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    Yritykseni myy veneitä, uusia ja käytettyjä. Minulla on nyt yksinkertainen wordpress / elementor pro:n päälle tehty sivusto. Haluan sivustolle esim woocommercella tehdyn tuotekatalogin, jossa erottelen uudet veneet omaksi välilehdekseen, ja käytetyt omaan. Haluan itse pystyä päivittämään sivustoa, olen itse rakentanut nykyisen sivun, mutta kaupan integroimista ulkoasuineen en hallitse. UPDATE: I have a website , I have built it with wordpress 5 and elementor pro. I have basic knowledge about installing and maintaining the website but need help integrating woocommerce and building simple product catalog. For example this website of my competitor has quite simple catalog for used (brokerage) and...

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    Chennai Harvest Ecommerce Website

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    Task 1. Take these pages away from the HTML- sitemap: Al – käyttöehdot Al – Kiinteistönvälittäjän kilpailutus Al – kiitos Al – rekisteriseloste Al – tulos Al – Välityspalkkiovertailu Task 2. Enable our text-logo () to all affiliate pages. It is not enabled on our affiliate templates now.

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    Visual FoxPro ka ek kaam hai

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    I need data entry job

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    Data entry jobs

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    I am in need of a skilled programmer who can help me create a vertical menu using WordPress. I have a specific design in mind for the menu and would like it to be implemented according to that design. The timeline for this project is quite tight, as I would like it to be completed within 1 day. Requirements: - Proficient in WordPress development - Strong understanding of CSS and HTML - Ability to translate design concepts into functional menus - Attention to detail and ability to follow specific design guidelines Refer menu design at :

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    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create a web app from scratch to sell cleaning services by technicians. Specific features and functionalities are already envisioned for the web app, and I have a clear vision of what I want. The expected timeline for the completion of this project is less than 3 days. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Experience in building secure and user-friendly e-commerce platforms - Knowledge of database management systems - Ability to integrate payment gateways and booking systems - Strong problem-solving skills to address any technical issues that may arise during the development process.

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    My project involves the programming of a path planning system for a mobile robot. The purpose of the robot’s system is to navigate unknown indoor terrain. This requires the robot to be able to find the most optimal path while avoiding obstacles along the way. To achieve this, I plan on using Python programming language to develop the path planning system. The robot I plan on using is a mobile robot due to its capability of traversing an indoor environment with ease. Therefore, I will use the power of Python and mobile robots to create an efficient and safe path-planning system for navigating unknown indoor terrain.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help create an Xbox Live Auth0 plugin for Discourse. In particular, the plugin should provide user authentication features. I am not sure if existing code can be used or if it needs to be created from scratch. Moreover, the plugin should be integrated with a website. I know it's possible because it's already been done for existing Discourse forum "The Hive" I imagine it can be based on the existing MSAuth0 plugin that currently exists, but the steps to retrieve the user token are what is required.

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    Hello, I would like a small book translated from Greek to English. I have scanned each page into a PDF document that I will share with you. We can disucss over chat.

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    Create a Prestashop B2B Website 6 päivää left

    We need to create a Prestashop ecommerce for a b2b clients, with tax rules for different clients and countries, access only for registred clients.

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    I am looking for a ...can help me with a project involving data transfer from a digital weigh scale (RS232) to an MSSQL 2019 database. Weigh Scale: - I am using a digital weigh scale for this project. Database Structure: - My current database structure consists of a single table. Software Development: - I need a software to be developed that can read the scale data and transfer it to the MSSQL 2019 database. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with data transfer from weigh scales (RS232) to databases. - Proficiency in MSSQL 2019 and database management. - Software development skills to create a program for reading the scale data. - Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities. If you have the necessary skill...

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    I am looking for a developer who can help me with an issue related to my Android application using the PHP script web panel script named Rocket LMS. The problem I am facing is that the API key provided by the service provider is not working in the Android application. Skills and experience required for this job include: - Proficiency in Android application development - Experience with PHP scripting - Familiarity with API integration The ideal candidate should be able to analyze the error messages and logs that I have and identify the issue with the API key.

