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    I represent Mega Building Technology and require an experienced artist to design a logo for our brand. The ideal colors in mind will 2 tone (dark color mixed with light color). Furthermore, I am particularly keen on incorporating a leaf symbol or icon into the design. Therefore, expertise in rendering natural elements in graphic design will be highly regarded. Business in producing bio composite (Plant fiber mix with plastic) for product like school furniture. Focus on non chemical finish product especially "zero formaldehydes'. Existing logo as attached.

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    Trophy icon Modern Logo for Branding 3 päivää left

    I need a modern, minimalist logo that combines both text and symbols/icons. I would like to use the logo on a variety of surfaces, including my website, digital platforms, printed materials such as business cards and flyers, and even on product packaging. I would like to design a logo for a garden center in Transylvania. The name of the garden center is Székelyföldi Kertészeti Központ. The logo should contain the acronyms of the name, without the .ro ending and separately with the .ro ending. Colours: combination of red and green. On the left side of the logo is a tulip symbol, which is partially visible. The letter S can be a continuation of the flower's leaf. Inspired by the attached JYSK logo - can be de...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designe...looking for a talented graphic designer to create an innovative, luxury logo for my retail business. It should be a combination of text and symbol that clearly embodies and communicates the values of luxury and innovation. Ideal skills and experiences for the job include: - Proven experience in logo design, particularly within the retail industry - Strong understanding and expertise in eliciting luxury and innovation within design - Ability to combine text and symbol in a captivating and cohesive manner The end goal is to have a logo that not only defines the brand but also pushes boundaries in the retail industry. The company name is Peace, Love, & Bud The image could incluze peace symbols, heart for love, o...

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    I'm in need of an expert graphic designer to develop a logo for my business. The logo should: - Be predominantly text (based on the name of the company: mendip ecology) - there is a preference for all lower-case text in the name - Apply a SIMPLE and natural colour scheme, making use of ocean BLUE and leaf GREEN - Represent a modern, clean and simple vibe about my business - Incorporate some simple iconography into the business name drawing on silhouette/shape of a bat and/or a bird and/or a leaf and/or a lizard and/or pond to make the logo slightly playful but also clear it is a ecology business dealing with nature - Be free from generic stock art such that the logo is a unique design and doesn't infringe any permissions - Be simple enou...

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    I'm looking for a creative designer to craft a unique corporate identity for my recruitment and immigration company. The primary focus of this project will be the creation of a brand new logo, and to extend that design to a broader corporate identity package. Business name is: Pelorus Group Inc. Key Requirements: - I do not yet have specific colors in mind, so I'm looking for your expertise in choosing a color palette that is both professional and memorable. - I have two specific symbols in mind that I'd like you to incorporate into the logo: a Canadian Maple Leaf and a Pelorus tool. You'll find images of these symbols attached for reference. - The design should reflect the nature of my business, which is recruitment and immigration. Therefore, it...

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    Looking for an experienced Golang / PostgresSQL / AWS Cognito / Clover developer to build a comprehensive backend API. The backend must include functionalities for business and customer registration, discount management, Clover integration, and robust security measures. Key Responsibilities: Backend API Development: Develop a modular and scalable backend API using Golang to support the app's functionalities. Implement endpoints for business registration, customer registration, discount creation, management, and redemption. Customer Registration and Authentication: Design and implement a secure system for customer registration and authentication using AWS Cognito, including email verification and password management. Integrate OAuth for social login options (e.g., Goog...

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    I'm in need of a unique, meaningful logo for my business - Net Zero Concrete Solutions. I envision the logo to: - Have a color scheme incorporating shades of green, gray and black and white for a concrete look - Evoke feelings of sustainability, innovative approach towards concrete solutions - Include certain elements like a green leaf symbol, eventually mixed with a concrete look Ideal candidate will be an experienced graphic designer with a knack for creating impactful, professional logos that embody the core identity of a brand. Apply if you can bring my vision to life.

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    ...skilled graphic designer to create a simple, yet striking, logo for my personal brand, Sunflower LC. The concept includes a single sunflower on a white background incorporating the following essentials: - Color Scheme: Use a palette of yellow and black specifically, with golden yellow petals surrounding a black center and the stem and single leaf at the bottom of the stem also being black. - Text Incorporation: 'Sunflower LC' should be creatively integrated into the flower design itself. This could be as a part of the stem, leaf or petals. - Font Style: The 'Sunflower LC' text should be in a script font. This will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the logo. Ideal candidates for this job will have experience in logo...

