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    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make me a Windows application that can run multiple threads and proxies at the same time for a web browser. Or perhaps you know of another way to accomplish the same goal. It should make it appear as if there are many different visitors active on a web site. I'd rather not go into more details.. But feel free to place a bid and we can discuss the pr...

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    I've been running a website for 10yrs and would like a mobile app for that site. It's going to be mostly text with a few images, updated most days. I'm experienced in html and all manner of PC stuff, but new to Apple, so need to engage with someone with experience in iphone Apps, who can assist me in avoiding any pitfalls en route to getting an app

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    iPhone or Android project we need to source code can play H.264 real-time Streaming Video source code from VLC via http or RTSP. if you have the code can running and doing this function. please write a e-mail to us. you can working at anytime, any place at home.

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    I am trying to get a program called Weka ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) running via the commandline but I cannot. I can run it through it's Gui but not through the commandline. Can someone help me figure out why? I have tried changing the path and classpath variables but I get the message Exception in thread "main" [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]:

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    Hi. I need artwork for both the front and back of a t-shirt for a running race I organize. The race is held in Vermont so I want a New England feel to the art. The front of the shirt will need to be a design that represents the race which is a 200-mile team relay race. The back artwork will need to include the Vermont state map with the course and

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    My website is running slow and I think it has to do with the coding not being very good. I need someone who can optimize my website to run more efficiently. Also, it doesn't work correctly in all versions of Internet Explorer. Thank you! [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    I have a web server running apache that I want a script for. ? The script will be run by a cron job every 10 minutes. It will do the following 1) Check to see if apache is running- if it is, the script ends 2) If apache is not running, it will start it, then send an email to me with the date, time, and the fact that apache needed to be started.

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    ...for a goods company. It should run in Android. It has to show: 1) a simple photo slideshow of all the stores 2) a list of all the stores 3) a map where the stores are located 4) a list of others applications I have the application already running on an Iphone, I need to port it to Iphone. Data is retrieved from an xml file

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    Design and implement a console based Windows application that runs in the pre-startup mode of Windows (XP, Vista and Win7). By "pre-startup mode" I mean the mode in which the "Check for disk errors" feature runs if it is run after a reboot. That is, the console-like mode that is available before the login screen of Windows. The program does three things: 1. Writes the text &quo...

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    My client has a website running Drupal and we wants to add an iPhone / Android / mobile browser interface to it. He just needs a quick Drupal theme for mobile browsers, along with the code that redirects anybody using a mobile browser to the mobile version of the site. The mobile site will have a main page with 5 videos on it. Clicking on a video

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    hi i have a site running on wordpress i want to make the site more sociable, so users can interact to each others and create blogs as subdomains the new features i want are: 1 install wpmu and dont affect the allready running blog 2 install budypress, so users can interact to each others 3 instal a forum bbpress or similar in a subdomain

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    I need someone that can develop apps for iphone, android and blackberry. I need 2 or more apps that I want to have running on all 3 platforms. They should be pretty straight forward. One of the apps is a Customer database program which needs to be able to sync with an online database that can also be accessed online from a desktop. The data should

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    I need an application written in C++ which will check to see if any applications besides Windows are running and pop up an error dialog tothe user if there are. Bonus points for returning the application name like "I'm sorry, Microsoft Word is running and installation cannot continue until you close it". The dialog box has an OK and Cancel button

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    i have a perl script that basically monitors a folder for files ( torrents ) when a new torrent is placed into the folder it is supposed to run the script and upload it to my website. However it doesn't seem to be either monitoring or reacting when a file is placed in the folder. i need someone to look at this and figure out why. i'm 98% sure all perl modules are installed. winning bidde...

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    (1) Tracks signal strength, wifi strength, SSID and (where user gives permission) location via GPS while application is running. (2) Stores data and periodically sends data back to our website. Informs user of date/time of last upload. (3) Periodically pulls down a graphic (you tell us the dimensions) from our servers for last 24 hours, last 7 days

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    I'm using PayPal Website Payments Standard and Subscribe Buttons where I have three subscriptions running today. The user can choose among these three subscriptions at sign up: Subscription 1 - $10 a month, every month Subscription 2 - $7 a month, $12 every second month Subscription 3 - $5 a month, $15 every third month I need to make

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    Develop a camcorder application and a Video Share application for the iPhone 3Gs and Android platforms. The Video Share application needs to support 2-way picture-in-picture video. This system should be designed in a manner that would allow for later extensions to support more than a two party video share session. Once a video share session

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    I am in need of a programmer to make an iphone app from scratch the app will be a voter registration app. Similar to [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] but it must be a stand alone application users should be able to fill out. The forms similar to rockthevote but without using rockthevote website. Once the user has filled out the forms the app will need to be able to

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    Hello, I need some smart script that can run under linux that can: * Test/verify that x is working. * If it is not working it should "killall X" and then restart x "xwin". An idea i had was to popup some window (really small) top left corner 1px widht 1px height. Then check if window did popup sucessfully. If not then X has crashed. I have a touchscreen driver tha...

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    I have an ASP.NET portal running on one server with a page with the FileUpload Control. I want to upload files to a second server, with proper second server authentication. The code must be in C# ASP.NET Deliverable: One simple aspx page one file control button when file is uploaded, then the image should be uploaded a second

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