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    Power point presentation 6 päivää left

    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me create a powerful Power Point presentation for a ten minute speech I have to give. The purpose of the presentation is to inform and the freelancer will be required to generate the content from scratch. There is no preferred length for the presentation, though I would like it to be completed within a reasonable amount of slides. It is a serious case review that needs to be summarised for interview as a safeguarding partnership learning manager. These are attached. This is the link to the case review that needs summarising, the question and further details are attached. I need it asap ( within 3 days) Thanks

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    Power point presentation -- 2 6 päivää left

    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me create a powerful Power Point presentation for a ten minute speech I have to give. The purpose of the presentation is to inform and the freelancer will be required to generate the content from scratch. There is no preferred length for the presentation, though I would like it to be completed within a reasonable amount of slides. It is a serious case review that needs to be summarised for interview as a safeguarding partnership learning manager. These are attached. This is the link to the case review that needs summarising, the question and further details are attached. I need it asap ( within 3 days) Thanks

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    ...20kgs. Process: So Zepto rider goes to customers for a delivery then he gets empty PET bottles from them and the rider takes them back to the zepto store and he puts the bottle in the collection bin. When the bin is about to get full we will get trigger from store and we have to get it collected from nearby scrap dealer and note down the collection date and weight of collected bottles. SOP's for us: 1) Visit the zepto stores through the list provided by us. 2) Locate at least two scrap dealers in the local market near the Store. 3) Find out the rate per kg being offered for a fresh post-consumer Plastic PET bottle and finalize the rate. 4) Take scrap dealer contact details of and his shop address. 5) Explain him about the timely co...

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    ...for a freelancer to develop a scraper that can fetch data from online job portals on a daily basis. The ideal candidate should have experience in web scraping and be familiar with job portals. Requirements: - The scraper should be able to scrape job titles, company name, decription, emails from the specified job portals. - The scraped data should be saved in an Excel/CSV spreadsheet format. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web scraping and data extraction. - Knowledge of Python or other programming languages commonly used for web scraping. - Experience working with job portals or similar websites. - Familiarity with Excel and data manipulation. Please provide examples of previous projects or relevant experience when bidding for this job. More...

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    ...Remotely install ydata-synthetic and its streamlit app UI on my laptop using the command: pip install "ydata-synthetic[streamlit]==v1.1.0" - Ensure proper installation and functionality of the app Further instructions: The job is to install ydata-synthetic and its streamlit app UI remotely on my laptop using: pip install "ydata-synthetic[streamlit]==v1.1.0" For this job you will: Remotely login into my laptop & build the working solution. Create a virtual env using conda Active the virtual env Install ydata-synthetic and its streamlit-app UI Undertake ALL necessary steps taken to get the solution working Test it via localhost url, the test must show the full gui and it must be functional Write the steps you took t...

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    ...experienced ecommerce specialist to optimize and enhance my online store. As an established business owner in the ecommerce sphere, I am looking for a professional with a proven track record in maximizing online store performance, boosting sales, and implementing effective strategies for long-term success. Extensive Ecommerce Experience: Proven track record in successfully managing and optimizing online stores, preferably in diverse industries. Platform Expertise: Proficiency in popular ecommerce platforms (e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento), with a deep understanding of their features and capabilities. SEO and SEM Mastery: Demonstrated expertise in optimizing ecommerce websites for search engines and running effective paid advertisi...

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    Trophy icon Homepage Redesign - no animations needed 11 päivää left

    We are seeking talented freelance designers to revamp certain part of the homepage - not completely nor to start from scratch. Details of the domain in the brief. Our goal is to enhance user appeal by incorporating a more gaming-centric aesthetic while maintaining the structural integrity of the existing WordPress format. We aim for a refreshed, engaging look that corresponds well with our unalterable logo and appeals to our user base of gaming professionals and enthusiasts. Link to domain, Figma file etc in the brief attached.

