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    ...button full width with larger text. Button should shrink and grow, depending on screen size.
 If customers do not enter any of Width, Height, or # of Units, we would like the error message edited: 6. Big and bold error message at top of page. Currently, the red text error message is easily missed since the red text blends in with page headings. A

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    I need the partial code in C# for an Azure Function to scrape an HTML page with AJAX coding, applying several Scroll down over the following URL: "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]". The download contains the first 100 articles. The full page contains 500 or more articles.

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    Website bug on iOs Loppunut left

    You need to be an expert on iOs and have a physical iphone to test. We have the websit...yellow button that says " CLIENTS I need REO services" a popup opens. This popup contains a form that has many problems on iOs only. It's difficult to scroll, it gets stuck, then the input form fields text is out of place,etc You need to be available inmediately

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    We need persons, preferably but not necessarily technicians, to help in translation of some short texts into the language(s) you can certainly handle except English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian since we already have them. Upon request we will send an Excel file with the texts in English and, if you wish, the translation into your language ( with Google translator, I know it&acu...

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    I have a few images in need to edit. mostly scann...300-500 different images So I need a freelancer who's really good at Photoshop/illustration. Who can edit these set of images for me. He/She needs to be good at changing text in scanned copies. I need atleast 20 images to be edited in a day. so total time for this project would around 20days.

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    make simple changes to text and photos to existing WP site.

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    One-pager website Loppunut left

    I would like to create a portfolio website. There will be no menu it will be a one pager which showcases the portfolio through images. The content should load as you scroll the website - it should not load all at once - so it doesn't get too heavy. All the images will have the same width, and they will appear one after the other. Attached an example

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    I'm looking for NLP expert who can create an efficient Chinese and English language Question and Answer system based on short text similarity algorithm, using tensorflow or keras K-means to create clusters to enhance accuracy. Each question submitted by users should be given a score from 0 to 1 based on its similarity rate to the original set of questions

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    ...someone to write me a script (preferably Python) to extract text from a PDF, based on a reference to a ROW and COLUMN number of the document. Each page will have at most two columns, and will have row numbers and column numbers marked on the PDF document. However, the first column of the text is usually not on the first page. This is because the first

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    hi, im just after a new logo for my charity. Its called "Rentick" the name meaning Rent Tick but only 1 T. I want a tick included somewhere too.

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    ...does not work, just type the last 2 digits of symbol manually. It will show the name of stock in a dropdown, click on the name (its a link actually). Once the page loads, scroll down half page and you will see a menu on left side. Click on "Financials" It will open "Balance Sheet" view (just below "Financials" that you clicked). Copy values for following...

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    I want an app like Zedge: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Only fresh and new android developer are welcome because the budget is low.

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    ...posibles errores que hayan tenido lugar. Entre los datos que Click Tale te ofrecerá se encuentran: Mapas de calor: En sus distintas variedades de movimiento de ratón, clicks, scroll y puntos de atención. Es información con la que puedes percibir desde el movimiento al interés mostrado por el usuario. Grabaciones: La propia herramienta va realizando gr...

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    We are a cable manufacturer that have many of the same type of Diameter monitors. These monitors can print information to a serial printer that has a continious roll of paper. I need to split this data stream into reels and save every reel into a seperate file in a folder. When I install the "new" print program it must ask me for the name of the machine and in what folder the files shou...

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    hey have you work on any AI project ? did you work with with python? electronjs ? share with me your AI projects thanks

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    Wanting to send bulk SMS messages weekly in marketing campaigns to 100,000 customers. Our budget is $500 a week, if you can match or even better do a lower price, I'd love to hear from you.

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    ...between the content elements of the site with a fixed minimum and maximum size; in the mobile version, when scrolling with finger, it should be possible also to scroll vertically, if there is a long text (content); on one of the pages, the “scheme” should be implemented, which should appear in stages, according to the order described in the technical task

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    If you have high level of design and Mobile app development skills for text analysis bid in this project.

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    i like logo flipkart dot com, amazon dot com make my logo nice and professional. color may be blue and grey or any other color. logo for name PRIMESIGHT. I need PSD file also.

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    ...create 2 text editors in a same winform 2- second text editor is only read only 3- second text editor will sync first text editor. 4- if a word change with - my word change function - second text editor corresponding world will change only. Selected word in the first text editor won’t change. 5- If a word modified or deleted in first text...

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    It will simply read from this web service [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Ideally loop thru the records of the json file This is the one page of code that is broken, want to work with someone using teamviewer or another remote access tool on my computer. You have two choices or you can copy and past your own code. Please don't use anything that is already depreciated since I will pr...

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    Hello, FRBO are properties own by absent owners. The owners ...thinking about selling and 12 emails for owners thinking about buying more properties and 2 text messages. 12 emails for FRBO Lead - Long Term Drip - Selling their properties 1 text message - 12 emails for FRBO Lead - Long Term Drip - Buying more properties 1 text message - Thank you

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    Hi, I need a complete ICR/OCR app to convert pdf or image handwriting and printed letters to text. Sample image/pdf attached

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    I'm looking for NLP expert who can create an efficient Chinese and English language Question and Answer system based on short text similarity algorithm, using tensorflow or keras K-means to create clusters to enhance accuracy. Each question submitted by users should be given a score from 0 to 1 based on its similarity rate to the original set of questions

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    ...(Retina theme): 1) A horizontal gradient scroll bar that sticks at the top of my website. So when you go down on the site, the bar fills up at the top. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is the link. example: I tried to put this code in my theme but apparently it only works for Squarespace. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Another example to look

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    ...looking for a French native to accurately translate 75 pages of text (4 documents) from English to French. Fluency in both French and English is required. The document text is quite sparse so timewise, the translation should be equivalent to the translation of about 45 pages of dense text. The translation needs to be finished as soon as possible so

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    Hello This text will be the used for 3 different video tutorials of a CRM system. First of all I need the freelancer to proofread the text and send the corrected version. After I approve s/he will read and record it by using any device with a very clear voice and accent and without any background noise.

