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    This personal project of mine requires technical drawings for an urban style clothing line. There are four types of clothes I need drawings for - jeans, hoodies, tracksuits and t-shirts. Special aspects of the job will include: - Incorporating a unique stitching pattern into each design Ideal candidates would have demonstrated experience in technical drawings for urban style clothing, with a particular knowledge of stitching patterns. Your portfolio would ideally showcase your ability to combine design innovation with technical requirements. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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    ...skillful logo designer who can design abstract brand icon/logo and brand name. - Your task: Design a logo and brand name KHOZI with an abstract shape icon. - Color preference: Use monochrome colors to create a striking departure from the usual vibrant designs. Please present me with your portfolio, ideally showing projects with similar requirements. A designer with a good understanding of abstract design is preferential. Logo/ icon should be an abstract and as simple as possible. Design text KHOZI and it should have some hidden things/meaning Brand name: KHOZI Place of origin: INDIA Meaning of brand name: Explorer of new things / seeker Company details : MANUFACTURER OF APPARELS ( Specifically m...

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    ...data into clear groups. **Specific Tasks:** I need a code/formula to extract the Gender, Color, Size, and Product Type information from the "ItemDesc" column (see attached sample file). The 4 columns are highlighted in red in the attached file. Below is an example: Gender = Men, Women, Boy, Girl, Baby Color = Red, Blue, Green... Size = S, M, L, XL or 38, 39, 40... Type = Shoes, Shirt, Tshirt, Jeans, Pants... **Creating Pivot Tables**: Eventually I need to be able to create a pivot table with all the above categories (Gender, Color, Size, Type) to summarize the data effectively, allowing us to track various metrics and trends with ease. **Project Scope:** - The project involves organizing data across **2 to 5 Excel sheets**. Each sheet addresses different aspects ...

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    I'm in need of an expert tailor who can adjust a pair of jeans to fit me more comfortably. I particularly require a waist enlargement to ensure a better fit for myself. The specifics of the tasks include: - Waist increasing: You will need to provide just the right amount of extra room in the waist area to allow for a more comfortable fit. The desired outcome of these adjustments is to have a pair of jeans that still maintains a stylish, full-length look while being more suited to my size. Ideal candidates should have significant tailoring experience, specifically with jeans resizing and adjustments. Candidates should also have a keen eye for detail to ensure the final product fits well and maintains the integrity of the jeans' original style.

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    I'm seeking a skilled tailor or seamstress to alter my cotton jeans. The primary task involves adjusting the waist for a better fit. It's important to me that my jeans stay stylish while becoming more comfortable. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working with cotton fabric, specifically in the context of jeans. - Extensive experience in altering pants, with a focus on waist adjustments. - A keen eye for detail to ensure the alteration looks natural and blends seamlessly with the original design. - Good communication skills to understand my specific needs and preferences. The perfect candidate will have a portfolio showcasing previous alterations or sewing projects, especially with jeans. If you can deliver high-quality work within...

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    Casual Descriptions of Adult Clothing T-shirt and Jeans: A classic combo, perfect for a laid-back day or casual outing. Button-down Shirt with Chinos: Smart casual attire, great for a polished yet relaxed look. Sweater and Slacks: A cozy yet sophisticated choice, ideal for cooler weather. Maxi Dress: Effortlessly elegant, perfect for a summer day or a relaxed evening event. Blazer over a Graphic Tee: Mixing business with a hint of casual, suitable for a stylish, informal setting. Denim Jacket and Leggings: A go-to for a trendy, comfortable ensemble with a touch of edge. Polo Shirt and Shorts: Casual and sporty, perfect for warm days or a casual sports event. Shift Dress: Simple, versatile, and chic – a wardrobe staple for various occasions. Collared Shirt and Khaki P...

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive tech pack for a men's slim fit jeans. The tech pack should include: - Measurements and Sizing: Detailed sizing specifications that adhere to standard men's jeans measurements. - Stitching Details and Construction: Should feature a mix of simple and complex stitching details that are significant to the construction of jeans, from the zipper area to the stitches that lie below the waistband. - Fabric and Material Specifications: Kindly provide details on the type of fabric and other materials to be used. Ideal Skills: The freelancer should have a background in fashion design, specifically in men's wear. Experience in producing tech packs for denim wear will be a massive plus. An understanding of patterns,...