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    I am looking for someone to generate 2 types of reports based on the punches received from clocking machine. Each punch is stored in a single row of a database. The reports needs to be generated in php (preferably procedural) and displayed in HTML table. There are two SQL tables: 1. user – will only be used to fetch user’s full name from user id 2. punches 1. First Report - Punches Report. This report needs to show table with all clocking’s in the table in certain order. The SQL query will need to be able to adapt some WHERE conditions, such as “daterange”, “name”, and “organisation”. When the report is listed, it needs to highlight potential clocking errors. There are ...

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    Repeat Order Consultant 6 päivää left

    Description: We are seeking an experienced Repeat Order Consultant who has a proven track record of increasing the repeat order rate for eCommerce websites. The candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance customer retention. Responsibilities: Analyze current customer behavior and repeat order metrics Develop data-driven strategies to increase repeat orders Work closely with marketing and customer service teams to implement the strategy Conduct A/B tests to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies Provide weekly reports on repeat order rates and other relevant KPIs Criteria: Must have a proven record of increasing repeat order rate on eCommerce websites Minimum 5 years of experience in cu...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can pull profiles of people from LinkedIn and organize the information in a table. Requirements: - The table should include the following information: Name, current job position, dates of joining and employment history, and education. - The profiles should be selected based on a specific criteria provided by me. - The freelancer should pull 40-50 profiles from LinkedIn. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web scraping and data extraction from LinkedIn. - Strong attention to detail to ensure accurate and complete information is gathered. - Familiarity with organizing data in tables or spreadsheets. Please note that I have a specific page () from where the profiles should be pulled.

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    ...for a freelancer to help me with setting up and customizing VICIdial for my sales team. Here are the details of the project: Size of Sales Team: 10-20 members VICIdial Setup: I need the freelancer to set up VICIdial from scratch as it is not currently installed. Customization Requirements: The specific customization required for the VICIdial system is CRM Integration. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up VICIdial from scratch - Familiarity with CRM Integration and configuring VICIdial to integrate with a CRM system - Knowledge of call center operations and sales processes If you have the necessary skills and experience in VICIdial setup and customization, especially in CRM Integration, please submit your proposa...

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    Odoo support 6 päivää left

    My business is in need of Odoo support to help with customizing our Sales, Inventory, and Accounting modules, eCommerce. We're not quite sure yet if we need ongoing assistance or have a one-time request, but our timeline for the project is immediate. For this reason, we are looking for someone who can help us out quickly and efficiently.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a front end (including admin panel) for my website using the MERN Stack. The key features of the front end design include a responsive design, user-friendly navigation, and custom animations. I prefer to use Tailwind CSS for this project. I need the project completed within 1-2 weeks, so the ideal candidate will have experience working with tight deadlines and be able to deliver quality work within a short timeframe. - Must be ready to be able to be integrated with a backend and have all components required - Must be responsive (work across mobile/desktop/laptop/tablet screens) - Must not have any spacing/alignment/responsive/font issues or mistakes - Must match design - Must have all requ...

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    ...programmer to help create a code to download files from multiple websites. The code should introduce the company number as an input field, navigate to the result page, and then download the first available document. The requested programming language for this code is Excel VBA. I would like the code to work on a specific website that I will provide. The type of document/file needed to be downloaded is XBRL. As soon as the project is complete, I will be able to use the code whenever I require it executing the code in Excel VBA. The programmer should have prior experience with developing web scraping code and have a good understanding of web technologies. Attention to detail is a must, as the code must run quickly a...