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    ... a cutting-edge cannabis delivery service, and we need a logo that encapsulates our brand's spirit. DankDrop aims to revolutionize the way people experience and obtain cannabis by providing a seamless, efficient, and discreet delivery service. Our logo should reflect our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, while also incorporating abstract elements associated with marijuana culture. Project Guidelines: 1. Logo Concept: The logo must be original, innovative, and professional. It should convey the essence of a cannabis delivery service in a subtle, abstract manner. While the logo should hint at cannabis culture, it must do so without directly using common cannabis imagery (e.g., the cannabis leaf) to en...

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    I started a farm management/consulting business. I'm seeking a professional designer to create a simple and minimalistic logo that represents my brand. The design should incorporate the company name (PrimeCrop Orchard Management) and possibly some imagery of Peach/Peachtree or leaf, etc. I have attached an image of previous company for some inspiration for potential colors, fonts, etc. - Skills and Experience: * Proven experience in logo design. * A strong portfolio demonstrating minimalistic design style. * Understanding of brand identity and target audience analysis. * Prior work on agri-business brand representation would be a plus. The chosen freelancer will need to provide a final design that can be used on various platforms (website, social me...

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    ...resilience. - Health, beauty, fitness, and wellness elements such as a leaf, heart, or barbell icons, ect. - A strong, impactful design that commands attention. Color Scheme: - Use a limited color palette (2-3 colors) that's visually appealing and complements the military theme. Consider using colors such as olive green, black, or tan. Font: - Opt for a bold, easy-to-read font that complements the overall theme. Stencil fonts maybe? Symbolise: - Consider incorporating a simple yet recognizable icon or symbol that represents my Meal Prep's mission. For example, a stylized 'A' with military-inspired elements or a combination of icons representing health, beauty, and fitness. Target Audience: - Emphasize that the logo should be easily recognizable and ...

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a fun and playful logo for my business, Grandma's Goodies brand cannabis edibles and food products The logo should convert my real grandmother to a sort of anime/cartoon character. Then potentially have her hold a spoon and spatula and look powerful. Maybe flex an arm and have a pot leaf on it, or pot leaf in reflection of her eyes or maybe sunglasses. The logo should incorporate a reflective green and black color scheme, but I'm open to including other colors that complement those as well. Key requirements: - Must be experienced in logo design - Have an understanding of color theory - Able to convey the fun and playful theme through the logo - Include reflective green an...

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    ...migrated to the Clover payment systems platform. The main objective here is incorporating the Clover payment systems hosted API into our e-commerce website. - Essential Skills: The ideal candidate for this project should be well-versed in API integration, specifically Clover's API, and have strong e-commerce experience, particularly with Clover. - Experience: Previous experience integrating a payment processing API with an e-commerce platform is highly desirable. It would be especially helpful to have experience migrating from the Payeezy payments platform to Clover, as this is our case. - Job Description: Your job will be to consult with our existing development team to integrate the Clover payment systems hosted API to allow it to process ...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can seamlessly integrate Clover payment processing functionality into my PHP-based payment portal. Key Responsibilities: - Handle the entire process of Clover integration with my payment portal - Ensure the Clover payment processing feature operates flawlessly post-integration Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience: - Solid experience with Clover integration projects - Excellent knowledge of PHP website development - Proficient in PHP script debugging to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the integration process This project requires a high level of expertise in both PHP and Clover. Make your bid if you're confident in your skills and can deliver reliable results.

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    ...data sets, because in our production environment with 4,000+ invoices in a MariaDB configuration, loading can take almost an hour when loading a full list. This is impacting productivity. Our office uses Clover as our payment processor. Integration with the Clover API's would be a plus. Eventually we would like for customers to be able to have their own login to be able to see their invoice and payment history. As well as make a payment. Key Responsibilities: • Optimizing the pulling and loading of large invoice lists that will enhance the system's performance. • Integrating Clover as a new payment method and improving PayPal IPIN performance. • Revamping the look and feel of the user interface for a more streamlined experience. Idea...

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    I am looking for a skilled app developer who can create an Android application with a machine learning model for identifying plant leaf diseases. Key Features: - Implement tflite or h5 machine learning model for the identification of numerous plant diseases based on leaf images. - Integration of this machine learning model into the Android app. Skills required: - Proficient in developing Android apps. - Familiarity with incorporating machine learning models into apps. - Knowledge and experience working with tflite or h5 machine learning models. I already have a dataset that can be used for training the machine learning model. I'm really looking forward to seeing how each of you would approach this project, and can't wait to get started!

