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    For the upcoming album of a Jamaican reggae / pop artist there is a logo already designed that needs to be properly executed. To match we need an original font that is recognisable, but simple. The font and logo will be on the album cover and in the video.

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    One of my client is looking for a Face Recognition web app in which we could match the images with CCTV Footage. He want that we will open the application in one computer and train the system. After that if we will play the video in the same computer then application should recognize the similar faces and give us popup with proper name which was trained the system. If you have any similar app...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. Source code will be my property. We are looking for a Face Recognition web app in which we could match the images with CCTV Footage. We want that we will open the application in one computer and train the system. After that if we will play the video in the same computer then application should recognize the similar faces and give us popup with proper nam...

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    Hi! I'm working on my personal blog where I could publish my experiences in an IT world, some thoughts, some tutorials and so on so ...have a professional feel so I thought about some "serious" colors (blue, grey, black), but I'm open to anything to be honest. The logo should contain the name "Devmate". Feel free to contact me if you need more info.

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    I'd like make a website, dating/couple matching site, below is a sample site You make a layout then I'll fill out the contents in korean Please study below website and let me know. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    ...100 image quotes. - Same format, size and font as the attached image. - I will provide the quotes in text form. - Use free images from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] - Images need to roughly fit the quote. - The font is Lato bold. (Free from Google) - Saved as PNG. - Optional: use my canva if you wish. - Optional, although preferred. Please attach in

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    I need someone expert in developing algorithms for pattern matching to control the performance of IDS. The proposed pattern matching algorithm is the process of matching between the input data and the rule in order to measure the time consuming and detection rate.

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    ...You can choose whether you want to provide us ideas/designs for all of the screens or for just (at least) 3 key screens plus a matching logo design. To be clear: the contest asks for at least 3 key screens and a matching logo design. We are NOT looking for developers. The code is ready. We are only looking for graphic designers. As you can

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    An optimized stereo matching that generates the disparity map between two images. Using opencv and c++. The code is pretty easy to do but I have no time to tune the parameters of the sgbm and sBM. So i need both of them to work , one using sgbm and the second one using sbm

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    The App takes a image by camera and matches it in database and returns a unique id from the...App takes a image by camera and matches it in database and returns a unique id from the database. Matching should be fast and in real time and angel of taking image should not effect. If exact image is not found than it should return all ids of matching cases

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    Excel data matching Loppunut left

    I wish to do the following with the attached data set: Firstly, I want to match the prospects (leads) we’ve acquired in the Prospect tab, with the contracts we’ve settled in the Settlements tab. This is so we can show how many marketing leads have resulted in customers. We should match on email address and company name. So using the first row of data for example, if D2 in the Prospe...

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    ...way which is more effective? Question 2: What is the pseudocode necessary to match a multi-attribute scored resume to job openings? Deliverable: Develop a scoring & matching methodology and pseudocode suitable for a developer to use...

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    Background: In our organization our vendors work and track daily hours in our timekeeping system ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). At the end of each month we have them also send an invoice (to [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). As part of our reconciliation process we manually check the time in the system and ensure that it matches the value from the invoicing system. We would li...

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    I am looking for an original look for my new Twitch Stream. I am looking for a set of Panel Headers and an overlay. My preference is an industrial theme with some pop. I will give feed back on the submissions so that I can get what I am looking for. If I see something that blows me away, it will be marked as a winner, the contest will end and you will

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    We need somebody who is familiar with Matching Theory and who can apply it to survey data.

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    Find the powerpoint file attached to clear instructions. The main points include: I just need the code to run the PosTitles and look it up on the unnecessary keywords list to clean it up column E (for collar) - should reflect entries such as "white", "blue" or g"grey" , not the actual position as you showed in column A Column A and Column G - should be cleaned...

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    We need an experienced developer to create both an ANDROID & IPHONE app using Native App Android Studio IOS in V Code Objective C or similar. Our App needs to upload a photo and match it to a similar or identical image in our database. There are 2 components to this app and we will explain in detail to the winner. Developers MUST have experience in building image recognition App and MU...

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    1. Write PHP curl to automatically log into a specific website (ask in pm for weblink) using email and password 2. Access list, extract link matching keyword and save to text file. A quick job for the right person. Thanks, looking forward to working with you!

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    I need someone to log into their JungleScout account (the web app) and use the Product Database to find products that meet the following criteria: - Price minimum $100 - Reviews minimum 100 - Rating minimum 4.5 I would like you to use the criteria above to search each of the following product categories individually: Appliances Arts, Crafts & Sewing Automotive Baby Beauty & ...

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    I need someone to log into the Clickbank Marketplace and do an Advanced Search for products that meet two criteria: - Gravity higher than 5 - Avg $/sale higher than $30 When I do that search, I get 327 products. I would then like you to paste the following information for each product into an Excel spreadsheet: - Name of Product - URL of pitch/sales page - Category (e.g. Health &am...

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    Hello, please find brief attached. D

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    ...b1:aa:91:7b:c2:cr,z0:aa:84:7b:c8:ab nameB : cc:aa:72:7b:c6:cf,b0:aa:77:7b:c6:dr,b7:aa:72:7b:c6:cd etc Requirement 3: The app scans the wifi very regularly, If it finds at least two matching BSSID's from the CSV list then it automatically: Requirement 4: Displays on screen the associated Name relating to the BSSID Requirement 5: Enables the phones volume & vibrate

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    Very quick one for a video we're getting ready for the client. Essentially, the majority of our audio was done on a lav, but there is a small portion (around 6sec) which was done with on-camera mic instead of the lavalier. We need to have this section cleaned up to match the rest of the audio.

