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    I need changes made to my Laravel System 6 päivää left

    I have a system that has some cosmetic issue that I need fixed. 1. There was a column that was supposed to be hidden from the user view which is now giving a Datatable error when the view is open. (screenshot - Datatable Error) 2. I need my registration form to be responsive and a dropdown made as similar to existing one.(the dropdown looks different) (screenshot - Dropdown Difference) 3. Change wording on the footer to show Freelancer instead of Register (screenshot - Change Register to Freelancer) 4. Make my text not to overlay (screenshot - Responsive design)

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    Hello. I am looking for someone who can help me setting up the following and finding a solution for the following: - Making the correct settings in cloudflare, so there is no bypass possible to leak the origin IP in any way. - Double Checking if the webserver IP is 100% hidden - (Setting up a VPS to use it as a webserver) The most important is that the origin IP has to be hidden behind cloudflare. Which it normally is but I was reading that there are ways to find out the origin IP if you have the wrong settings or other things went wrong. Thanks

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    We need a world created (we can discuss the features of this design to any freelancer relevant), this needs to be designed within Meta Horizon Worlds Policy (getting a policy ban will only delay the project from your side, as we will expect you to start again, until this is made within their policy. We will simply add you to our account upon Meta ...NOTE ANY BIDS MADE ARE ASSUMED TO BE THE FULL PRICE FOR THE PROJECT, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT “PLACEHOLDER BIDS”, IF A HIGHER PRICE IS COMMUNICATED BY FREELANCER AFTER BIDDING THEN WE WILL REPORT THEM FOR FAKE/SCAM BIDDING. Total milestone will not be released until project completion To the bidders : If you do not provide a proposal, or a relevant proposal to your bid, your bid will be automatically hidden. You need to show som...

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    Hello! I have a custom woocommerce / wordpress script which generates a unique product each time. It requires us to pass the product price, description and an image to the checkout cart when ready for checkout. It uses the one Woocommerce product ID Use POST /wp-admin/ to pass the product details to cart. <input type="hidden" name="price" value=""> <input type="hidden" name="text" value=""> <input type="hidden" name="imagename" value=""> The details of the product are dynamic and are the following items: var data = { Text: $('[name=text]').val(), prices: $('[name=price]').val(), imgname: $('[name=imagename]�...

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    NFT Token gated script - NFT specialist 6 päivää left

    Hello i am looking for someone that can create me a token gated page on a website. i have Node.js installed on cpanel server and can supply webhosting details. this will allow a user of a NFT collection access to an area that only holders of the nft can see. user must be able to connect with metamask and sign. It check if the have the NFT or not if they do it will let them view the hidden content. will need full source and instructions. Must work with BSC - Binance smart chain thanks

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    I found useful indicator and i need a source code. View hidden pinescript source code on Tradingview

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    I just need to View hidden pinescript source code on Tradingview

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    Goals: To create a platform that is web(for company side) and app based for IOS and Android (for user side) to connect registered companies to regis...end looking at job listings. 1 company will be able to have multiple logins but privileges are controlled by the company admin profile. Users have a profile page and are able to update and customize their capabilities, experience, resume and states able to work in for companies to see along with other customizations like how accurate and how often their location is updated as well as becoming hidden or inactive if desired so companies cannot see their location or if they are traveling and not available for work. Accept monthly or yearly subscription costs. Have header bar options that lead to training sites, youtube channel...

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    ...half-circular road that will be connecting 10 gazebos () gazebos will be used for relaxing and meditation Houses must be facing away from the temple. They must be facing the nature in the back. CAMPGROUND 4- The campground on the left side of the drawing must be 50 meters away from the road. the pathway must be curved and hidden by the trees with no direct view from the main road and facility. and have 10 wooden platforms with tents on them. 2 bathrooms combined with showers for men and women. It must have a fire pit with chairs for 10 people. A small pond/lake by the camp will be nice to have Additions -we need to put the reception area with a gift shop on the right side of the temple in the rectangular structure

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    wordpress plugin 5 päivää left

    i have wordpress website, i want to create hidden page (Admin only) with my team directory with database (name, phone NO, civil id, joining date, expire date.. etc) with picture and document upload like copy of passport. this directory has some future: search no duplicate member date expire with red mark.

