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    Tarvitsen mobiiliaplikaation seurajoukkueelle, joka toimii sekä Andoroidilla että iOS:llä. Aplikaatiossa tulee olla sivu pelaajaesittelyille, pari web-viewer sivua, sekä mahdollisuus äänestyksiin, että push-ilmoituksien lähetyksiin. Lisäksi linkkejä seuran Sosiaalisen median kanaviin. Nämä ensimäisessä versiossa.

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    Xibo CMS - developer / consultant for custom Widget needed We are looking for a freelancer with experience in the Xibo CMS platform configuration and Widget/Module development, for a Digital Signage product. In order to complete this assignment you would be need to be familiar with the following technologies: * PHP, JavaScript, CSS, * Amazon Web Services (existing CodeBuild & CodeDeploy and...

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    Työn kuvaus: Online markkinointi yritys etsii työkokemuksen omaavaa ja suomenkielistä online markkinoinnin ammattilaista auttamaan yrityksen pelialaan liittyvän sivuston mainonnassa. Annamme kuitenkin enemmän painoarvoa työkokemuksen sijaan oikeanlaiselle asenteelle ja suhtautumiselle työhön (työhön tarjotaan koulutus). Kyseessä on pitkä...

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    Auta minua internet-markkinoinnissa Asiakkaamme tarvitsevat jatkuvasti sosiaalisen median markkinointia, tarvitsemme osaajan joka pystyy hallitsemaan laajoja kokonaisuuksia ja tuottamaan materiaalia eri toimialojen yrityksille. Tuomme asiakkaat sinun luoksesi.

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    We are looking for a Microsoft OFFICE developer to enable us to import a table in WORD and export it in various chart and graph formats, automatically importing the table heading, properly labeling the x and y axis and visually representing in a graph or chart the data in the WORD table. We want different chart and graph options, the more the better, but mostly want the process to be as automat...

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    complete a report and send us the findings to include the following data on a stock by stock (the individual unique stock codes are given in the first column) basis: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] * Mean time between trades * Median time between trades * Mean time between tick changes * Median time between tick changes * Longest time between trades * Longest time between tick changes * Me...

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    hi< i did i a survey. i have to do data analysis for the results i got ( mean/ median / mode/rane/interquartile range/and mean absolut deviation)so i attach the results of the survey below

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    In this assignment, you will practice conducting and reporting the results of a descriptive analysis using the dataset provided and the word template. Use the Applying Descriptive Statistics Template [DOC] to complete your assignment. Scenario At Blooming Park State University, the president and Board of Trustees have developed a strategic goal designed to help them gain a complete understanding ...

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    Create an Android app in Java that helps a store manage a list of saunas available to its customers. Each sauna should be represented as an object with the following data members: • make (string) • product code #—used to uniquely identify the specific sauna (string) • wood type (string) • capacity (# persons) (int) • kind of heating (string) (for example, electric o...

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    I'm working on a statistics project and need support to help me study. The answers apply the same as the Med-Term review in the second, third and fourth questions on one table Note: The arithmetic mean, median, and mode are the same number for each column INTRODUCTION AT6 is a single, extended synoptic, summative assessment delivered over the course of three weeks, in weeks 10, and 11. ...

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    Im searching someone for next tuesday 6.4.2021 You have to be able to do following: im searchin someone for the 06.04.2021 to do Advanced in R Studio and Statistic Data Lists Feature types Data Collection introduction Frequency tables, bar and pie charts Errors in diagrams Mode and median Contingency table Marginal frequencies Conditional probability Confounding variable and Simpson�...

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    Using Excel or Google Sheets, create two histograms (i.e. column charts) – one for each measure – using data from the data file provided. Paste your histograms into Word and size them so that both histograms will fit on one sheet of paper (portrait orientation). The top histogram should depict scores for the Subjective Happiness Scale. The bottom histogram should depict times for Perc...

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    I looking for an R expert to explain how to do problems using the R language. The deliverables will be R code that builds and runs in the latest version of R Studio, and successfully Knits to a PDF file. Note that I'm not asking someone to do my homework for me as that would be unethical. I'm looking for a tutor that will show me how to perform various exercises using the R language f...

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    Hi there! I need to scrape this website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] there are 3,141 rows and 7 columns(County State Population Unemployment Rate Median Household Income Poverty Rate Labor Force), my budget is $15, I need this ASAP, If it is successful, I have a lot of projects on daily basis

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    This project is to for the following: Update/change 1 existing function and add 1 additional trade entry to be enabled/triggered by indicators (trade system) when all criteria are met. MQ4 and indicators (trade system) files will be sent to the awarded freelancer.

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    implement the following programs 1. Use the dataset diamonds and the tapply() function to obtain: data(diamonds) (a) The mean carat of diamonds in each of the four levels in variable cut. (b) The median depth of diamonds in each of the eight levels in variable color. (c) The frequency of the diamonds in each color. (d) The frequency of the diamonds in each clarity. (e) The mean price of diamonds...

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    Need to find : Total outstanding debt market capitalization cost of debt cost of equity Range of WACC Mean & Median

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    Goal: To fully automate and streamline QC Reports Table Source:100+ SQL Tables. A very sample of three data sets are provided Tables/Columns Structure: All Tables have different columns and potentially different number of records Report Requirements: • Platform: Power BI Desktop and cloud • Automation: Fully automated processes with quarterly updates • Programming: DAX • Due D...

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    Hi Rahul B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Project is Background subtraction. Basically I have to follow the pipeline as two images original and the other with object. RGB->HSV both images, bitxor both images, median filter and final output

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    remove icon fetch social median images from database small project for who want good comments

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    I want to do this by $70: (1) edit the error in stacked autoencoder code. This code used as a feature selection algorithm. (2) Add LSTM code as a classification method the first time, then CNN as a classification method another time. Please I want it by proper settings that appropriate for the type of the dataset and the purpose of classification. (3) Count the mean and median for each case in ...

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    Hello, I need assist of Hadoop mapreduce expert Task: Implement the median string Motif search algorithm using MapReduce on a Hadoop platform that you are required to install and configure on amazon AWS. A minimum of 2 VM instances are needed to achieve minimum parallelism. Algorithms and text will be provided. Note: You should work your own AWS account. Thanks

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    Just complete a a whole sdection Details: 2.5.1 Choose appropriate graphs to display data Estimated ~30 questions CURRENT OBJECTIVE Choose appropriate graphs and charts to display data 2.6.1 Using Measures of Central Tendency Estimated 16 - 33 questions Find the mean of a set of data Find the median of a set of data Find the mode of a set of data Determine whether the mean, median, or mode...

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    Task 1) Transfer binacpp to be compiled in VS as console .exe 2) Provide project file and all dependencies in relative sub-folders 3) Write a function VS 2019 that can get price and Z median or mean % change (+ or -) within X minutes of Y coin pairs simultaneously. Use a separate cpp file for that “[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]”. Place action (message, buy, sell) on condition ...

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    5 Different set of data should be analyzed for probability density function and summation of these data sets should be modelled in Monte Carlo Simulation. 5-95 percentile, mean, median and graphical distribution are required.

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