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    ...and is not intended for public release. Details: - This project will be for a single depiction of the character. No animations. - Emulate a simple anime style for the design - think original anime aesthetics. - Priority will be given to artists who have anime featured in their portfolio or those who provide examples of their work. Please take the time to read all below details before submitting a proposal. Agreed price is firm, submit realistic offers. The pose of this character should be straight on from the side. Arms straight down at the side. Everything in profile. The attached image below of the girl in blue jeans shorts is a good example of the exact pose. • The character's clothing should be skin-tight and simple. Shorts and tank top is fine. Ke...

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    I'm on the lookout for talented professionals capable of improving the quality of my jeans product pictures. The necessary tasks include: - Removing wrinkles - Adjusting color balance - Retouching blemishes Not just any changes will do, I have a clear vision of the outcome. The most attractive bids will come from freelancers who are able to match the aesthetic to the provided references. The finished, edited pictures should be delivered in JPG format. Ideally, the suitable freelancer would have substantial experience in professional image editing and a keen eye for detail. Consistency across all images is essential, and a fast turnaround time will be greatly appreciated.

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    ...background in merchandise-oriented design would be desirable but isn't necessary. Please showcase any previous anime character design work you've delivered. Ultimately, I'm looking for a reliable, high-quality partnership and your ability to bring unique vision and creativity to this project will be key to its success. There are some images and videos that I added below We may require the design in both PSD AND PNG formates for flexibility . We need I high resolution images suitable for screen printing (300 DPI or higher ). (Design preferences): .Bold and dynamic features .Clear lines and distinct shapes for easy screen printing . Those who are interested in this project , please provide a quote and a brief overview of your experience wit...

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    I'm in need of a skilled apparel designer specialized in the design of casual wear, specifically t-shirts and jeans. As the main focus of this project is clothing design, a deep understanding and experience in textile and fashion design would be ideal. Mastery in both classic and contemporary design will be beneficial. I'm envisioning pieces that are fashionable yet comfortable for everyday wear.

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    I'm seeking a talented game developer with a flair for detail and a knowledge of the Bro...atms around map Weaponry Details: Equipping gun stores with specific guns, notably: - Glock22 Extended - Ruger Extended - Makarov Extended - Glock 20 Extended - M&P Extended - Beretta Extended non extended glock 17 .357 glock26 taurus g2c glock 20 Glock 19x FNX 45 -------- Beams. glock beam OTHER AR Pistol Draco Tec_9 Clothing Details: Furbishing clothing stores with: - T-shirts - Jeans - Hats - Jackets - Accessories such as chains and watches also make the game look dark scary and realistic for tip also if you play roblox you can have money in the game and admin All these contributions shall be rewarded with due compensation, up to 90 dollars. I look forward to workin...

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    I'm on the hunt for a talented fashion designer, specialising in casual street wear, to help me design and produce a mix of a complete collection and individual unique pieces that are sustainable , comfortable, and brand focuses on everyday wear that can fit the individuals that don’t fit into stereotypes. Our brand wants to have accessible clothing. Our vision focuses on attachments and adjustments to each garment to help fit to shape to our customers. • Specialisation: The ideal candidate should have a background and significant experience in casual wear design. I'm seeking someone with a creative flair that understands the dynamic nature of the female and male fashion market. • Project Scope: This project involves designing a cohesive colle...

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    We are a branding, marketing & website design agency with a difference. We believe in empowering our clients through education. Our HQ is based in Brunswick, Victoria but we are opening up a satellite office in WA and are looking to build out our team. What's The Role? In a nutshell, we are looking for a driven, vivacious individual to step in and bring fresh eyes and strong organisational skills to our growing team. Reporting to the Managing Directors, this full time role will assist in general marketing administration, assistance marketing our brands, and our clients brands, developing campaigns for digital, (EDM / social etc), and supporting out Marketing Manager and team across all marketing and branding initiatives. This role is pretty creative and requires someone w...

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    ...She is sitting on the left side, and I am sitting on the right side. She is wearing a tank top, jean shorts, and vans sk8-lo. I am wearing a plain white t shirt, jeans, and vans authentic shoes. I have included pictures of each of us. I have included two pictures for her since her hair is different in the picture of her profile. Please try and use the hair from the Angelique hair attachment for an accurate representation of her hair at the time of the date. My profile and hair is the same as the date. I would like it if you could include the logo/name of the brewery as well somewhere in the picture (exterior of the building w/ logo is attached) so that we can remember where the picture is from. The name of the brewery is Odell Brewing Co. - Artistic Style: T...

