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    I need a professional developer to help me integrate my wordpress form plugin (wordpress fluent form) with a php custom made whatsapp auto-reply system . When someone submit their whastapp number through the wordpress form, WhatsApp auto-reply system will auto-send the preser template to the related whatsapp number automatically.

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    Build a queue system for webhooks 3 päivää left

    We receive too many webhooks to several webhook endpoints. We are looking for someone who can create a proper queue management system on AWS that can handle any webhook load easily.

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    See attached screenshot. I need a single textarea form protected with Google Auth. No backend, the form is simply submitted to a webhook URL I will give you. Simple. You can use this package for the Google Auth: @moeindana/google-oauth instead of Firebase.

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    Webhook Integration 2 päivää left

    I need some guidance with webhook integration.

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    See attached screenshot. I need a very simple React form with a single Textarea that is displayed after Google Auth. The textarea content is submitted to a webhook URL

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    Project for Daud K. 3 päivää left

    Hello Daud. We had a project aprox a year ago. You have connected a CRM software to a site thru webhook. Starting a few days ago the connection is not working anymore. I hope you can help me fix this. Thank you Valentin

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    Create a Webhook 16 tuntia left

    I have a python code and i need to create a webhook with that POST request

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    I require someon to code a webhook in The purpose is to connect a web chatbot to (Google Search) so I can extract "Full Address Name, Full Address, Postcode, Coordinates and Opening Hours" I have in place: Webhook, Google API account, Landbot account. Not a big task, but slightly out of my ability.

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    I am looking for someone who can build a professional landing page with survey/quiz the provides customized answers based on the selected data. Data will be sent by email and webhook. It will be in a weight loss niche. We need someone who has done similar work.

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    The 2 platforms to integrate are Stripe and ABB ChargerSync (app to manage eletric vehicles chargers). I need that when a customer places a payment into my Stripe account, I need the to post that ammount into a specified user of the ABB ChargerSync. The user link will be the email address that customer will place i...vehicles chargers). I need that when a customer places a payment into my Stripe account, I need the to post that ammount into a specified user of the ABB ChargerSync. The user link will be the email address that customer will place in the payment checkout on stripe. The same email exists in the ABB side, and the objetive is to top-up that user with the ammount paid in stripe. It needs to use a stripe webhook and from a payment received event triggers the writting on the...

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    We need whatsapp Bot when client(phonenumber) send photo or pdf we get webhook for this file woth phone number.

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    Hi there, I need a API expert to use and create a Webhook to integrate in to the Zapier.

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    Hello. I need a user validation system for a theme on shopify. The customer will buy the theme on a platform called "Kiwify" (a platform similar to Clickbank, for selling infoproducts and has a webhook system) And you will get shopify theme in members area. You will also receive a one-time authentication token. When installing this theme from his store, he will need to enter the automatically generated token in our system. This code needs to be linked to his email and can only be used by a shopify domain. It must be possible to add more than one Token per email. This system CANNOT interfere with the theme loading speed. This system CANNOT invalidate the use of the theme if our server is down for a few minutes. (work with cache) If someone who has not purchased the them...

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    Gentileza orçar projeto de criação de gateway de pagamento compatível com Stark Bank PIX, com webhook conforme documentação

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    ...table. 3. When a customer places an order on the platform, retrieve the vendor's shipping information from the database table and use it to make the appropriate API calls to ShipRocket. 4. In the order management section of the platform, include a way for vendors to track their shipments and view shipping labels, using the tracking information returned by the ShipRocket API. 5. Use ShipRocket's webhook feature to receive real-time notifications of changes to an order's status, and update the order status in the platform's database accordingly. 6. Create a separate section in the platform's analytics dashboard for vendors to view their shipping data, such as shipping cost, delivery times, and more. 7. To ensure that the integration is working smoothly...

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    I am looking to create a website that allows/achieves to do the following things: Dashboard that must be completed with information sent to a webhook OR read from an email box. The dashboard consists of 3/4 columns similar to those in image 1. The emails where the information for said dashboard comes out have the structure of image 2. This dashboard must be under an authentication system (user/password) that new users must be able to register. In addition, these users must first be allowed by an administrator to view the dashboard or wait (with a default message) to be activated. So I suppose that a second private dashboard would be needed, only for admins in which all the accounts created and the enable or disable access to the primary dashboard can be seen. This contro...

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    We need a web page for PayTM payment received webhook

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    HOTEL (rental property) API integration to the Joomla website, i.e: 1. Search module with installer (joomla) - multilanguage according to the API (Only English at first and language Search Engine Results Page (should be used for available hotels searches) Hotelpage (should be used only for hotels that your end-user wants to know about; that is, you should not initiate HP search automatically for all hotels, returned by a region search) Order Booking Form + Order Booking Finish (should be used for creating a new booking) Order Booking Finish Status or Order Status Webhook (should be used for receiving final booking status) Order Information (should be used for receiving information on a completed booking) Order Cancellation (should be used for a booking cancellation, ...

