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    Dear All, I am a stock trader based in India looking for a vba coder, Hi all, I have an excel sheet in which data are dynamically updating every second. What i need is I need to the capture the data for every one minute and saving it in database and plot a dynamic chart based on the database. Happy Bidding.

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    I have an excel spreadsheet that has multiple sheets. I often use the find feature in excel to locate certain words however it only searches the sheet im currently viewing. I need a macro that will search all sheets in the file.

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    Hi there, I have an excel sheet that helps me to record daily sale, settled sale figure and money received from customer. From those data and with chosen time range: 1. I can view report of sale revenue, receivale from a specific customer or product. 2. I can view report of sale revenue of all products for a specific customer 3. I can view report

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    Hi there, I have a simple table that I need converted to html. Please put any css inline. I don't want an external css file. I only need the table converted - not the measurements, they are only a guide. Thanks.

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    We have a job which required good internet connection with basic knowledge in Excel.

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    The ideal candidate will be responsible for pulling data from various portals and entering that data into rows in excel. The candidate will also have to go into client CRMs and perform specific actions based on the data they're importing to excel. We'll be providing some basic training but you must have basic computer skills and proficiency in [login

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    400 websites - URLs provided in Excel. visit each website copy to Excel: * Business name * physical address * emails (where avaiable)

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    I had a ppt file created but really i want a spreadsheet where I can change the data. It is meant to be a clothing order form and I will need to change the data based on my different customers.

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    Basic job. I have a word doc that needs transferring into excel doc (cut n' past) and a list of 37 online sites where I need to add email address &/or contact info @ each publication.

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    This is to fix a small project with some Excel VBA macros to copy and highlight some data from a few columns to other sheets/worksheets involving a total of 4 worksheets. Please sign the NDA, read the requirements in the word and txt documents and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Bids over the maximum project amount will be ignored. P

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    looking for MS excel developer to connect database, etc

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    I need a responsive website built for real estate property management. Main functionalities include user management, upload and categorize documents, and CRUD operations. I would like it designed and built.

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    H...situaciones del edificio y no tengo tiempo para organizar tablas de trabajo bien diseñadas y generar hojas excel bien organizadas solo para llenar datos de todos los gastos que tiene el edificio. Mi interés es poder armar estas hojas de excel bien estructuradas para un mejor control interno y que mi tiempo sea solo de llenar los datos mensuales.

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    Find attached excel work book. we are a construction company and this book helps us capture cost associated with work in the field. The book as the following : A daily work sheet – this information is inputted by a lay person from the daily report from the job This work sheet takes the info from the equipment and labor rates tables and brings them

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    Make an excel day counter that counts the years, weeks, days, hours and minutes and % of a common year (365 days). All The calculations must be in a base 10 decimal form. For example 10 years and 11 months (11/12 Months) must be 10.91 plus whatever days extra added to the decimal. The weekly columns must be the same, In decimal form. All of the rows

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    *** WE NEED SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTAND FRENCH PERFECTLY FOR THIS TASK *** Nous avons besoin de quelqu'un pour faire du copier/coller entre des fichiers excel. Le candidat doit très bien comprendre la langue française afin de pouvoir réaliser le travail. Contactez-nous afin qu'on puisse vous montrer le travail à réaliser et que vous puissiez &eacut...

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    We need bridge to validate and migrate the sales & purchase data into tally9, Interested and eligible people can bids this project. Note: We need Source code for this project.

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    We have an excel of data which has heavy data. we need to do few formatting in it. it has data in 3 columns . based on value of column 2 we have to insert those many blank rows below the row. and copy the data into it.

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    Excel statistics Loppunut left

    Want to investigate if freelancer might be the way for me to go to get some Excel work done. I need relatively basic visualization done + some statistical analysis for significance and correlation

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    Looking for someone to develop a windows application to take data from a communications port and pass the data directly into a selected Microsoft Excel cell in a worksheet. A weighing scale would provide readings to the communication port, that would then become visible in real time in the Excel spreadsheet. Minimal application interface, maybe with a few

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    I am looking a PERFECT EXCEL Programmer I need an Excel Spreadsheet form to calculate a price for a transport company. There are only 5 fields. First field: Type a postcode (i will give all postcodes and Suburbs with their ZONES). All suburbs are categorised in three zones (zone 1 $75, zone 2 $97.50, zone 3 $126.75) Second Field: Item Volume (dropdown

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    PDF Tables to Excel Loppunut left

    PDF Documents converted into Excel Tables 1: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 2: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    I have images from low stuff I have to transcript into excel data table 12 pages like this one i attached. I need only name of company, number of shares and value ( R$...) and type of asset.

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    Excel Data Entry Loppunut left

    I need someone to type Data in excel from paper sheet. there like 30 page of data.