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    Help me decipher riddles 5 päivää left

    I am part of an online group of codebreakers solving riddles for prizes and need some assistance. Riddles are po...Riddles are posted on Twitter, which lead to websites with other clues. You will need to have a Discord and Twitter account to teamwork and/or interact with others who are trying to solve the riddles. Look for hidden patterns and literature references in the riddles (called "codexes") as well as hidden images or clues inside of videos, gifs, or jpegs. (Thus video or photo editing skills can be a plus). Look for odd language that seems out of place and track it down to see what reference it could be alluding to. Help me keep track of solutions and key clues, help decode/decrypt hidden codes, and find the answers to the riddles. The project is ...

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    I need someone to write for me a code URGENT

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    ...of twelve words. The corresponding number for each word from the original JSON file and its numerical position in the ranking of the twelve words are then used to select text data from another JSON file and display that on-screen for the user. This entire sequence will run in a ready-made HTML single page template using Bootstrap for styling, with each stage of the process being displayed or hidden as appropriate. RESULT This micro project will be considered to be successful when a user can be presented with a checkbox grid of a hundred words, be able to choose twelve words from the one hundred words by checking the appropriate checkboxes, being able to rank the twelve words in order of significance to them and then being presented with the corresponding text from the seco...

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    api wallet litecoin 4 päivää left

    I need a mobile wallet creating to a coin on our own blockchain. Forked from litecoin

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    1) when user select the price at the end of the form, there is a hidden field.. I want to show this hidden field after pressing "Otro" button so user can enter a custom amount. 2) Add thousand separator on buttons values as "."

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    ...and it will automatically transfer to selective customer so basically i can select 1 customer name on that sheet add data it will transfer to that customer sheet with time. automatically it will add all amount with % show total amount same way i will add debit amount that amount also deduct from that customer. its a sheet of credit debit with % and the % amount show in profit. that profit box is hidden and password protected. when ever we want to see any customer history just click that customer name below and see all hstory of transcation. Addition i can add over all daily basis opening amount and before closing that amount show with profit and total amount same amount accurate cash in hand. the opening amount is deduct with credit amount and add with debit amount. also on every...

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    We are looking for the expert web scraper , data miner to collaborate with us on a client project. Client requires a database of all Electrical Hardware SKUs being sold in the Indian Market. Excel Format will be attached for reference of Data points to be collected. Data will need to be sourced from individual Brand's Websites and official catalogues. A few data sources will be provided for reference. Target is 50k SKUs. Deadline is 15th December.

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    i want to build an iptv app linked with xtream codes panel '- compatible with all android version 4,5,6,7 -compatible with latest versions of IOS -player with best quality possible with all video and audio codecs - epg support of xtreamcodes panel - support of vod subcategory ´- I need my m3u lists to be hidden. ( I don`t want my customer to be able to se the URL`s external lists. anyone who never done this before please dont contact me, if anyone doesnt have skill of iptv with active code and they will develop iptv app for first time will be ignored

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    Trophy icon Logo Needed 3 päivää left

    The company name is AWAM - Slogon (Solving Problems). I am looking for a Logo based on the letter A. The company will be working in Business consulting. I am looking for a Stick man with a gold chain (hidden) in the logo (Something like the attached image). Be Creative / Have Fun

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    Video game, 1 prime character with a sidekick, multiple level objectives. Collecting hidden objects from each level to defeat a foe.

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    I need a game developer 3 päivää left

    Video game, 1 prime character with a sidekick, multiple level objectives. Collecting hidden objects from each level to defeat a foe.

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    VBA Expert 2 päivää left

    Mention "DT" in starting of the bid. I need a VBA expert who can help me to resolve excel errors. I have a VBA code. It works well in India and other Europe countries but gives errors in Hong Kong. Error as below: Compile error in hidden module: <Module name> This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform, or architecture of the application. I am looking for someone who has knowledge of working with different regions settings in VBA. Thanks.

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    Trophy icon Find a new brand name (Domain name) 6 tuntia left

    ...mostly the talents will be working for a company who will designate invoices for them. In the future the talents will include software developers and SAP, MS ERP, etc. so the domain is IT, Technology. we need a domain name that is checked to be free and which covers technology, outsourcing from another company, and freelancers... basically it is a list of people with CVs but their names are hidden. When a company wants to reach that talent they will speak with their representative company. Talented people in this portal are mostly BACKED by expert Companies. do may be a domain name sounding like : "backed by companies" supported via companies. i.e : might be good but it is hard to read... Our site has 1-1 video meeting feature. So recruitment professionals wi...

