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    Fix upload error "Invalid File"

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    File attached

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    ...Ports -Rear Ports -Connections between Front and Rear Ports -Power Ports -Power Outlets -Console Ports -Console Server Ports -All Attributes on all Subcomponents (e.g. Label, Type, LAG, MTU on interfaces) -It should then store the device with the name of the source device with the suffix specified (e.g. -duplicate) -It should place it in the source rack with empty fields Rack-face and Position (it sits then in front of the rack) The existing device k1one function within Netbox missis many of the sub objects. I intend to publish this script on or you can do that if you wish. Inspiration can be taken from but this script does take information from a device-type instead of

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    Trophy icon Create Icon File from This Image 6 päivää left

    I recently purchased a business and the previous owners do not have the logo file (in any format). I would like this icon to be vectorised and downloaded in all format files.

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    Convert any File to PDF 6 päivää left

    I propose to convert any type of file to PDF. All at a very low price you just have to send the file in its initial format and it will be converted to PDF. It will not take long, also it does not matter if the file is long or short

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    ...weight scale shows the weight we need to get the weight scale data from the weighing scale in real time. ( the weighing scale has a bluetooth transmitter which transmits the weight data) 4. After all the items are kept on the scale , once we click on a button we need to capture the final weight and Display another 1D barcode which uses a CONCAT function which will report the item name and the weight with a comma in between (Example item code - "2277744838" weight of that item is 223.5kgs then the output barcode must show : "2277744838,223.5" and also print the item name next to it. 5. Option to take a photo ( with a option the crop the photo immidiately) of the items on the weighing scale and save it in our database with the other ava...

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    Web browser extension 6 päivää left

    I do have a python script that does web scraping, needs som...have a python script that does web scraping, needs some adjustments in order to function perfectly, but seems to be some cosmetics adjustments only. Also, want to validate if this script can be leveraged to a web browser extension where the extension, can run the "script scraping" resulting in an excel output with the data the script captured. Is it possible? if yes, please let me know how long usually takes to get this done. 1. Today the script in order to run needs to read some specific fields from a manual spreadsheet with some specific information and then do the work. 2. The goal will be to create a web browser extension that can skip the spreadsheet as a source and goes straight to th...

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    Build the basic framework and the login credentials for the site. 1. Users should be able to register new accounts using email addresses. 2. Users are identified by email address. 3. Password must be encrypted before storing in the database. 4. Users cannot register duplicate accounts using the same email address. admin user should be created from the backend. 6. Users cannot log in to the system until their requests are approved by the admin. 7. An admin user has a different view from a regular user: it can approve users (for now). 8. Users should be able to log into your website using the accounts they registered. 9. Users should be able to reset their passwords if they forget it. 10. Users should be able to change their passwords after they login. 11. A 2-factor-authentic...

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    ...development according to the task requirements 6. There is a reference function, 7. You must understand that if you have participated in a live broadcast project, it is like tiktok. 8. Must understand "China Tencent Cloud - Cloud Live" 9, flexible thinking, attitude certification. 10. Only teams or development companies are accepted, individual development is not accepted, the Indian team is preferred, this is the most important 11. Only accept freelancer to operate everything 12. Need to use skype to communicate, because I can't speak English 13. International language translation, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, google is not allowed 14. Don't shake the idea of ​​my development. The above are all achievable. The team needs to reply in time....

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    I have to modify a code of a proyect I have to add a function and to make the design better.

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    I need someone to create a Phishlets for Evilginx2. file format: .YAML Evilginx2: Evilginx Phishlets format: (2.3.0)

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    2 tarjoukset page to look, fit, and flow as the client desires. This will be a very quick and easy $50 project for somebody semi-skilled in responsive/adaptive CSS and HTML layout LAYOUT & ELEMENTS You will be provided a JPG of the requested design layout and specifications, as well as the HTML & CSS of current page in development, with all the individual image elements YOUR TASK You will adjust the CSS/HTML to make web page look and function as shown in the layout and notes. This will not be bootstrap or any other framework. This is very simple CSS and HTML for a very basic website. ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETE Skilled layout specialist will complete this project in 1-2 hours, or less DELIVERABLES You will deliver HTML & CSS files to specific...

