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    I need a script that creates simple one page html websites with similar content. The script should be able to chose some pictures of a given list and some text-blocks (for example of a given list and then put them randomly together. There should be randomization options for background color, css style, site name.

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    I have a website with html holding page with a placeholder for email entry need adapting to post email address to simple php script which appends to text file outside of web directory (configurable path) and returns user to holding page with a floating 5 second thank you confirmation

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    Looking for a professional scrap script writer. HTML to Text (Generic) Conversion using Python 3 1. Extract Sitemap from website 2. Crawl all url from sitemap, remove html tags, css, javascript, images and other junk. 3. Save clean text to file. Its a simple task.

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    ...request and I believe that I require a script, program or app to be able to do. So therefor I’m looking for someone to help me out. A fee will be obtained for your troubles. I have a hobby working with statistics and I spend big amount of time collecting data, and due to my work I lack of time. My thought is simple in my mind but I can not even imagine

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    Peace Mercy and blessings of God be upon you Similar chat script is required for the following site: Http://[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] It is with the same possibilities with the site order because the example is not neat and it is completely light for the weakest mobiles the ones that have no need to burden the programming like the light work and others his

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    Web Browser Loppunut left

    ...browser will display text only and will communicate with a standard web server. Your text-only browser will not be able to display images, multimedia, special fonts, JavaScript, etc. It will support hyperlinks. We're concerned with the networking aspect, not the presentation aspect. I will provide you with simple web pages (with text and one image) that

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    ...usable for the type of project we manage. To carry out this work you need to inject into strategic points of the HTML response response received from Kanbantool, before rendering in the web browser. Your injections may be snippets of html and/or Javascript (or similar). The resolution for the problem can be implemented as a Google Chrome add-in, or equivalent

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    ...addresses in the MySQL DB must be used to send individual generic emails. There will be two formats of the email being sent, - one text and one html. Sending must allow for delivery of whichever the recipient accepts. 4. The PHP script, in connection with the two file versions, must provide an unsubcribe option automated within the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] MyS...

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    I need to create a script, or something like that, that is simple to raise a server already configured that: Get a phone call; Automatically answer the call; Say "Hello" with TTS using the Bing Translator; Receive the person's voice message; Transmit to Google DialogFlow (which will turn voice into text) Get the text back; Use voice TTS Bing

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    Simple Python web crawler that returns flat text from crawled HTML. -Crawler should be built in Python 2.7.x -Crawler should allow setting link depth that is being crawled. -HTML should be converted to plain text (without HTML tags). -No other data formats need to be crawled. -All text files of crawled HTML should be merged in a sing...

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    Hello, I have 5 very basic HTML pages with basic content/text displayed on them. I need you to write me a server side PHP script that will validate the login to a "members area", that will also need to be validated client-side by JavaScript. This needs to be done within 24 hours. I can send you my existing HTML so you can see where you would need

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    ...that's attached to be based on that selection. However this is done, keep it to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, please. For the purposes of speed and ease-of-use, this needs to be as simple to use as possible, while delivering my requirements. Thus, if a HTML select tag isn't the way to go and you can imagine something better for visitors

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    Mobile development Loppunut left

    I need a mobile site. I would like it designed and built. jordanduncan221 / Facebook Like Script Very clean and simple Facebook like script Facebook Like Script <?php function curPageURL() { $pageURL = 'http'; if ($_SERVER["HTTPS"] == "on") {$pageURL .= "s";} $pageURL .= "://"; if ($_SERVER["SERVER_PORT&qu...

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    Background: We have an existing very simple php api file list/get setup. The API currently provided does two things: 1) List the files (with an option to specify how many) 2) Get a given file (by name) This is used to pass simple text files (containing json formatted data - mind you, the format is not relivant). This is part of a basic accounting/billing

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    ...a different page. I am looking for a simple script/code I can copy and paste into the php/html/head of that one specific page. I was using this script <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- if ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] >= 800) { [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] = "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]&qu...