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    I am looking for an experienced Fortigate & Forticlient EMS expert who can assist me in configuring SSL VPN using SAML SSO. The SAML configuration also needs to be done in Azure Cloud. Requirements: - Proficiency in configuring SSL VPN using SAML SSO on Fortigate & Forticlient EMS devices - Ability to fulfill specific requirements for the SSL VPN configuration - Familiarity with Azure Cloud and experience in setting up SAML configuration Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Fortigate & Forticlient EMS devices and their configuration - Knowledge of SAML SSO and its implementation in SSL VPN - Experience in configuring SAML in Azure Cloud Please note that I am unsure about the existing Azure Cloud setup, so the freelancer should be abl...

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    ...with knowledge also in JS to create a plugin for a WordPress Woocommerce site. The plugin should integrate PayPal with API and have advanced PayPal integration with custom features. There is a platform that can give us the credentials of the PayPal accounts of the shops through API that I can provide or you can also use hardcoded credentials and I will fix it, then these credentials should be dynamic to change the destination of the "shop's PayPal account" based on the id of the shop that could be a simple hidden field or something similiar, when you have retrieved the credentials and the way to use PayPal APIs to create order and capture it (to make transaction happen) and once completed the payment and the order/capture I need...

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    Affiliate Partner 6 päivää left

    ...bookmaker and get up to 40% of the company's net income. Quick registration We've made it as easy as possible to register and verify your affiliate account. Get your first affiliate link in no time! Guidance and support We will gladly share our wealth of experience and knowledge with you and help you start from scratch. Your personal manager will help you build the right marketing strategy, and resolve any issues you may encounter. Ready-made promo materials No more using your own time and money on marketing - our team has a wide range of ready-to-use, high quality promotional materials on hand to maximize conversion. Quick and easy payouts We've cut down our wait times to the bare minimum, along with t...

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    I need a SEO Expert 6 päivää left

    I am looking for an SEO expert to help me with my project. Here are the specific details: Services required: - On-page optimization - Off Page SEO SEO strategies: - Starting from scratch, no existing strategies in place Main goal: - Increase organic traffic Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record of successful on-page optimization - Strong understanding of keyword research and analysis - Experience in increasing organic traffic for websites - Knowledge of current SEO trends and best practices

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    I am looking for a native Azerbaijani Translator who can translate to Azerbaijani Language natively.

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    Find wifi Passwrd using Alfa 6 päivää left

    ...Description: Find wifi Passwrd using Alfa I am looking for a freelancer who can help me find the wifi password using an Alfa device. Device: Laptop - I am trying to connect to the wifi network using my laptop. Experience: Beginner - I have basic knowledge of using Alfa devices, but I am not an expert. Urgency: Immediately - I need the wifi password as soon as possible. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in using Alfa devices to find wifi passwords - Knowledge of different methods and tools to crack wifi passwords - Experience in troubleshooting and resolving wifi connectivity issues - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail If you have the skills and experience required for th...

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    ...tough spot and don't know where to turn. We are in a situation that requires us to seek out financial assistance or face bankruptcy. Unfortunately, I can't work, as I have had to endure medical problems that all stem from medical negligence. To make matters worse, we have already sold whatever we could to try and stay afloat. That's why I'm turning to a GoFundMe story: to try and raise the funds we need to prevent bankruptcy. I have specific details and events that I would like to include when writing my GoFundMe story. It is important to me that the tone of the story be emotional and heart-wrenching. After all, this GoFundMe is not just about raising money for medical expenses - it's ...

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    €175 - €526
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    Text removal from Image 6 päivää left

    Project Title: Text removal from Image Description: - I am looking for a freelancer who can remove text from a photograph. - The text may be embedded within the image or overlaid on top, but the client is not sure. - The main requirement for this project is to completely remove the text from the image. - No replacement of the text with something else is needed. - The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in image editing and manipulation. - Knowledge of Photoshop or other similar software is required. - Attention to detail and the ability to accurately remove text without affecting the overall quality of the image is essential. - The project may involve multiple images, so good time management skills are important. - The client ...

