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    ...Administration. The site prototype is nearly complete. I have all the graphics, logos, forms, style sheets, html, etc.. I just need someone to code it in ASP or ASP.NET. I have created some standard functions in ASP in doing validation of fields, db connection and invoking stored procedures in sql server. I have some ASP convenctions to follow, the convention

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    Simple database of music studio's Includes: 1 HTML signup page with form fields- studio name, price, equipment, location, etc. 1 Msql not mysql database that stores information 1 HTML page where the information can be viewed and indexed by name, city, town, country, price. Information should be able to be viewed in ascendeding or decending order (example:

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    cache simulator Loppunut left

    ...expressed as a hexadecimal number. You may assume that lines in the trace file conform to the format, e.g., you do not have to check for lines that have an incorrect number of fields. The example trace of references below, contains the addresses that correspond to the example references described on page 547 and 548 of your text. Note the addresses here

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    4 tarjoukset be set up and displayed in a tree view - JavaScript as client side scripting and for field's verification - Each data from the form fields to be verified before submission - show "database tables" in html table (up to 30 database tables per page) - NO cookies - NO session - NS4+ and IE4+ Browser Compatible - Simple installation - Easy

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    ...html Sample Lucene HTML file parser to be provided for interaction with Lucene. ## Deliverables Will need Java JDK 1.2 code to parse and store : Meta Data fields. e.g. first name, last name, mycapture field or whatever is defined by the engine xml. (To be provided upon bid acceptance, basically a xml file that defines what fields to look for in a given

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    ...entered data to web users. The database tables and relationships between records in the different tables, will be user-defined. In addition, the user-interface (i.e. which fields are prompted for, the prompts that are used, the values allowed to be entered in each field, etc.) will be user-defined. And finally, the presentation/inquiry of records entered

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    83483 Mail script Loppunut left

    Need a simple cgi script to take text input from an html form and send the info to the admin email address. There are 3 required forms of a total of ten, with error notice when the required fields are missed. No auto-response needed for the person that submits. Have the input form ready to go and will email it to the successful bidder. I will install

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    ...requirement: The extension is an "automated" matchmaking bot or script. Additional categories must be added to the PHP html page under My Profile. These preferences do not have to be searchable and so the PHP module's limit of 20 searchable fields does not have to be modified. These additional categories will be what the user is looking for in a match. Each

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    Internet SURF Loppunut left many times it was unsuccessfully tried per link. An option must allow removal of 'dead'links (based on the number in settings ( >= number deleted). 5) in addition to any fields identified above, the DB must include date/time added (non changeable) - display only, date/time of last link verify scan, comments, unique ID (Autonumber) general category

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    Tutor Listing Database Directory of tutors searchable via a form. Seach fields would include - category (pre-loaded drop down with crtl-click for multiple), company name (partial matching), city (pre loaded from database), area code, and description (keyword/ full text). It would be good if there were a mechanism for importing existing data - if this

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    ...contacted by the JSP page. - The database fields must include: ItemID (char, 16 bytes, alpha-numeric) ItemName (char, 64 bytes, alpha-numeric) ItemDesc (char, 256 bytes, alpha-numeric) ItemCont (dynamically sized content for a document) Other Notes: - There are no authentication requirements. - There will likely be HTML tags in some of the data items stored

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    ...Allow Manual adding of data to Mailing List - thru Control Panel 3. Implement a simple HTML design tool- Basically looking for a HTML tag toolbar- Fonts, Hyperlinks, Bold, Italics etc. Also HTML Templates 3 or 4 basic layouts . Auto text message generator based on HTML message 4. Newsletter Reporting to Users - When a user sends a job automate an email

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    I need a ASP/HTML page developed in MacroMedia UltraDev with a recordset and a repeat region with two additional fields - one for quantity and one for select or not. When selecting products and quantities then on top of the page I need a total (total price and quantity) and on the selected product line total price to update automatically and instantly

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    ...winning bidder. For each of these sections, I need coder to allow 1. editing of data 2. addition of data 3. deletion of data. THIS IS NOT HARD. THREE OF THE TABLES HAVE ONLY 2 FIELDS WHILE THE REMAING ON HAS 4...NO BIG DEAL! ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    I need a basic spell checker that will analyze the text being typed into a regular text box and highlight misspelled words. I'm looking for something cheap and fast. Is this doable? ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform 32 bit Windows

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    ASP DB Insert Loppunut left

    Two things, 1. I need Info from HTML form to be inserted into Access DB Into two Tables, First Table is straightforward (9 fields), Second table Needs the zipcodes inserted from a comma seperated list. see [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 2. I have a Page that Emails Info from an Order. I need to display field from DB, if a field from DB