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    4 tarjoukset edit in order the image search and upload work. Obs: if any extra plugin is necessary, this plugin needs to be included in the final project. A good (not too long, but simple) instruction doc is needed for this project to be accepted. Our project is wirtten in classic ASP (vbscript). If you don´t work with classic ASP/vbscript, no worries: an explanation

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    I have a function for standard deviation and one for simple moving average, doing calculations in php. I need the javascript equivalent. Obviously function need to be written differently. My desire is for the same output in Javascript, like php gives. This is the PHP Code, along with a Javascript function to Display calculated values. The project

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    15 tarjoukset no need of ocr(tesseract). The extracted text must contain spaces between every word. 1. A simple Html- file upploadpage with 2 inputs field and one search field to upload the pdf , no design neded. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Python side If the uploaded pdf have multiply pages then split to single pdf. Extract text from each pdf and search f...

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    26 tarjoukset required) with a title (text box), a description (text box with editor), an upload image link/image file (text box and upload button) below will be submit, after submit it will get posted/shared to any social media, which user can choose from the images which will be located just above post. Make the script simple HTML, CSS, and custom php. Do

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    ...create a script to process a simple text file, and insert the data from it into sections in an html file template. Then the file needs to be save as .html (single page- no subfolders) I am thinking this might best be done using Powershell. It will also need to open a number of other text files - or csv and paste contents into the html templa...

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    ...some projects in the future. The need is really simple: Html: on html side, we need to call and start the js like this: <div id="mycontainer"></div> <script src...> // script include <script> // var config will be an array of possible settings [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]("mycontainer", co...

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    ... This is a full turnkey project, building a full website to be hosted on OpenCart or similar platform... TBD You will need obvious skills: Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, OOP, Java, Java Script, and knowledge of API Connections, understanding on how Data base file collection intgrates with our system, as well as customer and art file lists. Knowledge

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    We have a few simple jobs for our two websites ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). Domain: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Job 1: On the Product Page, the title of the product is much larger than it should be. The size of the title text needs to be reduced to match our sister site. Job 2: Confirmation Code (see attachment)...

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    ...though PHP. I want to create a dynamic webpage where if a certain field in the MySQL data contains a value (say "ON" instead of "OFF"), then the webpage displays an HTML form. I only want the HTML form to display if the value in the database is "ON" instead of "OFF". It needs to automatically disappear if the value in the MySQL database chan...

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    I am working WITHIN an electronic medical record (oscar (freeware)) I am trying to write a simple appointment letter which takes the Oscar generated appointment start time and date and then brings t in t a letter to the patient It work it collects the correct data and writes a letter. HOWEVER at present it returns the date like this 2017-07-31

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    We need a developer to write a script to write a script that targets IP ranges and produces a list of reverse DNS entries for sites and companies hosted on individual IP addresses. The output can be a simple text file or in HTML format. We want to do this against large ranges of IP addresses that we will specify. If You feel this is something you

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    ...mirror clicking on an HTML prototype served on some random domain * Whenever my participant navigates to a new page, the prototype will fire off some GET/POST to a script on my personal domain with information about the page and timestamp. * When I enter a log note on my logger Excel workbook, my macros will fetch a text log file from my personal

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    ...test task you need to implement this Build a simple app, put a button, lets call it search, it basically fetches html from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and displays html text on some activity/UI, it also show another button in bottom of that text field which when clicked search for logo from that [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] html...

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    I need a simple interactive website as shown in the screenshot. It is used for a counter application for a tabletop game: the user can select the number of players and then for each player a score can be added, which will be summed. It has to work on desktop systems and smartphones. Please read carefully the detailed description below. Bid only,

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    PHP Web Portal 2 Loppunut left

    ...access feature. The portal frontend consist of a basic HTML homepage and subpages, however; pending CMS. The site is responsive and have URL rewrite for SEO reasons. A quick overview of the work is as follows: Critical Tasks: • Debugging o Google Map is no longer displaying o A licensed script on trail was used by the IT Company, without our knowledge

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    ... we moved to the customer input, using the "store customer input" block under "interact." We changed how the service would collect the user's state name by first selecting "Text to speech (Ad hoc)" and wrote out a statement that Joanna would tell the caller. Then, we scrolled down to the Prompt section to specify that the maximum digits should be 3

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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    I have three websites, the functions of which I want to merge to create one main site. The first site is a simple landing page where people sign up and it includes around 5 - 7 other basic single pages (i.e. a single video or text with a payment button). The second site is my social network at .ning (I have around 80 members). Ning is glitchy

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    142 tarjoukset's a simple project, the architecture/scrapy logic is designed, all detail specification will be given later, some important point: 1. Read seed URL from txt file, one URL per line. 2. Scraping webpage content for 2 levels(hops), javascript rendering is need, like splash/PhantomJS etc. 3. Covert scraped 2 level content from html to text, and matching

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    ...sends some parameters to a bank payment page, I presume when a form has been submitted somewhere. <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function onLoad() { [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n](); } </script> </head> <body onLoad="onLoad();"...