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    ...She is sitting on the left side, and I am sitting on the right side. She is wearing a tank top, jean shorts, and vans sk8-lo. I am wearing a plain white t shirt, jeans, and vans authentic shoes. I have included pictures of each of us. I have included two pictures for her since her hair is different in the picture of her profile. Please try and use the hair from the Angelique hair attachment for an accurate representation of her hair at the time of the date. My profile and hair is the same as the date. I would like it if you could include the logo/name of the brewery as well somewhere in the picture (exterior of the building w/ logo is attached) so that we can remember where the picture is from. The name of the brewery is Odell Brewing Co. Please reach out wi...

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    Hi Sar, need your photo retouching help! For the female in jeans, make her appear thinner. In photos with a white wall, remove the black gate and enhance the white. Colorize any black and white photos. For mountain background shots, remove the barely visible house and any flash. Get creative with studio shots using video light. Crop size will be 5x7, with 8x10 for close-ups. Thanks! Here are the WeTransfer links:

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    women clothing Loppunut left

    ...able to write in a way that appeals to this target audience. - The tops will be designed for everyday wear and should have a comfortable and relaxed fit, while still being stylish and fashionable. - The writer should be able to highlight the key features and benefits of each top, such as the fabric quality, unique design elements, and any special details that make the tops stand out. - The content should also include suggestions for how to style the tops, such as pairing them with jeans, skirts, or accessories to create different looks. - The tone of the writing should be friendly and approachable, making the reader feel confident and excited about wearing these tops. - Experience in writing for fashion or clothing brands, particularly targeting mature women, would be high...

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    ...interchangeable clothes mainly in business, smart casual and evening dress/cocktail style Ideal Skills: * A background in fashion design or illustration would be ideal. * Proficiency in graphic design software. * A strong understanding of female fashion and style trends. * Previous experience illustrating for infographics would be a plus. We are looking mainly black/white (outline) style illustrations with some needed shading and also adding out brand colors to the clothes (e.g. as a blouse color). The colors are mentioned in the attachment. Clothes: simple, monochromatic (no flashy patterns), graphic, draping, e.g. business and office style, casual, e.g. jeans + sweater, evening dress separately. As style idol Jessica Pearson from Suits TV series

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    ...Your portfolio must exhibit excellent proficiency in realistic drawings. - Selected illustrations will be significantly featured on website banners and headers, and social media posts. - The ability to capture multiple emotions and expressions in the artwork is desired. The ideal freelancer will possess an understanding of character design, and a strong capability to accurately portray emotion and confidence through imagery. Previous experience in graphic design for the jewelry industry or similar will be highly beneficial. Please include relevant samples of your work in your bid. I'm in need of an illustrator skilled in creating realistic style drawings, hand drawn style. The illustrations should be in a digital medium. The project involves creating impressive, de...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a tech pack for my new streetwear brand. Here are the specific requirements for the project: ATTACHED FILES UNDERNEATH FOR INSPIRATION. (THE TYPE OF DENIM I WOULD LIKE) Specific items included: - T-shirts - Jeans Design elements and inspirations: - I have specific designs that I would like to incorporate into the streetwear brand. Intended demographic: - The streetwear brand is targeted towards young adults and teens. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Experience in creating tech packs for streetwear brands - Ability to bring specific designs to life in the tech pack - Understanding of the adult demographic and their preferences in streetwear fashion If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposa...

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    Trophy icon book cover Loppunut left

    I'm in need of an eye-catching book cover design for my urban fantasy novel called "Order of the Forces". The design should capture the core elements of magic, supernatural creatures, and a highly detailed character team. I'm looking for a unique design to bring out a combination of wonder and showcasing atmosphere. To effectively deliver the desired outcome, you should have: - A strong background in graphic design or a related field. - Exceptional skills in creating characters and creature designs. - A demonstrated ability to convey narratives visually. - An anime style is greatly preferred -Human drawn, not AI Must include these characters: 1: The main character, a 14-year-old boy with short dark brown hair, and light gray eyes, ...