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    Hoodie 1. Hoodie color is black 2. Front side: 1. Keep same graphic design 2. Replace 8889 number with signature attached - 3. Remove signature from the graphic design. It is placed in the right bottom side 3. Back side: 1. Replace text with signature 2. Remove number 3. Replace “pink leaf” with front side circle file - 4. Inside hood 1. Color in the image reference from front side 5. Right and left sleeve as in front side reference 6. Pocket continue with the front side graphic or improve it.

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    Motorized gates are designed and fabricated by us to be creatively elegant and precisely aligned. The pre-tensioning of the motorized gate leaf fabrication prevents the chances of bending. The leaf designs are available in regular form or custom made to meet the client’s requirements. These gates are installed around industrial buildings, airports, ports, guarded car parks, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc. Sliding gates are also used on wide plots where the gate can slide along the fencing. The gates are also frequently used when the forecourt is short or if a hill prevents the use of double-leaf gates.

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    I'm looking for a talented logo designer who can encapsulate the essence of creativity in a minimalistic style. The logo should: - Resonate with our company's core value — creativity and love of nature. - Be designed in a pastel color scheme (max. 2 colors: pastel brown/orange/green + black), representing us in a soft, calming and subtle manner. - We are a manufacturer of handmade wooden lamps and at the same time a distributor of professional technical lamps with a focus on maximum energy saving and control options. These two focuses are a bit at odds, on the one hand, wood, nature, precise processing, luxury product, handmade. Recyclable material, high-quality components, ... and on the other hand, technologically advanced technical lamps made by profession...

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    I am looking for a designer to create a unique vintage/traditional style logo for my business. Tea Leaves & Tarot with Tracy - Creative Input: I highly appreciate creative input. I welcome your artistic license to select colors that you believe will best fit the vintage brand. I do like the combination of white, black & rose gold but looking forward to seeing your input. The business is offering clients tea leaf & tarot readings, i resonate with traditional times way back when they were first discovered.

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    Trophy icon Vintage T-Shirt Design for Event Loppunut left

    I'm looking for a skilled graphics designer to create a vintage-themed t-shirt design for an upcoming promotional event. Here is the design! It is going to be a pale yellow shirt On the front: The main part of the shirt I want it to say "Let your spirit grow" with a leaf or flower or vegetable either growing out of the letters or something like that. Along with that saying I want an image like the one attached with people gardening. I want it to say in small "Orange Baptist Church" and "Garden Volunteer" On the back of the shirt I would like there to be a landscape image of a garden like one in the attachments and it to say "The Blane Stewart Team" in the sky. Please be goofy and creative, this is for a fun volunteer project so d...

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    Trophy icon cannabis grow logo Loppunut left

    I'm in need of a logo for "Uplift" a cannabis grow based in Oklahoma, with a modern style, with either bright colors of orange, or black and gold. Also adding in the marijuana leaf but with a modernized look or can be geometrical. More details: Is this project for business or personal use? For an existing business What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Past work How soon do you need your project completed? ASAP

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer with expertise in PHP, JS, and Clover platform to develop a robust e-commerce functionality focussing on secure payment processing for my platform. Key Tasks: - Implement an e-commerce solution using PHP and JavaScript - Integrate Clover as the exclusive payment gateway for secure transaction processing Ideal Candidate: The perfect fit would be someone experienced in building e-commerce platforms with PHP & JavaScript, and most importantly, someone who has prior experience in Clover payment gateway integration. Knowledge of security practices for online transactions is crucial.

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    I am looking to streamline the process of extracting sales data from our Clover POS system and inserting it directly into our Snowflake data warehouse. This project involves utilizing FiveTran as the data integration tool and leveraging Azure Functions to automate the process. The aim is to create a seamless, automated data flow that allows for real-time analytics capabilities. **Requirements:** - Experience with Clover POS's API for data extraction. - Proficient in configuring and managing FiveTran for data integration. - Skilled in utilizing Azure Functions for automation between Clover and Snowflake. - Familiarity with Snowflake's data warehousing solutions and the ability to efficiently manage and organize data within it. - Ability to ensure data securit...

