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    Please see the attached files and go through them . Also let us know if you have any query .

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    ...assignment details are given in the attached file, and the program can be written in either Python or C++. The due date is October 30, so I would like to finish it by October 28th. It is ok if you take a week or so to complete to program rather than in two days, but I am on a tight budget. Thanks for your help and looking forward to doing a deal with

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    hi i have a set of python bottle codes which i need to get interpreted. i need it commented carefully and have some referencing to online sources related to these codes

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    CHDK lua script Loppunut left

    I would like to have a LUA script written to run on a canon powershot camera running CHDK with the following functions. When the script runs it will take 1 picture, rename the image with a prefix "cam1_" plus the image number. Please not not bid on this project or send me a generic "I am a programmer, and I would like to work on this project&qu...

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    I need a python crawler to extract details from a sports site like: Lives Scores All Countries - All league from country - teams from country - results from country - fixture - standing - top scores Another details talk on PM

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    I want a youtube script or bot which increase views on my video . the script should not be patched by youtube and it should give real looking High retention youtube views so my video stay long. in the market there is already lots of provider who provide youtube views and using this kind of bot or script , like : qqtube , xlviews etc the person who

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    To applicants: We are looking for a qualified Python programmer who has experience in scraping data from a webpage programatically, use proxies when needed and save the data in a structured way in excel file. Only people with experience in Python will be considered.

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    Can you please explain me more about your requirement Изображение профиля how i understand it can do a script/or browser "future"

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    I have purchased third party piece of software called page expiration robot ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). It doesn't work and I need someone to troubleshoot the installation process for me. I have uploaded all the files as per their instructions and created a new MySQL database as per their instructions. When I try to install, I get t...

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    I am working on a software defined network project, and I need a basic TCP and UDP client and server to drive traffic on the network, written in C, C++, or Python. (Most preferred, C code that can be later wrapped in Python.) This is for a research project, so I am looking for a simple but functional program provided quickly (doesn't need to ...

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    I need script for bulk whatapp sender The script used by : [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The function is same like above script Tq

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    Need a small script that uses the freelancer API. More details when we discuss it.

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    Need directory script for local house hold repairing professional/company. They can register and update profile with there service pricing. Normal user can buy, review service online based on there city location. There will be two types of subscription. 1) Service provider have to recharge there subscription to get listed in our directory 2) Commission

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    II need a script to execute manually copy those users registered in a database to another different database users, each time it is run manually registered users should compare not overwrite

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    Hello, I need a Python expert to put together a game launcher that will make use of the existing launcher to allow logins, registrations and file downloading to update the client. This already exists but the software has been tweaked to bypass this to work offline. Thanks

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    ...is a small python existing app I need to port to iOS application via kivy framework. Both kivy gui interface and obj-c native ios is acceptable for application interface, but using kivy only as transport framework is much advisable. At least one python and ios application is desirable in your portfolio. All details of original python application

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    ...so that they do their tests (running them on data i ll be storing on the server for them) on the markets and save their parameters. After a bad experience here on Freelancer.com i would like to add a constraint so that i would collect the best offers. In order to work on this project you ll need to: -have excellent English or French or Arabic communication

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    Need to launch/host a WebApp from RaspberryPi (Linux OS) WebApp to communicate user button click back to RaspberryPi server to launch meaningful Python scripts on server side. WebApp to have user authentication, a setup screen for resource & button->action configuration, a dashboard screen to launch configured activities More details will be provided

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    I have a directory with many files in that. I am searching for some keywords in the files and I want a Python program to extract all the key information that I will input. File1: Time: CXX Product: DDD Scenario: Dere Station: dkrkrkr Station Number:844 File2: Time: CXX Product: DrD Scenario: Dere Station: dkrkrkr Station

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    python programming Loppunut left

    need 2 weeks of part-time work to enhance and complete an existing project. please send msg to discuss details

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    python expertise Loppunut left

    developmment on an existing python data mining project. good comms and availability is important. need part-time for 3 weeks

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project '2 Small function code in python'

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    ...for us in Django: 1) Two auto updating fields on a website 2) Two fields that can send data to the server 3) A graph/chart in Flot We have the whole back end built, but need someone to make a very basic page that has the three things mentioned above. Function is all that matters, not beauty. We have a Django 1.7 server setup on a VPS with Linode

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    Hi, I need a small script from an expert developer I have an image with products for example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] What i want to do is when i move my mouse over pepsi (or any other item on the image) on the right side of the site i want to display another image with some extra info i need to display

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    python Chapter 7 I need a SCREEN CAPTURE FOR EACH CONDITION OF POINTS AND SCORE!! 2 - A certain CS professor gives five-point quizzes that are graded on scale 5-A, 4-B, 3-G, 2-D, 1-F, 0-F. write a program that accepts a quiz score as an input and uses a decision structure to calcite the corresponding grade. 3 - A certain CS professor gives

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    PDF TO HTML Loppunut left

    Need a tool to convert pdf to html tabel. need a tool that does this automatically since I get such pdf all the time. program can be wrote in Linux and Python or php / html or cmd in windows .. Need a simple program. attaching a picture of the PDF. think something as simple as I type cmd or command in linux "pdftohtml [kirjaudu nähd&...

