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    ...$ value of line items where more than 5 of a particular item are ordered. There are 300+ line items, about 50 items per html page. Multiple products can be ordered on one page. Customer puts in the quantities of each item for mutliple items then adds to cart, goes to next catalog page and adds more product. String passed from web page:

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    ...different wallpapers (this interface has been written in Flash but has not been made dynamic) and select the ones he wants to buy. He can view his shopping cart and change the quantities, delete wallpapers, etc... After that he need to confirm his order and supply his credentials (username/password for returning customers, full info + new username/password

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    ...then summarize according to those categories. The individual records will need some parsing to eliminate extraneous characters. Summary to include min/max/avg price/etc with quantities sold. We are looking for a nice report presentation. sample file is attached>>> The desired characterisics to sort by noted in parantheses: (coin type) (date) (mint) (grade)

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    ...the retail industry. They require a general-purpose tool to integrate proprietary applications at the database level. The tool will be used to batch-transfer modest quantities of data between two ODBC-compliant databases. Please see the attache file for an overview of the features required. The project is being managed by experienced (ex "big

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    11 tarjoukset We want additional functionality for the product attributions section. As it is now, you cannot add a quantity for the size of a product. We want to be able to insert quantities in the admin section, and have them deduct from the catalog section, when purchased. Also, if the product, for a certain size is out of stock, we would like it to NOT display

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    OSCommerce Mod Loppunut left

    Our site [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is a site that sells items in quantities of one or two at most. While OSCommerce will not sell items that have a quantity of 0 it will allow an item with a positive quantity to be placed in ones basket while another person who is browsing the site places that same item in their basket as well. We would like to have a mod that

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    Wedding Registry Loppunut left

    ...less complex. (This might help: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) this is to work as a registry for a shopping mall, so I will need to be able to add a text list of stores easily (as they change fairly often). I will host the script on my server (PHP/mysql/linux, or CGI- CGI preferred) and would like to be able to add another mall later

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    ...they can see who the customers are and edit,delete them. Must see that a person can browse the application looking for products to buy, put products in a cart and update quantities. Make a couple of products ahve attributes such as size, color that the buyer can choose from . The buy can then put in cart, view cart contents, modify cart, come back at

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    I need someone to devellop a working program that will allow the user to electronically submit large quantities of tracking numbers to shipping companies' online tracking sites. Currently the sites allow only up to 3 tracking numbers to be submitted at a time. I would like to be able to enter 100's of numbers (easily cut and pasted from the user's files

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    Our website has unique items in the quantities of 1 or two. The shopping cart software, agora, is unable to update the database (wonders why they bother to implement one). Problem comes when someone buys a product that has already been sold. I am a startup and I use paypal for CC transaction. Paypal is able to send back product info via Instant Payment

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    stock market Loppunut left

    ...write a program for managing information about shares trading on the stock market. This assignment assesses material up to Study Guide 10 (inclusive). Files: There will be multiple files that contain the data used by this program. One will be the master-file, which must be named "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]", and then there will be many individual files for different

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    ...DemosIndyMailClient when you have Delphi 6 installed. But... what we need you to do is make this program multithreaded: multiple emails must be sent at the same time in order to speed up the mailing process. Large quantities of emails must be handled well by the program. You MUST write your code using Delphi 6. Please react only if you have demonstrable

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    2-Item Order Form Loppunut left

    ...Email address. A fake form is located at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The next section of the page will be an order for that includes a list of the two items and a spot for the customer to fill in quantities. I want the Line total and the Order total sections to update automatically (I do not want a caclulate button or anything like that.) AN example

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    autorun viewer + Loppunut left

    ...names, removing names, adding onto or removing parts of the name) C. Create Web Photo galleries to be uploaded to my FTP Site automatically. D. Select pictures, sizes, and quantities, along with purchasing information to be uploaded to my FTP site. or an order created in a folder that could be ftp. FTP Witin the program would be a plus. E. add on some

