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    Web page styling & design, we will provide the templates, you prvide the style.??" This is a long term opportunity!!! I'm seeking a reputable individual/company who will take the time to understand what my company truly needs and dialogue is very important. ## Deliverables We need 10 page styling and design for 10 websites. This includes an index

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    Website(repost) Loppunut left

    Require web designer to design a web site for a customer based on the attached images. I will leave it to your skill and artist talent. Please look over the images and put together as webpage or screen shots based on this we will then select the coder. Requirements. * Keep with the colours * The little flower is gained by "Zapf Dingbats

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    ...graphic designer to design a **full color** business card & post card. These cards are meant to be used for advertising & therefore need to be very catchy yet concise & professional. I will provide the company logo & theme of our website to the winning bidder. You will not need to design logos so don't include cost of logo design in your bid. The...

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    I require a facility for a web page which will allow customers to view a sample text string (which they enter) in the font of their choice. The font is chosen from a list on the page, or the text string can be shown automatically for a number of fonts on the page. See [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or (to a lesser extent) [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL...

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    WEB PAGE DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING We have a web page project that was begun by a small advertising and marketing company in Madison, WI. Unfortunately the only Flash/HTML programmer they had on staff resigned last week and left us with a web page that was only 85% completed. We are searching for an experienced Flash and HTML web page designer and programmer

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    ...industry that allows the buyer to choose from a variety of options. Buyer selections include color, size, artwork (which would require their own image uploading), optional fonts, font sizing, and word choice. We need a Flash tool made available on our website that would allow the buyer to confiugre all of these options (including uploading their own

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    Revamp Website Loppunut left

    I currently have an active web site. Well kind of active. :-) Take a look at what I currently have at [][1] What I am looking for is a web designer, who not only will finish my programming for me, but will also program the site so that I can make my own content revisions and additions. As the current company has my site on their

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    Animated Anagrams Loppunut left

    ...the applet would receive is text color, background color, font size, applet size, etc. The applet would check to make sure it's running on a predetermined site and if it's loaded on another site, it'll add a small text and be clickable to its home site. The applet you have a pleasing design and display. The code will be well-documented and robust. Note:

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    SVG Font Animation Loppunut left

    Project is to create an rollover effect for a SVG or Flash based text display that converts text from one predefined font to another predefined font. Project will involve the creation of either a flash control file or an SVG based file that the Buyer can edited to change the contents of the text being displayed. The rollover effect will make use of

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    ...-Capability to add text for engraving when ordering an item must be included. We would like the customer to be able to choose a font and preview the text as well. -Capability for a customer to upload photos that would be used for laser photo engraving or custom work. -Search feature on site must work correctly. -Formmails for contact,feedback, and

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    Dream Logo Project Loppunut left entirely new direction. We are looking for someone with a great eye for color and form, someone who can create a truly universal design that appeals to mothers yet also appeals to the children and husbands who will ultimately be purchasing this gift from us. We want a signature look and feel (font, color, etc.) that can be used in multiple media

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    ...“teacher of visual art & graphic design”. I’ve been working in big companies as a senior graphic designer and further as creative director for last 10 years creating logos, corporate ID-s, web & printing designs for magazines, and outdoor advertisings of well known brands. Parallel I’ve been working for several galleries as con...

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    ...“teacher of visual art & graphic design”. I’ve been working in big companies as a senior graphic designer and further as creative director for last 10 years creating logos, corporate ID-s, web & printing designs for magazines, and outdoor advertisings of well known brands. Parallel I’ve been working for several galleries as con...

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    I need you to recognize the font in the image (same as attachement). I need its exact font name. This is rather urgent. Thanks ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not have complete details. Should a dispute arise and this project go into arbitration "as is", the contract's vagueness might

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    Website Loppunut left

    Require web designer to design a web site for a customer based on the attached images. I will leave it to your skill and artist talent. Please look over the images and put together as webpage or screen shots based on this we will then select the coder. Requirements. * Keep with the colours * The little flower is gained by "Zapf Dingbats

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    ...Modify individual glyph contours * Add or correct composite glyphs * Add kerning of glyph pairs * Edit and correct font names and mappings * Correct fonts that display incorrectly * Transform individual glyphs or an entire font (e.g. to make a bold version) * Preview fonts before installing * Install fonts in Windows * Unlimited undo, redo

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    ...acceptable final file formats. 2. artwork for a bumper sticker that'll be 3" X 11.5" Proofs may be in either GIF or JPEG BUT final artwork must be in one of the following file formats: CDR (CorelDRAW), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) or AI (Adobe Illustrator). The phrase that I want to be on both the bumper sticker and the web banners is "Too Poor To Vote Republi...