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    Update script to try login multiple times.

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    I have a python script that is used to check logins for a website are correct. If a login is incorrect it will write an error code to a text file. The problem I have is that sometimes the websites servers are poor and will incorrectly give me an error. I need the program edited so that if a login fails, it tries the login again another 2 times before

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    Hello, wath is the price for make the clone of these pages. Included Video Convert to streaming

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    Hello, wath is the price for make the clone of these pages. Included Video Convert to streaming

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    I need a PHP script that Posts an image to Google Plus Server Side using CURL or other Server Side communication software like WGet. The script will accept a post from an HTML form that has the following: 1)Users Google Plus Username 2)Users Google Plus Password 3)The Url of the Image to Post 4) A description or Comment that goes with the post

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    Please read my scrip for my website animation video

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    Looking for a Python script that would detect the presence of a new picture in our web servers folder and automatically sends it to a printer. We have a few pieces of the overall puzzle that ties everything together. Just need to fill in a few holes. If interested we can provide you with more details.

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    Hello i need a script for shell or windows for making a csv for import the cagalog of the provider with magmi or others methods ( SSH ) I have a CSV of The provider with data and need adapt to new CSV compatible with magmi or making Directly a SSH Script Thanks

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    Our Products are affordable Scripts that help small, medium enterprises and en...scripts helps you to enter your target market easily by providing the most essential feature set without the clutter. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I need help in marketing my product website : [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Hello I need someone to build a php script that I can easily run on one ip without getting banned from the forums website(WILL TELL YOU THE WEBSITE THROUGH MESSAGE) Either a php script or software I need built I need it to be able to mass pm upto 750,000 users on an online forum without getting banned using my own computer if pos...

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    Programming Python Loppunut left

    programming (Python) It should be ready before 17th oct

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    I want some changes done as discussed.

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    am looking for a Python Specialist who can make a Plugin for Enigma2 based STBs to play Live Streams Plugin will need Token Authentication or some kind of Security for when clinets enter DNS/IP - Port - USERNAME- PASSWORD to access menu of selected live stream. Plugin Needs to play RTMP, RTSP, HTTP formats or whichever format is best for stability

    €27 - €223
    €27 - €223
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    I'm looking for someone who have deep knowledge in MySQL and can fix my small (single file 179 lines) php script. This project ralated to facet search. Abount the problem: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    I need to compile python software for Debian Armhf (or devices like Raspberry Pi) , but in the software are included scripts only for Debian 32 and 64 bit. So I need to rewrite this scripts for Debian Arhmf. Maximum for this project is 80 USD.

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    python course Loppunut left

    Hi, i already know basics in python and i would like to get some advanced tips. maybe we can communicate via Skype. we can discuss the price in details during chat.

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    I would like us to maintain an open contract, so whenever i need work from you we can go right ahead and start working.

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    ...millions of websites for their https status. Basically we need a script or software that will run literally tens of thousands of simultaneous threads. We have huge servers capable of processing scripts that resource heavy. We will upload lists of 1-10mil domains at a time, and the script will check each domain for the response code. Example codes:

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    I'm looking for someone with solid experience in python that can help me to solve several issues most of them require you to know regex

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    Hello, so I have problem in my website script: something is wrong with sessions, I mean when i switching between pages i have to login again and again. I would probide you the code and you would try to solve the issue. Please post only who knows php, sessions, and implementing in in nginx.

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    Need to develop a script to enable us to send bulk Whatsapp messages using an API (web based) This program or api should support new whatsapp protocol Need to be able to upload a text file and picture with phone numbers and insert a message that gets sent to million numbers in text file Automatically (TXT, CSV, XLS). Can automatically distinguish

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    I want a script that can extract data from excel file and post it in Imacro progress, so please bid here, who is familiar with my requirements. thanks happy bidding! Best regards.

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    Summary: This is a python/django project. I am opening this project and I am open for other ideas and your inputs to modify this project except, this needs to be done in python as I am trying to learn from you about web development with python using django/flask etc. Background: I am reading this book call "prodjango". I stumble...

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    I require a simple email autoresponder designed for my website, written in Python 2.x using the standard, available and supported libraries; including but not limited to: sqlite, smtplib, re. The script must: Check all new emails that have arrived in the mailserver (via IMAP), for the accounts I specify Send responses via the mailserver (via SMTP)

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