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    first :Develop a very simple currency converter form. The amount value is entered using a text field. There are two drop down lists for selecting the currency (FROM-TO) as shown below. The result text box value change depending upon the currency selected from the drop down list. second: Make use of a two-dimensional array to solve the following

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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    Hi Freelancers! What we want this time is pretty simple. We want to build a PHP chat script that fulfills the needs listed below: -Chat with no registration, the user just fills the username, gender, age and country then clicks Login. ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) -After submitting, the script makes some checks for empty fields etc... ([kirjaudu nähdäk...

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    29 tarjoukset a script which works fine for me but as i can see its not working on opera mini (Android) Browser. Let me explain you what my script does? Well, I've made a mp3 file downloader script which will fast allow you to download mp3 file via iframe and then a simple code is used to redirect that traffic to an text link ad. Code example: <html...

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    The application to be developed is a simple chatbot interface with the following requirements. - It should be a one-page application (using html, css, javascript – react.js etc. or other libraries) running on a browser like Chrome. - If a user double-clicks or starts the “[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]” file from the local machine, a one page application is...

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    INTERACTION BETWEEN : OPENOFFICE CALC AND APPLE MAIL The Script/App need to work on my local machine, running on : Mac OS X (10.9) OpenOffice v4.1.3 Apple Mail 7.3 (1878.6) Purpose : Script with simple interface for Mac OS X (10.9) - Automatically send emails with Apple Mail from a list of emails in OpenOffice Calc. - Switching from

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    ...Purpose : Script/application with simple interface. Need to execute in local on my machine (OS X 10.9) - Automatically send emails with Apple Mail from a list of emails in OpenOffice Calc. - Switching from different core messages based on a column (« Proposition1 » in Calc will pick up Text1, etc.) - Automatically edit the text selected by

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    ...Apple Mail 7.3 (1878.6) Purpose : Script with simple interface for OS X - Automatically send emails with Apple Mail from a list of emails in OpenOffice Calc. - Switching from different core messages based on a column (« Proposition1 » in Calc will pick up Text1, etc.) - Automatically edit the text selected by replacing specific zones by a

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    7 tarjoukset $10. Because this job is so simple and can be completed quickly. Bids higher than this amount will not be considered. I need a simple JavaScript code that can parse the query string of a url and return the values by name. For example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] =fdgtref The script should parse the url and be able

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    I'm looking for a very simple HTML file that uses Javascript to open and analyze an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx format). The core function of the script is to identify certain values as either zero or not zero when certain conditions are met. The script will check the data contained in one cell against a simple text file or another spreadsheet to determi...

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    ...who’s familiar with JavaScript and HTML to help me with a simple page that I want to create. Basically I want this page to be running on a browser locally using MS Internet Explorer or Google Chrome without needing to get it uploaded to a webserver. I envision the final product to be either a 2-pages or 3-pages HTML file. The essence of the

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    Im looking for coder who can create data aggregation script. Script should be made in php, use tables <table> in html Script should work this way: We type website address, for example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Then it fills tabs with aggregated data. Here are following TABS: -----> TAB 1 - Audience Demographics - it should show data lik...

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    Hey we are looking to add PDF/Text - Voice on our platform playback as seen on ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) with a simple PLAY button to start the script-reader. The PDF uploading is done, just need to add a voice player. We currently use HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS. The sentence currently being read should be highlighting. For reference please

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    Hey we are looking to add PDF/Text - Voice on our platform playback as seen on ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) with a simple PLAY button to start the script-reader. The PDF uploading is done, just need to add a voice player. We currently use HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS. We are currently low budget, but looking to hire more.

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    ...the parameter “ID” from the results of the first query. There will be a final column to the right that will be a link with the text “Approve Lead”. When the user clicks this link, Step 2 will be invoked. Step 2) I need a script created that will take the Lead “ID” parameter from the last step. This ID will be used to run a lookup on the &ldqu...

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    I have a simple working/fully functional Perl script that runs from the command line prompt and takes the input from the command prompt where the input files are essentially two text files that are located inside the same directory in which the Perl script is located. The output is generated as an html file and some other files in the same directory

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