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    I'm seeking a talented designer who can help generate a pattern for an innovative concept of wide jeans. While there were no specific elements chosen for incorporation, your creativity and ideas are highly welcomed. Feel free to explore bold patterns, unique pocket designs or a distressed/vintage look to add a unique touch to the denim. Prior experience in fashion design or working with denim are ideal skills for this project. It is important to mention that this project requires urgent attention, aiming to be completed ASAP. Your work schedule should allow for this expedited timeline.

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    A Handyman service company is requesting a logo and a advertising character to be the image of the company. Company Name: Handyman Joe Character: 1. 5 initial draft of the character 2. After possible changes, creation of the final character 3. 5 drafts of the final character in 5 different poses 4. After possible changes, creation of the final 5 poses/drawings of the final character. Logo: 1. 3 initial draft of the logo including the head/face of the final character 2. After possible changes, creation of the final logo Character Specs: 1. Will be a “Handyman” type character 2. Wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, light gray t-shirt and red cap (baseball type) 3. Carrying a tool box or with tools in hand 4. Mid-Full muscle guy 5. Big smile...

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    ...pair of jeans for me. The requirements for this project are as follows: Preferred Fabric: Denim - The jeans should be made of high-quality denim fabric. Pastel Color: Open to Suggestions - I am open to suggestions for the specific pastel color of the jeans. The freelancer can provide recommendations based on their expertise. Style: Straight Fit - The jeans should have a straight fit style. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and creating custom jeans. - Knowledge of different pastel colors and their suitability for denim fabric. - Ability to create jeans with a straight fit style. - Attention to detail to ensure the jeans are of high quality and meet the size requirements of 31*36. Please provide samples or a portf...

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    I am looking for a talented artist to create realistic artwork for a concert poster with a serious theme. The ideal candidate should have experience in creat...and the ability to create realistic artwork, I would love to hear from you. Please provide samples of your previous work in a similar style. The project is simple. I would like to create a personified beaver. One who is a lumberjack. Standing on a freshly chopped tree stump. A rather large one. Red and black flannel hat with sherpa lining to keep his ears warm. Big leather boots, dark denim jeans tucked into said boots. Filson work jacket. Axe over far shoulder. Long, elegant, wooden pipe in close hand, at the mouth, puffing away. A proud, elegant stance, celebrating the work he's done. The background can be whateve...

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    A PICTURE REVAMPED Loppunut left

    i need the guy to have a regular hand, make sleeves short, blue jeans, white shoes, and a sailor hat

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    illustration -- 2 Loppunut left

    i need design on t-shirt and jeans with start be something look look so awesome

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    T-shirt design Loppunut left

    I will make a design for a t-shirt and another for a pair of jeans. I will deliver a sketch within 2 days so you can review it. The work period would be one week.

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    Inspiration: The brand is has blend of timeless pieces and modern comfort of the “old money” aesthetic but adds a unique twist with a vintage, western, "city cowboy" ethos. Think of combining urban sophistication with rustic western aesthetics. For example, a vintage designed trucker hat with a fisherman-knit sweater, relaxed fit light wash jeans and camion boots. Visual Elements: • Color Palette: Earthy red, clay tones, neutrals. • Imagery: Blend images that represent both the vintage western (horses, open landscapes, cowboy accessories, denim) and modern urban elements (city parks, the subway station, bookshops) • Style: The graphic should have a clean, modern look with a hint of wild-western elements. Incorporate textures or patterns that ref...

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    Hello! I'm looking for an experienced designer who can help me create a tech pack for the clothing brand I'm launching. I'm looking to design two to three different women's jeans and a jean short, with a specific design already in mind. One jean will be a slim jean while the other jean will be a straight jean. The jean shorts' design will be based on examples of other low to mid rise styles. These jeans should be created with the highest quality to meet fashion standards while being comfortable and stylish. The successful candidate should have a solid understanding of garment construction, and also be able to suggest developmental changes that will improve fit, handle, appearance, and construction. They should also be familiar wi...