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    hello, we are looking for shopify app developer, who can create shopify public app unlisted in laravel just sample app, and after app create need to setup 1 webhook when order create that is all

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    ...of the design should be on ease of use and speed of deployment, with a clear call to action for users to "Get started instantly with a single command." The design should include sections that highlight the platform's ability to provide zero setup time, simple network edge definition, the option to use a Frostproxy domain or bring your own, and the ability to add SSO, Mutual TLS, IP Policy, and webhook signature verification. A section on security and performance should be included, highlighting the platform's DDOS protection, ability to put localhost on the internet, and ability to protect and scale services. Additionally, the design should include a section specifically geared towards developers, highlighting the platform's built-in developer tools an...

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    n8n webhook Loppunut left

    Hi, I need to finish configuring webhook so contact form on site sends data to RISE Crm via n8n I put Zapier because it's similar, but NO - it is n8n. Must be familiar with. I've done test and n8n is receiving data. Need to send it to CRM using this - 1st half is done - Now I need that data to send to CRM Ready to hire

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    Webhook intrigation Loppunut left

    We need our whatsaap api webhook intrigation I have whatsaap api webhook response capture from webhook in db

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    Looking for someone who is proficient in Twilio. Most of the project will be cut and paste: Twilio Call Tracking setup: Use DNI to place those numbers on site and track user flow, source, & campaign who is proficient in Twilio. Most of the project will be cut and paste: Twilio Call Tracking setup: Use DNI to place those numbers on site and track user flow, source, & campaign Send a webhook call at call start with caller information. At call end, transcribe call, and send caller information, recording, and transcript to webhook

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    Hi, in the car insurance manage our whatsapp and communication with our customers. It has the webhook feature would like to try out. So the project would be making filemaker trigger a script that will send to our customer via email (stored in our database) the quotations once they ask for it in the wati. wati will send via Webhook all message received. customer may input the tag number after a phrase "please quote other options for tag number 123456". Windows server will receive the payload and send the info to filemaker server (or i don t know any other possibility), then it will trigger the script to send the quote we have in our system already quoted (this part is not necessary). So the main problem is to integrate wati webhook to...

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    I have a tradingview script and on I want to issue an alert to corix webhook

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    I need a function in messagebird. This function takes a value from a webhook (a date) and need to be passed in a human way to a message. Here is the documentation. The date is something like this 2023-01-10T00:00:00+01:00 And we need hour:minutes - dd/mm/YYYY

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    High functioning, robust business directory used as web app, and mobile app for front facing customers. Custom fields, design, social feed(Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and review integrations, Youtube enabled. A customized bid engine for customers to place specific requests for home services with automated email. Webhook sync with service providers(easy zap). Full CRM with contact management, Pipeline, Landing Page Builder, trouble ticket, web chat, SMS, Phone Numbers(Twilio or similar), and Email Client integration(Mailgun or similar)and Pay Portal. Activity tracking, and mobile app for CMS/CRM Admin. Internal click, visit, and time on site analytics. They can be separate user interfaces, but would like it in the same database and hosting environment. Its important that I ...

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    Tradingview webhook Loppunut left

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a webhook that will automate the opening and closing of trades in both futures and copytrade accounts on the Binance, Bybit, and Bitget exchanges. The webhook will be triggered by alarms emitted by Tradingview, where it will be possible to choose between placing a market or limit order both for entering and exiting trades. Additionally, a stop loss X dollars below the opening price will be placed, with the delta between these prices also specified in the Tradingview alert message. The alarm to exit the position will also be emitted by Tradingview and it will also be possible to choose between placing a market or limit order to close the position. The webhook must run on a free online server.

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    We are looking for a .Net coder (our current system is .Net 4.8) to create an api for using Etherscan,io processing for processing crypto payments. Please do not reply if you do not have experience with the APIs. If you send a bid, mention the phrase "I like orange" in the bid so i know you read this. All others will be ignored. We need this done in the next 3 to 5 days.

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    25 tarjoukset

    Hi i need help to fix the webhook over the automation to push some data to creator

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    Custom wehook code Loppunut left

    Hi .. this code is working fine but for only one custom webhook ( when I change the order status to pick up it is working fine ) but now i need to add another custom webhook for a new order status which is ( ship ) so i need make it work with : 1- when changing order status to( pick up ). 2- when changing order status to ( ship ). thank you

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    I need to make some minor changes to a webhook. The code is in PHP. Looking for developers who can work on this today and tomorrow.

