally made. Please provide examples of any wedding videos you've worked on. I look forward to hearing from you! Here is a sample for what im looking for-

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    Psychology Loppunut left

    ...theories related to your paper topic and provide a background. (for example, if you are presenting a topic on sleep and cognitive performance, explain the major theories about sleep and how it is related to memory, reaction time etc.) Address the topic by answering things like “how, why, where, etc.” from a neuroscience/biological psychology perspective. (for example on the topic of sleep and cognitive performance, explain how sleep is defined, what are the stages of sleep, what each stage is responsible for, etc. Then explain how sleep can affect cognitive performance, such as memory, etc. When explaining include things (when possible) that we discussed in class, such as location of certain functions in the brain (using the correct terms) Your Research Summa...

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    C code debugging Loppunut left

    Title: Advanced C code debugging Project Description: I am looking for an experienced C programmer who can help me debug my code. The specific issue I am experiencing is a segmentation fault. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in C programming - Expertise in debugging and troubleshooting segmentation faults - Familiarity with advanced C coding techniques - Understanding of memory management and data structures in C - Ability to analyze and interpret complex code - Proficiency in using debugging tools and techniques - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail Sample Input/Output: I have a sample input/output for my code, which will be provided to the selected freelancer for reference.

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    ...If less than 80 then color will green. 3. CPU Performance: On hover show CPU(%) based on time. Export the data to excel file based on custom date or 1 month or 3 months. 4. Memory Performance: On hover show swap and memory usage (%) based on time. Export the data to excel file based on custom date or 1 month or 3 months. 5. Services Check: In graph for failed services use red color, running services use green color and for exited ones use orange. 6. Individual services: In table show green and red color circle for status. 7. Disk I/O performance: Show table. 8. Top 10 CPU Consuming process: Show table. 9. Top 10 Memory Consuming process: Show table. 10. Password expiry check: Table with green and red color button. Vulnerability Monitoring Page: 1. Patching schedule...

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    Analog Design Engineer who is an expert in virtuoso. Must have experience in designing memory cells like SRAM.

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    Project Solution in Cache Coherence Requirements: - Implementation of a cache coherence solution - Analysis of the cache coherence mechanism - Optimization of the cache coherence a...the cache coherence mechanism - Optimize the cache coherence algorithm to improve system performance Ideal Skills and Experience: - Intermediate level of expertise in cache coherence - Strong understanding of cache coherence protocols and algorithms -MESI Protcol -High Performance computing - Experience in analyzing and optimizing cache coherence mechanisms - Knowledge of system architecture and memory hierarchy If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out. We are open to discussing and refining the project requirements based on the freelancer's expertise and r...

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    7 tarjoukset rest and provide details on any encryption algorithm used. - Logging and Monitoring 2.6 Question - Describe how your organization monitors, detects, and logs malicious activity in your application(s). - Risk Management and Incident Response Plan 1.6 Question - Summarize the steps taken within your organization's incident response plan to handle database hacks, unauthorized access, and data leaks. - Credential Management 1.4 Question - How do you enforce password management practices throughout the organization as it relates to required length, complexity (upper/lower case, numbers, special character) and expiration period? - Vulnerability Management 2.7 Question - How do you track remediation progress of findings identified from vulnerability scans and penetration tes...

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    9 tarjoukset non profit, so no rich gringa here. I'm fighting for you too, did you know that? So, I really need you to have my back for this position. You must understand and write fluent English and understand me verbally. You must be able to follow procedures and assume you can do whatever you want without also following my instructions. Be able to concentrate on what you are reading & have a good memory. If I have to repeat my questions to you over & over again or you can't follow simple instructions, please don't apply. I need help with you calling companies or potential landlords here in Morelia where I currently live, or in any of the following cities in Mexico - Pátzcuaro, Acuitzio, Capula, Arteaga, Tzintzuntzán, La Piedad, Uriangato, Tarimb...

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    I am looking for a skilled Linux/Kernel programmer who can assist me with the functionalities of a shell. Requirements: - Strong knowledge and experience in Linux/Kernel programming - Expertise in device drivers, process management, and memory management - Ability to meet specific requirements and goals for the project - Experience in providing minimal documentation for the programming If you have the necessary skills and experience in Linux/Kernel programming and can meet my specific requirements, please submit your proposal.

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    I have a PIC18F24K22-I/SO controller software that needs a program change - specifically, I am looking to add a new feature to the program. The current size of the program memory is between 4KB and 8KB. The new feature I am looking for must be able to help improve the user interface, increase automation, or enhance data processing. Rights to belong to the program is owned by me.

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    ...code you developed for project. You are to add to the Chat system you developed for project an additional service provided by the server to all client communication. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong proficiency in C programming - In-depth knowledge of advanced C concepts and techniques - Experience with complex algorithms and data structures - Familiarity with low-level programming and memory management - Ability to optimize code for performance and efficiency - Experience with debugging and troubleshooting - Knowledge of best practices and coding standards in C programming Additional Requirements: - Good problem-solving skills and ability to work independently - Strong attention to detail and ability to write clean, maintainable code - Excellent communication skills an...