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    I would like to scrape data from the Dutch website Please see the Excel file what kind of info I would like to scrape. All advertisements within 20KM of 1075XJ postcode All advertisements within 20KM of 1075XJ postcode which contain "Te Huur" in title All advertisements within 20KM of 1075XJ postcode which contain "Te Koop" in title

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer with advanced graphic design skills to work on a project that requires an illustration, with specific preferences in terms of colors and style, to be converted into a professional JPEG for use in Powerpoint. Ideally, the freelancer should also be familiar with the relevant design software tools and have experience working with Powerpoint presentations. Extra consideration will be given to those who have demonstrated creative work in the form of relevant portfolio pieces. I am showing 3 pathways to patient care- the green = best practice, the red = the doom loop, the orange = undertreatment. There are 3 phases- Phase 1 is 'Treating the Pain', Phase 2 is 'Addressing the Contributing ...

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    I need help with an Excel VBA project that involves retrieving Historical data from Interactive Brokers via DDE. I currently have an existing code that needs to be modified, and I need it to be done within a week. The data I need to retrieve is Historical data only. Experience with both Excel VBA and DDE is a must. If you think you can help, please let me know. Thanks! More details summary below. The attached sheet is working and pulls historical OHLC stock trading historical data into Excel via VBA/DDE from Interactive Brokers' TWS desktop trading platform. The excel file is a cut down version of Interactive brokers example DDE excel sheet. The sheet currently uses a manual button click, which cycles through a list of stock codes on...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with a project titled "Motor Control ( MQTT ) from Website and Design of the Website". Motor Control Functionality: - The specific motor control functionality I require is speed control. Website Platform: - I want my website to be built on a custom HTML/CSS platform. Website Design: - I already have a specific design in mind for the website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in motor control functionality, specifically speed control. - Proficiency in custom HTML/CSS website development. - Ability to bring my specific website design to life.

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    I need someone to enter product data manually from website to excel sheet *** THE TASK IS FOR 50 ITEMS ** SEND ME YOUR BEST BID Here is an Example From this link i need you to generate Title=White modern bed with chrome accent and led light white gloss Description =Elevate your bedroom's ambiance instantly with this enticing bedroom set. The standout feature is the ambient LED lighting along the platform bed's edges, evoking a vintage neon glow. Chrome accents on the headboard complement the case goods, all finished in glossy white for a timeless fusion of futuristic aesthetics with a touch of nostalgia. Keywords = Modern bed, white bed, led bed, modern white bed ,

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide Autocad drafting services remotely on an hourly basis. The project primarily involves 2D drafting. Requirements: - Proficiency in Autocad software and 2D drafting techniques - Attention to detail and ability to accurately interpret existing plans and drawings - Strong communication skills to collaborate remotely with the client - Ability to work independently and meet project deadlines The client already has existing plans or drawings to work from, so the freelancer will not need to create the designs from scratch. The client is expecting the freelancer to work less than 10 hours per week. If you have experience in 2D drafting and are available for part-time rem...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to optimize the query of our shop page. I give you all necessary details required for you to confirm in case you are able to optimize for a proper solution since we manage to drop the query from 1.5seconds to 0.35seconds , yet our objective to reach 0.001second or less per query like other ecommerce platforms so in case multiple users browsing at the same time or searching or ... it will be smooth check if doable then we can hire? Need to check the issue of offset and limit We reach 0.35sec down from 1.5sec per single query Specific requirements for the rewritten query include ensuring compatibility with certain versions of Code Ignitor. Budget

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    Looking for a dropshipper to sell my used HP laptop in good condition at a preferred selling price range of under $500. Skills and experience required: - Experience in dropshipping and online sales - Knowledge of the laptop market and pricing - Ability to create compelling product listings and descriptions - Familiarity with online marketplaces and platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Shopify - Strong communication and customer service skills to handle inquiries and manage orders efficiently Responsibilities: - Research and identify potential dropshippers who specialize in selling electronics, particularly laptops - Collaborate with the dropshipper to list the laptop on their platform, ensuring accurate product information and appealing visuals - Monitor sale...

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