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    You will need to edit English text of an article written for a science journal. The article is about numerical solution to Stefan problem (partial differential equation ). Subjects: Maths. The article will be provided in PDF as well as in Word file. You will need to edit Word file in Track-Changes mode and return the edited Word file. There is no

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    We are looking for native speakers to write and translate a short text (~500 words) from English to Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Burlgarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Greek Languages.

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    Need on going relationship for 1-2 months and must be native Polish translator

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    We need to get built a ecommerce website ...mobile friendly which means that all the buttons, product description, reviews and other information of the product should be visible and accessible to the customer in a little scroll. Buttons like "Add to cart" "Buy Now" and Menu should be easily accessible. Theme should be attractive. Samples Attached.

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    ...professional needs website that allows for future expansion. Existing site using a corp template: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Will include blogs for different areas/niches etc, video scroll on main page, agent profile video inclusions, idx, landing pages. I would like to have the option to purchase some of my teachable courses I'm doing now. SEO, organic lead

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    ...au/black-sea-family-adventure and [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] pages have the pinned left-hand side menu bar sitting in the wrong spot and covering up text in the hero image and as we scroll down. Please see the attached files and let me know if you have experience with WIX and dealing with speed and ipad/tablet screen resolution. Thanks, Loren

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    ...pop up box, you will get a code for 30% off.” Then those client numbers will come as voice calls as well as text messages to our company''s manager cell phone instantly. At the same time, instantly, our clients will get “discount code” plus a text message on their cell phones saying something like “code is XXX, call us now to get discount” (...

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    I would like a logo designed with the font "Proxima Nova A Cond Bold," which the designer will provide. I will need two versions of the logo: one in dark grey and one in white. I will provide a detailed picture-file mock-up of the logo.

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    I have one hardware (sauna), inside is little web server. I need app who can control the hardware across IP...are some on/off switch (9pcs.), and some parameters values must be set (Time, temperature, humidity, 2 x Infra power, room temperature). If is possible I would like to use scroll. In the settings, need to set only the IP address and password.

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    Could you take my amchart testing? it is very simple. if you can't take my exam, please don't apply. We want to create an attractive animated chart and an in..."autoplay" option to show the animated map (from 1989 to 2019) 9. We should have the ability to set default zoom and map position (Europe). Of course, the user can zoom out/in and scroll a map.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I have uploaded Excel file, in which English text is given in column B. Your Task 1 ) Convert each row of column B English row to Spanish and write Spanish text in column C Task 2) Text Converted in Spanish in column C to be converted to Female Voice file (Real Human voice - Text to speech not acceptable). The female voice file should be fluent and

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    Proofreader has to be a native speaker. Perhaps, somewhere there are seldom used or unsuccessful wording of the text. They should be rewritten too. The fix price interests.

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    Approximately 9 hours of clear english audio (12 conversations in total) to be transcribed to text (english). Most of the conversations involve two people; interviewer and respondent. A couple of the files have background noise that will make it more difficult, best efforts only required for those files.

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    Hi, I have 3 gradients in photoshop that I need to turn into CSS code. The job is pretty straight forward, let me know if you're interested so we could discuss further details. Thanks

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    ...interested in on a retailer website will be out of stock. I would like to know AS SOON as it switches from out of stock (OOS) to back in stock. I would like the software to send me a text message ideally and an email. I am imagining that I would be able to put a product url in from a retailer website and it would check IN REAL TIME for a change from OOS to back

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    Make a UI template including icons, backgrounds, buttons, logo, animations, forms, windows, scroll bars, loading animations, splash screen... You will need to be a professional designer! Only UNIQUE work accepted! *** Sign NDA & IRPA and deliver source formats....***

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    I have a project at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] that needs the Members container to fill up the panel from top to bottom and have the contents scroll. The alignment needs to be to the top if the contents are removed. I am using Vuetify and Vue.js

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    re write text Loppunut left

    re write some text please - financial text must be english native as 1st language and professional

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    Need someone to recreate a document in photoshop looking for someone long term

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    ...from onenote, find section and make changes to text on note. Program will have textbox's for section and information to search for. User will input information and press button. Program will search named notebook for section and note and make changes to text on that note. Program will insert one new text object onto page found. Code will be written VC

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    ...perform all the operations like 1. Post box with text, image, video and link, text format options 2. Every post can be commented, liked & shared. 3. Friend request and accept module. 4. Post publicly or personal or within friends or specific people. (total 4 options) 5. Should load previous posts on scroll 6. Should be mobile friendly 7. with simple registration

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    Hi, We have a yard sign that we created that has a basic red background. We need it that the rend will have a few gradients (such a...yard sign that we created that has a basic red background. We need it that the rend will have a few gradients (such as the attached image). We also weant you to balance the text in the inside to make it more appealing.

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