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    Coverpix Digital Loppunut left

    Incomplete e-commerce type website in need of graphic brushup/redesign and texting. Site is for uploading photographic images for printing and sale to the public. Site is 90-95% complete. All complicated technical work is in place, tested and working. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally

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    I am designing a website for an Australian courier company that has two sites within itself. A Flash site (which is the site you first arrive at) and a static html/PHP site (for slow connection speeds). The Flash site can be viewed [here][1]. The non-Flash site can be viewed [here][2]. The Courier companies daggy current site (soon to be replaced)

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    need someone with experience in corporate design and logo creation. please show me some previous work you did. i'll provide you then with more information about the project. i got a few bids yet. so a short additional comment: i prefer logos one could recognize from a mile distance. very simple, on the spot. ( get a book about what a logo makes a logo

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    site like this Loppunut left

    ...freelance site like [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The most i like the design (very clean). I need also a logo made only from text.( a nice font it will be enough) Please go to forum and see that there is a cms with tutorials. i want somebody to tell me how many tutorials and free resources for web designers can insert on my future site.(tell me the ...

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    ...looking for a highly skilled, creative web designer to deliver a few webpage design proposals. The proposals must include design proposals for two of the web-pages at our future website. (The front page and one of the sub-pages) We expect at least two front-page proposals and two sub-page proposals. We will use your proposals as templates for the...

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    ...without having to use another software to do so (photoshop). Must have serveral ebook cover designs to choose from as well as places on the cover to place text. Also different font design, number, and color. Should be able to add text borders. Does not have to be complicated, just simple questions that can be aswered and the cover can be created. Must be able

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    Hamster Logo Loppunut left

    Simple professional Logo for my hobby hamstery Babyboos Hamstery updated website coming soon [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] zip file of old site attached I need the new logo for the new site so speed is of the essence in this job if possible want a new logo for website, email signature, namecard, letterhead, powerpoint, envelopes, etc. Requirements

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    60 tarjoukset looking for a talented web designer with graphics and some flash skill to create the main look of my site, and I will build the site itself. The final product you provide will be a one page html file that I can use as a dreamweaver template for the rest of the pages on the site, and the related psd and fla files. Overall design should be clean

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    Font Creation Loppunut left

    I have a few fonts. that i want them moved to different mappings. That means that for i.e. whatever symbol is now in place for "a" should be placed by "b".... More specifics will be given to coder who has font experiance. PLEASE DON'T BID, IF YOU DO NFONT EXPERIANCE. ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this

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    Hi Guys, I have a easy project for you'll, I have an old website which contains about 15 - 20 pages (Not too much data). I have created a new template in photoshop and now want to shift everything from the old website to the new template, including the creation of a simple DHTML header for the page. The color combinations of both the websites are at

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    I am wanting to design a script for adding, editing, deleting news to a site. Something I can use easily but has decent functionallity. The ability to use smilies, add images, and font styling etc. Maybe by using BB code or similar. The script must have 1. an installer/setup file 2. the ability for comments that can be turned off if required

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    Logo Development Loppunut left

    Logo development for a UK-based recruitment company to be used for print and online purposes. Overall values applicable design (in line with company’s approach): - Credible - Sober - Uncomplicated - Professional *Reference* font: Gill Sans MT Condensed (see attached for demo) Reference colours: - all letters in black, except the w in lighter grey and/or

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    The attached pdf contains mock-ups for two pages on the same site. I've made design notes like font size, behaviors and colors on the last pages of the PDF. This project is for a tableless, fixed width CSS template for the drupal CMS ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) using the Manji theme as a base template. See ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n])....

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    ...C#. Please see <[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]>. On the left, they have the Category and subcategory. For example, the categories are "Audio & Video, Business, Design & Photo...". The subcategory under "Audio & Video" are "Audio Production, CD & DVD Burners, DVD Tools...". So, this ASP.NET 1.1 grid should

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    I am looking for a Delphi coder that can apply a new graphic user interface (PROVIDED) to an existing application. The changes are simple. All the hard work has been done. I am supplying a new GUI in psd format. The coder needs to apply the new design and make some minor changes to the application. 1: The monthly interest rate screen has been

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    Lookint for high quality designer to create logo for Corporate ID. A consulting firm for the biggest bank in the world. If a theam is present... it is sailing. Might be incorporated into logo if done suble and in a high quality way. Create new font. Main Color for Logo is light blue. Maybe with dark blue background. Attached file is how

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    Mini web site Loppunut left

    ...MINI-SITE PROJECT DESCRIPTION ** Please Note: This is a VERY SIMPLE website project for a web designer who knows what they are doing. Do not bid on this project unless you are 100% proficient at html and web design. The following is a description of the basic blueprint for my mini-site to sell my ebook about "BASIC TOPIC OF EBOOK" * I will...