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    ...looking for female models aged between 18 and 27 to star in a series of videos for a website that presents beautiful women wearing our custom made jeans. Our membership site, set to launch early in 2024, presents models from around the world featured in high quality videos and photos for dedicated fans of this style. Our production and design company manufactures all the jeans and films all the videos. All models are paid up front at the time of the shoots. The look is high heels, high-waist skinny jeans and crop tops. So, to be successful, you will need to be appropriately proportioned to suit this look and to fit the cut and style of our jeans. We are looking for models with an engaging personality, who can take direction and also work as a part ...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create a T-shirt design in a classic cartoon style, similar to the Big Johnson T-shirt brand. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in creating classic cartoon designs. Key requirements for the project include: - Classic cartoon style: The design should have a classic cartoon look, with bold and vibrant colors. - Minimal text: The design should have minimal text integrated into it. The text should be used sparingly and should not overpower the overall design. - Specific elements or themes: The client has specified that they have specific elements or themes that they would like to include in the design. The designer should be able to work with the client to incorporate these elements or th...

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    ...Mum – a niche experience for moms and daughters who are looking for stylish matching clothes in a casual style. Our goal is to provide a range of stylish, well-made, comfortable clothing for the older-child age group so that your little girl can develop her own new sense of style, but still feel connected to her mom. We'll be offering a wide variety of clothing choices – from casual T-shirts and jeans to skirts and dresses – so that your daughter can put her own spin on her outfit, and you can still match with her. Everything we offer will be comfortable and affordable, so you can feel confident in the quality of the clothes that you're buying for your daughter. We will also provide styling tips and advice so that you can create coordinated outfits th...

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    ...Mum – a niche experience for moms and daughters who are looking for stylish matching clothes in a casual style. Our goal is to provide a range of stylish, well-made, comfortable clothing for the older-child age group so that your little girl can develop her own new sense of style, but still feel connected to her mom. We'll be offering a wide variety of clothing choices – from casual T-shirts and jeans to skirts and dresses – so that your daughter can put her own spin on her outfit, and you can still match with her. Everything we offer will be comfortable and affordable, so you can feel confident in the quality of the clothes that you're buying for your daughter. We will also provide styling tips and advice so that you can create coordinated outfits th...

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    I'm seeking a qualified freelancer to help me create zips made from hemp material. The purpose of these zips is specifically for use in clothing, so the style must represent general zips found in jeans, bags, etc. Additionally, the desired length should cover all sizes from 6 inches to 24 inches. I'm looking for someone who has experience creating hemp-based material and who will be able to bring my desired project to life. This project is of utmost importance to me so I'm expecting a high-quality product with a reasonable turnaround time. If you're up for the challenge, I look forward to hearing from you.

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    1. Creation of a start page with 4 categories, each with an image tile, sorted by clothing, shoes, bags, accessories. 2. Creation of filters: A: in the shoe category = by size B: in clothing category = by size; by brand, and by product type (e.g. outdoor = jackets, coats, etc..; bottoms = pants, jeans, skirts, etc.; tops = blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, etc.; others = dresses, jumpsuits, suits, etc.). 3. Set search function = by brand 4. Complete setup of SEO 5. Adding a communication button (e.g. via WhatsApp) = if a customer has a question about a product he/she is viewing. 6. Link current Instagram posts to my homepage

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    I'm looking for talented designers to help design a line of clothing for adult women, specifically trousers, jeans, and cargoes. I have a general style in mind that emphasizes a modern, yet timeless feel- something that appeals to the fashion conscious adult from ages 26 to 45. Creativity is important here, as I'm looking for something that stands out but is also consistent with what other fashion retailers are offering. I'm looking for designers who have an eye for detail and an understanding of current fashion trends for women. It's essential that you can input your own creative ideas into the designs, and tailor the items based on my desired style and target demographic. The end product should be a well-rounded wardrobe for women that is fashionable, ...

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    I am looking for a talented digital artist who can create a colored drawing from scratch. The subject of the drawing is people, and I would like it to be in a cartoon/anime style. The size of the drawing should be 3000x3000 pixels. Basically my vision is 3 people standing at an empty ocean at night time in the sand. The water is behind them. They are all dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and t shirts. This will be 2 men and one woman in their early 30's. The man in the middle is African American with a dark/brown skin complexion and athletic body type. His expression should be arms half raised with fists dancing to music. His hair is an afro fade or sponge brush fade. To the right side should be an African American woman with dark/brown skin complexion and athletic body type....

