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    200,229 joomla template column työtä löytyi, hinnoittelu EUR This project is for 10 products. Check the attached Excel spreadsheet with information. The column headers will contain the product name. The row headers will contain the feature name. The cell values will contain the actual values for the column,row combination. Rows can have subheaders. To indicate subheaders, leave the parent header cell blank

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    I need to add a book now button to the top right side of my menu's column next to my logo.

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    I have a 59-p...columns is a date, but in some cells there are also names of towns where the person lived or died, I'm not sure which. For those cells I would need the towns placed into a new column. There might be other instances of that kind of thing, two kinds of data in one call, that might need to be fixed. I've attached a page from the document.

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    ...high, low, close, adj close, Volume" and implement it back on to the CSV. (if needed create a new CSV file with the same columns). 3. if the stock got amc at the "amc"/"bmo" column then search for the day after the date that was given and repeat step 2. if the stock got bmo then search for the day before the date that was given and repeat step 2. **possible

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    Hello Designers i am looking for a wordpress template in Arabic to create an open source community to attribute and crowd sourcing information about cosmos using a very user friendly registration process please use something ready like this for example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Hi - we are a recruitment company and work on google shee...custom reports to be triggered from the google sheet which will tell us how many candidates were called, how many emails sent, how many resumes recieved etc. We could add a column for stages (resumes received, candidate shortlised, interview scheduled etc) and then run reports on stages only.

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    I am trying to find someone to help grow a joomla website. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is the website I need to grow. Trying to make a small portal .

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    ...each day separated by type and facility the issue occured at. 2) Score Card Incident Report: Notes more detail on the incident but is not used in the Summary sheet. This column contains the time spent fixing each issue which is needed in the master results. 3) Score Card Summary: Currently copies data from the score card monthly info tracker into

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    HerbsByNature Loppunut left

    ...competitive developer to work with us. This 1st step is to create a CRM website (I prefer Joomla because i know it but any CRM is ok) with the following: An eCommerce website in English using the latest stable version of CRM premium frontend framework and template Page builder integration, megamenu builder, many post formats supported (video, gallery

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    Hello I have set on power measurements 27 columns 14 voltage magnitude and 13 columns phase angle column 28 is the measurement class where 1 is attacked measurements and -1 is normal measurements i want to use machine learning unsupervised learning (fuzzy c mean clustering) and supervised learning Recurrent neural network to detect the attack and find

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    I have a PSD file which I need developed into a full Joomla template. This site will use the current version of Joomla (3.9.5), and the template must work on that version. I have uploaded an image of the template mockup. The template must be designed using a mobile-first approach.

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    I need someone to help create a real template and fill out

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    NS3 Simulator Loppunut left

    1. Plot the following attached file using ns3 or cpp: column 2 (time) on the x axis, column 5 (gain) on the y axis. 2. Plot the following and put it into a terrain file (Lidar preferred, if possible). Use Col 3 (Latitude) and Col 4 (Longitude) along with Col 5. 3. Incorporate the ITUR1411 LOS and NLOS propagation in NS3 with this data.

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    Integrat a psd Template in wordpress

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    Create a custom version of the Joomla menu module. The only adaptation is to make the menu show sub-menu's in case the parent is an alias. Currently it only shows sub-items if the parent is the active itemId. I suspect this adjustment is no more than a few lines of code. Menu 1, actual items: root root/section root/section/article1 root/section/article1-1

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    In the attached file we want to integrate 2 similar Excel formulas in the tab "Li". In column C (1 formula) in column D & E (1 formula). You find a short requirement in the green, orange an yellow boxes.

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    ...a range of devices and sizes so please make sure the UI is responsive, designs of the UI at different screen sizes will be required. Please base your design on a 12 or 24 column layout, can be full width. The design should be: - Creative - Clean - Professional Colors You are free to choose the color palette but please don’t use too many colors

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    We need to determine how much substance should leave the column and select an appropriate solvent for the operation.

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    Necesito desarrollar un conector entre odoo y virtuemart. Migrar de ODOO --> Virtuemart3 Migrar de Virtuemart3 --> ODOO Debe poder ejecutarse externamente a Joomla (Virtuemart3) bajo cron. Como complemento se valorará el desarrollo de un pequeño componente para configurar la tarea cron.

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    Need to collect data of mail received from justdial api . data will received in 5-6 column . there will be a mobile number available. need to send auto sms n recorded voice call . immediate as soon as lead received from justdial api . we have available API of just dial and sms and calling need to integrated on a web panal In justdial API lead

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    I have a Joomla template that I need a simple change to in the css... just need to change the background color. MUST know Joomla CMS.

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    Folks I had got a project develope...ago but the site went down due to some issues. However, I have the code back up with me and would like someone to install and configure as needed. The site was developed in Joomla and JSJobs extension. There is a very wide scope of extension for the idea. Please let me know if you can help me with this. Thanks

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    15 tarjoukset with a dashboard on Tableau. Our challenge is: How can we share a template tableau workbook with visualizations that a client can then use for any number of a different project? Each project would have different data sources (different table names) but the same format (column names, etc) When applying please mention how many years experience you

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    ...need 3 counters, one for each type of token, to display how many tokens of each type are left (haven't been asigned). By not used I mean that there is no data in the name column. Each counter should refresh each time a name is introduced to the cell next to the token. I can specify further in the chat if I didnt explain my self clearly. The excel is

