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    Program a javascript experiment to reach certain requirements.

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    Christ United Methodist Church, Christ UMC, is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are a diverse church and really focus on being social justice drive. We are the main campus but have another campus called ConnectioN Point which houses our food pantry and serves as our Outreach Center.

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    Make a Mobile Game Like the famous 'Trump Card Game'. MUST use COCOS Creator. The developer must create all the game resources, including graphics (cartoons style) and animations. All data (including card data) will be defined in JSON. It will be a multiplayer game using JSON DATA from a beackend (I will develop the backend and the developer can just

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    DB Analysis Program Loppunut left

    Need to be able to parse & crunch together 3 db tables to generate an output table. The initial tables are in MS SQL, but could certainly be exported into any other form. PHP is the tool that comes to my mind, but I am open to the use of other tools. see the attached document for more specifics about the inputs, outputs and goals. This job will be run periodically off-line, so optimization is ...

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    Hey hello ! I need a program fills the empty lines in crossword [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] example, we have a word list like "apple,orange,lemon"(But i am the one who will be input the wordlist) and we have the crossword game with empty lines, so the program will fill the lines with correct [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]'s it. Can you do it?

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    I basically need a simple quiz game to be coded in about 2 weeks. It has to include html, css, and javascript.

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    Need to make VB based application. This application will display image on screen of a PC with Windows. If user clicks on the image, video will start playing on a second monitor connected to PC. Image on PC screen will remain as it is. There will be only 2 options of pause and play on PC screen to control video playback. Second screen of PC (where video will be displayed) is connected using VGA por...

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    trading program for bitmex api, bitcoin, cryptocurrency

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    Need to make VB based application. This application will display image on screen of a PC with Windows. If user clicks on the image, video will start playing on a second monitor connected to PC. Image on PC screen will remain as it is. There will be only 2 options of pause and play on PC screen to control video playback. Second screen of PC (where video will be displayed) is connected using VGA por...

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    As you can see in the title, please create a search image from multiple sites at once. For example, there ar...five sites A, B, C, D, E, and a script is created that searches results when selecting an image to search. As a plan, it is a program to examine similar images from the sites of A, B, C, D, E by right clicking on a program or extension.

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    Our company need an iOS Developer Enterprise Program account for in house distribution for our employee. If you have one registered or know how to get such one, please feel free to contact us. We will be very pleased to cooperate with you. And hope to long term cooperation with you.

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    I need a website developed similar to Front page is instantly the font/logo editor. I would prefer if it was developed in Word Press. It will be a tattoo creator site. I will need a bar across the top for website navigation. Pages will include blog, tattoo artists(with map), about us, FAQ, etc. Bottom bar with sitemap, disclaimer

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    I need some help in installing a php program to my centos 7 server. I keep getting error messages when I install.

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    I'm using CentOS 7 and I need a Cron script that will activate a .sh file on M-F at 8pm/2000 and turn that process off at 155pm/1355 M-F. It should leave the process untouched on Saturday or Sunday. To kill the process it needs to search for a process ID containing "xmr-stak" and then stop it functioning. I included what I believe to be the correct cron time command as an image a...

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    I am looking for an online platform to be developed that allows users to 1. Create their profile, upload photos... 2. Write it their goals daily 3. Journal 4. Track workouts 5. Track food Not a social network... each user has their own profile with their own photos and tracking tools, user experience...

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    Hi, I need you to create/re-write 10 articles for me related to the fitness industry which are seo optimized and will rank great on my website!

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    i need someone that can create me a third party program for a for certain game

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    Hello, I need a atmega 328p (internal 8MHz clock) + nrf24l01 + SPI flash 32KB memory software to demonstrate a firmware update using flash. Require you to use [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or simmilar. TODO: - create a working and tested demo software that will receive firmware update trough NRF, save it on the flash, and then reboot updating from flash to internal atmega memory. - dra...

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    socket program Loppunut left

    Python program to achieve following task a) send email using socks authentication / without authentication b) send email using DNS

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    I Want to have Jeopardy Program software for Entertaining Kids which can support Parisian Language / Arabic Font Right to left .. I want to Educate Children in interesting way for their future I am a part of NGO helping children and weak peoples in society . use this link as a reference [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] final output should be separate

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    I am looking for daily posting to social media using hootsuite. I will give login information. I am looking for posts and pictures regarding the following. - Income Producing Properties - Commercial Properties - Real Estate Investing - Renting vs Buying I would like posts similar to these sites below. 1. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 2. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 3...

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    ...Excel-based trade back-testing program. The Purpose of the Program is to simulate a series of daily trades (option credit spreads), whereby, on a daily basis, 4 credit spreads are initiated each trading day: 1 Weekly Put Spread, 1 Weekly Call Spread, 1 Monthly Put Spread and 1 Monthly Call Spread. Key components of the program, or VBA Macro will be in-sheet

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    HI, ON START I WANT TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT I NEED ONLY FREELANCER WITH EXPERIENCE....THAT I NEED ONLY FREELANCER WITH EXPERIENCE. IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THAT. PLEASE DON'T ACCEPT PROJECT. I want to create my own SMM panel services. I need program to manage Instagram accounts with different proxies and integrate this with SMM PANEL.

