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    ...replace in each product. The Plant Therapies site is about to become the new replacement site for the following domain but we are doing all the design on this domain before we switch [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Finally we need to do this green icon only no text in the catalogue attached and there are about 50 images and I want to replace

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    Looking to fix a redirect issue on one of my websites Issue is After host switch + SSL install redirect from NON SSL paths not working Running custom HTML/CSS Website on Godaddy with cpanel.

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    Have to ...make 433 MHz RF transmitter which take input from 0-10 v or 4-20 ma and receiver with digital output to operate motor with auto switch Means as water touch to sensor, it should send signal to receiver and receiver switch off motor Need full operational project- Are you going to purchase all module or I have to purchase and send to you ?

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    To develop an iOS app for iPhone and iPad to extend their battery life's. It controls an external Bluetooth charging switch or recommends user actions based on the device's battery level. To see full spec goto [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Looking for to switch board enclosure design at Solidworks or similar platform which will house couple of PCB boards. I have working design ( in .step file format ) which needs some modifications. We can use the same design or make any better design. I need files for injection moulding and also for 3d printer Working model can be found in the link

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    I've found a python-script that performs a task of recognition sounds and run specific commands after detecting these sounds. What I want is to upload other sounds to be recognise and when the sounds accure it plays a different sound this repeated everything it hear the sound. Also a stats/report of how many times the sound is played ''trigged'' I

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    Hi Teenu D., I would like for you to rebuild annandaleranch.com. The new website will be at Godaddy, and we will make the switch when it is finished.

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    ...sign up to group. 5. Write a report of how to achieve Click through rates with high conversions 6. Prepare content for landing pages 7. Developing Campaign and get ready for switch on 8. Review Campaigns and click to conversion rates after one week and adjust by removing expensive Campaigns with low conversion to improved and higher conversions 8. Ongoing

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    Currently using Entrada Theme which uses woocommerce, I would like to: A) Either add a button on each product at listings with the function of adding the product to cart B) Or switch the button from directing to the product to function as add to cart whilst having enable the photo to be clickable to direct to product. Time is sensitive. Please see images

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    ...Network cards and th l0- device. giving an IP to the physical NIC allowed to ping the poolmaster and Gateway. I tried various articles dealing with lost NICs, but the xe-commands dornt work correctly. for there are Virtual Disks on the local storage, that doesent show up also in "Disk an Sorage Repositories", i didnt whant to risk loosing Data by

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    Server: HP ProLiant DL380 G7, Intel Xeon E5630, 36 GB RAM Real hardware Server in my own shop to install. Following Application Owncloud Odoo Asterix pbx Magento HP The apps need to be copied from different existing servers to new server. I have running apps and homepage. Around 50GB data on Owncloud. Rest data on other apps is very small. Server

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    ...If the lab assignments we've done recently are more sophisticated than what you submit then it is probably too simple. Include at least one meaningful if-else statement or switch Include at least one while-loop (for example, at the very least you could ask the user if they want to run the program again, or include an input validation loop) Include a

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    Hello Mahmoud. I need this switch to be configured as a simple switch form home (just to connect several cameras). NoVlans and so on. I will provide remote access via TeamViewer to the station that has a connection to its console port via USB/serial adapter.

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    I need this switch to be configured as a simple switch form home (just to connect several cameras). NoVlans and so on. I will provide remote access via TeamViewer to the station that has a connection to its console port via USB/serial adapter.

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    I`ve include a color switch using this tutorial [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] But i need it to appear only when a certain SKU is chosen (if contains "GTB"). I managed to do it also, but I could not put this to the selectcallback functions, so It only works when I refresh

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    Looking for somebody who can recreate my drawn logo. I have drawn the logo that I would like, I nee...to the left of tarpon. and ".com" should be closer to center. I really like how the letters are drawn in the photo. Also, i think maybe the messeges on top and bottom should switch places. Maybe give a few variations? thank you to whoever can help me.

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    Record short phrases in Norwegian to help develop voice commands for Google.