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    ...animals in different postures with 3 types of trees interspersed (spread out) with appropriate foreground and background scaling. Tree species examples provided, kangaroos in running sequence provided and solo animal examples provided. ultra-fine detail not necessary. The moulding will be carved with a 2mm tapered bit that can still produce adequate definition. Please consider how you will approach leaf design on bottle trees as the 2mm bit will be limited in its ability to cut fine detail. The timber will be an Australian hardwood, circa Janka Hardness: 12.0 kN, so an animal carved at 2mm in height will hold for the expected life of the desk. This moulding will be carved out on my CNC and used to complement the bottom of a desk I am designing for myself. The dimensions of th...

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    Trophy icon Labels for Hair & Skin Products Loppunut left

    ...typography) that you want to include in the labels? Company logo, Prescribed typography First Product is named “Amazing Grace “ Braids and Dreadlocks de tangling Spray. (Cry No More) Ingredients Castor Oil Flaxseed extracts Vitamin E Olive Oil infused in Amla Directions Used as a de tangler with braided hair or dreadlocks. Works as a moisturizer and helps with breakage when retouching your services. Use on freshly washed hair or in between shampooing. Hair growth benefits lift up braids or dreadlocks and spray directly on scalp and massage in and leave. Second Product is named “Xamayca “a Body Oil Spray.(Xamayca) is the original name for the country Jamaica . Ingredients Coconut Oil Castor Oil Pimento extracts Leaf of Life extracts ...

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    I need a professional who can expertly navigate the Leaf Mailer platform. Key deliverables will include: - Customizing my email templates to improve brand consistency - Streamlining my subscriber list management process to maximize efficiency - Setting up autoresponder sequences for improved customer contact With over 5,000 current subscribers, efficient and effective management is crucial. Ideal candidates will have proven experience in handling large-scale email marketing campaigns, specifically through Leaf Mailer.

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    write in python, no GUI need. Read from POS (example, square POS, clover Pos) API for the products/items. Read about: product name, barcode, price, discount price (if any), discount method (example, 10% off or buy one get one free), discount duration, etc. Per product per row. write to a database, barcode as index. And only write the discount price based on the discount duration. Code can be based on Square POS sandbox. or Clover sandbox.

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    I am in urgent need of a skilled Architect or Designer with experience in creating detailed shop drawings for pergola designs. - Area Size: This project involves designing a leaf-structured aluminium pergola for a significantly large area - upward of 200sqm. - Design Style: A leaf-structured design, veering away from traditional, contemporary or rustic aesthetics. I want something unique and creative that will stand out. Previous experience and a portfolio of unique pergola designs will be very beneficial. - Deadline: The work needs to be completed as soon as possible. Immediate availability and quick turnaround time are crucial. Please only bid if you're able to meet the requirements and deadline. I hope this message finds you well. I have a job for you that invol...

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    ...experienced designer who specializes in toile prints to create an 8x10 inches personalized design for our wedding. This will feature dark olive prints on a white background and include distinctive elements relating to me and my partner's journey. Elements to Include: - Kilkea Castle Ireland (our wedding venue) - our pet toy poodle - The Golden Gate Bridge (a significant landmark for us) - A four-leaf clover - An espresso martini glass Optional fillers: Cabo love arch Engagement ring Air plane Our initials ‘K&N Hearts It's important to us that these elements come together harmoniously as a unified design, rather than appearing like random additions. You should have previous experience with toile print design, attention to detail, and be able to i...

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    Trophy icon Mama Leaf Tea Company Logo Design Loppunut left

    I'm in need of a professional graphic designer to create a logo for my tea company, Mama Leaf. The designer should bring their creative insight to represent our brand's identity and create a visually appealing and memorable logo. Ideal Skills: - Graphic Design - Logo Design - Brand Identity Requirements: - The logo should represent the name "Mama Leaf". - It should embody our tea business, so using elements associated with tea would be appreciated. - Soothing and earthy colors like shades of green, brown and yellow are envisioned for the logo design. When creating a logo for "Mama Leaf," focus on its memorability and simplicity, utilizing a crisp and concise single-word brand name for easy r...

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    It's for the experienced programmer on Clover POS and Laravel. The coder needs to show his/her experiences for the Clover POS, Laravel, Wordpress, and Mobile support. The coder's experience covers: A. Clover POS system B. Kiosk Page Design C. Mobile App D. Food Delivery system for the catering business. Please write down the “Understand” text Otherwise, your bidding will be neglected. 1. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal along with relevant examples of your past work. 2. The first 2 weeks will be a trial period with 20 hours per week and 40 hours after a trial period. 3. The hourly rate is not more than $7.00. 4. We expect to have a progress report every day. 5. Requires a signed NDA for ...