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    Figma design to CMS (any CMS is welcome ) 6 päivää left
    VARMENNETTU a Real Estate / Construction Website: Landing Page (Home) Project Page > Projects Inner 1 > Projects Inner 2 > Projects Inner 3 About Us Blog > Blog Inner Career > Career Inner Contact Sales Enquiry 404 Privacy Policy (Imprint) will be only text, so no function website is multilingual, we can use goole api for that Project Page with 3 Templates: - Apartment Project Template should work like this: create Project, add Images into the Project, add google Maps into the Project, Floor Plans, in which phase the project is, contact function we want the landing Page animated like: , if you are not able to do this, dont bid ! The answer for the first question is „1“ please add maximum 3 of your best realized projects into your bid, no copy ...

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    I have a React web page using Node.js, and need to add an additional function. I want to create a data frame and used any row contents selected to create an output string. then create some tiny loops to create string, send string, listen for reply, compare values to reply. All is created in spread sheet, word doc provides more detail. If this works, have more to do, fix etc. ----Please DO NOT bid until you have reviewed the attachments, and bid FINAL amount. thanks

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    Hey there, I am looking for a mobile responsive design for this web page (it is only compatible for desktop), it...web page (it is only compatible for desktop), it is a single page you can view it here: The website is designed for dentists and should allow them to select the patient's teeth and fill a form for each one. After which the dentist can download a PDF by pressing "סיום" button on the bottom or "שיתוף" to display a link to share it. On the mobile version the function of the site is the same, but the UX of it should be easier for mobile users to use. You can change the component's how ever you see fit as long as the design looks good and the UX is simple. The design should be compatible for: 1. mobile 0 - 640px 2. tablet 640px - 1024px

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    I’m selling products in few market places, once I get an email from a market place that says that I sold a product, I want my XL file which sits in my google drive to be update ( stock count down in the specific product that sold ) and mark there as sold .

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    I am looking for full stack developer to create , such a platform? (NO SUBSCRIPTION) : 1. People sign up normally like this , so their profile will be saved on our Database. 2. Then people add their social media accounts via 1st party auth system, so their social media account passwords won't be stored in our database (Security for them) 3. You can try the platform, to see its function, as it does not need to pay API fees to showcase the stats since the owner of the account allow such Authentication. 4. Concept: We will have 3 pages (EN/AR) + Dark/light mode + Fully responsive - homepage - internal sign up/login page - profile (Add accounts) :

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    ...Diagram) with the randomly generated examples. Write a function to randomly generate the formulas and then convert them into BDDs and BMDs. BMDs are for arithmetic operations. We can have any kind of formula with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Generate expressions with those arithmetic operations and convert them into BMD and BDD and compare them with each other. The sloppy program that I am sending does not take care of the expressions that occur a couple of times. So, it will generate multiple nodes for the same BMD. We don't want that. We have to use the hash table to check whether an expression they have already generated is already there and then that node is re-used instead of generating a new one. The function mkNode in the code I sent you ...

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    Design the Letterhead for our business. Logo exists already.

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    ...Diagram) with the randomly generated examples. Write a function to randomly generate the formulas and then convert them into BDDs and BMDs. BMDs are for arithmetic operations. We can have any kind of formula with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Generate expressions with those arithmetic operations and convert them into BMD and BDD and compare them with each other. The sloppy program that I am sending does not take care of the expressions that occur a couple of times. So, it will generate multiple nodes for the same BMD. We don't want that. We have to use the hash table to check whether an expression they have already generated is already there and then that node is re-used instead of generating a new one. The function mkNode in the code I sent you ...

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    Integración AWS Lambda y SQS FIFO 6 päivää left

    Deadline: Friday morning I need a spanish speaking developer with experience in AWS Lambdas and AWS SQS. The final result is basically to create a lambda function reading a SQS queue and make a Hubspots API call. Hola, Necesitamos desarrollar una solución usando colas de AWS. Tenemos un backend que ya está mandando mensajes a la cola que luego deben procesarse en orden por un lambda y llamar al API de Hubspot. Requerimos esta integración y es importante que sea en el orden correcto, por otra parte debe manejar reintentos por si alguna llamada falla. Solo desarrolladores de habla hispana, si leíste todo inicia tu propuesta con la palabra Hubspot. Necesitamos que este listo mañana al finalizar el dia.

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    Trophy icon web based video review app 19 päivää left

    ...common industry standard, but it should be fully documented and commented in code so that another developer can easily make changes or updates in the future. A directory exists on the filesystem that will receive video files from another source. The web app needs to be able to read those files and display them automatically (without screen refresh) in descending order by date as they come in. Initially, the filename should be what is listed in the list of videos. When selecting one of the videos from the list, the video will load and allow the user to playback at 2x 1.75x 1.5x 1x .75x .5x .25x, or forward/reverse frame by frame and an easy mechanism for scrubbing back and forth. There should be an option to for playing in full screen...