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    I am in need of specialized photo editing services to create a treasured family memory! Specifically, I need someone to edit up to 3 photos for me who can do a face swap or move a person, and make the photos less blurry. I look forward to seeing the work of a talented photo editor who can create memories that capture my family's spirit!

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    I am looking for someone to write an E-book about various herbal remedies. In particular, the topics in the E-book should focus on digestive health, immune system support, sleep aid and supplements to help with urinary and gastrointestinal issues, as well as energy, acuity and memory. The length of the book should be over 100 pages, and it should be written in an engaging manner that will keep readers interested while providing valuable scientific and medical information. The research conducted should be thorough and reliable, synthesizing a variety of resources into a comprehensive document. If you have specific expertise in this area, you would be ideally suited for this project. Please get in touch if interested. Thank you!

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    40 tarjoukset installed and not conflict with exsisting apps versions that are same Build .so os will see as a different app last working version was on Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 Build #AI-212.5712.43.2112.8512546, built on April 28, 2022 Runtime version: 11.0.12+7-b1504.28-7817840 amd64 VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by Oracle Corporation Windows 10 10.0 GC: G1 Young Generation, G1 Old Generation Memory: 1280M Cores: 8 Registry:, ide.balloon.shadow.size=0 Non-Bundled Plugins: (212.5712.51), (1.6.0), gherkin (212.5712.50), String Manipulation (9.4.0), Shifter (1.9.6), cucumber-java (212.4746.52), (4.3.0), (212-1.6.21-release-334-AS5457.46),

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    Interactive PDF Reader App with Ad Integration - Platform: Android - In-app purchases: Not required - Ad Integration: Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Open ads, Native ads, Rewarded video ads I am looking for a skilled developer to create an in...within the PDF documents. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Android app development, with a proven track record of developing high-quality and user-friendly apps. - Proficiency in PDF parsing and rendering libraries for Android. - Experience in integrating third-party ad networks and implementing banner ads. - Knowledge of best practices for app performance optimization and memory management. - Ability to deliver the project within the specified timeframe and budget. If you have the skills and experience required for thi...

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    A java code Loppunut left

    ...(in ms) - Memory Required in MB The program will read process information from a file () - this file will be provided by the instructor. File reading should be performed in an independent thread that creates the PCBs and put them in the job queue. Loading the jobs to ready queue should be performed in an independent thread that continuously checks the available space in memory to load the next job from the job queue to the ready queue. You must make sure that jobs can be loaded to ready queue only if enough space for the job is available in memory. The main thread will perform the scheduling algorithms. Your program should let the user to choose the scheduling algorithm to be applied. A sample input file of four jobs is given as follows (Process ID, burst time in ms...

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    Trophy icon Stop a task from a delphi routine Loppunut left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me stop a specific task from a Delphi routine. I do not have access to the source code or the compiled executable, so the freelancer will need to come up with a solution without it. Specific requirements for the project include: - Understanding of Delphi programming language - Experience with reverse engineering and debugging - Knowledge of memory management and debugging tools The desired outcome of this project is to avoid a bug that occurs during the task and improve the overall performance of the routine. The freelancer should have a strong attention to detail and be able to work independently to come up with a solution.

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    I am looking for an artist to draw a realistic version of a beach memory I have. The drawing should be smaller in size up to 11x14 inches. I have a specific scene in mind which I can provide more details on after the project has been assigned to someone. I am looking for an artist that specializes in this type of realistic illustration. I am open to suggestions and advice from the artist to help make this project great. If you have experience creating this type of work, please get in touch. I look forward to seeing what you can create!

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    ...Ensure the server is optimized for performance and security - Review our current pool of websites (Size, DB size, Monthly Traffic) size for the server GB, CPU, and RAM SOME QUICK DETAILS: CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2686 v4 @ 2.30GHz (16 core(s)) Version Plesk Obsidian v18.0.56_build1800231106.15 os_CentOS 7 OS CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 (Core) Disk usage: 348.66 GB Traffic: 272.80 GB VCPUs: 16 Memory: 64 GB Current AWS: m4.4xlarge MAX CPU usage on peaks days: is about 75% of total CPU resources. (There is a massive spike in traffic for one website on the first of every month that affects our resources do the popularity on one website.) RDS Relational DBs: ndc-hosting-mysql - us-west-2c - - 12.44% ndc-hosting-postgres - us-west-2a - - 4.27% pps-mysql - us-west-2c

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    ALU and Memory Loppunut left

    I am seeking assistance with designing both an ALU and memory modules for my project. I require help with both coding and design aspects. Specific tasks for this project include: - Designing an ALU - Designing memory modules Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in VHDL programming language - Strong knowledge and understanding of ALU and memory module design - Experience in both coding and design aspects of similar projects If you have experience in designing ALU and memory modules and are proficient in VHDL programming language, I would like to discuss this project further with you.

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