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a modern, professional logo for my eye clinic. The design should incorporate the colors Soft Lavender (#D1C2E3) with Mustard Yellow (#FFDB58) and Charcoal Gray (#36454F) or Soft Blue (#6C8DA9) with Coral (#FF6F61) and Light Gray (#D3D3D3) The chosen logo should communicate a sense of professionalism while also appearing modern. An eye with a leaf symbol should be included in the design for a unique and relevant touch. The font should be modern and easy to read with the first letter behaving as wordsign. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven graphic designing experience - A strong portfolio showcasing innovative designs - Proficiency in industry-standard design software - Exceptional creativity and innovation -...

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    I need a talented designer to create a unique and engaging logo/brand design concept for my company, "Canada Home Search". It's critical that the design reflects the essential spirit and character of our business. The color scheme should be guided by the colors indicated in the attached documents. Candidates with experience in both color theory and logo/brand design will be at an advantage. Although there were no specific elements or symbols suggested for this design, creativity is highly encouraged. The goal is to create a design that is both fresh and memorable, embodying our dedication to quality and creativity in the industry. Key Requirements: * Logo & Brand Design expertise * Understanding of color theory * Creativity & Originality * Po...

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    Bonjour Abdelghafour M., Pour la mise à niveau des données, l'implantation de Clover et l'envoie de courriels automatisés

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    ...seeking an experienced wallpaper designer to create a vibrant, multicolored wallpaper featuring various good luck charms. Key specifics to note are: • Style: I am keen on an abstract representation of the charms, presenting them in a unique, artistic interpretation rather than a literal depiction. • Good Luck Charms: There are specific charms I'd like incorporated, such as the horseshoe, four-leaf clover and lucky cat. However, I want the design to incorporate around 20-25 different good luck charms in total. • Colors: The design should be bold, utilizing more than six colors to create an eye-catching and dynamic look. Ideal skills: • Strong ability in abstract design • Experience in wallpaper design • Creativity in interpreting ...

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    ...create a modern and clean logo for brand recognition. The main elements required are a font that incorporates leaves as dots over 'i', primarily using red and green colours. While these are the key elements, there is room for creativity in the design. Ideal Skills: - Professional logo design - Proficient in modern design aesthetic - Able to incorporate natural elements into design - Good understanding of colour theory The logo will be primarily used on products or packaging, therefore it is crucial that the final design is easily scalable and versatile in various formats and sizes without loss of quality. Previous experience in branding and understanding of how a logo translates across different mediums is desired. The logo consists of the...

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    I am needing to have a 30 minute countdown created for an event. Here are the specifics of the project. - I would like the countdown very similar to the Countdown - The only difference would be that I would like to replace the opaque rectangle background behind the numbers with an opaque leaf shaped background. Please see for reference of what I mean by leaf shaped. - We would like the editable file to be delivered (probably an Adobe After Effects file?) Please respond with these 3 pieces of information: 1. How long will it take you to deliver? 2. How much will you charge? 3. What is your favorite snack (to ensure you read the instructions)

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    ...lookout for proficient freelancers that are experienced in interacting with and troubleshooting Clover's PHP API. My main issue is that I'm finding it challenging to get my PHP application connected to the Clover API, and I need help resolving this. Successful completion involves understanding the problem, debugging the code, and ensuring seamless integration with my current systems. The primary purpose of this project is to facilitate payments processing via the Clover system. The right candidate for this role should have: - Strong proficiency in PHP, with specific experience in Clover API. - Proven track record in debugging and troubleshooting API issues. - Solid understanding of API integration into existing systems. - In-depth knowledge of pay...

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    ...the moment) -Looking to have the LEAF attached titled "Stonehouse" placed subtlety within both designs (Instructions below) The exact shape of the cannabis leaf (The text in "Stonehouse" image not required within the design. Ideal Skills And Experience: - Proven graphic design skills - Strong portfolio demonstrating minimalist designs - Demonstrated time management skills specifically in meeting deadlines..NEED A FAST TURNAROUND on the first two images required. See instructions below Image #1 - Grape Gasser -Need a simplified version of this (attached) – All grapes should be purple, as well as the gas mask.... -Multiple shades of Purple to be used within the project for coloured one, (black and white also can be used) -"Stonehouse&q...