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    99 työtä

    Murlana Shirt, Jeans, eypatch, Design or Szene dir the book

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer to custom paint a long sleeve white T-shirt and white jeans with Clase Azul (tequila) designs on both sides. The design should be eye-catching and bold. Blue on white like the Clase Azul reposado tequila bottle.. I'm looking for someone who has an artistic eye and knows how to create a unique piece of artwork. I am on a short timeline. Need by Friday. I live in San Francisco and have the jeans and t-shirt.

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    Descripción: Busco apoyo para hacer una investigación de categoria en Mercado Libre México. La información que necesito es: - venta categoria Moda - ticket promedio categoria Moda - principales vendedores categoria Moda - tallas más vendidas categoria Moda - Share entre Hombres y Mujeres Los productos a vender son: playeras, carteras, gorras, jeans y bolsas.

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...en el mercado mexicano. Datos Requeridos: Ventas en la categoría de Moda. Ticket promedio en la categoría de Moda. Principales vendedores en la categoría de Moda. Tallas más vendidas en la categoría de Moda. Distribución por género (Share) entre Hombres y Mujeres en la categoría de Moda. Productos a Analizar: Los productos que se incluyen en esta investigación son: playeras, carteras, gorras, jeans y bolsas. Fuente de Información: Todos los datos deben ser recopilados exclusivamente de Mercado Libre México. Formato de Entrega: Se requiere que la información se entregue en formato Excel. Plazo de Entrega: El pago de $10 dólares se realizará a primera hora del día siguiente...

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    ...and Experience: - Proficiency in Photoshop and 2D image editing - Experience with character modeling and rendering - Knowledge of fantasy character design and aesthetics Requirements: - The freelancer will need to provide the 2D images to be added to the character models. - The project involves adding images to 2 character models. - Attention to detail and the ability to match the style and proportions of the character models is crucial. If you have experience in 2D image editing, character modeling, and fantasy character design, please submit your proposal. List of items 5 pants for each model (regular, leggings, shorts, ripped jeans, jeans) 5 shirts for each model (tank tops, jerseys, t shirts, ripped) 3 coats (peacoat, bubble coat, leather jacket) 5 sho...

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    Design a product Loppunut left

    Design a Commercial Physical Product within 1 Month Imagine a product that can detect the type and color of clothes in your closet. It could be a small device, like a smart speaker, or a more sophisticated system with cameras and sensors. This product could revolutionize the way you get dressed and organize your closet. Here are some of the benefits of a product that can detect the type and color of clothes in your closet: *It would save you time.* Imagine being able to ask your closet what outfit you should wear today, and it gives you a list of options based on your preferences and the weather. You could also use this product to quickly find specific items of clothing, such as a black blazer or a pair of blue jeans. *It would help you stay organized.* This produ...

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    ...for a talented designer to create a logo color palette for my business. There should be 4-5 colors for the palette. The final design should include a logo design suite showing the logo with the color palette. The mood and feeling of the logo should be professional, making the client feel luxury, good way to spend their money and yet traditional. I have some color preferences that I would like the designer to include in the palette, however they should also be free to propose original and creative color combinations. I am typically drawn to blues, teals, grays but am open to other colors. I need a color palette that has a darker color (Not a dark blue or navy blue) that can be used as a shirt color that the logo will stand out on. I typi...

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    I am looking for someone to help me market my clothing business that focuses on adult apparel. Our main goal is to increase brand awareness, so we need someone who can develop and execute a creative strategy that will reach our target audience. We sell a variety of t-shirts, dresses, and jeans. The ideal candidate should have a passion for fashion and marketing and be up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. By leveraging online resources, someone with the right skill set will be able to get our name out there while staying within our budget constraints. Our goal is to spread the word about our products to our targeted demographic, so candidates with creative ideas are welcomed.

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    ...front door. When he opens the door the girls is standing on the other side of it opening it for him. Yet both of them are still unaware but in awe of what they’re seeing when they lock eyes 40 secs - 48 She smiles gently and he does too and she grabs him and pulls him to the livingroom space( I envision a high rise condo). She takes his jacket off and he’s left with his wife beater on a denim jeans and timberland boots. She nurtures him. 49 sec - 1.19 secs He’s at the kitchen stand and she walks over to him , look him in his eye and lean her head on his chest. They dance a bit. He lifts her chain up, they locked fingers on both hands, slowly expands his arms with hers horizontally and look up and fly in the sky with her. 1.20 secs - 1.40 It’s night...

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