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    I need a logo for a small web development company. I need some examples of your work before picking the bid. The company is called Queen City Design. The logo needs to be simple with no drop shadows. I want it to work on any background. The logo should be in a format that can be easily sized with no lose of detail, Fireworks preferred. Colors can be

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    ...following: 1. New header designed 2. Typepad template altered to use larger, more readable font 3. Insert email subs form for Bloglet or similar on all pages top right 4. Fix bug with displaying full list of bloglines blogs as blogroll 5. Make typepage categories work for this site (eg Home category posts display on homepage only, other posts on their specific

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    ...especially with all the plugins I'm installing. Ideally I need someone who's set up WordPress with a bunch or plugins before and made tweaks to the themes. I don't need any design or hacks, just the kind of set up that supposedly anyone can do themselves, along with a little testing to make sure there are no errors, everything works, and everything validates

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    ...By default, collection will have zero elements. I need to be able in Design time, using Visual Basic 6, to edit this property, including adding, chaging and removing words from collection. I like the way how Font property of textbox control works. When you select Font property in Properties Window of VB6, small button with three dots become

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    New Corporate Logo Loppunut left

    ...establishing a new company and we want to establish a logo and after the creation of the logo, we want 4 things: 1. A powerpoint slide template for our presentations 2. A PDF file with our logo for creating marketing info 3. Electronic letterhead 4. Electronic Business card format (logo, look and feel) no address or names needed. The logo

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    ...category displays on the homepage. -Modify template to allow for an optional logo. -Add a new tile to the template for a link to a crafty syntax installation. -Verify that permalinks work in the format I provide. -Verify that *all* plugins are working correctly. -I will need to use WordPress for one day to make sure it is running smoothly before accepting

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    ...manual available for download on their site in pdf format Number of products covered: 8 Website Source of Product information: Will be supplied at time of bid SKU Range to use: 02230+ Starting stock level: 100 Items provided to coder when bid is awarded 1. Shopping cart administration panel login information for product entry

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    Hello Sir or Madam, I want to get a Unicode compatible True Type Font developed for the Hindi language. I have with me CorelDraw files with all Hindi characters drawn by a professional artist. I can either send you the Corel files electronically or by courier. I don't need the alphabets for the languages beside Hindi(just to make myself clear). You should

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    47895 Font Redesign Loppunut left

    We are looking to redesign an existing font (which is all in uppercase) and make the lowercase actually lowercase rather than just a smaller uppercase. You can download the program for doing this from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] it is free for 30 days. You have 2 ways of doing this 1) design it in photoshop 2) do it by hand and scan it

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    Logo creation Loppunut left

    Logo design, creation, with animation included and text. This logo is for a Church, non-profit org. We'll leave it upto the designer to come up with a good design, we're very flexible and you can change or adjust anything. We're attaching 3 files: 1) "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]" this is a version of how the logo is now. Do not...

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    Barcode font Loppunut left

    Dear All, We have a web application for generationg 50000+ barcodes. The existing solution generates barcodes as images. However, the images are too slow to download and sometimes the server crashes. We are using a php program to generate the images from planetsource and this is the link _[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

    €22 - €26
    €22 - €26
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    ...program that will keep track of and display how many times user has clicked a button, much like a hand-held mechanical counter device. Specifically, it's a give away program for users of online casinos to keep track of how much money they have wagered. Each time a bet is placed, the user activates the counter via a click or global hotkey. It doesn't

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    2 tarjoukset a left and right menus. For example when looking at Miniclip, they have Play Games and Join in their left menu and all other categories placed to the right with a space inbetween. The data source must have an option to specify the category location. The third menu will be the submenus for each main category. 3) For submenus that do not fit within

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    Flash Menu Design Loppunut left

    ...The current design is <[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]> or the psd <[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]> ## Deliverables 1) Menu must be two tier. The top section will contain menu categories and beneath that will be sub menus. 2) Three menus will exist. On the top section there will need to be a left and right menus. For example when

    €26 - €88
    €26 - €88
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    ...modified because the 'white text on dark blue background' isn't projector-friendly. We need someone to do 2 things: (a) design and create a new, business formal presentation template with rules about fonts, font colors, font sizes, chart colors, chart sizes, etc. This has to be a very professional template. (b) transfer the existing slides into

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    ...a small image beside. I'd like the logo text to be in Trebushet font family. 2) The home/main page design. I prefer "mild" colors. An example can be seen at [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][2] . (However I don't want it cloned). 3) Pages other than the home page should resemble it as for the color scheme. There will be two menus on...

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