    €2 - €10 / hr
    €2 - €10 / hr
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    We use several web applications to run our landscaping business. One is Samsara which is a GPS tracking device / app so I know when the trucks enter and leave one of our sites. Samsara will do a webhook on some of the geofencing but the webhook communication isn't enough for my needs. Samsara will do a TEXT notification that is exactly what I need. To start with, I need an API to take the TEXT information and update a Google Sheet. The update to the Google Sheet will require a MATCH to the site address....the address of the site is in both the TEXT and Google Sheet. I will provide access to both Samsara and Google Sheets.

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    I need to make some minor changes to a Shopify webhook. The code is in PHP. Looking for developers who can work on this today and tomorrow.

    €2 - €10 / hr
    €2 - €10 / hr
    9 tarjoukset
    eBay monitor Loppunut left

    A program that monitors eBay for a specific keyword string and with specific filters I need a program written in python that monitors eBay for a specific keyword string such as 'blue laptop'. It must use filters including condition, price range and distance from a specific location. When a new listing is posted that meets the requirements, I must be notified by a discord webhook.

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    18 tarjoukset

    I need to make some minor changes to a Shopify webhook. The code is in PHP. Looking for developers who can work on this today and tomorrow.

    €2 - €10 / hr
    €2 - €10 / hr
    8 tarjoukset

    We want a developer familiar with Erc20 Contracts, and solidity to create a tutorial video or teach us how to copy and paste this exact contract + verify it on etherscan for educational purposes.

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    I am a trader and I put multiple signals online via webhook and these are stored as wordpress custom post. It takes too much resource from the server and the page often crash. I am looking for a webapp that would have all the signals for login user, send them notification when new signals that they selected comes in, classify signals by strategy buy or renew subscription, choose to get notification as web notification and or email. new signals would go at top of the list of their respective strategy (category) here is what it is right now:

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    Hi, I search a way to create a productsubscription on stripe with defined cycles and not a classic monthly payment. Like a coaching program of 6 monthly payment for example. I want that my customer buy with a link (on my website) my subscription and all is defined automatically. Stripe assistance told me this: You could create a webhook that detects the creation of each subscription and create a script that automatically changes the duration of the subscription, setting the number of cycles you want. Is possible? I can also make this myself, I only want to know how to do (I pay you for guide). Thank you Stefano.

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    amazon scraper Loppunut left

    I need to scrape amazon sellers store fronts and have new products that are added be sent to discord webhook.

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    Hello, I need a freelancer to write for me a c# class to connect with Open Shopee API. Here is the documentation for it: The following methods should be developed: Webhook => API methods: Autentication order => get_order_list order => get_order_details order => set_invoice_data product => add_item product => get_category product => update_stock The develirable should be a c# class library .net framework 4.6.1 Thanks

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    Hi, I am a developer and, I want a c# .net 4.6.1 webhook which will intraget with whatsapp business ... I had created and posted on my live website also but whatsapp is not approving it ... I want someone to complete the process and get approval done by whatsapp either by changing the requried whatsapp setting on my facebook developer account or changing the code ... all Facebook setting and codes process needs to done on my pc with remote connectivity ... along with this .. I need to get whatsapp verity tick ... so you need to change the required facebook setting and need to get approval from whats for the same ... please let me know if you have any question ....

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    2 tarjoukset

    Hi Ambiorix R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need a webhook in freepbx.

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    I am not an experienced programmer but am trying to figure out how to connect TradingView Webhooks to NinjaTrader 8 desktop software. I like TradingView indicators better and want to receive buy and sell orders using an ATM strategy in NinjaTrader 8.

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    59 tarjoukset

    Hi, I'm looking to build a dashboard for my bybit exchange accounts I want the dashboard to let me: - send webhook alerts from Trading View to this app and the app turns them to trading order/signal on bybit through my wallet API to place an order - order signal includes: long or short, pair, qty (by $ or by % of wallet), TP (by price or by % increase), leverage settings (isolated/cross and amount), hedge mode - Dashboard will have 3 pages/layers: HOME - general stats on all TOTAL wallets connected, all basic data pulled from API - HOME page also allows to create "groups" of multiple wallets, the home page will show summary total data of each group of wallets - can add/delete groups of wallets from this page GROUP PAGE - shows total wallets data under this group, ...

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    We utilise freshdesk to manage tickets and workever () to manage projects and engineers. We need a way to create jobs on workever from tickets on freshdesk. We believe we can use Zapier to get freshdesk to complete a form using a zapier webhook (the form is available on the public internet: ).

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    13 tarjoukset

    I need a PHP dev who can improve on an existing Shopify webhook.

    €2 - €7 / hr
    €2 - €7 / hr
    20 tarjoukset

    I need someone experienced in XERO api integration in php to get Transaction details using webhook

    €1 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    5 tarjoukset
    Laravel PHP Expert Loppunut left

    I’m looking for a Laravel expert for some quick tasks related to our Laravel website. The 2 initial tasks involve: 1) Sending an email notification when a lead submits the form 2) Sending the leads contact information to our GoHighLevel account via webhook/api

    €34 (Avg Bid)
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