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    I need someone who can help me to build a blockchain explorer. It should have the function of contract verification and full interaction like etherscan. Please bid only if you're expert.

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    Help with SAP Business One API 6 päivää left

    We are looking for someone who knows about the SAP Business One API. We are looking to develop an application that gets/sets data from/to SAP Business One. Need a couple of hours of consulting.

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    Hi, i need a quick task to import xml product file, into my shopify shop. then customize the graphic with just dummy content. if it works, i will give extra task, make it import also woocommerce shop. thankyou

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    Trophy icon Refresh a Logotype 14 päivää left

    ...I need to maintain the colors. — Maintain the “Ninja” topography or if you have a very similar function too. — I need the logo function very well in: Avatars, Clothes, Watermark on videos, and I like to have like sticker for easy addition of my logo in every kind of project. — Growth Now: this company work like a personal Brand, Growth NOW is for a Growth Digital Marketing Techniques. — We work with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Media content and all the strategies the clients need to see more. I attach images of the new color branding uses for you can see the color and uses of the logo. — This logo need to be very good and functional on Instagram avatar. — I require the logo to function very well in a...

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    ...action for player hence minimize actions * no penalty if missed ball provided no action / move Action Space - Reward function based on hierarchical (structured) flags: Flag #1 * to commit / play * not commit (skip round) - with potential opportunity lost penalty?) Flag #2 * Upward * Downward * Bi-directional Flag #3a : type of actions * discrete move move up 1 space unit move dn 1 space unit * analogous move up 1 space units move up 2 space units move up 4 space units move up 8 space units move up 16 space units move dn 1 space units move dn 2 space units move dn 4 space units move dn 8 space units move dn 16 space units Flag #3b : next action step gap * wait time in seconds 1 sec 2 sec 3 sec 4 sec 5 sec * vector distance of ball 1 unit space 2 unit space 3 unit spa...

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    Web Designer 6 päivää left

    We are looking for a Web Designer to join and support our growing team, that will be in charge of coming up with the layout and design of websites or web pages for our business. This can entail creating a brand-new website or updating one that already exists. Responsibilities - Making designs for websites - Establishing sample sites - Showing off draft sites and getting feedback on them - Keeping abreast with recent advances in technology and software - Knowledge of and proficiency in relevant programming languages, such as HTML and Javascript

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    i need a php page with a button that make a call trough an asterisk pbx in the same local network I'd like to have a click2call function embedded in our web pages when you click on the button you'll make a call trough our PBX

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    Build complete classified platform application include app (flutter) Same function or best function like this 1)

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    Hi Josue C., I noticed your profile you are working on JQuery and JavaScript. I have PHP file generated by AppGini (PHP Code Generator) and it has a SUM or Total of a column. I want a script to add the currency "AED" in front of the Sum The line in PHP is as follows: $x->HTML = str_replace('<!-- tv data above -->', $sumRow, $x->HTML); So the currency "AED" must be infront of $sumRow If you are interested, I can send you the PHP file Thank you ...

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    EDI Engineer 5 päivää left

    ...and documentation. Must have Skills · 5+ years in EDI system development. · TIE Kinetix eVision, spMap, TIE Integrator and SmartBridge hand-on experience is must · EDI standard and transaction/message knowledge: X.12 (210, 214, 810, 820, 830, 846, 850, 855, 856, 860, 865, 867, 870, 990, 997) and corresponding UN/EDIFACT messages · AS2 protocol with either knowledge in the following areas: HTTP/HTTPS protocol, Private/Public Key Algorithm, Digital Signature, and Encryption/Decryption of data, etc. · Experience with ERP application: SAP. · Experience with either database servers: Oracle, MS-SQL · Experience with multiple O/S's: Windows, UNIX platforms. &midd...

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    We need to increase the realism from an existing project which has been fully modelled and detailed. Lighting needs to be improved. Adding in realistic people in post production. Changing landscape to more realistic models. All comments have been made. We require quick turnaround and 22 still images plus animations. 45 seconds for interior flythrough in 1080p HD and 20 seconds in exterior in 1080p HD. We need an experienced artist who has the capability to produce realistic renderings in Lumion and examples. Exterior and Interior renderings. 1 week turnaround max.