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    ...3) Upon completing the form, lead will receive a text message with procedure price range Text reads: Average Price of [Procedure] in US is [$from Column C]. BestUEver price ranges from [$Column D] to [$Column E]. Financing is available! Click here (link to Zoho calendar) to schedule free consultation with a medical travel facilitator today! Sample

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    I want a SQL query where I can get sum of a column based on date. The output table should look something like this. Col1, Col2, Col3, Date, Count, Cost, Week1_Count, (Date - 7 days) Week1_Cost, (Date - 7days)

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    Joomla Expert Loppunut left

    I need a joomla expert for security website reasons

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    ...happen is the first section of the ini file. The second section lists the columns to be updated. The key on the left is the column name in the table while the value on the right is the column name on the spreadsheet. The column names will always be on the first row of the spreadsheet. Only columns given in the ini file should be read and updated in the

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    I have 2 Google Sheets files with 5 tabs total which need a column with Zestimates. It's about 8k rows total. I know it's possible to use Zillow's API to automatically query the Zestimates, I just need some help making it happen.

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    Has to be a design of a column graph, nothing too complicated, if it could be cartoonish and it has to have the name xFigure. We can discuss specifics when it comes to it!

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    Convert html template to MVC c# less than 3 hours can complete this.

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    ...between fields in the template and those in the CSV - auto-matches thise with the same name - allows to match the others (see SurveyMonkey when uploading a list of contacts) And generates on the fly: - one html static page per each CVS line, (Leaf) - one html static page with one link to each Leaf placed in vertical column (List) The plugin is installed

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    I have a CSV file with about 7800 rows and there is 1 column that needs to be edited -- Open Hours. Now data in that column may be presented in different ways: - Tue-Sat 11-5 - Tue-Fri, Sun 10-5:30; Sat 10-9. Closed Mondays and on January 1, July 4 (Independence Day), Thanksgiving, and December 25 (Christmas Day). - Tue-Sat 11-5 and by appointment

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    Hi, I need a simple script. I have data in column A and column B in csv file. I want to show my data on a php page. And it will change with every refresh of the page. Suppose this is my data in csv file: ColumnA ColumnB a 1 b 2 c 3 -------------------------------- Then, I upload this csv file and

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    ...defined at the time of macro execution b) Removal of special characters from the fields - é,á,' etc. c) Truncating length of header to 32 characters d) Addition of incremental column name inbetween existing columns Example input/output attached. Please confirm that you red the description by stating in your response number of SKUs in the example files

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    I need help in adding more functionality to my existing Keras code: 1) I need the output of Keras predictions to be indexed and stored on to a new column in the data frame from where the test sample was taken. The row numbers of the prediction stored in the dataframe should be similar to the test set row numbers. 2) Improvise the Keras code by adding

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    Hi there, Please would you create a powerpoint template of the attached PDF CV sample? Thanks,

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    My joomla website is not showing in its URL. all the files and template are in the FTP. need to troublehoot and put the website back online

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    need a, joomla expert who can mix two extensions a survey form and a graph. would be able to make it work on a latest joomla update and deliver in next 24 hours. pardon for any typos.

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    Hello, Please I need someone to build a datatable showing records based on Month and Year filter with Sector Column, Sector Row, Group By with Sub Totals per Sector. See attached PDF file for a sample of what I want. Please I want it in plain PHP and not Laravel, Angular and all the rest. At the end I want to receive only two files which include

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    C# Datagridcell Loppunut left

    Hi, I am coding a project in c# wpf. I have a datagridtable which is binded. In this table there is a column which is showing the actual fullness % between "0 to 100". I need this column cells: - cell can be editable. - column type : progress bar that showing actual fullness - cell has to be 2 arrows that can increase or decrease of fullness. You

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    18 tarjoukset find out what lines that need to be removed in sheet "ProgramVariable" is following. If column F in sheet "PLC io liste" is empty(no number or letter) then read column B in the same row and find that name from column B in the sheet "ProgramVariable" column A. If there is a match remove that row. Continue until all rows in sheet "...

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    Hello, i brought a template of brochure design. i need an hight skilled graphic design to help me to deliver this project asap. You will have access to shutterstock, design in ai, and the other things. I will follow you during all process .

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    I have data in an excel spreadsheet. It is names and addresses. Currently the names are in column a ( first name and last name in same column) and address ( house number, street, town, state, and zip code) is all in the same column. I need to have all of this separate so that A1 is first name, A2 is last name, a3 is house number, A4 is street name

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    ...informations [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Sec. (Playtime) Larghezza: Width Altezza (Height) screen resolution = aspect ratio 2- SEARCH permit to search the fields from the top of each column of the tables and to change the order of the columns, like here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] videos filename rules: - the videos will be mainly .mov

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    I have a joomla site. Many of my clients will be using the same joomla site. I need users to be able to fill out a form (a module or a article or whatever your idea is)when login and for the information filled out and formatted in a tab. Each user should be able to only fill out his own form and no one else.

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    I need my ab2 template into my own game - color changes -add leaderboard -complete reskin of font colors etc. very simple reskin (I NEED IT WITHIN 1-2 business days!) Accepting all bids. Low budget.

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    ...People; Photography - Our World; Photography - Products. The static page template does not have any sub-navigation, so the user needs to click the back button on their browser or the "Portfolio" link at the top. I would like to have the menu that appears on the home page added to a template that can be applied to these three pages. See images attached. If

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    ...We want to be able to search for records based on the Entity Name column, whose entries come from a lookup linked to a List of Entity Names. Here's how we use the library: We upload a PDF to the sharepoint library. We classify the PDF using 10 columns of metadata. One column, called Entity Name, takes it's value from another List. Search

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