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    If I want to workout the profit on return (POR) of a particular item I would divide the margin (diff...calculator so i can quickly do the calculation. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] i want same functionality with additional feature. i also attached sample excel file. i want sell price is calculated based on POR value. Many Thanks

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    Need an application which can send Bulk SMS in Android OS, can read Data from Excel Sheet (XLS / XLSX) Able to send data on specific time mentioned in 1. Excel Sheet or 2. Given By User as per his choice ( either 1 or 2 )

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    Hi, have an excel spreadsheet with two sheets where I need to delete rows in one of the sheets. The function 1. Sheet "PLC io liste" contains the main data. 2. Sheet "ProgramVariable" is where I need to remove rows. Condition to find out what lines that need to be removed in sheet "ProgramVariable" is following. If column F in sheet "PLC io liste...

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    I need someone to make me a VBA that will convert my URL's to actual images

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    Do some excel work Loppunut left

    Do some excel work in excel spreadsheet

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet that I would like cells conditionally formatted as per rules mentioned in file attached.

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    Do some excel work Loppunut left

    Do some excel work in excel spreadsheet

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    Hi. I am planning out a venture and need certain aids to my website, presentations etc. Looking for good and serious freelancers to help me through it . The tasks right now contain Content revision, powerpoint presentation and Macros / dashboard.

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    Excel And Data Entry Expert Needed To Fix My Excel Sheet

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    data entry or excel Loppunut left

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I have data in an excel spreadsheet. It is names and addresses. Currently the names are in column a ( first name and last name in same column) and address ( house number, street, town, state, and zip code) is all in the same column. I need to have all of this separate so that A1 is first name, A2 is last name, a3 is house number, A4 is street name

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    I am going to update my Excel file. There are data for 173 products. Need to add some symbols and colors.

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    Hi I want someone to make an Excel sheet for Sherwood number, the sheet should contain all formulas in the respective units , all we have to do is to input the data...only people with excel experience and knowledge of sherwood and reynold number in flow channels can apply

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    We have a excel Loppunut left

    We have a Excel Job. Job requirements We give you a list of data which you need to create a PDF file

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    I am looking for someone to log on to a database daily and copy and paste info into an excel spreadsheet. Looking for someone who is reliable and consistent. Potential long term work!

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    I have the start of a VBA script that converts a .csv file to a Pivot table in excel. I would like someone to extend this script to add formulas to the spreadsheet outside the pivot table for the summary rows of the Pivot table. I can send an example for someone who is interested. I am ready to give a person the project now. I suspect it

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    Change code in excel sheets that use Macros. I [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    I require someone to convert a PDF document into Excel and format with formulas correctly. I am only concerned that the data and table formatting is correct.

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    First You need to solve the excel file and then answer the following questions Answer the following questions: Signal phasing – order and length Signal cycle length Adjusted saturation flow rates for all movement groups Queue storage and control delay for all movement groups Level of Service for each approach and intersection as a whole

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    ...have an excel specific print template to be create like the word format file that i will provide you later. Each box will use an image and text from multiple columns for each row data listed. Following two tasks are to be done. 1. Create exact excel print template as current microsoft word file. 2. Create Macro template to transfer raw data into the

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    Hi, I have created the spreadsheet. I have 18 8x11 pages of products that need to be entered. How soon would you be able to start? Regards.

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    I have 2 excel sheets, one has numbers and 1 has data I need the proper data to be on the correct line.

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    We are looking for a method to combine several excel spreadsheets based on data - then be able to export data based on the format for import into QuickBooks and our Magneto website. This will require a excel dashboard, vlookup and macros. Right now we combine 3 to four spreadsheets to get a master, then we rip it apart to make separate imports. We

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    We have a detailed excel document produced that helps us track labor differentials for large construction projects. We are looking to have escalation built in based on the rates at a specific percentage broken down by years but through weeks on the model created (1-52, 53-104 etc) The tool will have to run seamlessly with what we have already created

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    Hi, I have an excel spreadsheet with all expenses categorised. I need you to create a worksheet to build summary report automatically. The summary report must include a total of grouped transactions. As attractions are altered in the main worksheet the report must reflect the updates automatically. See example attached.m Thanks

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    I have a multitude of PDF files from which I need to gather some information. Each PDF file includes multiple equity analyst research reports ('reports'), and I need the following information off of each report: 1) Date of the report 2) Brokerage house that issued the report 3) Author Last Name (for up to 6 authors, marked authors 1-6, in the order the authors appear on the report) 4) A...