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    UI Android/iOS Loppunut left

    ...electronic device, such as an appliance or computer. The electronic device can be selected by a selection button on the housing and have the power system controlled by a control switch, also on the housing. The power control system includes logic that, when executed at least in part by a processor, establishes a communication relationship between the power

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    ...normally disable during any GSM call. All call will pass with G729 codec The registration server may be Windows server based VOIP switch or any other server or customize server. This server will receive call from another VOIP switch server with SIP protocol. Certain number of registered Mobile will be able to assign in a group of gateway. The application

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    Monthly SEO Loppunut left

    If you bid without answering my questions (all three of them), you will unlikely to be considered. so many robot bid ... --- We are looking to switch our SEO provider for an e-learning website. The website is quite new (6 months old)... We had someone from freelancer doing SEO for the past few months but my boss is not happy with the result... we

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    ...every security aspect so that website cant be hacked. We want only solution. we don't want you to work on our code. 1-forced http to https 2-Mysql inset/select/update/delete commands to be completely secure. 3-Security at each data entry point 4-Logout and sessions management 5-Broken authentication 6-End to end Encryption 7-Password encryption 8-Avoid

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    I want an android application which can switch hotspot on/off. I want apk and source code too. Prefer if it is developed on android studio.

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    ...reseller kami. 2. Setelah menyetuji poin pertama persyaratan di atas segera konfirmasikan via WA ke 085707778413 dengan menyertakan data-data sebagai berikut - Nama Owner : - No HP : - Alamat Lengkap : - Jumlah deposit/order : 3. Setelah kami melakukan cross check, dan semua persyaratan terpenuhi kami akan menerima anda menjadi reseller kami, 4. Selanjutnyaa

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    ...returns to playing "VideoA" on loop. Notes: Pi should only query the database while "VideoA" is playing. PI TWO This unit updates the status of database records based on switch inputs coming from the GPIO on the Pi, as well as sending an integer to an Arduino. The switches being used are these - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Wireless RF light Loppunut left

    I'm looking for help designing a circuit to control a light source wirelessly. Basically, when a momentary switch is pressed it turns on a remote light. The light needs to be adjustable for brightness and fade-out duration. I've made a prototype using HT12D and HT12E with 433Mhz RF modules, but I would like to have a design with surface mount components

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    I need to install UBUNTU 18.04 or 19.04 on a laptop HP Spectre X360 with UHD and GPU 1050 TI MAXQ. If I try to install 18.04 the process has an error and don't go further. If I install 19.04 everything gone right but if I use the NVIDIA driver for 1050 the screen sometime freeze and need to hard restart. I need to sort out this problem for use the

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    Looking to get an app rebranded. For example, if you have an app that yo...message to a Specific user - via the app warning to pay the bill. -It would be nice Change Xtream Codes's Portal address and update Contact info Anytime also have the Option to switch to M3U - Multi Portal Support. No Server or Client Side configuration required as an option.

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    i ... everything working good , until i add Arabic language using php-ar using : ImagePrintBuffer from : [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] before i can send multi commands to printers without any problem now the problem after i add php-ar , after first command the script stop working and [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] closing self without any message (error)

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    We've got a 3PAR M6710 with two 7400 nodes. We don't have the user-pass. We can't access the console entering any commands. We don't know the IP address. The request is to enable access to the unit, leave it operational and install licenses that we don't have.

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    ...$2000 worth of domains, you get 20 * $2 = $40 for the hours worked, plus $2000 * 15% - $40 = $260 for the domains sold, for a total of $300. (If you do a good job you can later switch to a pure 20% commission schedule, which means you would have earned as much as $400 on the $2000 revenue.) Scripts and instructions are provided. Sales experience is a plus

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    logo design Loppunut left

    I need someone to design a great logo for the brand Selfie Switch it would be great if you could include a smart phone in the pic for more info on the product check out [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    I need these tasks to be fixed from my website :) 1. Fix Sear...these tasks to be fixed from my website :) 1. Fix Search Bar ... 2. Assign a default Wallet Address 3. When User goes to profile remove the Security tab ! 4. Add a Toggle Switch for each user at the Profile section ! Title should be AI Trading Mode: On / Off ( Default should be off )

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    ...flexibility to the user to add a group of fields. Values of these group fields are stored in a single column and in a JSON format. I am using an older version 5.6 of MySQL and JSON commands not supported. I tried to change hosting but none of the hosting company provide MySQL version 5.7 with shared hosting and currently, I am not in a position to go for VSP

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    Looking for a coder to build bespoke voice recognition software, to log numerical data along with voice commands, and data logging from external sensors. Cloud based data storage, remote access and a mobile app interface. Preferably Linux based. Voice recognition must work with multiple users, and in a noisy environment.