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    ...that look the same but have different content. The album's content is The text fields for the intro page (Bride Name,Groom Name,Date,Wedding Venue etc) a series of images/videos that each one has a description The ideal for us is to be able to put the swf file in an HTML page that exists in a folder and have it read a text file that exists in the same

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    I'ld like a basic user creation/user authentication PHP & MySQL solution. The solution will comprise a new user (creation) HTML form with username, password, verify password, email, name, surname fields. The associated PHP code that will check for the uniqness of the username in the database and it will either prompt the user for an alternate username

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    PHP Form Submission Loppunut left

    I dont have time or else I would have done this. Its real simple. Attached you will find a word document with form fields etc. I need this to be converted into HTML and an PHP page to process it and forward it to an email address. Its urgent and need it asap. Thank you. The form should look neat and MUST BE DONE IN DREAMWEAVER...USE VERDANA(size 2pt)

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    ...indicating the field names. It should have an option to specify the field separator. It should generate an html page for each record based on a template. It should create an index page linking to all of the pages it created, specifying fields that should appear on the link page for each record. It should allow you to specify the location and name of

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    ...websites, with the option to set up the server, user and database, as well as the name of the fields that can be updated. PHP preferred It must have three parts: The setup page, the "What yo want to update?" page, and the update fill form. I can send html samples of what it should look like. Doesn´t matter if is not original/tailor made work. ## Deliverables

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    ...and keep a list of all sites on every domain. The application simply needs to find all directories in a domain, look for [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (in that order) and create an html page based on what it finds. I’ll manually copy the application to each domain, run it at least once and I will be responsible for modifying the temp...

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    ...for writing the gateway pages to the domain where the script is installed. A variable it the script defining the file extension so at times I can create shtml files as well as html if desired. A variable within the script would set the maximum amount of pages written in one go, this variable could be changed by the webmaster if desirable. A variable for

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    I need some help updating multiple fields at once in vbScript/ASP. I am using Visual Interdev and its Recordset design time component. i have many text boxes on the page and i would like to update 1 field in the database for each of the text boxes with the value from the textbox. can somebody please help me with this? i have to do a another similar

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    C++ Bulk Emailer Loppunut left

    ...whereas if I fix a bug or two they do not need to redownload the entire application, just a small fix. Program must have an email form with fields: Name, Email Address, Subject, Message, and upto 3 uploads. HTML must be allowed in the message field. There must be a PREVIEW button so they can view what the email will look like. **To better your chances

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    Need cgi auction script modifications, & other minor html,php modifications. This site is presently up, & running, but needs the following changes, or modifications to complete site. (1)Add 25 extra main categories, & up to 7-8 sub categories to match present listing categories. (2)Minor text changes to cgi User Agreement. (3)Add my header, & footer

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    ...on how to make this work would be appreciated. I will provide all the HTML pages. I will also edit any error messages that are produced. All I need is someone to modify the existing Maxsponder scripts or posibly create additional perl script(s). The database, tables, and data fields are already created. You do the coding, and I'll do the cosmetics. I

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    .... I want to "populate" the Subject and Text fields. So when they click the link, my email address will be in the "To" field, "Request for Information" will be in the Subject field, and "Please send me information about the services you provide." will automatically be in the Text field. Currently, the html line reads: <XXXXXXXXX> Note...

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    This is an easy project, I need a script that will have a few input fields (keywords, description, etc) and will create X number of randomized HTML files with predefined header and footer. This is a simple script that should take any experienced programmer under 1 hour to do. My friend was going to do it but unfortunately he had some health problems

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    ...percentage discount from listed pricing upon checkout) Customer Login (Retrieve customer information) Pass thru verification selection Order Page should prompt for require fields such as lastname, firstname, social, DOB, etc. This information will be different for each report I run, there for it should pull each reports requirements from a db and dynamically

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    Ok I send HTML email messages out for marketing purposes. The address list is derived from a DB table then sent out using SMTP component call Jmail ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). Firstly I need a link on these messages that allow the recipient to forward the message onto a friend(s). The recipient will do this by clicking on the URL in the HTML Email. I need

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    ...will allow the user to select graphically a time range (that is start date to end date). The vertical bars must move with a mouse. The selected values will update hidden fields in an HTML form. The two colors for the free time and selected time must be passed as parameters. Also the minimum start time and maximum end time must be variables. The time range

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    ...Person tracking code ( strip of code just before close body tag that is used for tracking). He would only actually enter the Live Person membership number, and the rest of the html code would already be in the script. 4) Three images on the page would be linked to URLs specific to this user, and identified by the same username ( remeber it is the "key"

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    ... ## Deliverables Given several URL's in text fields, a click of the button will 1)loop through all the URL's given, 2)Using Microsoft's XMLHTTP, go and get the HTML, 3) automatically convert relative URL's to absolute URL's, 4)automatically link all the http: and mailto: links, 5)strip out the HTML while maintaining the hyperlinked string, and th...