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    Bonjour Pour la boutique en ligne avec Clover et géolocalisation

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    I'm in need of a creative and impactful logo for an event called "Adventure in Citizenship". Here's what an ideal project would look like: -Key Aspects: 1. A modern and appealing look for youth and young adults is desired, 2. The logo should include stylized initials "AC", ideally with the "A" resembling a red maple leaf, 3. Bold colors should be used to make the logo stand out, 4. The adventure's theme should be subtly incorporated in the design. -Recommended Skills: 1. Experience in Graphic Design, particularly with event logos, 2. Understanding of youth-oriented aesthetics, 3. Ability to subtly incorporate themes into designs, 4. Proficiency in color theory and bold coloring. The end goal is to create a logo...

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    From my description draw the level of a 2D video game, you must first make a sketch with the levelmap all on a sheet of paper, then if the sketch goes well we will also organize its graphics. I repeat, before starting I have to see if from a sketch ...contain a mix of urban cityscape, desert, and overgrown nature. Key Requirements: - Expertise in 2D level design and sketching - Enthusiastic about platform games - Prior work in dystopian or post-apocalyptic game environments is preferred - Ability to mix different settings seamlessly Create a haunting, intriguing atmosphere where players can’t wait to explore the next hidden alleyway or leaf-covered structure. Transport gamers to a bleak yet captivating future through your artistry. Let's work together and create s...

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    As a new hockey apparel brand, I'm seeking a graphic designer to create a modern logo that incorporates distinct elements of the Canadian flag into a hockey net. Given the nature of the sport and our brand, the logo needs to convey a strong and powerful impression to our audience. Key requirements: - Modern design style - Use the color scheme of the Canadian flag, primarily red and white - Incorporation of the maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada - Design needs to embody strength and power - Should seamlessly combine a hockey net and the Canadian elements, with the colors and maple leaf being an integral part of the net - Words at the bottom in black font saying Bar North Hockey in all caps. Ideal Profile of the Freelancer: - Exceptional graphic ...

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    I'm looking to have a logo designed for my tobacco business. Here are a few key points about what I'm seeking: - The logo should be icon or symbol-based. - It should prominently feature a tobacco leaf as the chosen icon. - While the logo will be primarily used for my office scapular, it should also look good on other promotional and branded materials. The perfect person for this project would have a keen eye for design, particularly in creating symbolic or icon-based logos. Any prior experience in crafting logos for industries related to tobacco, or similarly regulated fields, will surely catch my attention.

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    Trophy icon Lawn Care company logo Loppunut left

    ...skilled graphic designer who can help me out in creating a professional logo. My company provides lawn care services. The name of the company is Crabtree Lawn Solutions LLC. I like the idea of having a leaf or a blade of grass somewhere on the logo. The "T" in the word Crabtree could even be a tree. The logo will go on a company vehicle. I also want to add the phone number (256-473-9580) to the bottom of the logo. I really like the example logo that I have attached called "Evergreen". Key requirements for this job are as follows: - Color Palette: The dominant color scheme for the logo needs to be a harmony of green, white, and black. These colors should exude a playful and bold character. - Design Style: The des...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a captivating and innovative logo for my new renewable energy company, 'LA Renewables'. The logo should be: - Dominantly green in color. - Icon-based. - Incorporating elements such as a solar panel, leaf, lightning bolt, sun, plant, plug, and light bulb. Feel free to get creative with how these elements are incorporated. The ideal freelancer for this project would be one who has: - A strong portfolio of previous logo design work. - Experience in creating logo designs for companies in the renewable energy sector. - An understanding of the symbolism of the various elements to be incorporated. Let your creativity shine in creating a logo that truly represents the essence of ...

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    I have a logo design at hand and need assistance in converting it into a digital format that can be used for several platforms. Here are the specifications: Std Logo Size (see attached photos) Colours:- Light Blue #acdbdf; Green #bcbb69; Dk Purple #3b3862 Cream f7f7e8 I would like the same logo available in 2 colour ways using the same colours. 1st Colour Way - as shown in above link with no background (just logo no background); Writing (words)is in Dark Purple, and the light blue replaces the cream - left spiral green and 'S' shape double spiral is light blue. I have just realised the cream will not show up on white paper. 2nd Colour Way being for business card - as per last image above but with purple background (business card size or logo...

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