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    for more details text me,You are required to produce a report detailing your work investigating the data, building a Data Analytics model, analysing the results and comparing your results with published findings in the area.

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    Analys data using rapid miner software 1 päivä left

    Analys data using rapid miner software

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    Start SIP videocall by MicroSip 1 päivä left

    MicroSip - is an open source platform that can connect to SIP central. - can do audio and videocalls. - can create buttons (shortcuts) to start a videocall. fig - aud...central. - can do audio and videocalls. - can create buttons (shortcuts) to start a videocall. fig - audio calls can be started from html. (command line) - can't start start video calls by command line. (NEEDED) I want to create a php page with buttons that can start a videocall by MicroSip (or others) fig. butler On the desktop (device with te buttons) the videoscreen has to be hidden when starting the videocall.

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    7 tarjoukset

    Copart is an auction website. There is a way to reveal copart hidden reserve price "Seller Reserve Not Yet Met" Or "Minimum bid price" The website has figured out how to reveal this reserve price. I use to use their service and I could check the reserve price. problem is they're payment processor is down and i can no longer get access. So I would like to make my own program that can read the code and reveal the reserve price. Looking for coder that can give me this access send me message on chat if you understand what is needed. Im not going to message any of these "auto message timewasters"

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    classroom project 1 päivä left

    I want you to make me a code in c++ in which it asks me to register and start a session, once opened I want it to show me a menu with 9 links and that the number 9 will take me out and in case it is not the correct password or user, it shows me an error when entering (the password must be hidden with *

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    I have a site based on Python (customised django implementation) which requires changes to the graphics of the "entire" site. You can see a sample here To be sure the tasks include: - Overall style design - to be modelled on (any images from here can be used) - Creation of images - Replacement of images on the website Notes: - There is ...tasks include: - Overall style design - to be modelled on (any images from here can be used) - Creation of images - Replacement of images on the website Notes: - There is the public pages - Additional pages when logging in as a student About environment - hosted at digitalocean using docker - developed in Python coded - customised django implementation (basic django admin interface hidden)

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    Please read the description ca...looked like when it was in its prime. What we know: 1. There was a roof with rooftiles of the byzantine style 2. There where wooden shutters in the windows 3. There where two wooden doors. One at ground level and one on floor one. What we need: 1. We nee you to create as seperate meshes the roof, the shutters and the doors. 2. We need you to fix the missing geometry, because parts of the tower was hidden behind bushes and coudlnt capture the data. 3. We need you to touchup the textures so it looks like its newly built 4. Apply texture on the added missing geometry. 5. Do a general check and cleanup of the model 6. Maintain scale and orientation We will provide the high poly fbx file of the tower and the albedo texture. Let me know if you have any...

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    I want add some changes in my trading indicator miner changes.

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    Family portrait Loppunut left

    We took our family portrait with a crappy camera and all live to far for a re-do. But i wanted this for my moms Christmas. I want to crop the faces from good quality pics of us onto the portrait and blend them to look natural. I also need my husband and daughter cropped out and back in because he is hidden behind me instead of beside me and she was wiggling. i used phone apps to refine the original. It made the clothes less gritty but made the faces look crappy. I cropped my parents faces onto this (badly) so you can get the jist of what i am asking. pretty much a collage of 9 better quality faces over the bad quality, blended plus some extra refining to make it all look nice. Thank you in advance

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    Trophy icon black jack game website - Loppunut left

    I have already done HTML and CSS but I want just javascript Do not use any l...remains with the first of the two post-split hands. • A message area showing the game message, e.g. "You won!", "You lost!", "Push (Draw)", etc. 2. You should create a card area for the gamer. • Use the provided card pictures without changing their file names. • Show the current sum of cards in text in this area. 3. You should create a card area for the dealer. • The first card should be hidden (showing the back of the card) until the end of the game. • Use the provided card pictures without changing their file names. • Show the current sum of cards in text in this area. In this phase, you will implement the website with all skills ...

    €38 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello when a customer wants to buy from belgium true: (go to checkout, then ->/#address) It needs to show addres fields. the billing information are now hidden becouse of following code: #billing_address_1_field,#billing_address_2_field,#billing_city_field,#billing_postcode_field{ display:none !important; } But the code hides Belgium and Netherlands, but should only hide Netherlands. Also fix the css, the row are outlined. Maximum budghet: 10 euro in exchange for good review.

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    6 tarjoukset

    We are looking for the expert web scraper , data miner to collaborate with us on a client project. Further info shall be provided to shortlisted Freelancer.