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    ...Deliverables I need the few lines of code to add to my forms as well as the database design structure (ie. new fields, formats, etc.) to be able to make this work. I will provide table as is and coder can add fields as needed. I will also provide existing html (cfml) for entry and action form of website. The code needs to grab the ReportDate (Julian + last two

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    4 tarjoukset given one page for each fee (hence, separate passwords for each page). On their page they will have fields of information to fill out and an area to upload a max of 20 jpegs (with a fixed width of 150 or 320 for example). I can provide the html templates (both form page to fill out and visitor page to view) along with the javascript that will allow

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    A Perl Scrip Loppunut left

    I currently have a perl scrip that needs some work. It suppose to work like this- 1- user enters in 7 or 8 data fields on a html form. 2- script creates a .txt file that is "." delimeted on the server. 3-script checks the date of the first record in the file and if it is older than a week- the file is emailed, backed up then deleted. 4-email is sent

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    ...of the sender and also send an e-mail to recipeint. The ability to attach documents up to 5 items(binary/ascii) Form Configuration Necessary Form Fields Required field emailto Optional Form Fields subject email realname redirect required title print_config print_blank_fields return_link_url return_link_title missing_fields_redirect

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    Web Page Clean Up Loppunut left

    I have one web page that needs fixing. I started it and what I'm doing is not working so I give it to you. It should an HTML pro (which I am not) a half hour to do this. I have input fields on the page and 4 bullet items at the bottom. The problem is that I want everything visible when the user gets to the page. So I want all the instructional text

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    In this JAVA program I will need to: ·Write an applet ·Create threads in Applets ·Use labels, buttons, text-fields ·Use animation ·Use graphics ·Use sound ·Provide error checking ·Accept parameters passed by the HTML document ***More info and pictures of what it should look like are in the attachments provided. ## Deliverables...

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    Business Listings Loppunut left

    ...then flagged as a subscription prospect, to be contacted by the sales group. The Companies lookup (search/browse) process flows as follows: I. The user fills in some fields of the HTML form, specifying name of business or City and State were business is located. The form invokes an active server page on the II. The active server page

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    Business Directory Loppunut left

    ...then flagged as a subscription prospect, to be contacted by the sales group. The Companies lookup (search/browse) process flows as follows: I. The user fills in some fields of the HTML form, specifying name of business or City and State were business is located. The form invokes an active server page on the II. The active server page

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    ...subscribe, username, e-mail address, the ability to handle unsubscribe using a form,using flat file db,the ability to send a simple email to all subscribers via a webform, html or not ------------------------------ Counter/stats....... Graphical/text count of visitors to web site, nonssi,logs the time of the visit, the visitor, where they came from

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    ...they click on one it opens up an html document with full image. I need to be able to create/delete/change categories at any time and still use the pictures with ease. It should be somewhat easy for me to add pictures to a specific category and get it thumnailed automatically. I do not want to have to create the html pages manually, I want the script

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    ...via a web page(using and individual password), join using a form with fields, first name, lastname,telephone number, sex,country,email. Their is also an address book facility, which accessess friends email addresses and also shows them via a web page ## Deliverables Phase 1 - HTML Pages 1)Login page 2)Main menu addressbook,send email,outbox,logout

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    ...inputs fields client name, address, date (date picker if possible)stock at the start of the week product name in combo box of(max 5 Items per supplier). Stock at the end of the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] in percentage. b:If the client and the products is selected from the combo boxes it produces a printabale report(crystal,data or HTML) with the following fields:...

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    I am directing a project for a friend and employer. We need a database with a web interface where all fields can be searched by customers, returned and sorted in html. We also need an html interface where our employees can create records. We will need to add and retrieve records through text boxes and drop down boxes. Some sorting options will be required

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    2 tarjoukset source either over the file system or existing odbc D- open source excel, odbc, access, ascii, csv, dbf, etc? E- import/export to and from html, xml. F- show source in grid G- show source list-fields H- change source field title (edit source table) I- show index automatically if available J- set index in source (edit source table) 2- the same

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    ...p (case sensitive) We have approximately 250 data fields in an Access database. We need to have a very tight report generated that will translate that data into an individual page in our book). A rough draft has been created in HTML (the basic type face must be Arial Narrow 9 pt - unfortunately HTML does not offer this font size). We believe that Crystal

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    12 tarjoukset is a HTML page we can design, NOT the standard .htpasswd grey box. Same for the "wrong password, please get a password" page 2) relative links (e.g. in HTML pages) between protected pages work without the need to recode all of them. i.e., if /some/directory/page1.html has a link href="page2.html", that links to /some/directory/page2.html...

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