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    Hi, I have a calculator in an Excel spreadsheet which works with macros. Unfortunately it is not comprehensible how the calculation works. I need the stored formulas decoded so that it is understandable how the calculation (with formulas) works. Who can help?

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    I am looking for real-time 15min stock market data feed in excel. Specifically to these values Open-High-Low-Close ATR Total Bid Qty Total Ask Qty Something like in the attached image uploaded here. Must update real-time, for Equity segment for about 200 stocks Is this something u can build for me?

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    Copy the exhibitor details including email from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to a excel sheet.

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    National Rural Water Association (NRWA) is looking to hire someone to collect data from various water systems and provide a final summary. NRWA will provide contact information for the water systems and identify specific information needed. The final outcome should detail the differences between large and small systems, municipal and rural. We are

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    Please read the PDF before you apply. Create a System in Excel according to given pdf. Details are in PDF. This is something like a puzzle and you have to solve it. Anyone who is expert in excel can do this. Indians are not allowed in this project.

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    Reformat excel sheet and clean up

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    ...what we call a "planning document" (example attached). We would like to create a more efficient process for building this document, with the following requirements: 1. Form data input that populates a planning sheet: -Client Name -Trip Dates (Day of Week/Calendar Date) -Park Names for giving day of trip 2. On sheet - populate various cells with a

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    What do I need 1. Need someone to take the excel models that I have created and convert it into an excel interface that allows the user to input a few values like number of units, cost of the unit, term of the contract, price for the unit, etc and based on these input provide a summary and profitability of the deal right on that page. (all of the formulas

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    I have 5 pages of global events with start date, end date, location and web url's but its in jpeg. Need someone to take jpegs and type info into excel file.

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    Excel Expert needed Loppunut left

    Looking for someone with experience in some slightly more complicated Excel work. For example - making the inputs on one tab generate the layout of the next tab. Need someone by tomorrow or Wednesday for 1-2 hours. Please provide a sample of your work (doing similar work) for hire.

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    Hi, I have a small database of contractor personnel that I use for which. I need to be able to search it easy based on Post/Zip code & Service Type (electric or gas). The tools needs to search the database and check for these post/zip codes and the service type and then provide the result but also provide based on a preference Rank which I have listed in the database, for example if there are ...

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    Hello I have a bunch of Excel files that I cannot modify, I only use them for printing, those files have totally different sizes in terms of PageBreak view, I mean... different columns and rows, I want a macro that will handle the header section following these points: - Header picture is a fixed dimension (PNG 1260x270 px) - I would like to resize

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    Need an excel macro that reads today and tomorrows soccer prices on betfair, via the API and displays it in excel. refer to attached file for more info.

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    I have a simple Excel macro which needs to be fixed so it works on a Mac.

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    I have excel sheet with 7731 rows I want someone to convert each row in separate.TXT.

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    Somos una empresa de fabricacion de artículos plásticos y de ferretería. Requerimos el desarrollo de un archivo de excel que nos permita dar seguimiento a los costos de producción de manera sencilla.

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    ... Our office is in need of an Excel professional in completing a conversion project. The project consists of reformatting approximately 375 raw Excel export data files into a refined Excel import data file based on specific upload requirements we have been given. As mentioned above, we have approximately 370 Excel export files that need this reformatt...

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    I am looking to market my product to local restaurants and need help to create a database utilizing publicly available information.

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    ...need put into an excel spreadsheet. The data is currently held on a document and each bit of information would need to be extracted and put within the appropriate cell in the spreadsheet. Please ask me an ill send you the spreadsheet so you can see what is involved. I need this the end of this week. Please Note : I have the excel template that I

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    I have a list of website. I need to visit every site and Manually copy paste into Excel. Super easy job. Here is the instruction [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    ...name of my land, JL no, land quantity, sa Accountant, Line no, RS Accountant, dag no, Via Document no, donor-recipient name, Dismiss Accountant, all of the details of land in Excel. আমি আমার জমির মৌজার নাম,জে এল নং, জমির পরিমাণ,এস এ খতিয়ান,দাগ নং,আর এস খতিয়ান,দাগ নং,ভায়া দলিল নং,দাতা-গ্রহীতার নাম,খারিজ খতিয়ান,জমির বিস্তারিত সকল কিছু এক্সেলে ট্র্যাক রাখতে

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    Hi, I am looking for an expert to automate my excel files.

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    I need an experienced VBA excel programmer. I have one large project on my hands. If you are good, there will be many projects needed. Attached is a userform that contains a listbox. The listbox reads off of an excel spreadsheet. I need someone very experienced with userforms and dynamic list boxes and report creation.

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    Excel Macro Loppunut left

    Data Comparison between two columns- For Jithin

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    Running a small business that has a need for a simple software that grabs a few pieces of html data from url links and places them into an excel file with live updates.

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