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    1 tarjoukset

    Hi Oleksandra T., I have a research undertaking for a tourism investments organization in Saudi Arabia. The subjects targeted are B2C groups, loosely defined as potential tourists of various profiles (families, youth, etc.) interested in fresh destinations in Saudi Arabia (hidden treasures opening up to the world for the first time ever).

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    1 tarjoukset

    ...2. create firebase connection from the magento server to firebase via PHP, found link as suggestion: (pretty complete) OR in java, 3. Here you can use the IDs Amasty stores in the table already. 4. You use a couple of key values the Firebase is using to send hidden SKUs and campaigns. To solve this we need to implement a connection to the firebase and make it work from the Amasty scheduler and to some specific devices. PREREQUISITE: 1. you must have done this previously 2. you can install magento on a server even if it is a mac, pc or linux machine you are working on (last one could not do this so he had to stop). The code is currently running on a Ubuntu

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    Scrape Loppunut left

    It's an adult site. The requirement is to write a scraper to get all the links in that website, from these 3 hosts: uploadgig, emload, and tezfiles. Has a mechanism to update the results based on new scan, because the site has new links everyday. Very straightforward and no hidden requirements. Just get the link, no downloading. Output can be on plain text file or Excel file.

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    34 tarjoukset

    I need help implementing a trusted form script in my form that fills out a hidden field

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    7 tarjoukset

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for an animator or video editor to add some animations to my business pitch for uni. I’ve attached the slides to this post. Virtually, I just want the pictures and facts on the slides to pop up on a video of my pitch. The pitch will be recorded and sent to you tomorrow evening. Deadline - 28/11/22 (Just ignore the hidden slides in the presentation).

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    71 tarjoukset

    I have react project but present developer is hidden a few days. i want to finish it asap, it is very urgent project!

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    65 tarjoukset

    I have a wordpress site that I need somce CSS changes made. There are about 4-5 CSS items in total. To eliminate the "bot" aspect of bids, please add "CSS Project" to the first line of your proposal. If that is not there, your bid gets auto-hidden.

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    QDA Miner Project Loppunut left

    Simple project on QDAMiner will take less than an hour.

    €34 (Avg Bid)
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    2 tarjoukset

    I'm looking for a freelancer to give guidance and support implementing ... The site is a Wordpress 6.0.3 with Rise Theme and Thrive Architect 3.15. I want someone to guide me in what needs to be done and how it needs to be done so that I can do the implementation and learn what is required. The forms are already set up with hidden fields for the UTM tags and already pass the form data to VTiger CRM successfully. The landing pages are connected to Google Ads campaigns so I want to be able to populate the hidden fields with the campaign, source and term and pass them to vTiger also. Again, I want someone to guide and support me, not to do the actual implementation as I will do that. If you require any further information please ask.

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    We need to prepare Financial record for a client. 2021 Audit report will be provided which will have all closing balances and all other details. In 2022 - Less than 30 Expenses payments 2 Income Receipts 2 Dividend Payment Need to prepare Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & Profit and loss Account. Records should be according to IFRS Bahrain Records should be according to IFRS Bahrain The accountant should have prepared for some countries using IFRS completely. The budget is a maximum of 100 USD - The Lowest cost with the highest experience will win the project. If anyone is bidding more than 100 USD - The Bid will be hidden and will not be considered.

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    Marketing research Loppunut left

    A research undertaking for a tourism investments organization in Saudi Arabia. The subjects targeted are B2C groups, loosely defined as potential tourists of various profiles (families, youth, etc.) interested in fresh destinations in Saudi Arabia (hidden treasures opening up to the world for the first time ever). The research aims to find information on local, regional, & international tourists, which would be useful in designing and building authentic tourist destinations and a satisfactory tourist experience.

    €358 (Avg Bid)
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    I’m building a one-page gigantic table website with multiple filtering funcftions, and NEED styling for it. Description about the table's function: In this table, usually, Like and Dislike columns and Note columns are hidden, but only logged-in users can see and edit them as they like. And, their Like and Dislike checks and notes are recorded and reproduce when they log in again. The Like-Dislike filters are also hidden for unlogged-in users. Here are the requirements: 1. The columns “shop_name”, “cast_name”, and “score” have to be shown anytime. Other columns should be properly folded according to the screen width. 2. Considering for mobile users, maybe the numeric range filters "Score", "Age", "T&...

    €238 (Avg Bid)
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