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    Hi there, Creative-Webpage-Designer-Person! I have a program I have developed for women in recovery from breast cancer. I used to offer it as a physical product, and now wish to offer it as a virtual one in the form of MP3 and video files. Our first step is to create a website. I have already done most of the design and architecture for the

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    I have a program written by a member on here a few months ago, its a web scraper... I have the SOURCE Code for it (I dont know anything about programming or what it is written in... I can tell you files end in vssscc and vs or something like that...) Anyways I need TWO Fixes done to this source code.. It is a WEB SCRAPER it SCRAPES a webpage and

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    connect different databases and output results based on searcg

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    ..."SIMS_Password" - string "ReportName" - string "DaysAhead" - Integer "DaysLeft" - Integer "UserType" - string, either STAFF or STUDENT It calls the command line program, passing the arguments of SIMS_CommandLinePath, SIMS_Username, SIMS_Password and REPORTNAME It will then read the generated file in the directory, ...

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    It is to Write a PHP program for WAMP server. Will provide more details later.

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    ...&form%5Bsubmit%5D= it will give you news from the month of january 2018. What I want is, when running the program, to search inside all these pages for january 2018 or any month or time period of my choosing, and that the program counts the number of occurrence of all the projects which are here listed every time in parenthesis with a 3 letter

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    Hello I want a program (what works in windows 10) where I can put Instagram username and after that it saves pictures + videos in to one folder from Instagram, also saving picture id/number, the caption, amount of Likes , Comments, (If video) Views in a textfile / csv - or both. I need the program to be Multi threaded. (Super fast). There

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    I try to set up MLM marketing company. I need order software and run that after review and test it.

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who is an expert in advertising and customer acquisition. I want to create a mastermind where I help 20 freelancers get impressive results in their freelancing businesses. I have one client I want to help get from $1k in revenue a month to $10k-$100k a month through scaling tactics and customer acquisition scaling. I need these results for my client in order...

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    My Interview Practice LLC would like to increase user traffic to our site through a campus ambassador program. Our tool is located on our website, [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], and it provides mock interview practice through an Interview Simulator. How it works is that once students select from the many industries and job positions available, the algorithm

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    I download a project from codeproject. I need someone helping me to enhance it. I will provide you two C# solutions, one is executable, you can run it to get a feeling. The second one has source code. You should work on this one. The most work of project is about GUI changes.

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    Hola, Estamos en búsqueda de un experto en Zoho CRM que tenga conocimientos y domine lo siguiente: - Realizar la configuración de módulos en Zoho CRM - Dominio de Zoho creator - Programación manual en Zoho - Crear reglas automáticas en Zoho - Dominio de Zoho Reports - Conocimientos en programación para hacer intgraciones con otras Apps

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    Assembly Language Programmer Required

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    The program also works as PhotoShop as well as the work of advertising, advertisements, banners, posters and work book cover works best architectural show as well as the program of AutoCAD, interior design and furniture design

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    Assembly Language Programmer Required

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    Assembly Program Loppunut left

    Assembly Language Programmer Required

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    The program will create a hierarchy, an autocomplete and will describe some stuff. I ll attach the project

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    I need you to develop a program that can measure different part of an animal from a picture. The picture may contain a known length to refer as a scale. The program should be able to zoom in and out the picture. draw straight lines, curves, arrow heads, circles on the picture, show the measurements, change color of the lines, undo any drawing step,

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    Hi. I need you to create/program and design an Android app which could be used by common people and includes uploading of photos etc. I think it should be a hybrid android app.

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    Hello, - Need PHP programming done fast for a simple CMS for a small webshop - Details = [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Thanks, Start Proposal with "Can do in 4 days"

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    I am a programmer with limited Python/Tkinter experience, needing a bit of help adding multiple windows (frames?) to a program. There are to be three different GUI's to choose from: GuiA, GuiB and GuiC. I have seen examples on the web (example: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) but they are either Python 3.x, or I could

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    I need a program to download the E-Paper from the website for each city wise and generate PDF file for each city.

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    Please see the result of the work attached in the excel for reference. We wish the program can come to a designated location to work part time on this project. Due to size of historical data, we can pay for OT if the time consumes is over budget.

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    Looking for an appointment setting service provider who has had experience in the energy efficiency sector. Utility companies are very sensitive about how these programs are presented to the public so we are looking for someone with a proven track record. To start we need 4 daily appointments, 5 days per week. Once proven we will double this number. Compensation will be based on completed appointm...

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    python program Loppunut left

    ... Upon a function call, search for the column1 or Column2 values. If a match found return the column1 value. Note: Cannot open a cursor for every fn call. I have a program already. The values should be stored as a list. Read from the list. Look for a match for that string ( either column1 or Column 2). If found, return the list value ( only

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    I'm starting a new company that will be offering the follow...logo needs to be constructed as a vector graphic. After the initial creation of the logo as part of this contest, I would be interested in giving further work to the logo creator to adapt the logo to the different formats needed depending on the advertising space. Thanks for your ideas!

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    I need a program that performs binary options operations in automatic linked to the web [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], with these features: Strategy selection (I will give 3 or 4 strategies myself) Amount per operation Limit of request per day Profit limit per day Martingale option (I will give the martingale scale) Start and stop button Account link with broker

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