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    ... The payPal buttons will be individual items and not a shopping cart. Purchase price and shipping info will be entered at set up for each individual item. If they enter a multiple quantity for an item at set up the quantity on display page should reduce by items purchased with the item being deleted from store and data base when supply is exhausted

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    ...copies and 3 cents per copy for each additional copy. Write a program that requests the number of copies as input and displays the total cost.(Test the program with the quantities 25 and 125) LAst project... Federal law requires hourly employess be paid"time and a half" for work in excess of 40 hours in a week. For ex. if a person's hourly wage

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    ACCESS 2000 AND VBA Loppunut left

    ...customer's name or custno and the system will show hisher name and address, and the Order Number, Date_Placed, Date_Delivered and total value (ie the total of the order line quantities times the product prices) of all orders for that customer in reverse date order (ie the latest first). 3. Allow all users to change their own passwords (on SystemUser). The

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    Form processing Loppunut left

    ...of products required. I am then sending the form details through to [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] but the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] results show all the product names first then on a separate line the quantities are shown. I need a script that will show the quantity followed by the product name for each product one after the other, not as is happening. Let me know if ...

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    Purchase Requistion Loppunut left

    ...complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. 1. I would like the order forms (frmConsumables, frmMetals and frmStationery) to display a list of suppliers who only supply the relevant category, i.e. the consumables form to display only suppliers who provide consumables in the drop-down box. (I have added a new field

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    15 tarjoukset used. Must have lines, sybols, sheets and stles added. Must be able to convert quantities. "Basically you digitize quantities from drawings." All Sample code can be provided if needed to save time. ## Deliverables · Setting Up the Drawing · Digitizing Quantities from the Drawing · Converting Units in the Working Total · Selecting ...

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    ...guideline as to what information we want displayed and the arrangement of that information. The newly created form must allow for the user to assign part numbers and quantities from our inventory list to a particular job. Jobs are delineated by having unique job numbers, which also serves as the index for the table "SERVOHYDRAULICS", being stored in the field

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    ...solution will be based around an order creation screen, which will be broken into 4 main parts, · Part 1: Stock list This component will allow the user to search for the required stock element and add it to the order. The user may search the stock list by stock code and optionally the description. · The stock menu will allow the user to see the following information:

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    €87 - €434
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    ...prospect to view pricing for printing items. I want to use links to access items like business cards, letterhead, etc… as opposed to using a dropdown. The customer would see a list of different items (business cards, letterhead, rubber stamps, envelopes, checks, ect…) listed. When they click on an item, the system would dynamically build the display page

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    34 tarjoukset generated displaying the order details. 4) A manual inventory adjustment mechanism must be possible by using the Adjustments Table, in which the user can enter + or ??" quantities together with a comment in order to explain the reason of the manual adjustment. 5) An Inventory Report per Customer 6) A Delivery Report by Product 7) An Order Report by

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    Tree Loppunut left

    ...Adjust both quantities to reflect a shipment of items received R The format for each type of command will be: 1. For I - ID (5 char) Name (20 char) Quantity On Hand Quantity On Order 2. For D - ID (5 char) Name (20 char) 3. For P - NONE 4. For S - ID Quantity Sold 5. For O - ID Quantity Ordered 6. For R - ID Quantity Received Quantities are of integer

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    ...· View inventory on hand: Browse through inventory currently on stock and display the item information and quantities on hand. · View inventory on back order: Browse through inventory on back order and display the item information, quantities on back order, and when the inventory is expected to be in stock. Reports: · Inventory on back order: Print

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    ...relationship between the size of the available memory and the number of keys to be hashed, the range of possible keys, and the nature of the keys. Let us give names to these quantities, as follows: M = number of available slots (each for one record only); r = number of records; n = number of unique addresses produced by hashing function; K = a key, which

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    5 tarjoukset order for the owner to gain special access to the machine. b) c.m. class keeps track of the money collected. c) When a c.m object is initialized for the first time, the quantities for each item are to be set at 50, there is no money in the machine, there are no sales that have been made, and the password is set to “password??. After the first run of