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    saya sedang mengembangkan aplikasi untuk melakukan verifikasi dan validasi berdasarkan biometrik (Biometric authorization - finger print dan atau mata), verifikasi dilakukan melalui smartphone (iOs dan Android), atau smartphone+finger print scanner

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    9 tarjoukset the files, refer to the audio file named ' Sample' - this is the same kind of audio i want recreated from the raw files i have provided with professional mixing & matching done to get everything in sync. The final audio final that comes out should have the same lyric & music sequence as the 'sample' file but needs to be completely in sync

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    Person Matching Loppunut left

    We need an interface/frontend for our users to have the ability to enter a persons name/nickname/alias and have the ability to search a database for any possible matches. This would bring up, or display, any matches along with their address/location information. The frontend will be on our website, viewable by subscribers. We are on a linux server. Other major needs for the interface: 1) The a...

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    Hi, A similar company has a image which I'd like one designed very similar matching my brand colours. Picture is attached.

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    We are building a carpooling platform, tailored to match drivers with passengers going on the same direction, for city transportation. We need a real-time matching algorithm for Carpooling Platform. How would it work: Drivers creates a trip (Which includes): Point of origin Point of destination. Days of the week he makes the trip Hour

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    Trophy icon Matching set of cartoon animals Loppunut left

    We are a set of child psychology labs that use images of animals to distinguish us from one another and direct the families that visit us. We'd like a set of animals that match stylistically to each other. The five animals needed are: Tiger, Duck, Elephant, Panda, and Octopus. I have attached two examples image in styles we like. It would be great to have a set of them full body, and also of ...

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    I have about 6,500 credit card charges that need to be matched up to purchase orders in my POS system. Some charges will match up clearly to one PO, other orders were paid on installment plans. 11 payments once a month. All this data needs to be looked at and matched up.

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    ...looking for a solution to let us match names entered on one set of forms with names on a list. Our product helps non-profits seeking funding from grant giving foundations. Matching names associated with grants with the list of active charities is difficult because in reportint to the government granting foundations don't necessarily use the true name

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    The task is to write an R script (implement...such as Python may be considered) to merge datasets of character strings (names of organisations). As the correct, true positive, matches are non-exact, approximate string matching will be required. Some domain expertise in financial and/or health data is welcome in this (and potential follow-up) task(s).

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    ...each image analyzed X amount of times. Once the images have been analyzed the script should support exporting the .csv file in the same format that it was uploaded with a "Matching Percentage" column added at the end with a percentage showing what percent of the time the results from the API show that the images from each row were a match. Attached

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    String pattern matching algorithms are very useful for several purposes, like simple search for a pattern in a text or looking for attacks with predefined signatures. We will implement a dictionary-matching algorithm that locates elements of a finite set of strings (the "dictionary") within an input text. It matches all patterns "at once", so the

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    Develop further functionality on a web based prequalification and job matching interface.

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    We want you to design a logo and matching visiting cards for our store named " City Glass & Ply ". You are free to use just letters or graphics or both letters and graphics in the logo. The logo must be original and simple. For Visiting Card, use the logo on it and there should be space available for adding details from our side, i.e. it must

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    Seeking an illustrator to design a section for a website that will require matching the style of the already completed artwork. This is the how to play section for a board game with steps 1-4. Need 6 illustrations, depending on how you categorize it. Work should be completed in Adobe Photoshop and submitted as PSD files. If you are interested we will

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    Looking for a quote to get an app made from scratch including everything. Thank you

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'redo a graphic matching website colors'

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    Trying to do a multiple pattern matching on a trie data structure, by doing a preprocessing on the pattern using bitparrallelism then searching them over a series of DNA string

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    html 5 Simple Game for Site Home Page - Lover Matching to find Restaurants My site is a joomla site with restaurants directory, Embed the html5 game to front page 1. The user go to my site, the home page have the game. 2. User can enter Boy and Girl (facebook/twitter account ), choose type, yes/no question 3. display the retrieve picture

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    Trying to do a multiple pattern matching on a trie data structure, by doing a preprocessing on the pattern using bitparrallelism then searching them over a series of DNA string

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    Fingerprint matching software using any of the available sdk with matching on server Fingerprint can register Fingerprint can fetch data from server Matching algorithm to work on server

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    Hello, I'd like matching people on messenger for language exchange through a bot.

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    Redo the Data Pyramid graphic included as an example. Use the colors from the Dataz Logo graphic. Show examples as PNG. Final file needs to be vector file that the text labels can be edited. The graphic will be used on a website with white background. Final should look consistent, clean, professional. Colors to work with Orange, black, grey, white. Try shading from both top to bottom...

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    A very simple app. We help customers to choose and match what they wear mainly according to the weather and what clothes they have. Our budget is GBP45.

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    I am looking for an expert at developing fingerprint matching using android sdk. I need advice on the project. i shall provide the sdk sourcecode and i expect the expert to advise on the exact thing to be done. The expert must be good and understand fingerprint matching coding.

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    This project includes: 1. Slightly editing pantone colors and design of a swim dress 2. Editing a girls bathrobe.. and giving some different versions of designs for it. 3. Editing a boys bathrobe.. providing some versions of ideas for a design.. 4. Draw a sketch of a backpack and handbag version swimbag.. And insert design in it according to follow up instructions and files.. Files, sket...

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