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    AllfocusHealth 6 päivää left

    ...detect health issues. This is a home-based device that can be at home, in a clinic, hospital, restaurant, airplane, and more. Laboratory diagnostic tests, procedures, office visits, and hospitalizations are often billed for an amount that exceeds what providers expect from an insurance company to obtain the maximum amount possible from the insurance company. Therefore, patients without insurance, or for whom the insurance claim is denied, are often billed for five to ten times what an insurance company would pay. Moreover, diagnostic errors associated with the failure to follow up on abnormal diagnostic studies (“missed results”) are a potential cause of treatment delay and a threat to patient safety. Little data exists concerning the frequency of missed res...

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    Our board is flashed linux kerel build and we can read & debug jtag, next steam is to create bootloader firmware file from the kernel enviroment 1st flash: (modified files) , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , (doesn't include bootloader) - you can only detect jtag now; Create and install bootloader:

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    Hi I have coding for paging in select2 3.5, but it doesn't work in 4.1 Anyone can fix it please bid, Fast work fast payment for experience in select2 4.1 (single select & multiselect) //code for single select in select2 $("#x_Area").select2({ allowClear: true, ajax: { url: parent_url + 'api/LookUpList/area', dataType: 'json', data: function (params) { var PeriodMonth=0; var PeriodYear=0; if($("#x_PeriodYear").length) { PeriodYear = $("#x_PeriodYear").val(); } if($("#x_MonthName").length) { PeriodMonth = getPeriodMonth($("#x_MonthName").val()); } ...

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    Need someone to file (Nil) in GST India 6 päivää left

    I have a GST account, when I didnt pay for few months. I need someone to Do the GST payment for me. I will pay them Rs 100 Per month. I will pay the late fees penalties as separately

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    I have a CAD file, I believe with 5 projects which are just basic 2d drawings. I want each of those exported to a file type I can edit. Preferably as a 1:1 scale or with a 100mm square added on each of the 5 separate drawings. I have no idea what program opens a .prj . Please check before to see if this opens on a program you have,

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    I'm currently looking for javascript, algorithm expert for make a fine-tuning function detect a best parameters. requirement: - expert in [Github, Javascript, Algorithm]. - Fluency (Contact me for more details.)

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    35 tarjoukset

    I need a web page with a minimal design with a search bar where there will be an option to search for free text from specific pdf files in the Hebrew language. The search should be sophisticated - word search even if I don't specify the commas between the words, etc. And that during the search the results will pop up according to the words you write (even before pressing the search button) Various search options - specific word, sequence of words, etc.

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    Flutter app to track notifications 6 päivää left

    I require a simple Flutter application that tracks all incoming notifications (such as whatsapp, email, phone callls etc) and stores them. The app should track notifications even if it runs in the background or doesn't run at all (via a background service). The app will then allow me to see all the notifications including: source date/time notification text. I will be able to sort based on source/datetime and filter based on source. This should work on both Android and IOS. I don't really care that it looks good. I just need it to function as a study case.

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    I need a web developer to create a simple function focused Admin Panel for an existing food delivery application's Firebase database. The language/framework can be anything Django, Laravel, , just something you are familiar with.

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    ... produce 3 publications between Oct and March, based on template (some freedom in layout design of articles), each 70-90 pages, layout design for some of the content. Must be in Affinity Publisher (no Adobe)! We provide content, such as artciles, pictures, logos, maps etc.

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    simple Google web Messenger chatbot all files provided looking for quick help

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    AngularJS- Mean Stack application 6 päivää left

    Hi, I need someone who can help me with writing a function in the AngularJs for calling a data from the database. I have almost made up the function, but i am getting some error. For experienced persons, it will take (30 mins- 1 hour) to rectify the issue. I am also looking forward to someone who can connect to my system through TeamViewer and can assist me. -Thankyou

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    I need an expert on Microsoft Azure and trying to connect azure and google api. Please help me on create function, key vault and connect to google api and get some data from google analytics to azure data factory

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    hello, google chrome downloads a file that i need (that is actually a pdf) but it downloads it only with the name, it cuts the extention. so it downloads it as "file" although it should download it as "" i want, when they are downloaded, to go and select them with my mouse and in the right click to be a command that is like "rename to pdf" and what that does is take the selected items and from file to rename it to file1 to it might be 1 file, it might be several files.. can this be done?

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    9 tarjoukset
    PSD file to Html Design 6 päivää left

    I am looking forward to hearing expert Designer. There are some of PSD which change to Html file. If you take on time and correct, I will pay per file. This task is not so hard and i wanna someone who can finish project on time.

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    97 tarjoukset