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    Hello, I'm seeking a data entry freelancer that will accurately update our existing excel spreadsheet that contains 565 rows. Requirements: 1. If link is broken, search Google for municipality website. 2. On municipality website, search for the data to update spreadsheet. 3. If unable to locate the information, you will need to contact/call the Representative

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    Planilla de excel con vasta información. Deseo poder ordenar los datos de forma automatizada. Ya que muchas veces la información viene "corrida" y no toda la información se encuentra en la misma columna. La idea es a través de macros poder reconocer la información y ordenarla por columnas. (Hay catracteres en las celdas que sirven como identif...

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    ...looking for an experienced data entry specialist to transfer specific data within PDF invoices into an excel spreadsheet. I anticipate that this project will take approximately 2-3 hours. Deliverables: - Transfer invoice line items from 1 invoice into excel spreadsheet template provided - Start at row 1138, add data for the invoice attached

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    Using an excel report, please calculate the average time to quote & propose. - Both calculations should be from the “Initial Outreach” stages to either “Quoting” or “Proposed”. The proposed stages are important because that is directly tied to the time experienced by producers. I will send the report if you are interested.

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    Requerimos a un experto en mysql y wordpresss que nos ayude a obtener los datos que necesitamos de nuestra base de datos. .Nuestro reporte debe incluir las ventas de los últimos 90 días. .Puede estar en wpDataTables o cualquier otro plugin. .El reporte generado se debe poder exportar a csv con la finalidad de ocuparlo para crear nuevas órdenes de compra para proveedores.

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    ...tomorrow, Thursday April 11. I am looking for an Excel VBA subroutine to scrape table data from website: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (Select "Round 1", Select "Traditional") and import into an Excel spreadsheet. No bells and whistles.. just display the data from the webpage table in an excel spreadsheet. To include columns l...

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    Hi Freelancer! I'm the founder of Startup Life with Ande Lyons, where I coach and mentor startup funders. As a seasoned entrepreneur with 4 businesses to my credit, I understand how hard it is to launch, brand and build a business. In my tool chest, I have a "duct-taped" formula driven 12 month cash flow projection that needs to be updated, polished with a beautiful layout, nicely d...

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    We need to obtain data from our WP WooCommerce shop as shown on our excell sheet. We found a plugin that could give us this functionality. We guess is: wpDataTables. If you know a better solution for this we will listen to your proposal. You can find our MS Excell Sheet at the Uploaded files. The plugin we want to use to achieve this is: https://wpdatatables

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    I have a specific print layout word document, in which about 2200 lines excel rows have to be imported/written exactly as per further descriptions. After that you will have to export finished file as pdf and send me. The project has to be completed in 10 smaller parts. i.e. you will send me 10 pages finished always and then next. There shall not be

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    Hi. I need to send out bulk emails to contacts from a contact sheet. The contacts are in Excel, and I use Outlook for email. Pretty straightforward, but I've never done it myself. Need it done today. This is a one-off task, but I will need it repeated several times down the line. Thanks!

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    Please check "Instruction ...first and apply if you can 2500 records for $5 and 30 hours. I am looking for new Freelancer. I have a list of website. I need to visit every site and Manually copy paste into Excel. Super easy job. Here is the instruction [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Hai Im looking for excel master for doing my accounting invoice

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    I want to do a research for either buying or selling a Realestate in any active country on the world with taking a mortgage loan from the b...research for either buying or selling a Realestate in any active country on the world with taking a mortgage loan from the bank. I want this research with the database excel sheet on Saturday, 13th of April.

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    This is to fix a small project with some Excel VBA macros to copy and highlight some data from a few columns to other sheets/worksheets involving a total of 4 worksheets. Please sign the NDA, read the requirements in the word and txt documents and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Bids over the maximum project amount will be ignored. P

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    Excel work project Loppunut left

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    Dear concerned, Looking for data entry operator for some govt data. good typing speed mandatory, above 80 words per minute. *Removed by Admin*

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    I am looking for VBA expert to developer for database and insert data from sheet and user form. We can will discuss more about the project via personal message.

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    I need an Excel expert to make a slightly complicated Excel for me

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    I need someone to assist me to develop the Excel add-in using Excel JavaScript API. Please demonstrate your experience and any work in the past.

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    Transcribir listado en Ingles de jpg a Excel. Son alrededor de 200 items con 3 campos: Nombre, Descripcion y Precio. El trabajo es muy sencillo y el freelancer seleccionado debe completar el trabajo en no mas de 2 horas en el dia de hoy.

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    I am looking for VBA expert who can start work right now. !!! We will discuss the project via personal message.

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    I need a help in Excel VBA coding to Print a batch of Invoices from Excel file

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    We need 2 clo...multiple users. Currently using Excel spreadsheet. You must know Excel, formulas, pivot tables, creating macros, etc... We are using an excel spreadsheet but multiple people have to be able to get into the database at the same time. We also need this person to be available for about 20 hours a week to answer and work on Excel issues.

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