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    ...description. The following skill functions are required: -Starting/Stopping games via voice commands -Controlling the smart home devices linked to the games (e.g. stopping the music and turning on a red light) -Choosing out of the three games via voice commands -Setting an order in which the games should be played back automatically This is the click

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    We need to develop cloud...through cloud. It should have the ability of both HTTP and RADIUS Splash page authentication. We should also be able to upgrade firmware on the air and run custom scripts/LINUX commands as and when required. For detailed features/functions of the cloud controller, refer to the document attached. Comment for any questions.

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    Looking for someone to read 2 sentences which will be used for a phone greeting. Need MP3 file for output.

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    It's more of Datab...task but i want script to be written separately. Take a look at the sample task. I need script to be written like samplescript. I will import the script into sqlplus. The commands like spool will result the output which is samplesoluion. Need you to be able to do in oracle virtualbox and sqlplus. The real task is not yet uploaded.

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    ...will work normally. In Off mode, it will transmit a "I've just been turned off" message to the Reporter for 60 seconds. This will be accomplished by ways of a mechanic on-on switch. When in Off-mode it should consume little or no power after the 60 seconds. Reporter: This device will receive a signal from the Transceiver and display the information

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    ...lightest lithium-ion battery - absolutely uncompromising on weight and performance. Weighs around 2kg (as opposed to 20-30kg OEM lead batteries) Package includes battery kill switch to stop battery drain when car is not in use. Example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Product 2: The Daily Warrior Designed for full

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    ...will monitor the ink levels of a specific printer on my company's network. Current solutions that we have found don't do this. They pick up all the printers on our network. HP is not a solution for us either. Here is the deliverable: A web app that allows a new employee to register/signup for the monitoring service. A downloadable client that asks

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    I need someone who knows how to work with both [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] API's in order to automate m...available. Step #4 - Next the script should create the droplet and then go and setup the Servers DNS inside of [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Next, I will want it to run a list of SSH commands (basically just a few com...

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    ...[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] but cannot pass Google search console Please note that: After PHP files have been changed, developer has to run the following commands from website directory (in exact order): to clear cache cachetool opcache:reset cachetool stat:clear A developer who is working with the website, must be extensively using

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    Matlab work... Loppunut left

    ...be done 1. Design and Implement a network of an Internet café for Middle East University. An Internet café acts as a gateway for different communities involve desktop pc, switch, router, server and printer (optional) to build a local area network and wide area network management using cisco packet tracer software. 2. a) Write a Matlab program

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    AUTOCAD file with: full dimension of the rooms including height to ceiling, doors and windows Place main electrical circuit box, plug and electrical switch locations Example layouts are provided for reference. Does not need to be exactly as shown but similar.

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    ...support gcc or clang compiler , But we have old operating system (FreeBSD10.1) that support only clang compiler and when I executing the same code by the following clang commands , its show some warning and nothing displayed on the LCD : clang -c yflcd.c clang -c mainlcd.c clang mainlcd.o yflcd.o -o lcd ./lcd We need someone have the experience to

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    java exercise Loppunut left

    ...30 seconds without loading the page again. You must use Ajax and implement a Servlet that returns the chat content in JSON format. In addition, the page will automatically switch to the login page, if the user is no longer logged in. This can happen when the user opens two pages and logs off. There are no exact instructions on the number of pages but

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    Project for Ihar I. Loppunut left

    ...freelance for the following project: I have a WordPress site, it’s a kind of social network very similar to Wattpad. This website is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] . I would like to switch this website on Django having the same funcionality as well as the same design. Design is very important. No matter time needed. Yuo can take a look to the main features on

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    ...baik lagi bila bisa masking (tidak muncul nomor tapi identitas perusahaan) akan jauh lebih baik. Bila ada yang punya pengalaman terhadap aplikasi tersebut bisa kontak saya di HP/WA : 085215244686 (Tomy). Di utamakan yang memilki badan usaha (PT atau CV), bila tidak memilki badan silahkan submit saja, semuanya akan kita lakukan POC (Proof Of Concept)

    €224 - €671
    €224 - €671
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