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    Inventory Program Loppunut left

    ...perform the following tasks: Add new records to the field, Display any record in the file, Change any record in the file. Input validation: The program should not accept any quantities, wholesale, or retail costs less than zero. The program should not accept dates that the programmer determines are unreasonable. When requesting the prodId field from the

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    ...networking devices. You will need to specify all PCs in terms of their speed, Ram, Cache, HD size. Hubs and switches will need specified in terms of capacity, type and speed. (ii) Quantities and costs for all equipment and software (including PC's). (iii) A diagram of your network layout, illustrating the use of all components chosen. (iv) For your particular

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    Shopping cart Loppunut left

    ... An adminstrative tool which allows an adminstrator to change the price of items in the inventory. Adjust the inventory as need. Display the inventory(items, prices, and quantities). The adminstrator access it with username and login from the site. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...a adminstrative tool which allows an adminstrator to change the price of items in the inventory, adjust inventory as needed, and displays the inventory(items prices, and quantities). This should be password protected(username and password). The data for the inventory will be in a data file(text file). The program should be written in perl. ## Deliverables

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    ...developed in MacroMedia UltraDev with a recordset and a repeat region with two additional fields - one for quantity and one for select or not. When selecting products and quantities then on top of the page I need a total (total price and quantity) and on the selected product line total price to update automatically and instantly (if 2 selected in qty

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    ...times it passes zero. Various statistics can be displayed. Full graphic user interface. Complete with progress bar and progress alerts. Fast algorithms to process very high quantities. Very easy to change for your own programming needs. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    Have an existing open ended database for tracking production quantities and revenues. Need to convet to a stable compiled front end and SQL server files. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows

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    ...some items are purchased in small quantities i.e 2 or 3 only meaning 22 or 21 wasted labels. All products have a batch number and the labels can not be used again for future incoming orders. What I need is a visual basic code that will not only allow a specified number of each label be printed but also take the quantities from the incoming order and print

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    ...javascript will: 1. Give an alert if the user changes a quantity and does not click on the radio box for that item. 2. Allows any number of products to be added. 3. Leaves the quantities numbered as qty1, qty2, etc. 4. Allows for any number of shipping methods to be added to the select box. 5. When the user selects an item and enters a quantity the javascript

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    ...Provide a link to allow the customer to register and then return to shopping. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Cart page- Cart/Checkout page. Page shall list all products currently in the shopping cart and allow customer to change quantities of products in shopping cart. Shopping cart must be accessible even if customer has not registered. Make customer register before checki...

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    ...available lines to begin. Each line is a queue. There is a maximum of three custmers per line before a new line opens. Each customer has an option of purchasing five items with quantities for each item. Each item will be a queue. The processing time for each item is set in the program. There should be a menu that gives the five items to choose from. Once the

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    ...some items are purchased in small quantities i.e 2 or 3 only meaning 22 or 21 wasted labels. All products have a batch number and the labels can not be used again for future incoming orders. What I need is a visual basic code that will not only allow a specified number of each label be printed but also take the quantities from the incoming order and print

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    ...bars of the histogram itself) into it in turn. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] testing, you are strongly advised to test each function individually, and to initially test and debug by entering small quantities of data from the keyboard. In order to obtain full marks: (a) check for invalid (but integer numeric) data from the user; and (b)allow the user to repeat the process any

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    ...javascript to calculate and display a total cost (which I would like to receive as well). This order form will be duplicated on about 15 pages but is not identical as different quantities i.e. the values of the radio buttons are different, so they will need different config. files (again please see the soupermail site for details). Please quote a fixed price

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    €173 - €260
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    ...quantity purchased in as a value parameter. Requirements are to make structs for all POS transactions. Structs are to be used to hold POS input, to update Master Inventory File quantities, and to print the receipt. Value returning and void functions are to be used where appropriate-excessive coding in the main function is not acceptable. Choose appropriate

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