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    ...Visual [login to view URL]) One of the columns of the datalist has a hyperlink. So far so good! However this hyperlink needs to bring up a pop-up window. I've put the usual javascript code into the html page but the pop-up window will not appear without refreshing the window behind it. And that window produces an error. I've supplied [login to view URL] and orderview

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    This is a popup for web video presentations and must be compatable with Mac and PC NEtscape and IE browers. Upone opening the popup will ask for the conenction speed then it will "read" what is available for players on the brower's local machine and load the appropriate video interface and file, AKA Windows Media Player- wmv,Quicktime- mov,Real Video-

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    I want a java script that will popup a message box that: 1: Contains a user definable message and "OK" and "Close" (or Cancel) buttons 2: Sets a cookie that the user can define the length. 3: When the Ok button is clicked a subscribe email would be sent to a user definable email address. 4: When "Close" (or Cancel) button is clicked it just goes

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    ...beta test to see how it works out. I need a standalone program than lives in the system tray to monitor any newer browser (IE, Netscape, Opera, etc.) and prevent unsolicited popup ads from downloading. The program must be configurable (i.e. right-clicking the system tray icon) and must have features comparable to this: [login to view URL]

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    Pop up killer with as many functionalities as possible must be in vc++ or c==. Plzz send exce copy if someone has got it ready. Thanks ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform VC++/c++ ## Deadline information Must be completed in 3 days

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    I need a popup stopper with a nice client interface and very professionally coded. It should block only those "automatic" popup and popunder windows from appearing and should NOT block user-requested popups and popunders (such as things they click on, password prompts, etc.). Other details: 1. File size should be as small as possible. 2. Should take

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    I'm running [login to view URL] and need a simple upgrade. Basically, I would like to give webmasters the option to have our popup window display: Always Everyday Every Two Days Every Three Days Every Four Days Every Five Days Every Six Days Every Week Job will most likely go to the lowest bidder, since this isn't a big project for someone who knows how

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    I need a popup window script, with copyright, that will activate upon web site exit, as opposed to page exit, when a visitor does not make a purchase.

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    ...[login to view URL] when you close the window or click on any link (ALL OF THEM ARE DEAD as of now) a pop up opens (working by Body on Unload event through javascript).. Everything is ok except that I would only like it to come up when you click "free ebook" or you leave the site, including after the sale. Also this shall not appear if

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    I need to implement this popup menu control but using the [login to view URL] from VB6 rather than the [login to view URL] from VB5. The example (which can be found at [login to view URL] or attached to this auction) uses the VB5 ImageList. I need to change it so it will work with the VB6 ImageList. It seems to work on every OS except Windows XP, so you'll

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    This is VB6 project. I need to create an OCX to add into a form. Imagine on the form, there are 3 positions, A1, A2, A3. When I right click on one of them, a dynamic menu is popup with multiple layers, say A1 has A1.1 and A1.2. A2 has B and C. The content of the menu depends on the position of the device, say A1 or A2, which has related elements that

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    OK I got Some sleep : # Popup Ad Blocker. When users block a popup the program will then always block or auto close this window. # The address is sent to an online database everytime this addy is killed its counter is increased, when it reaches a defined amount of independent clicks the address is automatically place in users text database. # Purpose

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    I need a Popup Killer written in VB6. Must run from system tray - and have options modifyable from system tray Options it needs to have: Start when Windows Starts History log Hot key to disable the program Work from system tray Sound when a popup was attempted add/remove list of allowable popup windows If you want to see what I am looking for take a

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    ...that is a MS Flight Simulator 2000/2002 Gauge (ie a DLL) as a popup dialog box child window. The problem I'm having is when FS2002 is in full screen mode via DirectX8 the dialog box does not display in front of the FS2002 window it diplays behind it. What I need is a .DLL that opens as popup dialog box as child window in DirectX full screen mode. Having

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    ...window the popup disappears after the game window. AND NOW: if you want to use a lifeline, the popup doesn't come up anymore cause it is underneath the gamewindow. Now I want that the popup stays on focus, so when a user clicks ,after using the popup, on the gamewindow the popup stays above and the user must click on "close window" in the p...

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    Looking for a popup killer. Simple concept however I have seen products that have minor problems. Some of those problems have included a) unable to open a new browser window using Ctrl-N or via the File->Window->New menu choice... Essentially this popup blocker must only prevent poups called without user interations, but must allow popups that are caused

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    ...the pop, I write an HTML file (including only a javaScript) and navigate WebBrowser1 to that file so it will popup the window in a real IE window... what I need is... I need to be able to tell what the name of that window should be and set it to that AND (here comes the hard part) I need to set the opener (that is the javascript term) of the new window

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    ...affialtes will create a popup or popunder (depending upon how it is set) - The Code for the Affiliate: Should be realy simple! Like one line, that calls a .js pages and is placed in the head of the page. There should be 2 varibles, 1) the users account and 2) the mode (popup or popunder) - The .js page that is called to pop. Will popup/under a window with

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    I am reposting the project. More detail description of my requirement. I would like a popup exchange utilizing PHP and MySQL. Make sure it has a robust admin area and be able to put user web sites under category system so Advertise can select where popups are shown. The bid price should included a complete web site design. Thanks

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    This project is only for programmers who ALREADY have a popunder or popup exchange script, this mean READY TO DELIVER. I will only pay when it is installed on my server, if you have a demo is a point for you.

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    I need a simple popup window javascript created. I can get them for free all over the web, but I want one created that I can be the owner of as I will include it in a commercial project I am workign on. The popup window should appear each time someone visits the page, or refreshes the page. The popup window should be set to 450 width and 455 height

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    I want to use enhanced vbacceleartor popup menu sample on psc . But i am a newbie at vb and don't know hot to use that sample in my project . Any help ? ## Deliverables 1. Detail usage of that sample . 2. A simple sample project . 3. Full document of that sample on how to use it and how it work .

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    Canceled.... ## Deliverables Canceled.... ## Platform Canceled.... ## Deadline information Canceled....

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    Need app. with source, documentation and setup. This app. will meet the following requirements for blocking popup ads, banners, etc.: Ability to Block 100%, Unsolicited Popups, Block Known Popups, Block Unknown Popups, Cannot impair with opening a new window, No set up for Websites or keywords, Must block mouseover types, General Popups, Pop-Under Ads

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    ...application that will, when run, add items to the popup menu in Internet Explorer. The program must be uninstallable ; and therefore must remove the popup modification. I want the source code (in VB) to show me how to add a number of different items, which I will then be changing later. The items in the popup menu, when clicked, will simply print a string

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    5 tarjoukset a text boxes 3) Next to the text box, is a graphic of a calendar 4) The user clicks the image and a popup window gives a dynamic calendar (like the nice MS calendar control) 5) User clicks a date 6) user hits a button on the popup window 7) popup window closes 8) date selected is entered into the calling form text box ## Deliverables Complete source

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